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Tottenham transfer target Damiao could be coming to Arsenal in January

We have been told that Arsene Wenger has £35 million or more to spend strengthening the Arsenal squad, and so speculation is rife as to which player or players might be on their way to the Emirates in the January transfer window. The latest rumour concerns the Brazilian striker Leandro Damiao.

23-year old Damiao has played for the Brazilian club Internacional since being promoted into the first team in 2012 and helping them to win the Copa Libertadores. You may remember him from the Olympics where he was the tournament’s top scorer as Brazil lost out to Mexico in the final.

The striker has been chased by Tottenham for a couple of years now and they were planning to make a concrete attempt to sign him once the Brazilian season is over, according to the Daily Star. He seems an ideal addition to the Arsenal team, if you listen to his compatriot the former Brazil star Ronaldo.

“He’s tall, strong, a very good goalscorer, a threat in the air and skilful with both feet. He’ll play a big part in 2014.”

At 23, Damiao is ready to move on and further his career, and will surely be aware of Wenger’s great reputation for improving young players. He could give Arsenal even more attacking options than we have with Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho and Walcott.

Arsenal could lose Walcott in January and Gervinho will be playing in the AFCON so we certainly need more strike options. Giroud was never meant to be the only main striker at Arsenal, so the two could be rotated or played together.

The fact that it would seriously wind up the Spuds is just a little bonus.

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34 thoughts on “Tottenham transfer target Damiao could be coming to Arsenal in January

  1. John Legend....

    It would be a great addition ofcourse. I however think Wenger won’t acquire him. Chelski have widen the mouth of those people, he wiould cost more than he should.

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  2. Johnno

    Of course it’d be great but I can’t see Wenger making any significant purchases in Jan, barring a big sale (Walcott?) or a season ending injury to an important player in the next few months. If Podolski or Giroud goes down, then I think Wenger will look for a striker but probably a cheaper option like Llronte, Huntelarr or even Bent.

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  3. Gunner4life

    im not really sure about Damiao he is a great talent but brazilian strikers in his caliber are too expensive and i doubt Wenger will splash the cash like theres no tomorrow. id stick Llorentte or even Darren Bent he is a gd striker plus he knws the premier league and doesnt need time to settle in

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  4. leo

    no this may not happen because he is keen to move to pl he prefers move to serie a ac milan or juve are after him + 16m wenger will go for someone cheap like llorente/huntelaar + heard david villa could leave barca i wish we could sign him

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  5. Sylvesterriches

    Arsene wenger,is a very experience coach,he will get damiao and llorente,both will be good pair.

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  6. nrml

    nah… no way… never… and gervinho leaving for afcon is not reason enough… walcott hasnt yet been sold… whats gonna happen is come jan, giroud would be our main striker (believe me!), ox and ramsey would become mainstay, our midfield would be the best in epl, and we would at least be second in the table… if at all an attacking player is to be acquired – which i dont think is required considering our current run – it should be someone who is mentally in the same mould as podolski/van persie… who have got bags of experience… not some hotshot “in the news” player… and yeah… “Value for Money”…

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  7. busayo

    Fantastic player no doubt… And would also be a great addition to our present Arsenal team.
    But please, stop giving us false info with your headings.. “Could be coming to Arsenal” looked like an insider told you we are considering the player whereas it’s all just your imagination… You could have put it like ds “I would love to see Damiao join Arsenal in January” or “One player I would love to see us buy in January” I believe u got my point.
    Nevertheless, you are doing a good job on this blog.(Thumbs up).

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  8. JayJay

    I don’t think we need another striker, Giroud will be played up top and if there is an injury to him then Podolski/Gervinho can take over that role as there is plenty of cover for them in midfield.

    Even if Walcott does leave, with Wilshere and Frimpong back then I can’t see Ox being played in the centre, what with Santi, Arteta, Diaby, Rosicky, Ramsay etc so keep Ox and Podolski/Gervinho out wide and should be happy days. Even putting Gibbs up on the left with Santos behind or visa versa can work, so I don’t think Walcott leaving and not replacing him in January will be much of an issue and I don’t think we need Damiao.

    The beauty of our squad is how flexible our players are in terms of the roles they can play and be effective.

    Save the money for the summer when we can see how this squad has done. I think Giroud will start firing now he’s got his first EPL goal so i’m excited to see what he can do!


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  9. AYJ

    Not going to happen.. He’s expensive! Wenger won’t ‘gamble’ that much on a Brazilian, no matter how much we would all like him to.. Great player, though doubt he’ll be wearing red, white and blue anytime soon.. I hear Danny Sturridge is on the market at a decent price.. Value to be had there.. He may not have a fancy surname, though the guy has talent to burn, and knows how to score a PL goal or two!!

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  10. shady

    llorente,damiao,villa,huntelaar.I’ll be happy if any 1 of them joins us in january.

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  11. afchearted

    Forget about it spuds already had big money turned cos it wasn’t enough for those brazilians used to selling little kids like oscar for 25m. There is just no value in brazilian and argentinian players anymore, they’ve got the con down pat. They hype any kid with potential like crazy then parade him in what at best can only be described as very poor leagues then just turn down every offer until the a crazy one comes along. Here’s a question how many true stars in european football today(where the best leagues are) have had their talent nurtured in south america. Lest we forget the only true south american superstar today one lionel messi was nurtured in the famous barca academy. Admittedly there’s a few stars not superstars but definetly no where near enough to explain the extortionate tens of millions brazilian club owners demand for kids who in the true scheme of things have done nothing in the game. This point will be weighted even further when neymar is soon sold for a fee that will undoubtedly eclipse all but ronaldo’s world record fee. For me it is advisable to stay clear of any brazilian player with even the slightest media profile cos any interest from a big club will only be used to enhance said profile till the silly spenders come along.

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  12. George kaingu kombe

    I prefer only Damiao,he’s talented,strong tally,to utilize wasted chances we get frm corners.wenger has u did previously buying earlier b4 window opens,i salute u wenger more fire meny.

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  13. Cyprian fish:)

    I really feel wenger is gonna go for one great striker.. Its the only thing we need right now:-) come january if the lads leave, wenger would like to have standard team and go for honours..
    And people why is Arshavin being forgotten.. He was marvellous in cup match.. I want to see him more often whenever cazorla or arteta’s tired legs need some much deserved rest:-)
    Snerge gnabry to first team anyone?

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  14. Smash

    My head says he won’t be, but my heart says please bag him. Younger than Llorente, more clinical than Gervinho and Theo, Poldi loves playing on the left, but I’d be surprised if he did come.

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  15. YK

    Just listen to what Arsene will say: we have Giroud who can play there, we have Pod, we have Walcott, we don’t need striker, we even have some young prospects….end of story. safe yourself any hearth break don’t expect any purchase in January

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  16. calum

    Why would we need him when giroud’s better. If walcott leaves I trust wenger will get a replacement and if he dont then we could end up a little short but wenger always has a trick or to up his sleeve

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  17. S.H

    Spud vultures have been circling around this guy for ages, but with AVB in the fray, they might not be interested anymore. Redknapp was very keen on Damaio. The Brazilian was doubted by some of his prior coaches but he got his breakthrough 2 seasons ago. I like his fighting mentality – To keep going even when the odds were against him. Definitely an asset.

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  18. Eadah

    I truly don’t know how this guy place but I’m excited just because we can upset spurs sign him fast!

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  19. afchearted

    falcao is a superstar in the making and i believe he will become one after his next big move especially if to real madrid. For me he is not yet in the bracket of what i would call a superstar with the likes of messi, ronaldo, xavi, iniesta, ibrahimovic and even belatedly a certain wayne rooney. I see them as superstars cos of their current standing in the game and notably league and champions league medals in the bag. Falcaos media profile is rising sharply but so far the highlight of his career is literally owning the uefa cup competition so not there yet.

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  20. Arsenger

    We need a world-class goal scorer. We still need RVP-calibre to sharpen our attacking force. But I’m wondering if Wenger is looking for Giroud’s replacement or his backup. At Giroud’s current form, I would be looking at someone better, but then Giroud would become bench warmer. But I’m no coach, so let’s see what Wenger would do 🙂

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  21. Leoj

    we got the ox, serge gnabery and ryo when walcott leaves. but i believe walcott is not going anywhere so no transfers during january

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  22. sagi

    we definitely need a good finisher in Jan, buy him pls, or any one of those mentioned except pls Wenger don’t try to pick up Sturridge from chelsiski’s rubbish bin again!

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  23. Kiya

    Isn’t Edison cavani from Uruguay I’m sure that’s in south America lol

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  24. steve

    I think Loic Remy from Marseille would be the the perfect signing for january. strong, fast, have a good finishing, can play as winger or as a centre forward, and all that for cheap!

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  25. haywill

    i’m always pessimistic in arsenal’s capability to compete for a player who is also wanted by other clubs. come on mate. think about the salary. arsenal is very stingy when it comes to salary while other clubs dare to offer the player they want with higher salary.

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  26. otunba

    I did agree with the fact that we are short of a striker and that Arsene is truly not satisfy with the bodies we have presently at that end of the field seeing us play false striker tell it all, something Wenger condemned during the Euro. With this coming up, surely will not surprise. Mind you our false Striker Gervihno is off to cup of nation by January, Charmach also off. Giroud will definitely needs a back up.

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