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THREE keys to Arsenal beating Monaco

When I say Arsenal beating Monaco, I mean over two legs because the important thing, absolutely vital in fact, for Arsene Wenger and the team is to be in the draw for the quarter-finals. Not only would it be disappointing and a massive chance missed if are not, but it could have a knock-on effect and see us falter in the Premier League and FA cup as well.

I have this strange feeling that if we beat Monaco we have a real chance of going all the way this year. Sky currently price us at 18/1 for winning the competition outright, so I have taken the 25 quid free bet using this Skybet promo code and put the lot on!

I think there are three key things that Arsenal need to do tomorrow to give us the best possible chance of progressing against a team which, quite frankly, are not as good as us.

1. Patience. We might not be able to win the game in the first leg, although home advantage and the way that Arsenal usually dominate and beat teams on our own turf should and hopefully will put us in a great position. But despite a great unbeaten run and record of wins at home, we have sometimes been too adventurous. Failing to score an early goal is not the end of the world but conceding one would be a nightmare.

2. Big performances. I am thinking of Alexis Sanchez, Giroud, Cazorla and whoever else in attack, but mainly Alexis. The Chilean has dropped from the very high standards he has set this season and now would be the ideal time for him to rediscover that devastating form.

3. Clean sheet. If we keep a clean sheet, even if we fail to score I think that makes us favourites to go through. But I expect us to score at home and then Monaco would have to come at us a bit in the second leg. That should suit Arsenal down to the ground. So Coquelin and the back five must be really on their game and make no mistakes.

Sounds simple yeah?

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17 thoughts on “THREE keys to Arsenal beating Monaco

  1. Mesut O-healed

    Haven’t watched a Monaco match since the Emirates cup, but we seriously gotta keep a clean sheet. Our last two goals allowed were due to sloppiness on defense and we can’t afford to do that against a team whose known for keeping clean sheets themselves.

    Alas we are talking about two different leagues so who knows what will happen. I expect a low-scoring close, nail-biting match.

    1. Champagne Charlie

      They have a good core, yet lack some spark up front. If Moutinho and Kondogbia aren’t at the races they become a much tamer side. Looking forward to seeing how Coquelin performs in this one.

  2. Sir Bee

    Arsenal, with that great attacking prowess, should be able to see them off. Come on gunners!!! Be the first england team to record a win in this year’s round of 16

  3. cheeterspotter

    Cutting through the clap trap,and I’m as guilty as everybody else,if we don’t beat Monaco tonight we don’t deserve to be in the competition. Still,COYG.

  4. KickAssFan

    There are factors that determine whether or not a player is in form, but goal-scoring isn’t exclusively the only factor. Alexis may not have scored recently, but his all-round play has been pretty impressive.

    I’d rather have a no-goal-scoring Sanchez than a goal-scoring Theo.

    1. Champagne Charlie

      Strange analysis. While I like Alexis’ game as a whole, it’s just stupid to suggest a scoring Theo is inferior to a busy player offering no end product. I think people forget in Theo’s last full season he scored 22/23 and assisted 17. He’s regaining fitness slowly but surely and his numbers are again falling in line with those levels.

      Criminally underrated. Not the busy, dogged Alexis type…but he’s a goal and assist machine. When fit he provides the best output of any winger in the premier league bar none.

      1. jonestown1

        Agree completely. When a player has end product then supporters should be able to forgive technical limitations. Theo is pretty one-dimensional but damned effective. If Ox had half of Theo’s end product then Theo probably wouldn’t get a look in.

  5. KickAssFan

    Off topic, I’m very glad Sagna left, with all due respect. Oh, please!!! The guy’s countless poor crosses were suffocating. Plus that hairstyle of his, I wonder if he secretly belongs to a reggae band.

    1. Big Gun

      Have to agree with. Not to mention his biggest flaw was discipline in defense, on many occassions and more specifically the thrashings we took from 3 teams I wont mention last season, he was far too slow to get back when the opposition counter attacked. If you watch those highlights for some of those goals, Sagna is nowhere to be seen. Gibbs was also guilty of this to an extent, but Sagna would just jog back with no urgency whilst the Sturridges and Hazards ran past Mertesacker like he wasn’t even there. I have faith in both Debuchy and Bellerin, both are pretty solid full backs.

      1. Robin Vanpayslip

        I think it is a two way thing. Some of his weaknesses were due to the mediocrity of Arsenal at times.

      2. KickAssFan

        @Big Gun, very well said. Sometimes he mistakes himself for a winger, forgetting he lacks pace, can’t dribble at all, not to mention his diabolic crosses.

    2. jonestown1

      I’m not being wise after the event because I never truly saw Sagna as anything other than a loyal and dependable RB. I know some on here will tell you he was WC and Debuchy not in his league but I don’t buy that. Never got excited about him.

  6. ArseOverTit

    Don’t doubt it. Monaco will be tough.

    Berbatov may be old but is talented and therefore dangerous. Their midfield is solid and powerful so it could prove difficult..and theirs defense is pretty mean so we will have to be up for it with key players producing form.

    I just hope it’s one of those days when we turn up!

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