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Time for Arsenal to wave goodbye to Abou Diaby?

Is Wenger Right to Still Have Faith in Diaby to Come Good for Arsenal? by AT

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has once again come out in support of the perennially injured Gunners’ midfielder Abou Diaby, who is said to be finally approaching full fitness after yet another one of his long spells on the sidelines. The Frenchman has made just 22 appearances in the last four seasons.

But with his contract set to expire at the end of the current campaign, Arsene Wenger has not only come out in support of his compatriot but has also claimed that he will be given a new contract at the Emirates, should the now 28-year-old prove his fitness.

Speaking to BeIn Sport as reported by The Guardian, Wenger said: “Diaby hasn’t a mental problem but a problem of injury. He is a player for whom I have great respect. Whenever he returns, he is injured and he goes from zero. He was destroyed by a bad tackle.

“The football player needs mobility of his ankle. When your ankle mobility is restricted, you compensate with something else. He suffered from a very bad tackle in Sunderland six or seven years ago. He was the victim of an assassin’s tackle that was never punished. It has restricted the mobility of his ankle.

“If he comes back, I will keep him. I always believed in him. In football, the most important thing is health.”

Okay, while we have to all admit that Diaby’s promising career was derailed by a horrific challenge, I really do think it’s time for the player and the club to move on now, it’s been eight long years. I am one of those people who firmly believe that Wenger has refused to bring in an enforcer in midfield because of his undying faith in Abou Diaby.

With that being said, I really do hope Wenger decides to shake hands with Abou and wish him all the best come the end of the season, the club simply cannot afford to have a perennially injured player in a squad that’s crying out for more depth.

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23 thoughts on “Time for Arsenal to wave goodbye to Abou Diaby?

  1. Sumo

    Let the contract be pay-as-you-play. I hardly think any Arsenal fan will begrudge him a contract like that.

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    1. Skandalouz

      Either that or like 5-10k/w with a nice bonus for total minutes seems fair to me, just for working out off-pitch most of the time. Sheesh, I’d be happy to accept that.

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  2. SoOpa AeoN

    kinda hard to say goodbye to Abou, but we have to if neccessary! …………… ARSENAL vs MANURE………aha! Might just be the perfect time for wenger to once again play players outta position, mess up our Line up or formation and throw impact subs into the game at 80mins+ ……COYG

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  3. Big Gun

    Rehashed article. The only reason why Wenger should give Diaby an extension, is because he offers something different to the rest of our midfielders – height and strength. Diaby is best an AM and wouldn’t waste my time playing him as a DM or anything else. Whe he is fit, he is a good player, but let’s not give him another 5 year contact please. 1-2 two years so in case he gets injured again, then I’d say it’s time to let him go and we don’t have to wait 5 years to do that.

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    1. Tas

      i would like to see Diaby play regular for a few games i have almost forgotten how he plays, you have to have respect for the the guy many would of given up but he stayed there and fought to overcome his injury which he picked up playing for us,

      i think injury free Diaby is exactly what we are looking for, if our medical team thinks he is recovered then he should be on two year contract performance and appearance related salary if there is a such a thing these days.

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  4. RWRW

    Welbeck injured. We are screwed. That will have much more of an effect than people think. We dont have a bloody striker

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    1. Skandalouz

      Hodgson already stated the sub was precautionary and that Danny doesn’t have serious damage.
      We still have Podolski, Sanchez or Walcott lined up for CF no worries!

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  5. ArsenalGenes

    Is Welbeck Injured? He will be fit for the clash won’t he? Anyway , this means podolski will play finally \m/..

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    1. Invincibles49

      Chances are that Wenger will start a Sanogo or “not match-fit” Walcott instead of Welbeck rather than starting Podolski. His manual does not allow him to bring Poldi before 75 min.

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  6. Usmanov

    I will not begrudge him a contract of any kind if

    1. It does not cost us valuable space for a player we need to truly improve the team.

    2. It does not cost us valuable space for a player we need to truly improve the team.


    3. It does not cost us valuable space for a player we need to truly improve the team.

    The question is..what’s the point, anyway?
    Would a contract extension (if offered) be based on genuinely SOLID footballing reasons?

    Obviously, the reason for my concerns is that there is not one solid reason to be believe that his fitness is going to improve 50-60%.

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    1. Tas

      Usmanov someone like fit Diaby is worth 25 to 35 Million these days if his fit and over the injuries and even 30% play time is still worth the contract.

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    2. true goon

      Usmanov what r u smoking?of course he’s taking a valuable space that some1 else could have,the same goes for Arteta,Flamini and Coquelin if hes not gonna be used

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  7. Twig

    Maybe it’s the English weather? A move to France could do wonders for his health!

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  8. Hafiz Rahman

    not only Diaby..

    Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini, Monreal, Per, Ozil, Sanago, Giroud, Coquelin and Wenger should all be released……

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  9. Ronny331

    I agree we should keep him but provide him with a low income salary or pay as you play.
    Considering the guy’s livelihood / income has been damaged by playing the game although we are a business I think it’s good that Wenger stands by him and supports him.
    More employers could learn from this 🙂
    What are the other options? I guess he could be paid off ‘ill health grounds’, does that apply in a physical contact sport?
    Also would he get an insurance payment as severance? or is this what Arsenal are using to pay his wage.
    Either way I say keep supporting the guy as long as it doesn’t become financially foolish.

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  10. Hafiz Rahman

    the mistake we made previously is not to let RVP go earlier…..

    we must not make the same mistake again….l

    time to let Diaby go…

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  11. Ronny331

    For Saturday, (physio room):
    Young – Out.
    Blind – Out
    Rojo – Out
    Lingard – Out
    Di Maria – Slight doubt
    Rafeal – Slight doubt
    Jones – Slight doubt
    Evans – Slight doubt
    Shaw – Slight doubt
    De Gea – Slight doubt
    Falcao – Slight doubt.
    Welbeck – Slight doubt.

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      no difference…

      we fail to beat a depleted Man utd team without most of the above mentioned players last season…

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      1. ljungberg8

        For once I gotta agree with you. As far as the rest of the PL were concerned, man u lost their fear factor when fergie went. But at Arsenal it’s still present and correct. Oh god how much we need to beat them convincingly to finally get that monkey off our back!

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    2. jermaineBryan

      Giroud out
      Diaby out
      Kosceilney out
      Debuchy out
      Walcott not match fit

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  12. Bobshinery1

    Even if Diaby is been paid 120k/wk, i dont give a damn, because my families are not paying for the salary.

    My main concern as a fan is for Arsenal to get me a good solid CB and DM first, then the rest shall follow.

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