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Tony Adams wants to manage Arsenal when Wenger retires – Do we want him?

Tony Adams MBE, or Mister Arsenal as he is known to many Gooners who remember his incredible 22 years at the club, has been criticizing Wenger’s recent record of selling Arsenal’s best players every year, but despite that he is still very keen to return to “his club” as manager one day, and couldn’t even consider any other club in England in the meantime.

Adams has had two (very unsuccessful) stints at both Wycombe and Portsmouth but now has no further interest in working anywhere but Arsenal. He said: “I’ve done the lower leagues and it’s a different style of managing,” he said. “No disrespect but I don’t want to be Swansea boss, either. They probably don’t want me. Aston Villa? What’s the point? What can you do with them? So it’s the Arsenal or nothing and I’m not ready for that.

“But I’d love to manage Arsenal one day. Not at the moment because they have a very good manager who is off selling all their best players so I’d better not go there next week!

“I need something in between, maybe in Europe. My reputation as a coach is very good in Holland.

“I worked there for a long time at Feyenoord and Utrecht as a first team coach. If a mid-table team became available in Holland, although I wouldn’t do it in England because of my playing career, I would do it there.

“I see some managers that would take any club and get on the conveyor belt but it is not for me. I’d rather go and watch my kids play football.”

I should think that, after his recent comments, the present board are highly unlikely to pick him when Wenger retires, but you never know if someone like Usmanov takes over he may go for the popular vote. But there is the question; Would Arsenal fans want Adams to take over when Wenger finally retires?

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50 thoughts on “Tony Adams wants to manage Arsenal when Wenger retires – Do we want him?

  1. Thebiggestgooner

    Legend As a player but with his record as a manager I would be rarther concerned if he was to take over from AW.
    Needs to prove himself over a long period first!!

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  2. @adeysams

    Definitely not. There re better coaches out there not Adams with no good record supporting his managerial career. Adams for Arsenal? Would never happen

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  3. keaheng

    who wants to risk the club as we saw maradona as a lesson :P.
    you’re the best player doesn’t mean you’are the best manager.

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  4. NZ Gunner

    Lets not spoil the reputation we had as a player by being a bad coach. Not worth it. He will be forever remembered as a legend

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  5. Leon

    And I want to own Mclaren F1 Team. But it is only a dream…So, Tony keep on dreaming!!

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  6. Ali

    In the event that AW is no longer the manager of Arsenal I would, at the moment, be inclined towards Alan Pardew or David Moyes. But you never know Bouldy could in a couple of years under the tutelage of AW be the man for the job. I have nothing but love for Tony Adams, but for me he has a lot to prove at management before he can become a serious contender at the helm for the Gunners.

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  7. Robbie G

    Tony Adams was a superb player. He has been a dreadful manager & sounds punch-drunk, when spouting drivel. I cannot see him replacing Wenger.

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  8. usmaNOW

    Listening to him on telly somehow always sends me to sleep but a true Arsenal legend though!

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  9. Paul

    Well I’ve only been a true Arsenal fan for a few years. They played that kind of football that completely changed my opinion about the game. But I still say, I’m not as keen on Arsenal (players, fans etc.) as I am for Wenger. I’d let him pick the next boss. We sell our best players yes, but we make money. We profit. Just bide your time and our best players won’t want to leave. Because we will dominate.

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  10. Gooner123

    Maybe tony Adams can come back as a defense coach? And perhaps he will be the next Steve bould. Lol

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  11. Somtee

    I like Tony Adams but i will hold on to Wenger for now mainly because of his experience

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  12. Thiery

    I think when we start looking for a new manager we should look for someone who views the game the same as Wenger and that would be Pep but this being arsenal it would never happen so realisticaly the 2 PL managers I could see fitting in would be Laudrup or Roberto Martinez. Both like the running passing game and a midfield dominated game (Arsenal’s style of play) Although Pep would be the dream!

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  13. James Munga

    Adam is a failier as a coach. He is only talking about arsenal’s good players but what he does not talk about is how they were made good and by whom. Before he decides not to sell good players when he becomes arsenal’s manager, will he be able to make some?

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  14. nicky

    A bit of a tricky one, this.
    On the one hand, the only ex-player manager with any success was George Graham.
    Conversely, I would fancy someone like Dennis Bergkamp (with coaching certificates).
    As for Tony Adams, I think not. His record speaks for itself.
    Whoever is likely to succeed Arsene ought to be on the books NOW, in order to get experience and the feel of things at one of the top clubs in the world.

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  15. Welsh_Gooner

    I think steve bould and tony adams should go 12 rounds wit each other for the job, what a bout that would be just as good as a mike tyson n lenox I would say LOL nah I think arsene is teaching steve the trade so he can pass on the throne to him, We all know how we promote from the inside! Arsenal DNA!

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  16. Dave

    He did say hes not ready yet and needs experience. Aston villa? what can you do with them? haha classic

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  17. goooner

    Never, he is an Arsenal legend but someone who talks crap about Wenger’s style of managing should never be considered. We love Arsenals style of football, and we should by all means hold on to this unique style! We can do this by holding on to Wenger as long as possible and when we do hire someone else, they should emulate Arsene Wenger and share his views. Always do it the Arsenal way!

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  18. M

    He probably is just “one” of a long list of ex-players who have a secret “FANTACY DESIRE” to manage Arsenal one day. I think the appointment of Steve Bould has seemed to bring our the “Animal Boldness” in Adam to even mention it publicly.

    Steve Bould, on the other hand has put in years of managerial service into Arsenal’s youth academy in Hale End, North London. I remember seeing him when my boy went for trials there just last year.

    Only managers of “Morinhuo” Level should take over Arsenal. Even if Arsene suddenly retires from First Team Coaching, Steve Bould will not be automatic first choice replacement.

    We all have fantasies. I’ve got one of playing for Arsenal at 40yrs old…but the reality is, IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

    Tony Adam…That’s life!

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  19. Matt

    Think again,Tony, and remember other ‘legends’ apart from Marradonna who didn’t cut it as managers with any degree of success – Bobby Moore,Bobby Charlton,Alan Ball,Alan Shearer to name but a few. Let us remember you as a magnificent player and captain of a great Club not a poor manager.

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  20. Arsenal1Again

    All these people saying “No” and “Definitely not” don’t know what they’re talking about. No reasoning either or examples why he shouldn’t be the manager one day.

    There was a very good reason why he became captain of Arsenal and England. Top managers used to say how lucky Wenger was to have Adams in the dressing room since it meant Wenger didn’t need to give team talks, the same was said about Adams when he was the England Captain.

    Importantly it has all been said by other players, including those from rival teams.

    Tony Adams is a supreme motivator and as hard as they come. Not one of the infamous players with bad reputations would dare cross Adams.

    This is a guy who ran over to Nelson Vivas when he dived and yanked him to his feet, screaming, “Get up! We don’t do that Arsenal”.

    If ANYBODY was serious about answering the question above, they would read the interview in full. But as is VERY, VERY COMMON on this Blog, no source is given.

    Nobody seems to care about Adams, nobody is asking for the source and therefore they don’t care about the validity of the quotes.

    Adams is the first to admit he’s not ready to join Arsenal “yet” so I have no clue why people are talking like he hasn’t said this. The most absurd thing is the instant dismissal of the idea of Adams one day becoming the manager. Anybody who does this hasn’t a clue about who Adams is. I advise these people to stay away from the pubs near the ground on match days and to not talk to other fans.


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  21. Goona

    I agree with all the other Gooner comments and just to sium up. Tony an Arsenal legend didn’t do himself any favours last night with his comments about our defending coming across as very jealous of Steve Bould it stood out a mile wonder if anyone else noticed that too?

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  22. beje

    He have to prove him self first that he can manage a team like Bould. T Adam is legend but I prefer Dennis Bergkamp to be Wenger’s succersor. In Ajax have Bergkamp work as as. manager and give a few good tactical advises to young players like Chr. Eriksen and orthers. D Bergkamp is perfect candidate to the job. He want to devolope youngsters and create world class players that is Arsenal knows for.

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  23. Remi

    I think Tony’s a bit confused in his new pundit role… or someone’s playing tricks on him.

    Sounds to me as if he’s commenting last season’s games at the moment so I’m guessing some clever fella has been surreptitiously replacing this year’s recordings with the ones from last season but Tony didn’t notice!

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  24. Jaws09

    Loved Tony Adams as a player but he has not proved himself as a manager therefore no way would i want him as our manager.

    i would love him to come here as a defensive coach and maybe start managing our youths to see how he gets on

    i would also like to see the likes of Bergkamp and Henry come and do some coaching with us with the view of managing our younger sides to see hot they get on

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  25. wrahardja

    A person who bad mouths other people for the papers will never be a good manager. Shows that he has no class and no integrity. A person who does that are not the type of person who tries to find a solution when there are problems, but rather wasting time finding who to blame.

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  26. Invincibles nice 1

    Noooh way!! he obviously was one of the great cdf of his or any generation but he is not management material, and with him not willing to earn or cut his teeth in lower leagues he never will, just imagine the board asking Tone to discover and nurture young talent then basically having no real funding unless he sells some of the stars he hypothetically created, one point in his favor is we would have a solid marshalled back line but only if his transfers were any good, i would honestly fear for Arsenals future if god forbid it came to be. Arsene knows in Wenger we trust. C O Y G …

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  27. VICO the GUN

    he needs more sleep. his head is full of shit from lack of sleep. coach arsenal????? NEVER!!!!!!

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  28. Invincibles nice 1

    Also was it just me or did Tone come off sounding bitter jealous and most of all very stupid, most people will know a good manager will almost always improve a team and a great manager will do what seem like miracles and in return letting the big clubs know just how great a boss he really is, i for one found Tones comments very surprising petty and disrespectfull.

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  29. Hademe P

    Nothing wrong with ambition but Adams ambition is very tall even though i liked him as a player.He should rather prove his worth else where first before managing a team like Arsenal which is shoe too big for him to wear. Moreover, his failure at Wycombe and P/moth is not to his credit.

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  30. mark

    bloke has turned into a right melon!!! Cant understand a word he says when on TV. Manager for The Arsenal? I bloody hope not!!

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  31. Tamil Sundram

    Tony? gosh he could only manage a top team….

    give Wenger Any team and some time he will signed the right players and develop them into world class….can tony do that??what tony will do is just spend spend spend and spend…..

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  32. Amol

    wenger is nearing his retirement obviously….

    he’s ignorant accepting the new contract terms….
    maybe he’s fed up with the board…

    when u lose ur players every year
    how can one win trophies

    cos the players sold r set players
    while the new signings need time to adapt to the league n teams playing style…

    only one legend has retired at arsenal during wenger era
    Thts bergkamp

    tony Adams has spent 22yrs at arsenal

    n wenger has said he’d like someone from within the club to succeed him..

    not next season or two

    but in future tony Adams is worth giving a chance….

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  33. Mike Dellar

    I have a gut feeling Steve Bould is being groomed by Wenger to take over when he retires!…personally I would like a manager with vast experience who can get the best out of a player without disrupting the team work ethic( a manager who can improve on & also keep our club competitive)

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