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Transfer madness proof that Arsene Wenger was right all along?

This summer’s transfer window has gone totally crazy with prices going through the roof, not to mention the ridiculous wage demands of Arsenal players when asked to sign contract extensions. The 200 million GBP transfer of Neymar Jr is just a sign of the times, and we now have the possibility of an 18 year-old striker going for over 100 million as well. It makes our 50 million acquisition of Alexandre Lacazette look like a bargain!

So Wenger, as usual, is setting the scene for the future by forcing Mesut Ozil, Alexis and the Ox to stay for the last year of their contracts, as the price of replacing them far outweighs losing them for free next summer. As Wenger explained, Arsenal will not be the only one running down contracts in the future: “As well the clubs will encourage the players. The amount of transfers now, you buy some players who are just a player for £50m. So the clubs will not want to pay this amount of money for normal players and they will want to wait until the player is free.”

Again Wenger went ahead of the pack at the beginning of the transfer window and brought in a very fine player in Saed Kolasinac on a free transfer after his contract ran out. Wenger also explained that players like Sanchez should be playing even better as they are looking for a big payday when they are free agents next summer. “Yeah and because as well of his character.” Le Prof continued. “I will just remind you that he is not the only one in his position, we have [Mesut] Ozil as well – another big player who is in the same situation. We have [Alex] Oxlade-Chamberlain, [Kieran] Gibbs, [Jack] Wilshere, we have many. I personally warn you that you will see that situation more and more, it will become common. For one single reason is that the clubs, because the inflation rate is so high, the agent will speculate for very high wages when you start to negotiate two or three years before the end. And the clubs are not in a situation where they can afford to do it. I am convinced that you will see that more and more.”

On top of buying free agents, Arsene’s policy of buying up young stars “for the future” could now pay great dividends, as with transfer fees being so high more clubs will have to rely mostly on home grown youngsters to replace the older out-of-contract stars. I think we have a great pool of possible future stars in the Academy and the reserves. I was very impressed with the 17 year-old Reiss Nelson in pre-season. He has great confidence for such a young lad and if he continues to improve he could be the next Eden Hazard, and how much will he be worth then?

For a change we will have to agree that Wenger saw this situation coming and has prepared well for the future…

Sam P.

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38 thoughts on “Transfer madness proof that Arsene Wenger was right all along?

    1. Guneal

      You are So gullible

      It baffles me our some pips will easily deceive lot down here of having an insider source bull?hit. Shm..

      1. John Westlake

        Mooted free agency of players by Wenger is a long way off. Wenger using this to distract from his failure to reach UCL qualification last season and therefore secure long term contracts for Sanchez and Ozil. What is worse, he has doubled down this season, by not selling these players now, in an attempt to get into the UCL next season (I am sure even Wenger does not think he can win the league with this lot). He is gambling the $150m in transfer fees the club might get selling all of the “last year of their contract” players in an attempt to finish in the top four!!!
        My worry is if he fails, he may hamstring the club in the attempt. Something Arsenal FC may not recover from for several years.

    2. kenyanfan

      The only problem i have with wenger is that he is yet to field his strongest lineup so far.
      i think preseason is meant for experimenting and trying to get the best lineup aswell as indentify the weak links. for Arsenal FC, we do that as the Season starts. Am sure that Wenger does still not know his first 11 yet.
      same mistakes all round.
      secondly, we leave it too late in order to buy. If i was a manager at Manaco i can never sell at this hour reason being that there is no enough time for replacement.
      on the positive side, kudos to wenger for showing some seriousness by blocking any Sanchez bids considering he may leave for free.

      1. big g

        Agreed but at the same time its difficult to know the strongest 11 when they are not ready to play after returning late back to the club. Wenger may well know his first 11 on paper from last season but that doesn’t mean it will be the same again this season for various reasons.

        1. Simon

          The idea of our ‘Perfect 11’ is imho a flawed one-

          Depends on fitness, injuries, competition, when next game and who, performance in training, home or away, quality of ground etc etc etc

          The team sheet is always dynamic, always moving , always evolving

      2. Midkemma

        “The only problem i have with wenger is that he is yet to field his strongest lineup so far.”
        Chill out, not even started the EPL yet, Alexis has yet to recover from coming back as well.
        WTF was you expecting?

        “i think preseason is meant for”
        Wenger uses it to give kids a try and to give players game time for fitness, nothing wrong with that, I enjoyed watching young Nelson dominate the right for us and it gives us a taste of what can come.

        As for knowing your best lineup, this is not football manager, real life managers have to deal with player form as well as other issues. An Alexis with 2 broken legs will not be part of the best lineup. If Cech has the flu then Ospina. It isn’t a case of write down 11 names and just reuse them over and over.

        “or Arsenal FC, we do that as the Season starts. ”
        Yes, Yes we do. Then we do it in game week 2, then gameweek 3 then gameweek 4… It is called picking the CURRENT best team from the squad.

        “Am sure that Wenger does still not know his first 11 yet.”
        I bet he has an idea based on the form the players are in, Wenger may not be the best but he does know what he is talking about, show me one other manager that has gone unbeaten in the EPL.

        “secondly, we leave it too late in order to buy.”
        No, wrong. Window is still open. Too late for you? Well, it is for a lot of football manager fans.

        “If i was a manager at Manaco”
        Then they wouldn’t have won the league.

        1. Papa arsenal

          Great piece bro. Tell that ass wipe who thinks football management is just to write on paper and submit for assessment. If he knew how to manage a team, I bet you wouldn’t b where u r now just blaming abt Wenger. Get some brains man

          1. kenyanfan

            ADMIN. has it become upropriate these days for people to use abusive language in here??!

      3. Papa arsenal

        If buying players was easy, I bet you clubs like PSG and Madrid will buy every single player on dis planet and lock them up in a store.

    3. gotanidea

      No Lemar no problem. But surely Jadon Sancho, Rafinha and Jean Seri will not cost fifty millions?

    4. Joshua Bryant

      Surely you dont believe them do you? They pick up on stories thatbare already in the newspapers and then say its a done deal. Its 50/50 isnt it. Except they have been saying that Lemar will be announced next week for over a month now…

  1. Ack77

    i believe neymar transfer will be an exception as it was a top 5 player in the world with a 5 year contract and there was no way barca was going to negotiate so it was either pay the clause or nothing. also the player age plays a part in fee. bale was most likely a 60m player but with his age and long term contract the fee was increased same as neymar who is most likely a future ballon d’or winner and would have probably gone for over 120m if not for the transfer fee.

  2. henry

    Wenger is partly right and partly wrong. Right when you look at figures for morata and danilo. I doubt they merit those price tags.
    Wrong because prices will never remain stagnant. They will forever rise.

    1. gotanidea

      Like house market, the bubble will explode at some point. Before that happens, many clubs would be forced to nurture their own youngsters because of the crazy prices and this is good for football.

    2. Neil

      I think we will see a situation where players salaries will go up and there will be no transfer fees other than for young kids getting a sign on fee.
      This way it will mean either players have to honour their contract or shorter contracts…

  3. Ack77

    there has been a subtle change in the type of players that arsene is buying in the last 3 years. priorities are no longer small technical players without strength and toughness. now the players such as lacazette, sanchez, mustafi and kolasinac may be small or average in height but these are not players that will let you mess with them easily. even holding does not take shit from costa. even cech is a big tough gk compared with szec and ospina.

  4. Raj

    If you want to win trophies you buy players.But for wenger winning is secondary , so he is right.

    1. Midkemma

      So the FA Cup is not a trophy?
      Last I checked it was so… STFU. No it isn’t the EPL or UCL, say those things if you mean it.

      1. Raj

        This is what our ambition has come down to.FA cup , Community Shield these are the trophies that we are interested in .SO we are basically a Mid table club.

        1. henry

          You are right. Some Arsenal fans like burying their head in the sand. Our ambitions are quite average. One can argue however they want but Raj, you will be vindicated end of season……again

        2. Neil

          What a stupid comment Raj and also Henry… the FA Cup and Charity shield are simply the last two trophies we have competed for and won in case you were not watching as you were too busy moaning !

          … show some support for the team or go support another team ! Nothing will will satisfy you guys – please show me where any of the players or Arsene have said they dont have ambition to win the main trophies… ! That is always their goal !

        3. sage

          Some other clubs spend so much without withing a plate talk more of competing in the finals of these tournaments. Plus we won these cups back to back beating very good side that you see as having high level ambition. I bet you wouldnt know how to kick a ball…

  5. Mr pat

    Sam p YU do have a point in buying clubs watching player’s contracts so they can get them on free as I understand it kolasnic would have cost at least 25 million but we him for free and wages on 100 k means a three year contract cost will be in the region of 18/19 million quid so we get a beast of a player and come out 7/9 million better off against buying him if he was still under contract

    1. Midkemma

      The Daily Star claims Seo is on £150k a week for a 5 year contract, this is what I believed it to be.
      I would also ask if we would accept £25 million for Bellerin… If not then Seo was worth more than £25 million in my opinion.

      I have only seen highlights of Seo before his games with AFC and if he maintains consistency while performing at the levels seen then he is worth at least £50 mil, maybe more. How much is VVD rumored to be going for?

      So yeah… could be what you said but higher values ^.^

  6. Kris

    I think wenger is spot on. The problem is the wages are also becoming an issue. Especially with financial fair play rules. Which have been broken by a few teams already since they began. The pressure to win and the money in the English game is ridiculous, I mean Sanchez wanting close to 400k a week there is no way has worth that. Now China have jumped on the bandwagon. Gervinho is the 9th best payed player in the world because of China it’s getting out of control. I think wengers point is club’s like arsenal, Liverpool, Dortmund, spurs, ateltico etc teams who can’t just buy a league title. Will buy stars cheaper, but when they start asking for ludicris wages the club has to look at moving them on rather than meeting those demands because it will destroy their wage structure otherwise. You start paying Sanchez 400k ozil will want the same, before you know it players like wilsher are asking for 200k a week.

  7. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    I don’t get it ?? is the muddy forker now saying it’s cool to have our key players running their contracts down because they will be playing at their best in their final year at the club? So that they can attract a big club and get a bigger wage packet at the end of it? ?? Man,You can trust Wenger to find a manipulative positive in a heap of negatives! Smfh.

  8. Lugdush

    Eenger knows about the market, even he can predict it! Ohh yeah, he is an economist! So we does he still on the field?? He should try outside, maybe an executive job for arsenal

  9. AndersS

    It doesn’t add up.
    If Wenger has made a bargain when buying Kolasinac, because his contract had run down, then he is at the same time giving other clubs chances to make bargains at our cost by letting our players run their contracts down, or?

  10. Viera Lyn

    Will the stupidity ever stop with this man? I guess when you have enough gullible followers you can say just about anything then simply wait for your robotic-like disciples to legitimize your nonsensical gibberish…just think for a second about what he’s really saying because his formula for success is to let your best players run out their contracts then give them away for free in an inflated market then somehow find young talented players, which is no easy feat in this highly competitive environment, in that same inflated market, then hope they come good just in time to let them go free once again…a smart team or a team that doesn’t pretend it can’t afford world-class players will not wait until a player’s contract is in it’s final year, they will instead do everything in their power to make themselves an attractive landing spot for top players, by proving they want to compete at the highest levels with their actions NOT their words, then going to their best players when they have a minimum of 2 years left under contract and encouraging them to re-up for a reasonable raise long before the player and his agent have started their social media campaign…this is called a proactive approach and it works far better than this “pie in the sky” option that Wenger is suggesting…what arrogance from a man that was willing to hijack his own team last year because he was in the final year of his contract, yet he suggests that this business model would be good for a team…come on people, seriously!!!

    1. Ranjan Das

      So suggest a way out – Let’s assume you sell Sanchez for 50M – what do you do with that money? Who do u get of the same quality ?

      All i think he is suggesting is that there is no point losing sleep over ppl who will not sign. I will keep the offer open for both Ozil and Sanchez but will get one of Mahrez/Lemar. If Ozil/Sanchez do not sign we at least have a replacement ready.

      Ousmane dembele for 80M???? – the transfer market is one crazy place.

  11. John

    Instead of buy……buy….buy…..I say promote some youngsters…………we may get a few new future stars yet……

  12. Janssen

    This must be one of the most far fetched desperate articles I can remember reading. Is there anyone who seriously believes it is cheaper to let 120 million walk out the door than to replace it?
    It will be much more expensive to replace them next year. And they are not just players. We are talking about world class players and what ever Wenger suggests clubs will not let contracts of those types of players laps.

    We messed up, are in a position of weakness and now we need to give a good spin on it. Sad.

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