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Tough league cup rotation decision for Arsenal and Wenger

The next match up for Arsenal is our first of the season in the Capital One Cup and as unlucky as it felt to be handed an away day at Tottenham when the draw was made, the situation now makes it about as bad a draw as we could have wished for.

Even a match away to a better team like Man City would have been better, because Arsene Wenger could still have stuck to his usual policy of playing a team with some young and fringe players without getting too much grief if we lost it.

After losing our first Champions League group away to Dinamo Zagreb though, and then a second in a row against the hated Jose Mourinho and Chelsea, Arsenal fans will find it hard to bear if we lose a third in a row against the north London rivals, especially if we field a weakened team.

But the games are coming thick and fast and Wenger still wants to give players a chance, so he is facing a tough decision ahead of Wednesday. At least he cannot pick Cazorla and Gabriel, so that is one decision taken away from the boss. After that, however, how many changes do you think Arsenal should make? Or do we need to put out a full strength side and try to stop the rot?

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17 thoughts on “Tough league cup rotation decision for Arsenal and Wenger

  1. SoOpa AeoN

    he was shown a Red!……..and what did he do?……….smile his way through the tunnel…… Like it was all normaL……..Carzola…. I hate such nicety!

    We really need to force FA’s hands and do something bout mike dean… get rid of him

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    1. vijaygunner

      Well I can’t blame the guy, he’s probably thinking ‘wow referees in this country are pathetic’ and the way cesc went down little went down like a b**ch.

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  2. SoOpa AeoN

    Now wenger’s saying he doesn’t know how Long Le coq will be out!………… How forgiveable is that?????? ……….. Wenger’s ignorance and ability to look on the bright side have cost us immensely……didn’t we cry for a back-up over the summer window?…….. Now its happening……. Who can buy an excuse now?

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    1. Dee@ease

      Now Arteta will play more games than he should because we lack a decent back up

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  3. tatgooner

    mourinho says arsenal should win the title every season and that he would sign any arsenal player if he was a free agent.
    signs of him coming as a new manager coming 2017

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  4. Fab

    Why Luis Suarez was banned season after season while Costa with similar offenses just enjoying the atmosphere? Where are the so called FA? Is there any bias against some players and teams? It could have been a scandal if is a Liverpool player.

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  5. Greg

    Now would have been a good time to have kondogbia in the squad to replace an injured le coq!

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  6. Aussie Jack

    Let the Capital One cup go and rest Sanchez, there are more important issues than beating Spurs.

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  7. davidnz

    Chelsea is behind us
    City lost, Utd scraped a win
    so we are still in the EPL race.
    Rest Sanchez and give
    young Adelaide and Bielik a crack.
    This is tailor made for a Giroud come back.
    Debuchy Chambers Koscielny Gibbs
    Bielik Arteta
    Chamberlain Ramsey Adelaide
    Cech Monreal Flamini Ozil Fortune Willock Walcott

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  8. Tony

    Can we go back to using our youth and non starters in the league cup please. I’m probably gonna get moaned at for this but I don’t really care about losing in the league cup to anyone if any of the trophies are micky mouse it’s this one.

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  9. HA559


    Sanchez should not be in the squad
    Put some young players on the bench

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  10. Robertthegooner

    Use Campbell, Flamini, Chambers, Arteta, Giroud, Ospina, Debuchy, Gibbs, Gabriel, Cazorla and Oxlade.

    Bench: Martinez, Koscielny, Bielik, Walcott, Adelaide, Iwobi

    Cazorla and Gabriel will miss the Leicester match so might as well use them in Spuds match.

    Rest Bellerin, monreal, Alexis, Ozil, Cech, Ramsey

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