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Thomas Eisfeld – Arsenal’s latest rising star?

Thomas Eisfeld – The next big thing? by AH

You know when an opponent’s player comes on as a substitute and nobody’s every heard of him and all the fans shout: Who?! Who?!
Well, that’s what it was like for most Arsenal fans when we announced the signing of 19 year old Thomas Eisfeld.

In the past 10 years Arsenal have unleashed some absolute gems unto the premier league, most notably Cesc Fabregas and Jack Wilshere and at the rate at which Thomas Eisfeld is making his way through the Arsenal levels, it seems he could be the next star to join up with the Gunners and by our youth star.

In January 2012, Arsene Wenger was slated for not bringing any players into an Arsenal team that badly needed strengthening and on the last day of the window – Transfer Deadline Day, Arsenal announced the signing of Thomas Eisfeld from German club Borussia Dortmund for a £500,000 fee.

Since then Eisfeld’s gone on to make numerous appearances for Arsenal reserves and he made his initial breakthrough into the Arsenal first team in our pre-season trip to Asia. Eisfeld scored twice on the pre-season tour, however understandably he was then dropped back to the Arsenal reserves despite his impressive performances.

Eisfeld was described by Arsène Wenger as having; “The attitude and technical ability to be a valuable addition to our squad”

Whilst he was also rated higher than current Borussia Dortmund star and Arsenal target Mario Gotze, however a cruciate ligament injure blighted his chance at Dortmund and therefore he decided to move on.

He made his first team competitive debut in Arsenal’s 7-5 win over Reading in the Capital One Cup, this Tuesday. His passing was magnificent and for me, Eisfeld and Giroud changed the game that we notably went 4-0 down in after only 36 minutes. Walcott obviously deserves some recognition for his goals, as do the other goal scorers, however football is a team game and I think Eisfeld played very well and he was up to the mark as soon as his chance come.

So, could we be looking at the next Arsenal gem to play for our team? I think so, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go out on loan in the January transfer window, and then return to Arsenal in the summer, with the same transition as Jack Wilshere experienced with then Premier League side Bolton Wanderers all those years ago.

Arsenal have a great crop of young players coming through (well we do every year) and I expect to see Eisfeld, Gnarby, Afobe (currently on loan), Miayachi, Miquel and possibly Martinez all training with the Arsenal first team on a regular basis next season.

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28 thoughts on “Thomas Eisfeld – Arsenal’s latest rising star?

  1. jiiith

    A valuable future asset..
    but we need to tie him to long term contracts
    before barca train arrives..

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  2. kelvin muthami

    The boy is good but will wenger hold on him if he turns out to be the next fabrigas, will he keep him off those hyenas? ??????????

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  3. me

    well, his pre season with arsenal was amazing. no doubt he can be the next arsenal star.

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  4. KickuPtheArsene

    I was impressed with him against Reading – albeit it’s the first time I have seen him play. Hopefully he develops into a great player. Equally hopefully, we don’t sell him on if he’s quality. One can only hope.

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  5. Laurentkboi

    Next gotze no more like gotze is the next Eisfeld!!

    Hey we might get lewis holtby for free next year imagine that him and Eisfeld partners!!!!

    Eisfeld. Wilshere

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  6. Cjay

    The lad did impress, but I have to say Giroud had a massive impact on the game. He dominated at both ends in a way I haven’t seen since a younger Drogba. I’m not saying he’s the answer, or the next whoever, but is Olivier finally finding his feet? Here’s hoping!

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  7. Arsenal Fan

    On another note:
    I havn’t seen Scezney on the injury list on preview to
    rhe match.
    Is he availble for today???

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  8. arshavin

    This guy is absolutely magic,the moment he arrived on the field in that Reading game,he gained complete control of our midfield and the most astonishing thing about his game was that he looked like a veteran in his trade,rather than loaning him out,I would send Ramsey on loan and include Eisfeld in the first team.I rate Ramsey highly and want him to do well,but this season he has been ordianary at best,so a loan spell will help him immensely in getting his form back.Eisfeld just has to be in the 1st team,infact I was surprised when Gnabry was given a nod ahead of him,not that Gnabry is bad but Eisfeld can effectively replace Ramsey because Eisfeld does defend well,we saw that in the Reading game where he dropped back,and cut an attack short.He is just too good to be loaned,cos whereever he goes,he will score goals and create a lot of chances.

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  9. Laurentkboi

    @Arsenal Fan
    No my friend I think he is injured and unavailable today it’s a bummer though coz we need him

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  10. jack

    Wenger will just sell him in a couple of years now he want’s to buy another kid{striker] he just hasn’t worked it out 7/8 nothing but he keeps on buying kids and selling our best players.Arsenal will not win any thing under Wenger he has to leave now.

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  11. Meddy.k true Africgunner

    i hv always had a positive attitude towards this boy, he hz smthing that many midfielders miss in our squrd, he has accuracy, vision, and an eye 4 goal. i wonder why he’s not on the 1st team yet, he derseves a place there and am sure he’s goin 2 be arsenal future if wenger dosent let him go!

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  12. vp

    yes he looks good. Moreover, we’ll need him sooner then one may think- once our greedy board decides to see one of our better cm’s . This area of our team is going to be aggressively targeted over this summer or if not, next summer.

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  13. Ayokuu

    Give him chance over Rambo, he has more fire in him. Rambo is not a talented footballer, he learnt it in school. Let him try acting.

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  14. T2T

    As the average age – and experience – of Arsenal slowly increases, we don´t need to send them out on loan. We can play 1-2 youngsters every game and let them mature at The Arsenal. If the following XI is our best XI
    Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Arteta, Wilshere
    Walcott, Giroud, Podolski
    If we are playing e.g. a bottom half team and are 2-3 goals up, let Eisfeld get a shot the last 30 minutes or so.
    The difference between us and ManU the last few years have been we have had to play 7-8 inexperienced players with only 3-4 experienced while ManU have played 9-10 experienced and 1-2 inexperienced. It´s easier to learn from experience when you have it around you, not when you have to seek it out during a game.
    With the finances at The Arsenal coming very nicely together, maybe now is the time to keep the players and stop making a profit on trading.

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  15. jk

    Great talent reminds me of lampard I reckon he could be the goal scoring midfielder we need!

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  16. daniel

    I totally wit u,thomas is really a great talent .his movement (against reading)was outstanding, he bossed d mildfield once he came and always has eye for passing.

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  17. Gilbertoo

    Thomas Eisfeld is a BEAST from slightly EAST,

    Eisfeld eats Ramsey’s for breakfast

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  18. rahman

    I think he should get more chances of playing in first team so he can adapt to the epl bit more quicker.he is good &we all have seen how he played made different when he came on against reading.

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  19. arun

    And he was bought for less than a million if i am not mistaken! Wenger may have his faults but u have to agree he is second to none when it comes to spotting talent! With such a greedy board, wonder what would have happened to us if wenger wasnt in arsenal.

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  20. Henryesk

    Only similarity between Eisfeld and Schweinsteiger is that they’re both German. He’s more like Rosicky very tidy on the ball and loves to play it simple.

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