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Tottenham also have Injury worries ahead of Arsenal game

Arsenal have been struggling with injury problems since the start of the season (where have I heard that before), and the Premier league game against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday is potentially a season decider. If Arsenal lose to Spurs, confidence will drop further and we will be four points behind them and in mid table, needing a miracle to even qualify for the Champions league.

A win against Tottenham would cheer everybody up and put us two points above our rivals and moving in the right direction. Thankfully, we are not the only team beset with injury worries. Jermain Defoe, Aaron Lennon and Kyle Walker are all being treated this week as Spurs face losing them for the derby. Walker and Lennon were supposed to be going to Sweden with England, but have pulled out due to knocks picked up against Manchester City. Defoe was going to be rested by Roy Hodgson anyway, but was called to replace Rooney and cannot make it.

With Spurs already missing Dembele and Parker in midfield and Assou-Ekotto and Kaboul in defence, they are looking almost as threadbare as the Gunners. It would be useful for us if Either Walker or Lennon missed the game, because our left hand side has been our weakest point since Gibbs last played.

Wenger and the Arsenal players will be well aware of how important this game is, not just for the points, but to appease the understandable frustration being felt by Arsenal fans. The last few potential turning points have been missed by Arsenal. Miss this one and it could be too late.

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64 thoughts on “Tottenham also have Injury worries ahead of Arsenal game

  1. Craig Taylor

    I hope Gibbs is back soon. We need to win the next 3 league games. We need to beat Tottenham, Aston Villa and Everton. I think this will decide our position in the league. Wenger also needs to spend big time in Jan.

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  2. spendah

    i want arsenal to win, but if we dont, i wont us to become battered so wenger gets sacked etc

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  3. Me-Basil

    I would play Arshavin comes Saturday.


    Sagna – Ver – Per – Gibbs

    Wilshere – Arteta

    Wolcott – Gazola – Arshavin

    Podolski or Giroud

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  4. DanO

    Hopefully dis game will be a turning point like it was last year ,I hope we thrash dem…

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  5. Gunners

    I want to lose and miss out on champions league for one season so the board get our message loud and clear. Otherwise nothing will change. Come on you crappy spurs beat us 8-0

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  6. ERG

    This game will have goals we’r both shaky at the back
    hopefully a 3-2 win for us.
    but could easily see us being picked off by bale and defoe on the counter aswell.

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  7. Trizy

    Spuds plz beat us so dat d board wil knw dat wenger is done at arsenal wil nid 2 cmpete wit d top clubs n wit wenger arund hope dat wont hapen. Wenger lyk developin yung talents so he shld be offerd d reserve team n we shld appoint a new manager wit winnin mentality.

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  8. harugongo boy

    Already finding excuses for a foreseen defeat. How lame can arsenal beb ladies under Gentlemen!!
    Typical of a manager/players that lack confidence and passion…..

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  9. Afiagh

    it’s a pity dt arsnl are relying on a team 2 get dr players injured b4 dey can win them. Shame!

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  10. Nick from Portugal

    Some of the rubbish on this site is breathtaking. I want to lose 8-0 so we can sack Wenger??? How can an Arsenal fan even think like that never mind write it down. I want the team to play well and win and I want people to stop ranting about sacking the manager. One of the best defensive records in the league: fact, on line to qualify for CL quarters: fact, still in the League Cup: fact, 4 points off Everton and CL qualification fact.

    Man City out of CL, Chelsea hanging on, Man City and United out of League Cup. The Premiership is 11 games old, only 27 to play so of course it is now down to three teams, all the rest of us playing for 4th place, well take a look at the events in the PL year by year, teams go on bad runs, the situation changes quickly. It is all still to play for.
    We have played miserably since the Chelsea game, Wenger has made some starnge calls in his positioning of players and his selection policy, all true. But there have been periods when we have looked the part this season and we will come again. The Shalke performance was ropy defensively but it was a 100% effort and believe e this Shalke team could go a long way in the CL.
    Get behind the team and the manager and be real fans, not a bunch of idiots who blame Wenger, the best manager the club has ever had.

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  11. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Nick from Portugal

    there are alot of fake fans, bots, sales promoters/agents, Fifa 2013 fans here;….

    most of them thinks Arsenal just played their 38th last game in the league….

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  12. Hoot

    @Nick from Portugal
    Thank-you. 100% agree with you and perfectly said. If I can add…Fcuk the spuds!

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  13. mo

    @nick Portugal, oh my u are another sucker fan, for the past 8 seasons arsenal have been in the same position FACT, AND THEY WILL WIN NOTHING FACT, THEY WILL SELL THIER BEST PLAYERS FACT, OH AND THEY WON’T SPEND A PENNY ON NEW PLAYERS FACT. Fans like u are a JOKE

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  14. realist

    We cannot be far off from our best 18?

    szcesney mannone
    sagna mertesacker vermaelen gibbs jenkinson koscielny
    arteta wilshire cazorla diaby rosicky chamberlain
    walcott podolski giroud gervinho

    if we can get that 18 fit then add to them in january we will be back amongst it.

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  15. Hafiz Rahman

    @ mo

    Arsenal did spend pennies on players…none of the players sign during summer are Free…

    Arsenal did not want to sell their players…but its their players wants to leave……

    you must be a rich and wealthy dude that plays Fifa 2013 everyday without a real job……

    if you could sign some fantasy players for Arsenal…paid their wages, admin fee, transfer fee, agent fee and etc…

    Arsenal and Geniune Arsenal fans will be gratefull to you….

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  16. S.H

    Stop being a pussy by hoping for spud players to be injured. I want to play the best team available so there won’t be any excuses from spud fans when we beat them. I have no respect for people hoping to play a weak team. THAT IS SIMPLY WEAK!

    There is winning and there is victory. Winners win however they can. Victory wins the only way it can! With true class!

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  17. S.H


    LOL man I love the fact that you despise fans trapped in their fifa 13 world. Good to have someone wake these people up. I have a close friend who’s my age, 34, and he still plays playstation as if he were 15. He tells me that the stats for players are live so they fluctuate depending on the player’s current form. I said to him Wilshere is rated 79/100 but he is regarded as a 90/100 player for Arsenal. How do these stats really determine how important a player is to a team? How do these stats actually reflect the true skills or value a player is to his team? As expected my ignorant mate said, these stats are from Fifa so it should be highly regarded. I laughed so hard my guts almost gave in. I can only imagine what you would say to him! LOL

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  18. Hafiz Rahman

    @ S.H.

    good to have you around….most fans here are based on biased media reports and Fifa 2013

    Real human players have feelings, need motivation and will suffer dip in form and etc..

    these so called fans expect players to be like Fifa 2013…where u can have 50 world class players and they would be happy to sit on the bench for 10 years and play 4-5 games a season and still be happy…or you can sign any players as if they are money printing machine…just the flick of the fingers and you have 22 messi and ronaldos in the team…..

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  19. schizznit

    I feel we should have someone marking Bale, just as our opponents always have a mark on Cazorla and Arteta

    for Everton we should have mark on Jagielka and Fellaini

    A Villa….maybe Bent? if he is still on the squad -> just not be complacent for his game in particular

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  20. Gnnerineverylife

    If all else fails,bring on Chamakh and put him up top with Giroud,replace poldi with Arshavin on the left,if Walcott is playing well play him on the right,if not put Cazorla on the right,switch to 4-4-2,put Arteta and WIlshere in the middle,start putting in the crosses,I bet we will score one anyhow and if Lloris plays we may score even more.

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  21. S.H


    Very true man, so many fans treat our players like robots. They want instant success, and some would of played competitive sports at some stage of their lives, but strangely cannot understand the elements needed to win. For starters, it helps when the fans are FULLY behind the team. Atm, there is a great dividing range between the optimist and the pessimist. I choose to be the initial because when things turn around, in which they will, I’ll be glad to know that I chose to believe. It’s sort of like religion. You choose to believe or don’t, but there’s nothing worse than a preacher that doesn’t practice what he preaches.

    I still believe in Giroud and even predicted that he would score 1 goal and give 1 assist prior to the last game. He actually scored 2 goals, but looked completely determined to win. I like that about Giroud. He;s a fighter. He’ll sacrifice his body to get a touch on the ball. You can’t teach this. This is natural instinct and courage! Under Wenger, Giroud will only get better and better. We forget that RVP had 8 years with Wenger in the EPL. Giroud has had only about 3 months with the manager. As Giroud improves by playing around gifted players, his game can only get better. If he started off in the EPL or first div elsewhere, he’d be a much better player I believe. Just a matter of time until we see Giroud producing some spectacular goals and consistently too!


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  22. jerami padi

    againts spur we must bring in walcott and chamberlain on the arshavin in cazorla position…bench cazorla since he lost his direction last 3 games…only bring him last 30mins…arteta shall be replace by frimpong or coq….its will work me…defence wise we shud maintain..only dm midfielder

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  23. Invincibles nice (1)

    I wouldnt bet on it as it sounds like a precaution to me, if we go on to win the game i really hope adepaymemore is playing just coz for me he is the most hated foozballer along with cashley a hole who owed us big time for allowing him to learn from the best need not to name and also in the most hated bracket are $li&hy the patronising little pr**k na$ri the smiley simple headed duncan and manus left back who have forgetting his name as i always refer to him as the twatty little tosser

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  24. DanMga

    Yes S.H, Giroud is becaome a goal machine. let him produce the win on saturday assisted by Walcott, Carzola and Podolski.

    I want Walcot and Pod through sharp and dangerous crosses to the goal mouth, Giroud head drops in easily. By the end of this season G will have 34 caps for him and Gunners. I tell you my friends this Francise is righ replacement for RVP and he will ofset his 8 season record at AFC in the first season.

    Well done Wenger, fight hard Giroud.

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  25. mo

    @ hafiz rahman, change the record the fifa 13 joke getting old. It’s common sense to anyone GENUINE footballing person arsenal fan or not that selling your best best players and replacing them with junk is not going to win any team a trophy let alone Arsenal. You say these players Wanted to leave can you blame them honestly Fickle fans like u really are laffable, they want to Win trophies not get into top four and save the club money. Good luck to all of them I wish them all the best, Also its not always about spending in the past 3,4 seasons they have been atleast 10 players who have been sitting on a healthy pay packet at Arsenal which should nor even be playing in the Sunday league to name a few Bendtner,denilson,Santos,squilacci Trust me there’s many more il not carry on. You talk about Money wat abt them being paid for being rubbish,lol. I work 5,6 days for you to make judgements shows wat type of person you are, I’m entitled to my opinion if you don’t like it then tough luck.

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  26. harugongo boy

    Spurs second eleven is better that Arsenal’s first eleven, so regardless of the injuries for spurs players am sure they’ll teach as a lesson(i pray).
    Spurs go go go go………..

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  27. harugongo boy

    @ MO
    big ups boy.
    You give me strength. You are my hero….
    For those fans still hiding their heads under the sand please wake up the smell ground RED PEPPER…
    Arsenal is going down the drain AND am sure very few so-called hard core fans would be willing to go down with it.

    i thought unintelligent fans were limited to the emirates stands until i joined Justarsenal.

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  28. DrPepper


    No Mo you are the fickle fan.

    List three bad players – signed nearly 10 years a part at that – as our replacements for players that have left.

    How about we replaced Cesc with Santi, Nasri with podolski/Gervinho/Theo and even though RVP is irreplaceable without spending 80mil we replaced him with Giroud who looks like he can score 15+ per season mixed with Walcott who looks like a 15+ per season player.

    Talking about trohpies and ignoring the fact that we are in a 1/4 final, FA cup hasn’t started and we are one win away from progressing in the Champs League.

    And like @Nick from Portugal said the season is 11 games old! We have a pretty decent run into christmas, We win a few who knows?

    @harugongo boy

    Your just a moron, everyone should ignore you and hope you go away.

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  29. harugongo boy

    aint going away. am God sent brother. Am here to show your true light……
    But the reality is that we are finishing in the 9 position
    So forget about the FA, Cl stuff. Its in your dreams may be!!!

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  30. DrPepper

    @harugongo boy

    Reality is you and you’re kind – by that I mean people who fit the generalisation I am about to make – are idiots.

    You are the epitome of everything wrong with Arsenal at the moment.

    You have appear to have a blatant lack of understand of football

    You have never given a reasoned opinion, you always say something stupid

    I’m guessing here, but without google you probably couldn’t tell me who Arsene Wenger took over from, or what year we were formed in fact any of Arsenals history.

    You are probably one of these FIFA players that @hafiz rahman speaks about.

    If I was to guess what year you started supporting Arsenal, I would probably say half way through the unbeaten season.

    I understand opinions differ, and to be fair there are underlying issues at Arsenal – I personally feel Wenger and the board are the right people – but you (and your kind) never engage in any argument that makes sense, at least with other people here reasoned argument is possible.

    Normally all this doesn’t matter, not everyone talks football this seriously…

    However in three days time it is Arsenal Vs Tottenham, traditionally a massive game for Arsenal. This whole week I will take abuse from spurs fans, travelling to the game saturday – I have to go through tottenham – there is always the possibility of being attacked physically for supporting Arsenal and all this I accept as derby day madness.

    What shouldn’t be accepted, though, is Arsenals own ‘fans’ attacking the club the week before the game.

    You’re part of the problem not the solution

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  31. Alex J

    We will need a miracle to get into the Champions League if we lose? Mate we were 17 points behind them last year. Calm down!!

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  32. bergkamps other leg

    @harugongo boy
    What kind of muppet are you.
    I’m actually at a loss for what to say to u but will start with this.
    You really are a moron. now please move along. go and support the spuds (cos that’s what it seems like you want to do) no one is forcing u to support-if you can call it that- Arsenal.
    You are the worst kind of fan. and i suppose you are going to tell me you have supported arsenal or been a Gooner for a whole 9 or 10 years.
    Just go away and hide under the rock you crawled out of.
    That’s all for now until i recover my composure and really start on you.

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  33. hamid

    I played both Giroud and Bale in my fantasy premiere league team. They are going to make me a whole lotta points on Saturday. Giroud is on fire, people. We can crawl back to the boards beloved fourth place in EPL if he continues to deploy. And something tells me that he will.

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  34. john k

    @DrPepper Replaced Cesc with Santi? Yes like a full season and a half later. Nasri with Podolski? Nasri is a better player. Podolski is getting old and it shows on the pitch.
    And tell me, who have we replaced RvP with? Giroud? Don’t make me laugh. It will be another season or two before we actually have an adequate replacement for RvP, if that is even possible.

    Get your head out the clouds mate, you are living in a dream world. 5 years from now, still trophy less and you will still be spouting the same non sense.

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  35. Big Gun

    @ Dr Pepper I cannot believe you really think our current board and management are ‘the right people.’ Did you read or listen to the AGM meeting in October? The board including PHW were completely ripped apart and had no good answers to the questions raised by shareholders. Gazidis kept saying how football was priority and profits second, yet have we actually seen that in the last 7 years? No, we have not. What we HAVE seen is our club selling our assets every season and replacing them with inferior players. We have seen our squad having to be rebuilt season after season, handicapping us majorly at the beginning of every season. We have seen constantly been lied to over the sales of certain players, including Nasri, Fabregas and RvP. Wenger commented and said 4th place is like a trophy. You cannot get less ambitious than that! Especially coming from a club like Arsenal!!

    Wake the F@CK up man and stop being such a gullible mug. If the people running our club cannot even be honest with the fans and respect them, then it means they are only in it for themselves – which is exactly what the current situation reflects.

    And for the record, I have been supporting Arsenal since 1987.

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  36. DrPepper

    @John K

    Yes replaced Cesc with Santi, one season later or not it was a replacement.

    This season Nasri is 12 games-3goals-2 assists, Last season 7 goals and 11 assists.

    Walcott’s stats are and were better 14-8-6. Podolski’s stats are better 15-5-3. Gervinho’s stats are better 10-5-1.

    We have three better wide right/players than Nasri but don’t let facts and figures ruin your argument.

    I have already said RVP is irreplaceable, not trying to argue any other way, but like I said if Theo and Giroud score 15+ goals each – and that looks like it could happen we have replaced his goals.

    5 years time I’ll still be supporting Arsenal, if you want to argue about why we haven’t won a trophy at least come up with a credible argument.

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  37. DrPepper

    @Big Gun

    What answers weren’t you happy with? I believe Arsenal haven’t massively broken any promises that would force me to label myself as a ‘gullible mug’.

    I for one, place long term stability over short term success. Citing rangers, hearts, leeds and pompy I believe that all teams that sell to an individual maverick owner will eventually succumb to this fate.

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  38. mo

    @ Dr pepper, replaced santi with cesc, let me tell you one thing THERE’S ONLY ONE CESC FABREGAS NO ONE CAN REPLACE HIM. santi I agree is good but no way will he get you the goals Cesc did and you can hold me to that. Nasri with podolski see you don’t even know your football, podolski is more a winger/striker, Nasri is an attacking midfielder played out wide. Gervinho and Theo 2 wird for the pair of them ‘headless chickens’ absolutely no footballing brain at all get Rid. Now il move on to that 10 you mentioned, Rosicky 1 good season in 6,7 years sick note a joke, Diaby dnt get me started plays 1 game and out for the rest of the season biggest sick note in the history of football JOKE GET RID, Almunia got rid of him 3,4 seasons too late absolutely rubbish along with fabianski, mannone all have major howlers in them watching them has proved it. Djourou,park,chamakh, speaks for himself,lol, come on Dr pepper let’s see you tell everyone that these guys plus the 3 I mentioned previously are World beaters,lol. You and hafiz Rahman and Co live in cuckoo land wake up and smell the coffee. Oh and Ramsey Rubbish. Over and out

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  39. DrPepper


    We haven’t changed formation since 2004, you agree? If so you can clearly see that Podolski is playing the same position that Nasri was employed in FOR ARSENAL(not what you see their positions as)?

    Without discussing the merits of who is better, if you disagree with that statement above – then simply you are wrong.

    If you would like to discuss the merits of Gervinho and Theo, kindly look above to me previous comment in which is used facts and figures to demonstrate a point – which you clearly have to grasp of.

    Without disputing the players you listed, arguably only Almunia has ever been a starting 11 player – when chamahk started in 2009 he scored 10 goals in 11 games, and then wasn’t overly used when RVP returned.

    Djourou is a 4th choice CB, just as good as any other in the league. Mannone – whilst I don’t rate him – is a fairly decent back up keeper, as was Fabianski – but noway first choice keepers, which they have never been.

    Even Rosicky can never really be considered a first 11 player, wasn’t as good as Cesc when he was here + now he isn’t as good as Santi – the one season he was a first team player he preformed well(last year)

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  40. arsenator

    if lennon play on saturday…..then there is no chance for arshavin to start….wenger will chose podolski in this case because of his defending commitment

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  41. qone

    by 17 hrs of next saturday hope our luck will change! a win is a win no matter how. and against a opponents i hardly dare to mention.
    hope that our players will rise to the occasion, maybe like last year, but as i said further up a win is always a win.
    good luck and play for the shirt and proudness of our glorious club.
    maybe one day the other team will play in the champions league haha

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  42. mo

    @ Dr pepper, stats don’t mean jack diddly squat, the bottom line is this Theo Walcott is an Average player he has been at Arsenal for 6/7 years and has done nothing to prove he is a top player and he has the audacity to ask for 100k baffling, Gervinho,lol, clueless. Djourou is only 4th choice now but let me tell you one thing those ahead of him aint much better. Let me just name a few 4th choice c.b that are way better. Caulker, smalling, cahill, carragher, k.toure, perch, I can possibly name every 4th choice in the premier league and they would be better then Djourou a complete donkey of a defender. Fans like u there’s no point even saying anything your heads in a bubble I’m sorry to say it burst long ago. Last season v.p single handedly got them into top four looking at this team top 4 just be happy with top 10. Szcensy aint no world better either he’s got plenty of howlers in him another Average keeper compared to the cech’s,harte etc of this world.

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  43. John K

    @Dr Pepper Your argument regarding Nasri is invalid because he is not a regular player at City. He has David Silva and Toure to compete with amongst others. Those stats are mainly from him being brought on as a sub, not from full 90 minute games.

    Also you call replacing a player with another player over a year later, good management? First you say Santi replaced Fabregas, now you are saying Santi replaced Nasri? Who is it then? It is most obvious Wenger has not replaced those players adequately and too late. In actual fact if you look at the transfer window in 2011 after or during the departure of Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy etc Wenger PANICKED and bought Arteta and Benayoun. They were supposed to be Fabregas and Nasri’s replacement. Quite honestly none of them are as good. Shocking management to wait until pretty much the last day to fill the boots of two of your key central players.

    So please get your facts straight, and in 5 years time there will still be people like you and I arguing about why Arsenal hasn’t won a trophy in 13 years. The difference is I know when I am being taken for ride. Ask yourself this.
    Wenger stated years ago that he had a youth development project he was busy with. He promised those players would turn into our next champions, the new Arsenal if you will. Fair enough, he did turn a few of them into great players. But where are all those players now? All sold my friend. If our board of directors and Arsene were genuine in their approach and conduct of training up superstars, it would be to keep them to win titles, not to sell them. These promised were made during the Emirates campaign, so to use that as an excuse is null and void.

    But it is fine. If you want to keep being taken for a mug season after season, be my guest. I guess at least it will keep these forums lively in years to come. But I would rather be talking about Arsenal’s double or how we defeated Madrid in the finals of the CL.

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  44. arsenalised_gooner

    It is simple,love Arsenal the way it is or just move to the club you think is perfect.After all we are all fans but with different passions.Am proud to declare that am Kenya’s number 1 Arsenal fan.

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  45. mo

    @ john K, Hear hear good on you totally agree. Arsenal are now a average team which no one even the bottom clubs fear playing the last few seasons has more then proven this. They is no Bottle or steel in this arsenal team at all the core is weak and everbody knows that needs to be solid for any team to challenge at the top level. Realistically all Arsenal fans should be happy if they win the Capital one cup this season thats the only cup which they have a chance in but i wouldnt hold your breathe with this current crop of players totally unpredictable.

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  46. harugongo boy

    Stop feeding us on your lousy stats please. And feeding us of these falsefied stats doesnt make you a better arsenal supporter. You junk. But am not supprised either, you sound wengers age, white head full dead cells. Unable to think beyond yester-years. ‘Comrade u either change or change changes you!’

    We need fresh start

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  47. DrPepper

    What do you mean stats mean nothing??

    You state a point, I prove it and then you tell me numbers are irrelevant! are you basing your arguments on your own scale? If so care to share it?

    Carragher starts for liverpool whilst Caulker and Cahill are second choice defenders – plus Djourou is better than Caulker anyway. You have probably seen Caulker play twice on tv as well – reaffirming my idea that some people base arguments on who they have watched that week on TV. Djourou is also a better player than kolo toure + kolo toure is on double Djourou’s money – would you rather have a substandard 4th choice CB and pay him 90k/week instead of 60?

    Goalkeepers don’t win games, he is good enough without having to spend massive on a keeper.

    @John K
    At no point did I say we replaced Nasri with Santi – maybe you are confusing my point that Santi is a better player than Rosicky??!?

    I agree with you that is a problem, if Wenger is told by players they want to go – sell them early. Wengers problem is he believes he can convince them to stay, but back to your other point, (we let players go) we can’t afford their wage demands. Simple as that Nasri 180k/week, Adebayor 175k/week and rvp 250k/week.

    Id have a bigger problem paying these players that much money.

    John K and Mo, What country do you reside in and how long have you been supporting Arsenal?

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  48. harugongo boy

    How old are you? Do you do betting? are you productivev at your workplace? what did your lasy years appraisal say?

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  49. mo

    Dr pepper, caulker is behind gallas,kaboul, and Dawson who he only got in front of becuase he got a long term injury. cahill is behind terry,luiz ivanovic is played at right bk so technically he is last choice out of centre bks. carragher is behind skrtel and agger its touch and go btwn him and coetes. Djourou better then kolo,lol, iv heard enough I know kolo ain’t the player he was but he is still alot better then Djourou and a lot on here will agree. Keepers don’t win games are u Serious or having a laff???,
    You like ur stats go check over the years how many points keepers like, Joe harte,cech, shay given, van Der saar, and many more have saved thier team in a season and get bk to me.
    You stick to your stats and keep believing Djourou,theo,gervinho are world class.

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  50. harugongo boy

    i think this DRpepper guy is Arsene wenger age mate….i honestly don believe in this business of where we are coming from rather were we are going. Lets look at arsenal of the future not arsenal of the past
    Arsenal is dire traits!

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