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Three more injuries for Arsenal?

It was great to see Arsenal take all three points from the game against West Brom ths afternoon, but can you believe that we may have also lost three more players to injury? Nacho Monreal came off very early on, and his replacement Kieran Gibbs sustained an ankle problem himself.

Wenger said on after the match: “Gibbs struggled a little bit with an ankle problem and Monreal with a knee problem. Oxlade-Chamberlain also had a knee problem.”

And when asked if they could be serious, he replied: “I donโ€™t know. We have to see how they recover on Monday. We have Oxlade-Chamberlain, Monreal and Gibbs who have knocks but I donโ€™t know how bad it is.”

We certainly don’t need any more players on the treatment table, and especially Gibbs and Monreal, which would leave another gap in the defence. The good news is that Laurent Koscielny has come back to give the back line more steel, and Wenger is happy that we didn’t concede yet again. Wenger remarked: “We had a clean sheet against Dortmund and we had one today. We had three very good games in the week, one against Manchester United, one against Dortmund and one today. Unfortunately against Manchester United we didnโ€™t win but our performance was there. Defensively we were maybe a bit more stable today but I think against Dortmund we had a very good defensive performance.”

It may not have been the most polished performance, but it was a great day to win three points with Chelsea only managing a draw and Southampton facing Man City tomorrow. A couple of points closer to the top!

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30 thoughts on “Three more injuries for Arsenal?

  1. Greg

    I pray that it isnt very serious! Wishing the guys a very speedy recovery! Coyg!

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  2. mobaygunner

    I would say flam can play left bk but the there’s problems in midfield too soo…im hoping it nothing bad which I dont think it is

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  3. Robin Vanpayslip

    Times like this, Kallstrom would actually be very welcome *breaks down into tears”

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  4. Justsoccerfan

    Finally there are two banners out this match, anyone from here bring that?

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    1. davidnz

      Might keep KJ’s ratings till
      the morning so more fans
      can comment ๐Ÿ™‚
      Mind you we are in the morning here
      nearly afternoon Sunday actually ๐Ÿ™‚
      Be interesting to know
      What % of justarsenal folk are UK based
      and what % of us are over seas

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      1. Luko Bratzi

        What’s up with these players seems like fairies on the field when I played you could tackle from behind get straight back up and after the bas,,,,,,,,, and you could charge the goalie seriously and no showers just a hose and carry the cross bar from one side of park to other oh the good ol days. Wilsher plays for free kicks Gibbs is nothing like Winterburn hasn’t had 4 games straight as for Mertisaker well he never makes a tackle runs back away to an area that is like a park. West brom are far more fit and strong than half of Arsenal oh and by the way played with cork studs still was tricky bug,,,, but not as fast as today

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      2. admin Post author

        According to Google figures for last month:
        UK 27%
        USA 12%
        India 10%
        Nigeria 4%
        Netherlands 3.5%
        Spain 3%
        Kenya 3%
        Australia 3%

        etc, etc for another 200 countries!

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  5. Dennis

    He knows what we need to win the league but that would mean the board wouldn’t take home as much money at the end of the fiscal year. So, instead, he buys just enough to push for top 4, AW understands the model, he understands the expectations NOT from the fans but from his lords upstairs. So expect him to buy 1 player, maybe 2 to push for top 4 once again so they can cash in once again, then, in the summer we’ll have diaby, rosicky, poldi off the books and just replace them with 1 big buy/1 inexperienced player. REPEAT!!

    The AFC way………………… smh

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      1. Tas

        NY-Gunner I think you will find not much difference, if I’m not wrong it’s around couple of million between each placement, in fact Man-U recived over a million more then the champions last season Man-City received around ยฃ97.5 million and fourth place us recived ยฃ93.5, I’m not shore if there is an actual lump sum prize for wining the epl but I’m shore someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

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  6. cheeterspotter

    Last wk I suggested 1 nil to the Arsenal would be de rigour and had some doubters, what say you now?

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      1. davidnz

        Yes I predicted one nill Arsenal
        and I said Wellbeck would score
        from a Cazorla cross. I also predicted
        Monreal would go off in the 23rd minute
        and Gibbs and Ox would pick up knocks
        and Beraniho would score but be ruled offside…
        I beat everyone will thumb me down now ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. bazooka

    Damn, the injury at arsenal is ridiculous mann.. I think some spurs magician is cursing arsenal…

    On the brighter note, we are 13 points away from chelsea! We can do it!!

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  8. Justsoccerfan

    Wonder why EPL manager don’t have a retired age? How old they can work till, why so rich already still con people money.

    I have to declare I hate wenger, my love for him has changed to hate, that so hurts.

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  9. Twig

    RVP, what a player.. Wish we played Poldi more often to score those lovely one time cannons.

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    1. Tas

      I have my money on Bould playing soon and the water boy, ball boy, he’ll even Gazides might play at the rate of injury continue, just for the record I’m free next week end I’m a free agent have been divorced for years now ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Tas

      Yes if we have any players left who are not injured, at present rate we are losing around two players a game and one in training.

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  10. Hafiz Rahman

    with incoming injuries like this

    we need a 50 man squadใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€‚

    4 world class players in every positions…

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  11. mobaygunner

    Just coming off another blog sight reading some comments and I got a real question for my people on this sight…do the arsenal fans in england think there the only die heart fans of afc?…im mean the s*&t I was reading really pi*sed me off just now

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  12. Ronny331

    This is beyond a joke now. Giroud back but scez, wilshire and arteta out. Now kos back but monreal, ox and gibbs out! Rosicky and campbell will be playing in defence at this rate! Where’s jenks, vermalen and coquelin when we need them? Off topic funny to hear wengers comments re the banner today, ” no comment”. Seems the stewards don’t confiscate banners at away grounds ๐Ÿ™‚ also more transfer rumours today, I actually read one from the daily express that rings true. James Mccarthy 16m, sounds right up wengers street a young player he can mould. I’d be happy with him good player.

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  13. cheeterspotter

    Once again you got it wrong. I did not predict a 1 nil score at West Bromwich specifically but for Arsenal to maybe return to tight 1 nil unspectacular wins, as in the past, gaining 3 points instead of playing the opposition of the park and gaining 1 or none.

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  14. GoonerG1

    Coquelin would be very useful right now. He can play CDM and emergency defender. Instead, they let him go on loan for another month. The Jenkinson and Coquelin loan decisions make no sense.

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