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Tottenham v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Tottenham vs Arsenal Preview, predicted line up and score line by KJ

This North London Derby has come at a great time for both teams. They are both in great form and have recently overcome the questions surrounding their ability to perform in big games. Now they face each other in one of the most exciting derbies in world football.

This is a very important game for us. We need to build on our good form and anything other than a win may disrupt our confidence. We completely shut down Man City at the Etihad and these players are expecting to be able to do something similar to a far inferior team. Football however doesn’t work that way and a small change in personnel, tactics or refereeing decision may entirely dictate the result of the game.

I hope we play it similar to the Man City game. We sit off Tottenham, let them play the unnatural possession game and then proceed to counter with pace from the likes of Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil and Walcott. Quick transition play is key and with Coquelin really aiding our pressing and organisation, you expect us to overcome Tottenham.

Predicted line up:
Bellerin – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Monreal
Walcott – Ramsey – Cazorla – Özil

The team is basically the same one that destroyed Villa at home. They all had a good understanding and you expect them to build on that performance.

Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey will win us this game with top performances. They will dictate the tempo as well as ensuring that they prevent Tottenham from getting at our defence without resistance.

I expect us to put in a great performance and can see us winning this 3 – 1.


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18 thoughts on “Tottenham v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

  1. Mick The Gooner

    Quick question: if we are in need of a world class striker, where will Welbeck fit in our squad?

    1. Champagne Charlie

      ST: Reus/Lacazette or Giroud, Welbz
      Left Wing: Alexis, Welbz
      Right Wing: Theo, Ox
      CAM: Santi, Ozil, Rosicky

    1. davidrusa

      You must be extremely suspicious and someone who strongly believes in bad omen! The time we play has no bearing on the game unless you say all our players suffer from a phobia of afternoon games which is not the case. However this will help you to discard your suspicions because Arsenal is going to win this game convincingly. This will help you never to be governed by astrology again!


    I suppose Walcott will know how he should be careful of Danny Rose’s tackles and two footed sludge. So too are the rest of the Gunners who must play injury free in this top of the table North London clash. Spuds are ambitious and the Gunners are confident going into this game. So it is a Ambitions Vs Confidents game. The Gunners should please be forewarned of Spuds dismantling the high rated Blues defenses at the Lane, and thus not get over-confident. Would we have our talisman – Alexis to start this derby game for us? Only the boss starts will reveal that to us. Nonetheless, I would preferred he starts if his hamstring will not escalate if he plays this game. The Gunners must totally concentrate on the on-field actions of this game. They should not fall to any lose of momentary loss of concentration. And above all, the Gunners must strictly adhere to their working Invented New Order of Playing. Which has become tiki-taka-less, but has become a devastating-goalscorings-precision-attacking-football-style. Ospina. BellerinRhinosackerKoscielyMonreal. CoquelinFlamini. WalcottCazorlaSanchez. Giroud. My God! I have a selection starting problem. Ozil must start, but I can fit him in if Sanchez starts. And I ‘ll preferred DM-Flamini to start ahead of Ramsey. Let the boss help me out with a devastating starts to devastate the Spuds 0-3 Gunners FT 90” +.

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