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Top manager moves to London for Arsenal or Chelsea job?

Carlo Ancelotti is claimed to have moved into a London home as he seeks out his latest job, with Chelsea and Arsenal the most likely destinations.

The Italian boss has been out of work since getting sacked by Bayern Munich back in September, and has so far failed to sign with another employer.

Ancelotti is said to have turned down the chance to take up the Italian federation on the offer of the international manager’s vacancy, and has moved all his belongings to his London home as he continues to figure out his future.

Arsenal could well be his next destination, with Arsene Wenger known to be into the final years of his time with the club. The Frenchman will have a year remaining on his contract come the end of the season, but he and the club have already stated that talks will be held at the end of the campaign to ascertain whether he is to stay on into next term.

In my opinion much of the reasoning behind him signing a new deal at the Emirates Stadium last summer was down to the lack of satisfaction in finding his long-term successor, which for me is why terms were agreed so late, with nothing in place before the end of the previous campaign.

Of course a return to Chelsea is probably the most likely scenario, with Antonio Conte’s future up in the air at present, especially with the Italian’s family still residing in his home country. Conte is also linked with the Italian international role, having previously impressed in the same role, and with the Azzurri having failed to qualify for the World Cup next summer, the job could remain open until after the competition.

Would Ancelotti be the ideal replacement to take over from Wenger? Is he much more likely to be the Chelsea boss once again?

Pat J

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12 thoughts on “Top manager moves to London for Arsenal or Chelsea job?

  1. sechaba maphike

    wilshere has performed very well in the last game between Bate fc and I am definite he is ready to be included in the first team

  2. Mfenguboysa

    I wish he could come and replace Wenger, but I know that’s very unlikely. Wenger wants to stay and hold on to power just like Mugabe

    1. Oluwafemi

      You r so right bro. Wenger is the Mugabe of football coaches. Like Mugabe, he wud definitely some serious military displacement exercise to remove him

      1. Alexis the Great

        Wenger is just like Mugabe? Using your logic, Mourinho must be Hitler, and you must be an idiot.

        1. Eat Pie

          Please don’t speak about things you know nothing about.
          @admin are we now allowed to insult users on this site?
          Is idiot something I can call people now without being banned?

  3. jon fox

    I would take Ancellotti in a heartbeat to replace Wenger. Though I would be prepared to wait all morning if necessary. 11am right now. CAN WE HAVE HIM IN BY THIS LUNCHTIME PLEASE. OH pleeeaze!

    1. Abel

      Typical arsenal ‘press fan’ can’t think for yourself.
      If Ancelotti has th Midas touch, then why did he get sacked at Munich despite the superior players and finances at his disposal?
      Anybody but Wenger right?

  4. Opio jatex

    Its an agreement between Wenger and the club doubt.while we are slaves to Arsenal officials

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