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Time for Arsenal to start Koscielny and Gabriel?

It might seem a bit churlish to criticise the Arsenal defence and our German centre back Per Mertesacker after we just won another Premier League game with a clean sheet that put us above Leicester City into top spot. And to be fair to the Big Flippin German he was much improved last night.

Then again he could hardly have played any worse than he did against Southampton on Boxing Day and although these sort of games are the exception rather than the usual, we do see them every now and then. So after our Brazil international centre back played a bliner on his rare start against the Cherries, I cannot help but ask the question of when Arsene Wenger will start to make Gabriel and Laurent Koscielny the first choice pairing?

Is it the balance between experience, height and composure with the more aggressive and physical attributes that Wenger likes? I think it must be but what is wrong with having two pacy centre backs who are good on the ball and sharp in the tackle?

Now that Arsenal are having to do without Francis Coquelin to protect that back four it seems to me that Mertesacker’s lack of pace is even more of a problem, especially against counter attacking teams. Do you guys think it is high time for the boss to get a Brazil and France thing going on?

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20 thoughts on “Time for Arsenal to start Koscielny and Gabriel?

  1. Skandalouz

    I understand where people are coming from with this thought, and I do admit that it should probably be better to give Mertesacker a break because of his slipping form (bar City at home). However, I do think Wenger feels like Gabriel and Koscielny are very similar defenders and it might not be as complete as the Mert-Kos partnership effectriveness we have become used to.

    I hope Wenger will slowly but steadily will grant Gabriel more minutes as this season progresses, in my eyes he’s a starter for next season.

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    1. gooner100

      I agree and think that’s what Wenger is doing. Let’s face it Arsene is loyal if nothing else so given that Mert retired from Intl footy, he’s not going to dump on the guy. It’ll be a gradual process but next season id agree Gab will be a regular starter.

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  2. damochy

    Well said sir, very well said and may I tale the opportunity to assure you there is nothing remotely churlish in your keen observation….any other manager will be using Per as a substitute by now because its obvious for anyone with eyes he is a weak link in our defence, unless we are playing a Tony Pulis team ala Stoke of old and now West brom there is no point in having Per ahead of Gabriel….this favoritism is another chink on Wenger’s armour, some players will ALWAYS get games no matter how rubbish they are or how good their competition is….Per is ok, but there is no way in hell he is good enough to put Gab on the bench…imagine the back 4 of Bellerin, Kos, Gab and Monreal….and please let no one talk of Per been the one vocal player we have and who organises the team from the back because he does not do it, we have been at the end of some of the most humiliating thrashings when he is in the team, I don’t see real leaders like Rio, Terry, Vidic etc shipping the ridiculous amount of goals we do every season in games

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  3. Fatboy Gooney

    Most of us fan’s having been saying this since the start of the season, That Gabriel and Koscielny should be our main CB’s, with Mertesacker used for rotating.

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  4. Cliff

    Who else wants Chicharito at Arsenal besides me.. Thumps up if you do and down if you dont

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  5. Cliff

    Who else wants Chicharito at Arsenal besides me??. Thumps up if you do and down if you dont

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Arsenal are planning to swoop for Mexican winger Jurgen Damm, reports Metro.

      According to Medio Tiempo, the 23-year-old whizzkid is on Arsene Wenger’s transfer radar, with current Liga MX side Tigres UANL rating him at £10.1m.

      However the tricky dribbler is attracting interest from all over Europe and the Gunners will have to fight off the likes of PSG and Sporting Lisbon to seal the deal.

      If successful, the Emirates will be graced by the second-fastest player in the world, after being clocked at 35.23km/h with the ball at his feet by a FIFA study – only beaten by former Tottenham star Gareth Bale.

      Personally, I would rather see this Mexican Speedy Gonzales at Arsenal instead 😉

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      1. Fatboy Gooney

        His worth signing just for his Speed alone ….
        and his surname will have more than a few saying:
        ” God Damm” ⚽🏃💨💨💨

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        1. JAmerican

          I like the looks of Santos’ (Brazilian League) young forward Gabriel nicknamed Gabrigol.

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  6. Davros

    Are people saying this because he scored a goal?
    Defenders dont score goals oftten but almost all score at some point.

    I do believe that Gabriel and Mertsacker should rotate so Per can get some rest. But don’t write off Mertsacker as he hasmore experience than Gabs which is very important. Also, I think Wenger doesn’t like to play Koscielny and Gabs together because they are very similar

    But yes I completely agree that Gabs is our future and he should start more often. Wenger hasn’t handled rotation very well.

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    1. GoonerG1

      It was the overall performanc. The ground he covered to make that tackle was the highlight for me. If we start Gabriel, we can play Walcott on the right where he is more effective.

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      1. NY_Gunner

        It would also relax Hectors nerves, as well as his game. It’s obvious dude is on the alert knowing that he has to get back quick and cover for Per…

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      2. Nebs

        I think Wenger is putting Wallcot where the opposition’s slower fullback resides.

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    2. Fatboy Gooney

      Gabriel will be our top scoring defender, once he starts playing regularly!

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    3. damochy

      No, not because he scored last night but because he is fast, strong in the tackle, cynical, brave, has guts, does not get bullied on or off the ball, gets into good goal scoring positions from set plays and corner kicks, good on the ball and can also play out from the defence…..need I go on?

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  7. Wilshegz

    Koscielny-Gabriel has been the cry for as long as I can remmber, both playing have only conceeded 1goal.
    enough of this excuse that they are similar kinda players, Koscielny can sit deep if needed n Godin-Miranda are same kinda defenders in ATM successful season.

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  8. JJT

    OT – Can anyone tell me how Chambers did last night? I missed the game yesterday but really want to know how he faired in CM/DM position.

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  9. NY_Gunner

    It was 1 move in the Soton match with exposed Per for the liability he is. The look on Shane Long’s face when he tripped up Kos and headed for goal…

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  10. Countbalogs

    I’d like to know how to fair when they’ve been paired together. I’m not so sure it panned out that well. Gab or Kos pairing looks good but I believe Wenger knows what he’s doing. COYG

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