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Torquay are Better than Arsenal says Bradford skipper

Arsenal fans may have thought that things could not get any worse after Tuesday,s humiliating exit from the Capital One cup, but the captain of Bradford City, Gary Jones, has rubbed some salt vigorously into our wounds by stating that their last game, against 10 man Torquay United, was a tougher test of their resolve.

“I think Torquay gave us a tougher game.

“It was like a role reversal against them. Torquay defended well against us, and we defended really well against Arsenal.

“No disrespect to us and our lads, but they should be beating Bradford City. But team spirit means a lot and it can take a team a long way.

“When we saw their team sheet, we couldn’t believe it.

“We thought they would have a lot of youth players and a bit of experience, but nothing like that turned up. They came here and it was probably the best chance of a trophy they’ll have this year. I think it was Arsene Wenger’s worse nightmare going to penalties.”

Wenger probably wishes he did pick more young players now, as they would probably have given a lot more for the Arsenal cause. The manager should read this statement to the players and get them to realise how little fight they put up. We need a drastic response on Sunday when we travel to Reading. Another poor showing from the highly paid players is just unacceptable.

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35 thoughts on “Torquay are Better than Arsenal says Bradford skipper

  1. Dave

    Why are we stil dwelling on the Bradford loss? Its not going to improve our situation.

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  2. Rick Rocket

    Why even write this story?

    Who cares what some chump playing in League 2 thinks.

    Besides the headline barely resembles the actual story. It’s like reading a tabloid.

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  3. Sharkseven

    lol. Rotherham utd Beat Bradford 3-0. so it rotherham better than us??Invesmet In Squad Should Have.Dont Want Another dissapointment This Saturday.COYG!

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  4. Duk

    Words without actions are just that… words. As Arsenal fans in U.K., you guys should do more boycoting the stadium attendance on matchday and protest against the board and manager or you’ll let it get to Liverpool level? Realy??? We from abroad can’t do much, but you my fellow gunners in U.K. are the solution for this problem. Just get united & organised and we’ll get our Arsenal back!
    Came on you GUNNERS!!!!!!!

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  5. CUT

    OK!OK! our manager screwed up and you guys got lucky!

    Now shut it & get back to your northern slum & your crappy league!

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  6. addisu zenebe

    guys do you think we shouldn’t buy alex song back to save the season?wenger is so stabborn that he sold the best DM in EPLfor the sake of economics.

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  7. GunnShow

    If Pep did come to arsenal what makes you think that anything would change? Its the board that has cause this mess not wenger. Pep wouldn’t be able to change anything!

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  8. AFCF

    yaya he right.But who cares bring bradford to the premier league and see where they stand!But stillhe right abt arsenal performance…

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  9. Tamil Sundram

    the bookies are laughing all the way to the bank for that game

    maybe the whole Arsenal team should be investigated for match fixing….

    their performances lately is raising eyebrows.


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  10. Mohammed

    What a load of rubbish so thats the reason why they defended for their lives and we had like 60-70% possession against them because bradford city had a harder game facing Torquay than they did when they played us behave lad because your talking shit.

    I agree that is an amazing result for bradford city and should give the players and club a huge lift but to slag off the opponents and jump on the media frenzy is just unprofessional and sad. Its like the time we beat Barcelona we didn’t hear our captain turn around and say that huddersfield town gave us a better game and challenged us more than Barcelona did because if the captain had said that it would have been bullshit because we worked bloody hard to beat Barcelona and by saying that it would have undermined the effort of the team and taken away all the good about the result.

    I too hope for a better showing against Reading but its time people realise our team isn’t good enough and that isn’t because of Wenger not buying players its because of the bloody board selling our best players year on bloody year how can we expect to improve when we are constantly rebuilding after losing key players, a fact compounded by Jack Wilshire saying he has only played with around 4-5 of the current starting line up even that is mainly defenders or goalkeeper. This is the reason why we are struggling so much, that and the fact that we lack balance in the team we need a solid holding midfielder who can break up play and turn defence into attack quickly we have far to many players in the middle who all play the same and have the same strengths, and we need a proper goal scorer up front and the reason we don’t have these players is not Wengers fault its the bloody board. How can one man be responsible for buying/selling players, wages, contracts, results on the pitch, player development, tactics, coaching just because he is the face of the club he gets the blame while the board hide away and watch. Things will not improve if Wenger goes, things will get worse, things will only change when the board change and facts speak louder than anything the media says. How can a man who was so successful in his first 7-10 years at the club go on to lose all his sense and become an idiot, its funny how things only really changed when we got debt by moving stadiums and and wholesale of a key players really started and results on the pitch declined and the much talked about trophy draught began. Do you not think Wenger is as pissed off as everyone that players he spent years training are sold just as we being to see the best of them and not only are they sold but they are sold off at their lowest value as they have a year on their contracts and to top even that sold to our closest rivals, how could the board ever have sold RVP to Man U do you think Wenger was behind that?

    Lets look at the facts, before every big player sell in recent history Wenger has said we must keep them at all costs something he is saying about Walcott right now and then what happens that same player is sold on do you not think he himself has had enough of being undermined and then better still being made to take the blame while the real problems sit behind a smoke screen.

    So come on guys lets look past the bullshit that the media feeds us and use our head and put 2 and 2 together and realise what happens, and not hound a guy who has done nothing but good for our club and not take him for granted because believe me if and when he goes, if the board is the way it is now things will get a lot lot worse trust there will be no knight in shining amour i.e. Mourhino/Gaurdiola that will save us this is your imagination getting the better of you and while we are on that subject I would rather die than see that cock sucker Mourhino manage our team the fake.

    GIVE US OUR ARSENE AND ARSENAL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Uche Edochie

    Well, I guess we deserve it, right? That is what you get when you fail to do your job. You get ridiculed. Blame it on chamak and gervinho. We might as well have played that game without strikers. Blame it on wenger too. Giroud might have been injured but is that not why we bought Podolski? Does podolski not wear the no 9 shirt? He is our most clinical finisher and he got stuck out on the wings were he is beginning to rot like arshavin. In wenger we trust, right?

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  12. Salvage


    Who plays Ramsey as winger? -> Wenger

    Who plays Gerv as point man? -> Wenger

    Who plays pretty much everyone in the team out of position? -> Wenger

    Who never makes substitutions on time? -> Wenger

    Who never makes substitutions to change the game or to counter opponents tactics ? -> Wenger.

    Which of the above decisions are down to the board or Gazidis?

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  13. braaf

    Let’s face it. Wenger aint going nowhere, and I would prefer it that way. He seriously needs to strengthen the squad though. I still believe we have a very strong team but we lack in key areas. This is our problem. What i would really like to see is some one like Bergkamp or Henry join the coaching staf and help Wenger work on our team’s attacking play.

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  14. Tamil Sundram

    well well well…

    the person that is qualify to manage Arsenal other than Wenger is Ferguson…

    media bots are real terrible…make them look like retards with all the make up fabricate shit….

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  15. leo

    enough of this this is a media campaign against wenger they have been waiting for this moment for a long time ray parlour has dismissed about the “imaginary feud” even sources close to steve bould have dismissed it bould is said 2 be furious about it

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  16. leo

    last night celta vigo beat real madrid last season they were eliminated by club called alocyano or something never heard of them & barca lost to hercules last season 2-0 this thing happens the bradford skipper is a jerk

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  17. GunnShow


    100% agreed when will you guys realize that it’s the board behind the decline of arsenal. They let contracts run down to the last year. They don’t invest in the team.

    What use will sacking Wenger do if the board is still corrupt?

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  18. Ema

    Change we need, time has come for wenger out and pep in. is wenger really after the sitaution of the team, I think no, after time goes like this things will be more harder to be changed that they could now, so Arsenal kill the board and wenger

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  19. Mohammed

    @ Salvage

    Who played Henry out of position Wenger

    why dont you look at the good he has done because he has done a lot of good than bad and yes I am pissed off that these players you mention are one even played in the first place and two that when they are played they are played out of position but I have given up on saying Wenger should go because he isnt the problem and if we had kept the players he said we need to keep Gervinho wouldn’t be up front Ramsey wouldn’t be on the wing Artea wouldn’t be DM but play a play in a different position can improve players as well and you don’t know until you try and Wenger has around 30yrs experience so who are we to knock him

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  20. Simon Kibera Kinywa

    Don’t blame the players you blame the ‘dictator’. Fans are stakeholders in any club such as Arsenal and when they point out genuine concerns you as a manager should be proud that your stakeholders are concerned about the welfare of the club.

    What happens when Arsenal point out that Gervinho is annoying and Ramsey should not be played in some key matches? He calls fans stupid. When you complain about a player Wenger fixes him for game after game just to annoy players.

    Why are people softening again for Wenger. When you demonstrate does he care. The board has problems and so is Wenger. When he sells RVP for 24M and buys Giroud for 11M that amounts to 35M which can buy Falcao or Cavanni. The amount to buy Podolski can go to the club and that is a healthy balance sheet.

    When the league started the defence was doing well but not now because of Wenger’s interference with Bould. Do you need to be told than watch them and know that there is tension and Bould is not happy.

    LEO when Barcelona or Real madrid loses to a tiny team, that is a loss after more than 10 consective wins. How many wins has Arsenal won consectively so that we understand its loss to 2nd division Bradford?

    I hope some of you quys have not been brainwashed by
    Wenger into celebratin failures. This quy Wenger is living in the past. He was good then but not now.

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  21. Mark,Abuja

    Let Arsene play players in their strongest positions.Gazidis would not stop him.He should stop his arrogance and make sure Theo is paid well for him to stay.What is d point of saying we have funds but u keep on selling ur best players.Arsenal is d poorest big club in d world if not resist sales of our best talents.I blame him because he speaks for d board and earns d highest fee only second to Sir Alex.Hypocrite,pay players like yourself and they would stay.

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  22. Simon Kibera Kinywa

    Wenger is now talking about how Arsenal ‘almost’ won the Champion league against Barcelona.


    On a serious note and forgive me I am really doubting his ‘mental’ Judgement.

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  23. Santi claus

    The loss to Bradford mite actually do us some good something mite actually change starting by spending so off that war chest wenger a been given

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  24. Invincibles nice (1)

    So hes one of those morons that believe Celtic are better than Barca, that Norwich are better than manu/Gunners, that all cup giant killers are better than the PL clubs they knock out. Grow a f**king brain cell you giant muppet.

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  25. jyotika

    People Wenger should be investigate and the board this is match fixing they might be getting some money so investigage.

    Pathetic the whole team is lazy apart from few. SACK THE BOARD

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  26. Invincibles nice (1)

    Come on people of course Wenger loves the Arsenal, you dont think hes hurting when in fact hes hurting as much as anyone if not more.

    The truth is of course hed rather have all those players hes mentored, of course he would, but they where sold like they have been for many seasons now wether it where the board in the wrong by not rewarding enough or wether it where the players being too greedy it where out of Wengers hands.

    The man has proved his skills often enough when replacing out going players but he has been left with the bare bones, now maybe it has gone a couple of steps too far as we where much too reliant on the old Wengers new lot fitting right in and producing week in week out.
    Squads above us dont only have money over us as they also have the luxury of intergrating players how and when they choose to blood in so please give the boss some slack.

    I know some of yous might think that eight years is enough slack but he has not been a bad boss over these years.
    Most seasons there where no real funds and when our star players where departing the money coming in went toward debts. It where all in a time of club transition wich is still ongoing today, this along with constant exodus fire fighting is no easy task.
    I know we havnt done miraculous things during this eight year period but it could have been soo much worse.

    I know yous already know all of the above or have heard it enough and like me your really hurting, but so is Arsene.

    He hasnt been a bad manager at all up till now, in wich he has made more mistakes than ever, out of character in my opinion.

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  27. mohawk35

    Many teams are better than Arsenal when players like Ramsey are on the pitch. That does not stop Wenger from doing it.

    Wenger has completely and utterly lost his mind.

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