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Tottenham’s Freund thinks they can overhaul Arsenal

Every time Arsenal face Tottenham, we have stories hitting the press from their players or back room staff, claiming that Arsenal’s time is up and the Spuds are about to become a top three or four club. Yesterday it was the motormouth, William Gallas, and today the assistant manager Steffen Freund is putting his case forward.

Freund believes that Tottenham are getting closer and closer to Arsenal and that this could be the year they take the Champions League position of us. Arsene Wenger is probably glad of this every year, because he can use it as an incentive to the Arsenal players.

“We are very close to Arsenal now.

“This was not always the case in my time as a player with Tottenham. They were always involved in a title race, and we were some way behind in eighth or ninth, but this is changing.

“Spurs are in a better position now, and the gap has closed. It would be great to finish above Arsenal, but they have finished in the Champions league year after year, and that has given them a financial advantage over us.”

In some ways, Freund is right, Arsenal are not as good as they used to be in terms of challenging for the title. Whether that is because Arsenal are worse, or because of the money spent by Chelsea and Manchester City, it is a fact. Maybe Arsenal are better off financially than Tottenham, we certainly ought to be, but it has not been spent on players, ask any Gooner.

Unfortunately for Tottenham, they blew their big chance of finishing above Arsenal last year. The purple-faced football’s answer to Deputy Dawg (Harry Redknapp) lost the plot when he heard about the England job, and we pipped Spurs into third, Then Chelsea rubbed salt in to the wound by winning the Champions league.

If Tottenham feel they are closer to Arsenal this season, it is because we are struggling, not because they have got better. On Saturday, the Gunners will put them back in their place.

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36 thoughts on “Tottenham’s Freund thinks they can overhaul Arsenal

  1. Tiko

    To any arsenal fan who goes to games

    Just wondering

    If i was to go to a cater C match and to go on the day of the match

    How much will i have to pay ??? Im a student by the way

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  2. Noldo

    No matter what we go through this is one thing that will break my heart(if spuds r considered better than us)…..luckily it will neva happen….hahahahahahahaha….Eat shit spuds!!!!!!

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  3. k

    Two formations I think will make us better are 532 and 4312. I spoke about the 4312 in other topics so I will discuss the 532.

    Obviously this is without injuries so with injuries it will be Mannone in goal and Santos left back.

    Currently we have no wingers with a good cross, but we do have fullbacks who can deliver a better ball. This formation allows them to get higher up the pitch and put these balls in. Santos will also be more effective as he wont have to defend as much. Sagna can also deliver those deadly crosses for Giroud. The three center backs will also have less pressure with the knowledge that they have two people to cover (hopefully Vermaelen can get some confidence)

    Cazorla will be able to go forward knowing the defence should be able to cover. Plus the defensive responsibilities are taken off of Arteta leaving him with much more freedom. Wilshere and Arteta can move higher up the pitch and control things.

    It can be any two of Walcott, Giroud and Podolski. I chose Walcott and Giroud based on form. Walcott provides pace and dribbling. Giroud provides heading ability and finishing (which should be a lot more effective with Sagna putting in crosses rather than Walcott). Giroud will be far more effective and I feel he can definitely show his true potential. Same goes for Walcott.

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  4. tissiam

    i think that the fact that based on form the spuds are favourite to win the nld is a good thing for us,its when not many people expect us to win that we come up with the goods!may long it last,some good news we have theo,alex,scez back and i read that lennon,dembele,defoe are all out for the game so we,ll see UP THE GUNNERS!

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  5. DrPepper


    £26 for cat C games.


    Form of spurs coming off the back of 2 League defeats? one at home to Wigan?

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  6. DrPepper


    Without doubting the sincerity of your post, the formation wouldn’t work.

    We would be too congested at the back and bale would be given too much space if we play in a pyramid shape. At least with the 4-3-3 with a central figure the LB + RB receives some cover from our wing men.

    What we need to do is stop Bale. We done it last season, by playing Jenkinson just following bale were ever he goes.

    Spurs have lost Lennon, Walker and Defoe to injury – they shouldn’t be close to use if we keep bale quiet

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  7. jyotika

    Hope we can win this. Don’t take notice of the players out for Tottenham this is a game. I bet you will see all the players back.

    may be Tottenham has said this so they don’t allow their players to go for International friendly game rather pay attention to the big game.

    Lets pray we can win this and get 3 Points draw not good enough either.

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  8. k

    All fair points and 100% agree about Bale but we can’t just focus on him.
    Bale is good at running down the wing and playing in crosses, with 3 central defender 99% of these should be cleared, Mertesacker and Vermaelen are quite good in the air.

    Plus last year as you said we had Jenkinson, this year we have Sagna who is much smarter at defending against faster players like Bale. His experience will make a massive difference.

    But it’s exactly as you said:
    Keep Bale quiet. Keep Tottenham quiet.

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  9. jk

    Freund of all people should no spurs are inferior the amount of beatings he took at the hands of us he must have amnesia!

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  10. john 3:16

    OUT: Fabianski, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Ramsey, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner for around £25-30 million.

    IN: Baines, M’Biwa, Capoue and Huntelaar for around £40 million.

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  11. john 3:16

    SZCZESNY Mannone

    SAGNA Jenkinson
    KOSCIELNY Mertesacker
    BAINES Gibbs

    WILSHERE Diaby
    CAPOUE Arteta

    WALCOTT Oxlade-Chamberlain
    CAZORLA Rosicky
    PODOLSKI Gervinho

    HUNTELAAR Giroud

    Martinez, Yennaris, Miquel, Frimpong, Coquelin, Eisfeld, Gnabry

    Now THIS IS a squad that could SERIOUSLY challenge for the Premier League and Champions League every season, as well as winning other trophies.

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  12. JOhn

    If this is Arsenal’s worst start to a season in decades then why are spurs only 2 points above us?

    This just proves they are not as good as they think they are and can only progress when Arsenal are not playing well.
    Again they are content because they are above Arsenal on the league table which is all that matters to them, being 7th doesn’t bother them because we are 8th.

    If Arsenal were winning games this season and were 3rd or 4th, would the media say spurs are in a crisis because they are 7th and are being left behind Arsenal? Of course they wouldn’t. We however get the stick because we are at a level way below our expected standards. Spurs have not set any standards for other teams to better.

    When our trophy drought reached the 4-5 year mark, the media began making noise and the taunting increased, spurs are at this stage in their drought but it’s kept under the radar because it’s more recent than ours. This is why I wish Wenger would take the CC One cup seriously.

    The 1st N London derby to me just gives the winner temporary bragging rights as we all know the table changes drastically towards the end of the season, last season was a good example of this. The outcome of the 2nd NLD is more important IMO. losing the 1st derby and winning the 2nd is more satisfying than the reverse. Doing the double is icing in the cake.

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  13. imran

    M sorry Fans, but i think Wenger is right….
    Defensively we were poor, But our offense is Getting stronger, new Players are making Bonds…
    Enjoy International Duty Night n pray our play Come fit wid Crunching Victories 😉

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  14. YoungGooner

    @K You’ve hit the nail on the head there mate, good formation, getting the best out of all the players.

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  15. super gooner

    My team to play spurs,


    Sagna koscielny mertasacker vermealen gibbs

    Wilshire arteta carzola

    Grioud walcott




    Sagna mertasacker vermealen gibbs

    Chambo arteta wilshire carzola

    Grioud podolski

    Bench would be mannone kos jenko le coq arshavin podolski

    Both these formations would be better than the one we use! Thee 4-4-2 gives us a solid back four, a stong midfield and quality strikers. Podolski needs a rest that’s why I would bench him.
    The 5-3-2 would be great aswell as 3 solid centre backs, two wing backs which can cross which will benefit grioud! Arteta and wilshire will sit to support the back 3 but take in turns attacking, and carzola can support theo and grioud! Hope to see one of these teams on weekend!


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  16. Aziz

    @K. The 532 is the way we should go. Great idea and hope someone at Arsenal takes note of your suggestion.

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  17. harugongo boy

    Yes. i think they can. atleast they are stuck with there best players..

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  18. DanO

    Be quiet freund you fool ,ur gone as bad as rednapp for talkin shit ,look where it got him.forever in our shadow dats where ye’ll be…..COYGs

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  19. salkam

    Hey u spurs lads are not even ready to play champions league football. Go ask man shitty hw hard they are finding it there. Gallas u shuld be retired by nw

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  20. hamid

    Not yet. We still haven’t sold all our quality players. And Santos isn’t going to play, so we’re good.

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  21. arsenator


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