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Tottenham v Arsenal Player Ratings – Cech stopped us getting humiliated

If it wasn’t for Petr Cech, Arsenal would have been severely humiliated by Tottenham. It’s lucky he was on the ball as our defending was atrocious once again. I’m afraid to say it, but I am now feeling certain we won’t be having a St. Totteringham’s Day for the second season in a row. It was so bad last season that, after reading an Artikel Bet365 in the summer I decided to bet on poker instead of football during this campaign. I was proved right yet again as Tottenham oozed confidence while Arsenal looked like nervous schoolboys, especially in the second half….

So here are my Player Rating. They are not very complimentary I’m afraid…..

Petr Cech – 7
This is the 9th game in a row that Cech has been waiting to get his 200th clean sheet, but there was little he could do to stop Kane’s header. Petr kept us in the game with a stellar performance and some of his saves were definitely world-class. He had a couple of scary moments as usual. but otherwise he was Arsenal’s best player…

Hector Bellerin – 6
Not such a bad performance from the Spaniard. He was one that looked like he was trying his best at least..

Laurent Koscielny – 4
To tell the truth today, Koss the Boss looked out of his depth against Spurs, and his leadership qualities were hardly impressive either.

Shkodran Mustafi – 4
It looked like Kane could read him like a book and ran rings around him. Not one of his best showings..

Nacho Monreal – 4
Another one that looked out of his depth, probably best suited to a three-at-the-back setup nowadays. We could certainly have done with an extra defender or two!

Granit Xhaka – 4
Granit was very ineffective and him and Elneny are not looking like Premiership players lately.

Mo Elneny – 4
Ditto, Had very little positive contribution and kept putting us in dangerous situations

Jack Wilshere – 6
Our most effective outfield player despite being targeted continuously by the Spurs midfield. Came very close to equalizing with our only shot on target, but Lloris saved superbly. Also a brilliant through ball to Aubameyang that should not have been disallowed.

Mesut Ozil – 5
Not a poor performance by the German, but was not as influential as usual as he was given little space to work with. Created a couple of chances but not up to his dominant best.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan – 4
After last week’s masterful performance we expected more from the Armenian, but didn’t look confident for such a big game. Let’s hope he improves with time.

PE Aubameyang – 5
The referee deprived him of his goal, but he wasn’t given many other chances. Looked lively though.

Iwobi – 4
Didn’t improve our attacking capabilities in the slightest

Lacazette – 4
Got into some good positions but fluffed his two big chances completely. Lacks confidence and needs to learn about the offside rule..

Welbeck – N/A

53 thoughts on “Tottenham v Arsenal Player Ratings – Cech stopped us getting humiliated

  1. muffdiver

    yep rare occasion im ok with those ratings
    all ass

    coming up: two games against ikea fc
    man city carabao cup final
    man city in the league

    was gonna make big effort for the missus for valentines
    she can do one now: im in mourning

      1. Break-on-through

        I used to think the same. But this season I’ve noticed the passing qualities drop dramatically and I’ve seen some solid defensive performances with him in the team. When the team plays badly Ozil is an easy target, I believe that now, but he can still create opportuinities better than any player we have. I do love if an entire team pull in the same direction but it is not essential for everyone to do that and still be difficult to break down. I’m more worred about having another like him in tough games, like I feared Marhez coming, Mkhit is a bit on the delicate side. I wouldn’t play both these players away at a top six club. I thought that was a mistake, and I think we missed having players who could run from midfield off the ball. Wenger compensated for that with yesterdays lineup which was a mistake in my opinion.

  2. Liam

    Don’t get the hate Mustafi has been getting recently tbh out of the 4 defenders he’s the only one with any passion, I feel like most people on here don’t even watch the games and just guess who played well. I keep reading Kos is a world class centre back when he hasn’t even been a good cb for nearly two seasons. We need to man up and drop half the team for the next game and go with a more physical team with pace to suit.
    Bellerin Chambers Mustafi Saed
    wilshere Amn
    Ozil. Ramsey. Mki

    1. gotanidea

      Time to give Chambers some experiences and chances. Ozil sucks as a winger, maybe put him as a central midfielder along with Wilshere or Ramsey, if Wenger keeps starting him. He could be protected by a DM

      1. Jan

        Spot on!
        Ozil sucks on wings he should play in central position….well noticed mate!
        I never thought about that.

  3. Grandad

    The deterioration in Koscielny is sad to see.Our centre backs simply cannot cope with any decent attacking force Including the likes of Swansea, Bournemouth etc let alone Spurs.I,m afraid Wenger has lost all credibility with fans by his failure to leave out xhaka who along with Mustafi must rank among his poorest signings given the £70m outlay.

    1. Break-on-through

      Koscielny’s game relied allot on pace, he was never the best at sensing danger but his reaction times were expert level, allot of last ditch type stuff and when he attacked the ball before it reaching it’s target he’d go up to it pretty hard. He’s slowed down now, not as agile as he was, and now if he’s slow in reacting we are screwed.

      I would have left Chambers in the team when he had a good run there a while back, people were banging on about Wilshere but the two games Chambers played last, Chambers was MOM in both those games. His passing improved, he added a long ball game, his judgement improved, he looked stronger more mature.

  4. Spud-U-Like

    Fair comment from an Arsenal fan, can’t be easy to say such things. A bit over zealous with “deprived him of his goal” re Aubameyang; he didn’t actually score you know, and honestly, everything but his feet were beyond Vertonghen. Maybe, for all I or most people know about the modern offside rule, level feet is enough to be on side? It was close anyway but one-on-one with the goalkeeper is not a guarantee of scoring (ask Dele Alli!). Anyway, for me it was almost going to be too good to be true to get the win in such a crucial game for both teams and I’d resigned myself to a feisty draw. From a Spurs point of view seven points from nine against Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal is more than satisfactory. Things could be better for Arsenal and as many have suggested it might have to be that Wenger moves on. Respect to you for objective analysis of the performance of both teams in this important match.

    1. Break-on-through

      I think it’s the torso and feet need to be onside, your arms and shoulders are aloud to be over the other side. Not aloud to have a starting foot beyond the last line.

  5. Durand

    Fair enough in terms of results. Your club def on the up. However good luck holding onto Kane in the future without winning title or trophies. Been there and lost thats, good players to greener pastures.

    Enjoy the sunshine you have earned, but
    sorry to say, once Wenger is replaced with hungry manager its back to the shadows for you.

    1. Marc

      Spurs are the only side to lose their big players. Arsenal never lose their big players. Never happens. Did you forget the last transfer window? I don’t recall Spurs losing their best player, just recall Wenger strengthening rivals. Wenger is never going so let the sun shine and you lot,enjoy the shadows for a change. Judging by the NLD performance, best you make yourselves comfortable there for a while, snaking on loads of humble pie !!!

      1. Sue

        Strengthening rivals?! Sanchez just lost to Newcastle. I don’t think Ox has improved Liverpool. Theo’s just Theo… Everton aren’t that great. Giroud’s debut ended in a 4-1 loss. Well I hope for your sake the spuds win something soon.. because I keep hearing how great they are!

                1. Break-on-through

                  Arsenal’s win v Tott was way better than the scrape of luck you’s got yesterday. More often than not we would’ve scored that injury time chance. Whereas earlier fixture we outclassed Tott pure and simple, we also beat them to a cup last season. Too early to toot your horn.

      2. Durand

        I rember thumping spuds 2-0 earlier this year. Quite embarrassing beating while bossing you as well. 1-0 is 3 pts but far from sea change.

        Gotta admire spuds spunk; all that arrogance with no trophies to show.

        Back to the shadows with you lot.

  6. Arsene please go

    Leicester have won it with no money, Spurs are much better than us with much less money. Chelsea have won it with not much more net spending then us. United and City have won it with loads of money. So there are different ways of winning the league or at least being competitive. The only common thread between all those teams the season they win is that they have an astute transfer window and they have a manager who gets the best of the players at his disposal. We have not had either in over a decade.

    1. gotanidea

      Aubameyang (60M) vs Kane (homegrown)

      Mkhitaryan (31M (Sanchez’s and his price)) vs Son (30M)

      Ozil (42M) vs Alli (5M)

      Wilshere (homegrown) vs Eriksen (13M)

      Xhaka (30M) vs Dembele (15M)

      Elneny (5M) vs Dier (4M)

      Mustafi (35M) vs Sanchez (42M)

      Koscielny (9M) vs Vertonghen (12M)

      Monreal (8M) vs Davies (10M)

      Bellerin (homegrown) vs Trippier (4M)

      Cech (10M) vs Lloris (15M)

      Arsenal’s last night squad total price is 230M

      Tottenham’s last night squad total price is 150M

      So Tottenham “only” spent 80M less than Arsenal for yesterday’s game, but they managed to get revenge 1-1

      1. gotanidea

        If you read the admin’s ratings on the article, actually he gave almost everybody negative (-) rating, except for Welbeck

  7. Kenny Rolfe

    So Cech has a half decent game (most of the shots hit straight at him) and now all is forgiven for the atrocious season that he’s had so far. Sorry still past it in my book.

    1. Phil

      Yeah Kenny can’t help but agree.He has been at fault on far too many occasions this season to even think about him as our No1 for next year.I would have him at the club for as long as possible as a No2 but a new GK is a priority.

  8. Sean Williams

    When I saw Elneny was playing alongside Granite Xhaka I knew we were going to struggle in midfield. Surely results and reality teach Wenger they are just ordinary players. It was like playing with 20 men as Elneny/Xhaka is like one player. Just not good enough. It’s so clear. Doesn’t everybody see this?

  9. Kenny Rolfe

    Before I go out one more off topic. If you think Xhaka was a bad buy which I also do you gotta watch this Pogba, £90, million, laughable, hilarious.

  10. Franko

    We are an attacking team my foot. Even if we sign Messi….this team would still play with their tail between their legs just like Wenger. Wenger is officially below Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Conte, And Pochetinho. Arsenal won’t top 4 again unless Wenger is sacked and a real Manager who likes real attacking football philosophy comes in.

  11. clockendjim

    I think all the criticism that Mustafi is getting is a bit unfair. At least he is showing some fire & effort. I think he is being let down by his partner Koscielny whose deterioration this season is alarming. Certainly no longer the best centre half in the country as he once was. I would like to see Chambers given more play time. He was very good in a poor Middlesborough team last season and could really develop.
    That Harry Kane goal should never had happened as the once again dozing Xhaka allowed Davies all the space and time to get his cross in when it should and could have been blocked.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Koscielny is suffering from Achilles tendon problems which have naturally affected his speed off the mark and ultimate pace. As a defender who depends on his pace to cover threats, his form is greatly diminished. Achilles injuries are difficult to recover from and can be career shortening.

  12. Lower East

    Cech ?? why did you fail to mention that he gave the ball to the opposition upwards of 20 times.
    the goal came from an abysmal kick out that we never recovered from.

  13. Abel

    Wilshere was piss poor except for two moments in the game, the through pass to Aubumeyang and the curling shot that was saved by Loris. He was constantly dispossessed and kept turning into blind alleys. Too slow for the pace of the game.
    Cech excellent except for his rudimentary right foot and his atrocious kick outs and attempted six yard pass to Mustafi.
    Ozil poor nonchalant first half display and put in some effort after we had gone a goal down but did not show enough quality when it mattered.
    Xhaka was he on the field?
    Elneny, harried opponents and did his ‘limited’ best. Never a lazy player but lacked guile and was let down by the rest of the team not pressing the opponents as well.
    Offered zero in attack although he was instructed to sit in front of our Zombie CB’s.
    Mkhitaryan not up to speed, may have been carrying a knock. Poor display and made a harsh of easy passes.
    Bellerin should be benched for AMN who is calmer in possession. Continues to fail to stop crosses from his wing. Will never be as good as Eboue or Laurent.
    Kocielny was the reason we lost the game. When your captain is so poor and unmotivated, you don’t expect the rest of the team he is leading to be any better. Lost most aerial duels prior to the goal and looked lost in defence (terrible for our supposed best defender and captain) can not organise a defence, Mertersacker was the leader in the defence and barked out instructions despite his lack of pace. Kocielny is no leader, just an older member of the team.
    Mustafi, poor but aggressive. Does not read the game well and dives into too many challenges and concedes needles fouls. Would benefit from a better centre half partner who would influence his positioning.
    Monreal, not good enough defensively anymore, offers more in attack but didn’t get many chances to attack due to a combination of pressure from Spurs players and a very poor display from Mkhitaryan.
    Aubumeyang poor, caught offside the few times he was supplied and did not do enough to defend from the front.
    Lacazette’s two misses were inexcusable at this level. Does not hold a candle to Aguero. Deserves his place on the bench.
    Iwobi, should not have come in as he offered nothing except poor passes and was overwhelmed by the occasion.
    Welbeck 5 minutes was to little time to make an impact.

    Wenger: Failed again to motivate the players in another early kick off away match. Tactically naive to expect a defence that had not kept a clean sheet in the last 6 matches to keep one against the leagues top scorer. Unforgivable not to try to exploit Spurs slow CB’s despite the high line they played and with Aubumeyang having raw pace to burn.
    Poor reading of the game as Welbeck should have come in earlier to provide height for route 1 as the Plan B when we clearly couldn’t string three passes together.
    Kolasinac should have been brought in for Mkhitaryan to whip in crosses from deep on the left side.
    Lastly we were lucky to have escaped with just one goal conceded as no team wins a match with so many players doing so poorly.

  14. Franko

    We are an attacking team my foot. I have never seen a team who doesn’t want to lose a match and then go unto the pitch to play rubbish and win the match. We knew they would be stronger than us in midfield, why not play a proper attacking line up like 4-2-4 bypassing the midfield to attack them and get something out of the game.




    Whenever we win the ball

  15. jod

    Fascinating reading these comments. This season at Wembley Swansea have kept a clean sheet and both Burnley and West Brom have managed one all draws against us playing exactly the tactics Wenger tried to play. I don’t think anyone would pretend those teams have better players than Arsenal, what they do have is a better attitude. Its why no one in the Arsenal team would get into Spur’s side. Its not that some of them don’t have the skill, its that none of them have the mental strength and hunger Pochettino demands. Arsenal are essentially paying players too much for doing too little, the players don’t have to earn their money. Ozil probably can’t believe the contract he managed to negotiate, certainly no one else will pay him anywhere close so forget about selling him.

  16. Sri Aurobindo Rajinath

    Usually in life the wise know when the cycle of their work has found it’s peak and starts to wane and decrease. Wenger seems to have no wisdom he has lost the peak of his cycle of his life’s work and is no longer in tune with the present football zeitgeist. He is in a bubble and damaging the club and supporters too. Until he leaves his bubble will remain burst and he will continue to be the Premier League’s most predictable manager. And as Mourinho said, “specialist in failure”.

  17. Kenny Rolfe

    I know most people know this but Wenger’s the problem, clueless tactician, lost the tactical battle again. Going back to the Invincibles, they never needed tactics, so many good players, they just got the ball to Bergkamp and he did the rest. Yes, he did bring most of those players in but not Bergkamp, he was the catalyst, the player that knitted it all together, our greatest ever player. Since the Invincibles, Wenger’s needed a tactical brain and that’s why we’ve struggled. I said back in 2007 we will never win another Premier League under Wenger. With the changes made recently I think Wenger’s days are numbered, sooner the better but I must say I feel optimistic for the future.

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