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Top striker reveals he’s on his way to Arsenal

Remember the name Arsenal fans, because we could soon be hearing Victor Osimhen being sung around the Emirates stadium. You might not have heard of him, but the Nigerian striker did get quite a lot of attention from his appearances at the under-17 World Cup held in Chile earlier this year.

The 16-year old picked up the award for the tournament’s top scorer after he smashed a record 10 goals in his seven games and they were important goals too, including one in the final against Mali that set Nigeria on course to lift the trophy.

The young player has himself revealed that he will be heading to north London soon, to meet with representatives of the Gunners and to check out all of the training facilities before making his mind up which club to sign for. As a Metro report explains, we are one of just two clubs in with a chance of securing this promising and prolific forward, with the German club Wolfsburg being the other.

Osimhen said, “I spoke with the [Wolfsburg] coach who also made several promises and if I eventually choose to sign for them, I hope they’ll keep their word.

“But I have not decided where to go yet because Arsenal are also showing strong interests and perhaps after my visit to the club, I will have a clear view of where I want to go.”

We all know that Arsenal boast some of the best facilities around so he is bound to be impressed and surely that will mean that we are in pole position to beat Wolfsburg to this burgeoning talent.

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15 thoughts on “Top striker reveals he’s on his way to Arsenal

  1. Greg

    No disrespect but my thoughts are on us getting 3 points against southampton on boxing day! Coyg!

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  2. Davros

    Agree. Maybe we can top the League on Saturday but happy with a win away to Southampton

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  3. Wilshegz

    I’m happy for Osimehn as a Nigerian, but what Arsenal as a club needs now is not another young striker to join the list of Welbeck,Akpom,Iwobi. .. what we need now is a top class established striker in the class of Alexis,Ozil,Cech or close.
    a player like Aubameyang ll make perfect sense

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    1. GoonerLad

      Aubameyang, Walcott and Sanchez will tear apart any team with speed alone, Ozil will be breaking records each month

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  4. Ks-Gunner

    Top players is someone who is proven already. Lucas Moura for example. This on is just a kid. Fishing for readers is not Kool.

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  5. juhislihis

    Merry Christmas Gooners around the world!

    In my country we celebrated Christmas today (on 24th). How’s it going at your home?

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    1. NY_Gunner

      God Jul Gooner…
      And Merry Christmas to all the rest of you AFC faithful wherever you are…
      “Victoria Concordia Crescit”

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  6. Greg

    Merry christmas to all my fellow gunners around the world, from my family to yours have a great and bless one! Coyg!

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  7. WOS

    I know a lot about mohamed el.nenny because i am egyptian like him
    The best thing about him that he tireless worker he cover more field than anybody
    He doesn’t have a lot of skills on the ball but he have a very good ability of reading and cutting the passes way
    I don’t know if he came if he will impress or not but he will be a good cover for coquelin for sure
    He played with mohamed salah (roma) in the egyptian league and basel before salah went to chelsea

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  8. damochy

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    1. Trevor

      Yes I’ve seen a few of them over the years, Kanu Eto looked much older than they where and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if both players actually played to their forties.

      They are so noticeable because more often than not black people age much better than white folk, Oriental do too (less wrinkles and smoother skin), so for me it is suspicious seeing a supposedly teenage kid who looks to gone well past puberty (still I know there will be the exception). You see it allot on those reality shows about Airport security ..because they cant convict a juvenile, and lets face it, look at the rewards at stake (and advantage) if you can get away with a false passport within football. Of course this stuff goes on.

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  9. psytripps

    Top striker? Really……mmmm I don’t think so.
    Top 900 in the world?
    I’m tired of the misleading titles

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  10. Tekena

    I know he is a deadly finisher, very good technic and dribbling skills. He is somewhere between Suarez and Chicharito. He is definitely a top talent, but he can only go as far as his ambition. African players with a few million squid tend to be satisfied, instead of aiming for the top constantly, well thats talk for another day.

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  11. Countbalogs

    Osimhen is a tireless and rugged striker. I love the fact that he’s always on a look out for goals. Wouldnt be bad if we get him but that’s sure for the future. Let’s face the present now Gooners. It’s Southampton next to be annihilated. COYG

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