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This looks bad for Arsenal star but even worse for Wenger

First of all I have to say before I go on to talk about this rumour concerning the Arsenal and Germany midfield star Mesut Ozil and our manager Arsene Wenger that it does not come from a named source but rather that old press favourite ‘sources at Arsenal’ so we have to realise that it may not actually be true.

It would not surprise me to hear that a story giving a negative spin about something to do with Arsenal had been made up, and with a lot of talk in the media recently about his attitude and commitment to the cause, Ozil is an easy target for such stuff.

Incidents like his failure to track back and give any help to the defence in the buiold up to the contentious penalty awarded against Hector Bellerin at Watford on Saturday do not help the German, though, and only make it easier to believe the report by Metro that people at Arsenal are becoming very concerned about Ozil.

The problem is his lack of effort, and this time we are not talking about his performances during a match, but in the training sessions. If this is true then it cl;early reflects badly on the play maker and will infuriate Arsenal fans who pay to see him.

It looks even worse for Wenger, though, because the boss brought him on in a hard fought and tight game at the weekend when he had Jack Wilshere desperate to get on and help the Gunners to secure a victory we ended up not getting.

If Wenger is aware that Ozil is not giving enough effort in training, who is more to blame for his performance against the Hornets?


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14 thoughts on “This looks bad for Arsenal star but even worse for Wenger

  1. Uzi Ozil

    Off topic

    Real Madrid Vs Spurs was a decent game. Pochettino went for Lorente, Kane, Sissoko and Sanchez. Talking about flexibility.

    They are doing pretty well than us at the moment. That’s the sad truth.

    Wenger needs to leave but unfortunately we are stuck with him for God knows when

    1. Atid

      Ffs who are these so called arsenal supporters or fans or whatever u call yourselves.? As a supporter I was there when a shadow of an arsenal side went to the bernabau and beat one of the best sides in Europe at the time. Not only did we beat them, we knocked Beckham and Co out of the champions league, with a back 4 including senderos and flamini and a bench including arturo lupoli!!. Tonight the best spud side of the last 15 years got a draw with an ageing Madrid side, who are bloody pants and everyone is creaming.

      Until pottebelly and no lip actually win something stop giving them credit. Here is a side that in the last 4 years couldn’t even win the fa cup let alone win 3 of the last 4. Ok sure they have finished 2nd in the league once in those 4 years, but I think u will find so have arsenal?

      I’m absolutely gutted that Arsenal are currently owned by a tycoon that employs a manager that I wouldn’t employ as my cleaner, but I am more gutted that we have so called supporters and fans that would praise our rivals, rather than get behind their own club. It’s a sorry state of affairs and no wonder that players are turning their back on the club, when fans and supporters are behaving worse. Look in the mirror u twats, u know who u are, hang ur heads in shame and jog on to some thing that is befitting of people like you. I am sure the likes of ozil, alexis chamberlain and merson etc will be there to show you the way forward.

      You are they type that think we are better off letting Islam walk all over us, rather than March hand in hand with our brothers across London Bridge last saturday and would rather stay in the EU for the sake of a few quid rather than protect your children.

      You sad and weak little people. I was Born in England, raised in England and Arsenal Till I die, so proud to say that and always will be l!!!!

      1. uk

        Really? The arsenal team u watched beat a great Madrid side? Yes that Madrid side had ageing zidane, Beckham etc, but when last had they won the CL or LA liga? Let’s give credit where its due, spurs gave a good account of themselves drawing against a double defending champion real Madrid side, who last season ruthlessly dispatched a Munich team that had walloped us 10-2 the round before

      2. jon fox

        You sound like exactly the sort of filthy scumj who supports the English National Party. I truly pity anyone who knows you .

  2. Frank

    Wenger is to blame because he is the Arsenal players manager.
    The problem is that Wenger keeps playing him and Özils main problem is that as one of the highest paid players in the club, he is someone all the other players will look up too but he is not a leader. He goes missing, doesn’t track back, defensively is a liability. This attitude rubs off on the rest of the team, much like a great player with a great attitude and work ethic does. Unfortunately Özil is having a negative effect on the pitch and it is toxic with his teammates. That is the reason why Arsenal has been playing better without him this season. No one doubts his ability but as ‘the star player’, he isn’t leading from the front.

  3. Jaydawg

    Off topic but anyone notice how shit Xhaka is lol. My comment is backed up by his performance for Switzerland Vs Portugal when for one of their goals he stood and watched outside the box. The guy gives the ball away too many times and runs around like a headless chicken. All he has in his locker is long range passing.

    The guy is a premadona pile of shit. Worst signing in the last few years haha

    1. Arsenal_Girl

      I agree. Xhaka has been no where close to his £35 million price tag. It’s because of that fee that I had high hopes for him. Just not good enough quality to start for a top club

      We could have got Seri for £36 million this summer maybe if Wenger had tried earlier. That was his release clause

      Or try for Goretzka, Carvalho, Krychowiak

      But Wenger has no clue

      Chelsea, City, United know how important central midfield is that’s why they got Kante, Gundogan, Pogba, Matic

  4. Wolfgang

    The fm will stay as long as the US prioritise profit over
    trophies. At one Arsenal were listed 6th/7th in the worlds
    richest clubs. Since then I believe it must have fallen done to
    maybe 10th or even lower. The blame shd be directed at the US
    owner and the fm.
    I seriously doubt Arsenal can make acomeback to win the epl.
    The problem will have to get worst before action is taken to remove the
    fm.He has overstayed his welcome and shd move asap even though he has
    won the cup 3 times the last 4 years.

  5. Arsenal_Girl

    I remember when Ozil had his 19 assist season. The summer before he worked his behind off in the gym and was physically stronger. That was a major reason he did well.

    I rate Ozil highly BUT if he isn’t giving his all both in match and training, that worries me a great deal.

    But again, I blame Wenger. Wenger has a duty to get players ready physically and mentally. If Wenger had a feeling that Ozil would be like this then he should have got Lemar, Draxler or Mahrez in the summer because all 3 can play central attacking midfielder. They would push Ozil

    Wenger never does the right thing during the summer. every summer he never gives us a complete team of quality players

  6. Jonm

    Ozil wants to be out of Arsenal otherwise he would have signed a new contract. I have consistently said that both ozil amd sanchez should have been sold last summer. The financial hit will be huge and we do not have a sugar daddy owner who will fund the loss out of his own pocket. Wantaway players will generally never play at their best, no matter how hard they try if their heart is not in it then the performances do not come. If they do not want to be here then sell.

  7. the barrel

    He is digging his own grave. managers who thinking of signing him, have a lot of question marks now. His attitude sucks

  8. Liam

    We are the worst run club in the top 6 with the worst manager in that league. He messes up the summer window every single year without fail not making the correct and indeed obvious signings in key positions.

    Wenger is staying to keep himself in a hobby and was disrespectful and arrogant to Arsenal in his delay in signing the contact. How does he think he can turn it around with a summer like that and he doesn’t know how to get the most out of his players, teach them defensive discipline and now plays players in incorrect positions.

    Not much point saying anything on Kroenke. It’s just depressing. Unfortunateor with champs league not that important we can still make profit without.

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