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Tottenham to sign M’Vila?

After finally agreeing to sell Croatian midfielder Luka Modric to Real Madrid today, Spurs have launched a bid to sign Yann M’Vila from Rennes. The 22-year old defensive midfielder was thought to be right at the top of Arsene Wenger’s wish list at the start of the summer, but nothing has been heard for a while from the Arsenal camp.

The French international was believed to be holding out for a move to the Emirates because of Wenger and champion’s league football, but with the window about to close, he may have to accept that the Gunners are not coming for him. BBC journalist David Ornstein reports that another Premier league club have officially shown interest but that the club is NOT Arsenal.

Officials from Tottenham and Rennes are wrangling over the deal, with Rennes insisting on the full value up front while Spurs want to pay some at a later date.

Arsenal fans will be wondering what is happening and will want to know who, if anyone, Wenger will be adding to the squad. The French manager has suggested that there could be additions to the squad, but will it all be left to the last minute again? I hope Arsenal have a nice surprise or two for us Gooners this week.

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80 thoughts on “Tottenham to sign M’Vila?

  1. Gunnerineverylife

    It will be a big shame if we start loosing transfer battles to the likes of spuds.

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  2. Kene

    I will say nothing till I see who wenger buys or has in mind,the only reason I will take is ifhe buys already established epl players like cabaye, dembele,felliani,or tiote.

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  3. Adam

    But If he signs for them it’s because we do not want him not because he chose them! Also it sums spuds up that they sell a good creative midfielder then buy a defensive midfielder in his place! Once again a player that arsenal have been interested in for a long time so spurs want him, they let us do their scouting!

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  4. wasim gunner

    no way they gonna sign m’vila coz spuds want a creative mf nt a defensive mf..

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  5. mkenyaarsenali

    Am nt surprised coz anybody in epl knws wenger sees talents xo every guy will look wea wenger is lookin…let him xay a nobody guy n 2morrow u hear a no of clubs hav made inquiries…LOL…est!

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  6. Dark Gunner

    The suspense is driving me nuts!!!! Come on Le prof, do something.

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  7. RAZOR

    Sumtn makes me laugh cos spuds lyk look for players arsenal want after signing d players yet wen we face dem we alwayz beat them.pls sry u cnt compete with arsenal stay and finish with new castle,everton and d rest

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  8. Apostolos

    This is ridiculous I’ve been saying for a while now that Spurs go after any player were after or that use to play for us It’s pretty ridiculous(Adebayor,Gallas,Bentley/Vertongen,M Vila,etc). The thing is although I like M Vila as a player I think Wenger lost interest completely after Euro 2012 when he came of the bench and didn’t shake Laurent Blanc’s hand,I personally think Ettiene Capoue is a better fit for Arsenal and cheaper so I hope at least that still happens. Still though just signing a defender is not going to cut it Wenger,if anything I think our defense looks like it needs the least amount of help with Kosielny,and Sagna coming back soon,and with Steve Bould clearly doing a good job organising the D(what was Pat Rice doing the last few years?). If we can’t get Ettiene Capoue and a striker still I will be extremely disappointed (Dembele,Dempsey,Loric Remy<there's plenty available for a reasonable price that can help)

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  9. PJ

    Nooooooooooo… Not another alleged Arsenal target going to some other EPL club, especially Spuds. Makes me think I should stop reading transfer rumours. Can’t… Stop… Hoping…

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  10. dunky

    Blimey, some of us gooners are soooooooo arrogant. If M’Vila is such a good player do you not think Spurs scouts might know this already. Just because we get linked with players but Spurs sign them doesn’t mean they just follow our scouts around. We get linked with well known top quality players, so of course others will get them, we can’t sign everyone we get linked with otherwise for once we would have this big squad Wenger keeps on about! I for one would be annoyed if Spurs get M’Vila as I really rate him, but maybe Wenger has others in mind. If we sign no one and M’Vila goes to Spurs that is a different matter.

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  11. Adam

    Arsenal didn’t lose Alex song because we wouldn’t pay him what he wants, he was sold because he would not do his job, yes he did excellent last year, but he was supposed to be a dm, he wasn’t doing his job, he was always being caught up the wrong end of the pitch, also he was reported to have a bad attitude in training, being late and lazy so believe winger finally had enough

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  12. PAUL

    Hmmmmmmm, I’ll love to see M’villa though.. If they want M’villa then we must move for Willian..

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  13. LeProf knows more than you

    @ gunnerineverylife

    It’s not a ‘transfer battle’ as we are not in for him!

    Don’t get carried away with what journalists and ‘pundits’ say. It’s not he end of the world if someone like M’Vila doesn’t come in. Arteta has shown that he is more than capable of bing a dynamic midfielder that can give you both defensive cover and creativity going forward. He and Ack will be a great midfield two.

    If Arsene doesn’t want M’Vila, it’s or a good reason, either a footballing one or attitude (he’s French after all so Arsene will know more than most).

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  14. Nick

    I truly hope Wenger gets M’Vila and if he doesn’t it better be because we’re in for Tiote, Cabaye, Capoue etc. Bottom line is a DM better be on his way in. M’Vila seems to tick all the usual Wenger boxes but his attitude problems/history just might be the stumbling block on the transfer.

    I’ll be very upset to see him playing in the EPL for anyone other than Arsenal. It will be another player we “missed” that we’re forced to watch and see just how good they are (Mata, Hazard, etc.), especially when it comes back to haunt us when we play the team he goes to.

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  15. jk

    You cant lose a battle for a player if you havnt bid! as of now we havnt bid for m’vila or biglia for that matter!

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  16. GunnerWillsz

    If not M’vila then i hope we get another class CDM and i don’t mean a CM i mean i real CDM, someone who can hurt someone in the tackle and who is strong.

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  17. budgie

    I didnt think we were that bad against Stoke, they parked the bus like they always do,we have to be a bit clever and go wide rather than trying to play through the middle, Giroud was a bit isolated up front, but I thought he did ok and held his ground,a win and a couple of goals will do us the world of good,and calm every bodies nerves! Keep the faith, plenty of deals could be done yet!

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  18. Big Gun

    @LeProfknowsbetter It’s a case of squad depth. If Arteta gets injured, then what?

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  19. KING

    Sometimes I wonder if AW has lost his sense of jugdment. He keeps saying that d new bois needs time 2 blend yet he prefers 2 wait 4 a last munite buy, who knows how long its gonna take to blend these additions? May b d whole season. Common AW! We’ve had good signing so far, but you feel we lack d right ingridient. Fix it!!! That’s why u r d manager.

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  20. GUN19JW10CLA

    Mr silent stan promised us to use 50 mil in this summer, but we used 38 and gained around 48 from players sale. arsenal once again never kept their promise, i hope from the 60mil we have to invest at list in one difenser and midfilder and sell arshavin, chamackh, park, squallici, bendtner and denelson. so we will save at list around 400k from this players.
    if we buy one defender and one CDM, and if possible ST then we will have 25 player + 3 new signing, we can register coquelin, frimpong and vito manone as a youth players and we must give players like thomas esf.., henderson, yennaries, aneke som game time.
    then we will have a good squad

    but is it possible to determinate sponsership, coz 6mil from the staduim is a small amout of money considering city getting 40 mil, also kit sponser is at 5.5 while all city, manu and liverpool are at 20 mil,and barca 30 and spuds 11mil.

    hope we change sponsers we can’t get 6mil from the staduim for 13 years from now, and 5,5 for the kit for 2 years from now. just terminate the contract then we will get real money around 70 mil from staduim and kit a year and championsleague money, league and cup money will make as the best team fanantial as ever

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  21. xolani

    da last tym i checked wenger has made a 14.7mil bid 2 sign mvila its clear dat u dnt follow me adawise u wld knw again my twitter im @mrkhums

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  22. Kuttymania

    Wenger i beg u in God’s name name, please get Moussa DEMBELE. He is all we need in midfield right now. And if u can, please get Dyer.

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  23. braven

    I’m getting to the point where I don’t care about transfer window anymore just make a team that can score already!!!

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  24. steve

    Hey guys there are so many ifs and buts around the rumour mill,the media are making us look a laughing stock.On the whole its not been such a bad start, nice and solid at the back but its clear for us all to see that we are in need of 2/3 more ‘SPECIAL PLAYERS’ALL WE all do is hope that something positive happens over the next few days,for me a top striker to support what we now have and a couple of very good midfield players,After watching Dembele at the weekend he might just be 1 of the to slot into the middle,we just need these extra players to add some much needed depth to the squad,and yes lets Please try and release some more funds by ditching all those bench warmers.

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  25. LeProf knows more than you

    @ big gun

    Even with the current injuries we have plenty of options. If Arteta gets injured then Diaby (he’s currently ok), Coquelin and Ramsey can all do that job and with Jack & Frimpong to come back, we have more than enough options in the middle. Don’t forget Cazorla is In the middle this year and The Ox will be in there too… And Rosisky to one back.

    Centre mid isn’t a problem this season… Too many of us fans are getting carried away with the media hyperbole.

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  26. L

    Sport_trend twitter claiming Deal for M’Vila to Arsenal is going thru now. Make of that what you will but they’ve got all their transfer calls right so far and have been touting M’vila to Arsenal since the euros ended. They’re totally confident.

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  27. Nathan girdles

    Hate to say it but this season will be a VERY tough one too even get in the champions league. As much of an incredible job AW is doing with the players we have and it is a ‘good squad’ It’s not as good as the two c**ts of Manchester and even Chelsea. Yes we are far superior to spurs and Liverpool buT small teams see draws at Liverpool and spurs as good results. At a draw at arsenal is an outstanding one, therefore teams will attack more at spurs and Liverpool and be hit on the break. That’s something that has to be taken into consideration. Also Liverpool will get better at the brenden Rodgers style of play. We may end up outside of Europe. Yes that’s terrible of course but it may give the board the kick up the ass they need.

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  28. stuffler

    mvilla is overrated..
    How I wish Arsenal Sign Schweinsteiger ! 😀
    Yes our german negotiater dik law is in germany

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  29. Gooner Cape Town

    @L holding thumbs mate, like I think most of us. Yup, they have been right with all 3 transfers, so…….. COYMV

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  30. Joem kan

    Honestly myself and 98% of gooners in africa are tired of the whole transfer news imagin we loosing players to spurs and liverpool and even evrton, its abosurd to know that wenger now scout for talent for other only clubs to snatch dem from us i belive dat wenger is not really playing his full role as manager, he sat on the bench and watch the team draw two matches without a finisher in the likes of RVP he should know what to do, if he want to sign quality talents then the time to do so is now we are tired of just qualifying and not winning trophies.

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  31. Riichard

    I hope with Steve Bould now involved that we are not going back to the 1-0 days there must be a compromise somewhere. Are we now not scoring because the balance has shifted to keeping clean sheets.
    I remember what it was like under George Graham, we won but really earned the title “Boring Arsenal”
    We’re just too slow at the moment, Championship speed not EPL speed (well of the top teams anyway)
    AW talks about the young players AFC are developing, just remember they came from other teams youth set up I cannot remember any any coming through the AFC system, but please put me right if I’ve missed someone.

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  32. leo

    yeah i told this ealier the bid has been put on hold if wenger doesn’t make an improved bid he may join spuds

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  33. guess

    before nuri shahin now mvilla

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  34. Malik

    @LeProf knows more than you

    so u deem diaby-the guy who hasn’t played 10 games a season for us for an “x” number of years a replacement

    or ramsey-the guy last season who statistically lost the ball 3.5 times a game?

    or coquelin-the guy who ur supposed messiah le prof doesn’t trust

    or wilshere-the guy who hasn’t ran 500m in a year

    u my friend are creating the hyperbole in our squad depth, please don’t kid urself and others, don’t drag others to state of delusion where they support ARSENE-al not ARSENAL-like they should

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  35. Patrick Ssekatawa

    If Spurs are going to sign Mvila and not Arsenal, then it’s because Wenger does not want him, not because Spurs have beaten Arsenal to his signature. Wenger said on his arrival in Asia that he was not interested in him, and since then he has never said anything about him. It’s only the papers that are insistent on that. Wenger does know M’vila more than any of us, so if he chooses not to sign him, it’s because he is not the player he fancies, and has his eyes set on someone else. Why don’t you trust your manager, Gooners? He knows more players probably than any other football manager in the world, and not everyone he has brought to Arsenal you knew before, so just wait other than straining yourself over things that are completely out of your control. I think it would be wise that way, wouldn’t it?

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  36. Ofir

    With all due respect to Song, it s time to think big.
    I envision M’Vila as a reincarnation of Gilberto Silva, fingers crossed.

    I disagree about Areta filling the gap in the DMF position. He is a creative player and needs to be attack-minded.

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  37. Malik

    oh and it’s official GAZIDIS works for ALL our rivals i.e. spuds, chelsea, united and of course his boyhood team City

    he negiotiates poorly on purpose for wengers targets allowing rivals to snap them up WELL DONE F*CKFACEZIDIS true masterclass

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  38. paul

    Give it a break
    If wenger wanted m villa he would have signed him
    If he doesn’t let the spuds have the scraps
    Is anyone mentioning vertongen now.
    After our two solid defensive displays.
    Don’t buy into all the negative media crap.
    I think we look the most solid in the prem at the moment.
    And when the flair and goals arrive will surprise a few people

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  39. Arsenal1Again

    @Galen You talk about Song like Arsenal has done wrong. The player spent the last 8 months trying to get a sit down to negotiate a new deal with THREE YEARS still left on his contract. Add those 8 months and that is almost FOUR YEARS left on his contract. Why would a p,layer be hassling the club and threatening the club with ultimatums with so much time on his current contract … EXACTLY … because he’s a player who doesn’t honour a contract which was agreed upon by him and signed by him. If he’s not honouring that contract then why are you going to entertain giving him another contract???????

    Wenger this week has echoed what we’ve been saying ourselves for two seasons, that Song did not carry out his DM duties satisfactory … in other words he was too bust forgetting he was a DM and thinking he’s an attacking midfielder. It was bad enough seeing Veramelen doing those crazy runs, but for Song to be out of position so much at the same time increased the threat.

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  40. SwagGooner

    I think we need a DM as it will give us a better balance and allow arteta to push up more and do more damage. Also need another striker as cover. I dont think wenger wants m’vila. A versatile defender as cover would be good.

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  41. Ofir

    Relax everyone, I can sense we have this one in our bag.

    If Wenger thinks it is him and Afellay then so be it, although Afellay is a mystery to me, as I have seen little of him and his only warrant of quality (as far as I know) is the fact that Barcelona acquired him.

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  42. PAUL

    @sport_trend: #ARSENAL: M’vila told #Rennes he may see out his contract if move to #Arsenal do not materialise …

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  43. psalmmy

    i av ad enough of dis transfer wenger supprise fans with a signning of m.villa and liorente.after dat we are gud 2 go.

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  44. L

    Sport_trend also claiming the tottenh bid that the media is talking abt is from a month ago and mvila only wants to go to arsenal. Wenger’s current and supposed accepted bid is between 13-15 million Euros. I’m just the messenger tho guys, don’t hold me to it. Check sport trend on twitter, whether they’re right or wrong u can’t deny it’s quite fun hearing rumours haha!

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  45. LeProf knows more than you

    @ Malik

    You really are a moronic ignoramus aren’t you?

    Statistics mean nothing, they can tell you want you want them to tell you.

    Every team has injuries of course but if a player is now fit, you can’t say ‘well he’s never played more than…!’ look at RVP last year, 7 seasons injured but then ok. If we keep thinking players will be injured, we’ll never keep any players!

    Diaby is class when he gets a run of games, Coquelin played more last year than ever (and he’s versatile) and we all know when Jack’s back, he’s one of the best around.

    With ‘football manager fans’ like your knuckle scraping self, we would be buying everyone under the sun. Look at it objectively and you’ll see that so far ths season we have been solid defensively and the issue has been creativity which will come as the new boys gel.

    You’re the type of ‘fan’ that boos the team at half time and when we misplace a pass… And leaves before the final whistle. You don’t deserve to support our great club…

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  46. true goon

    @arsenal gooon
    i hope ur rite about that because thats not wat the french journalist on talksport said.hes sayin that spurs r the only english team 2 make a bid.its a bit anoyin seein a great player in their team who wanted 2 cum 2 us

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  47. baz

    @Anyone who knows. How can fans voice their opinions to the board and let them know they are not happy? Can fans have a say at all in how the club is run? Surely no Arsenal fan wants Kroenke, so how can we help get rid of him. Im not sure about Usmanov, but at least he supports Arsenal and would be ambitious. I hate the fact the board always makes a profit on transfers or break even at least. It enrages me! I hate not being able to do anything about this but there must be something fans can do as a collective force.

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  48. true goon

    @le prof knows more than you
    mate you need 2 get your ead out of your arse,how long will it take 4 them 2 gel? aguero scored 2 on his debut last year,cisse scored on his debut,top players shudnt need 10 games 2 gel,look at hazard or even have 2 understand van persie is the finished article who grew up in the epl,whilst giroud all respect 2 him is still improving(poor first touch) an he is a novice 2 the epl.he cannot be a direct replacement 4 van persie in any1s dreams,if your mate AW thinks he can be then le prof is deluded

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  49. The Dom

    Diaby isnt good enough to play for Arsenal,i can only remember 6 or 7games were he had a DESCENT game….nothing ‘eyebrow raising’ to me.

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  50. Apostolos

    M Vila to Tottenham so what, he’ll be fighting with Scott Parker in no time(literally probably even the way there going trying to buy anyone to help). As far as the other players where linked too Tiote, Wenger is not going to buy from Newcastle he’s no better then Frimpong,or Coquelin.

    The only player that makes sense is Ettiene Capoue a physical presence that tackles everything and everyone who we can also get for cheaper then M Vila he could even play center back.

    And one more thing I read today which I found interesting I’m a huge fan of Mousa Dembele and would love for him to come to Arsenal and as I remember Wenger has allready looked into it 3 months ago :

    Manchester City and Chelsea have cooled on Dembele, but Arsenal cannot be ruled out after registering their interest in the player at the end of last season.<Read this earlier,in my opinion if Wenger thinks he can move him back to being a striker he would be a perfect replacement for R*P which clearly Wenger's allready looked into.

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  51. Gooner Cape Town

    Why would a player move to a non CL side if he can play top football and is also an international? M Vila only wants Arsenal, if we don’t bid he will stay at Rennes. That was clear some time ago. So @L I hope it is true and bid has been accepted. Anyone sees M Vila at Colney better let us know asap.

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  52. LeProf knows more than you

    @ true goon


    Firstly, please use grammar and punctuation as it makes you look even more stupid than you are… Plus stop using numbers rather than words (unless your vocabulary is that limited… Actually that probably is the case).

    When will you learn that the new boys aren’t direct replacements for RVP, no one would have been. We need to spread the responsibility around and the goals will come. You can always say that other players scored on their debuts blah blah blah but that’s the lazy option… As is saying that if we had RVP this year, he would have scored (he didn’t score in the 1st two games last year as well remember?). If I remember correctly, Bergkamp didn’t score for the first 8 games for the club and he wasn’t too bad was he?!… You probably didn’t support Arsenal in those days as we weren’t winning much.

    Now go back to the pub will you and keep listening to talksport & lazy journalists.

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  53. True Gooner

    Guess @ 2.49

    Get behind the team & support it or fuck rite off! Let Wenger manage!

    Support the team – dont bitch! We r gonna win things its coming! Let the frontline gel! Let the scum have M’Vila – defo get Willian – he is a menace!

    If we want a beast then it is has to be El Tigre – ‘ Falcao – The Beast’- @ least £30M tho!

    Ben Arfa is the spice we nd to link up Carzola The Don!

    In Wenger we trust! COYG

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  54. jonjiric

    By now arsenal fans should be prepared for disappointment. Unless we were hammered by stoke say 2-0, then i dont see wenger doing any biz unless its a loan deal. He said that the quality of players he has is already enough n he’s comfortable. I dnt understand why we keep having high hopes wen the manager n the board are only interested in balancing the book. So M’Villa ain’t AFC bound bt mark my words if he comes, then the squad will be awesome n Arteta can go forward n give assist until then the rest are rumour. Hotspurs have made a bid of 12.7m with adds-on, coming to see it his Tottenham Bound. Gooner for life though!!

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  55. Victor

    Trust me Wenger is not looking for anyone from the look of things, after all he repaced RVP with Podolski and did not reveal it, he said song was not going anywhere and the following day he was sold,Sahin was a ploy to make the Arsenal fans forget the sale of Song, i may be wrong but i am sceptical, Arsenal is in the business of keeping the profits, by now Arsenal would have strengthened, All players punted eg llorente (its quite), Sahin ?,Mvilla tiote etc is just a wish list playing with Arsenal fans emotions, with 4 days left forget it,Arsenal will always try to play for no 4 and make some decent profits, not win anything, i have to be proven wrong. Wenger is an intelligent coach but seemed to be more of a financial manager than a soccer coach this nowadays, i love him though he brings more heartache, he must sign a top striker, a miedfield and two defenders, what is he doing with Jourouw on the bench i am not a coach but will not let him trott the field he is a poor defender.

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  56. Jamal

    I did nt think if wenger replace song. If u luk stoke city game the problem was the cm. The song place and the only who can fit z mvila bt always we know who z Arsene wenger. An economist man. He wil only regret after he lose and moarn the funs. We only nid mvila and may b a striker. No neds of attacking mildfieders as we have ramsey, Roscky, arteta, carzola, wilshere and diaby. Ols Denilson to loan was hurting as he was creative man 4 arsenal bt wenger put him dark. Wenger is sleeping nw bt he wil the truth

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  57. Ben

    Why would he go to the Spuds? They treat their players like sh!t. Levy is a complete and utter wank.

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  58. Polite_Gunner

    Im almost getting a heart attack because of these rumours. Cant wait for 1st Sept?

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  59. true goon

    @le prof wat an idiot

    who cares wat grammar an syntax i use as long as u understand idiot.been supporting arsenal since i was 8, 1988 mate.bergkamp was already a a well known great player only really came 2 arsenal because it didnt work out 4 him at inter. you so silly how can we sell our only true world class player an not replace him,then expect every1 2 chip in when no1 i the team scored more than 15 goals last year than vp,tell me this smarty pants when did a team last win the league without a player scoring more tha 20-25 goals?.
    p.s dont go 2 the pub you donut

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  60. RJ

    After following the transfer window everyday since it first opened, Wenger has done with our attacking options. As he said there will be no panic buys, would hopefully expect some transfer action tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

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  61. dadag

    Arsenal are not gonna win f all again this season as gazidis is a clown and he don’t want Wenger to sign anyone that’s why he takes the puss when doing transfer dealings. So then arsene has to lie like an idiot and say that we dont really want this player or that player. All gazidis and the board care about is profit. Name we any team in the epl who sells there best players every season. Not one team, apart from US. To them it’s every player has a price. Can u see man ure or Chelsea sell there players to us not a chance but we would. So my fellow gunners look forward to another shit season.

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  62. isah masarey

    arsenal and wenger should be by now ashame that they can not buy a good player that most club want,arsenal never compeat with another teem about a player and arsenal beet that teem to buy that player.just go and get m’vila and capou please dont let stupid spur take this guy away from us please.

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  63. Nathan girdles

    Not sure why Tottenham are after M’Vila. If anything they need a new GK, CB, LB, RB, CDM, CM, CAM, RM, LM, CF, manager, stadium, manager and history…..

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  64. DanO

    Can’t wait for dis transfer window sh#t to finish,sick of all the speculation.of course spuds are linked with mvilla because we are,’twas the same when rednapp was dere any player we scouted Dey came after,losers…

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  65. OM

    We can buy good players, we already had 3 and more will come.

    Regarding M’vila I do understand AW’s choice. He’s a sulker and has well documented attitude problems.

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  66. john

    you guys have been obsessed with mvila all summer, you seem to be treating him like some sort of messiah. get over it, he’s not that great, he lacks experience and he doesn’t even speak english. why do you rate him so highly?

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