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Unlucky yes but Arsenal were also pretty awful

Were Arsenal unlucky to concede that penalty that turned our away game at Watford on it’s head and saw the Gunners slip to yet another defeat away in the Premier League this season? Yes, but although the Watford forward Richarlison played for it and went down after the briefest of contacts with Hector Bellerin, we cannot ignore the fact that this was a peer performance that was punished.

Bellerin said after the game it should not have been a penalty and although Arsene Wenger did not go on too much about it he clearly felt the same, but it should not have mattered so much. A better side would have scored more before the penalty incident and also defended better afterwards.

Instead of hitting back to ensure the right result, the Arsenal team went to pieces and only had themselves to blame for getting nothing from the match. We were sluggish on the ball, toothless up front and then awful at the back. Not exactly the formula to win football matches.

It was not just the odd individual performance that was poor, although there were plenty of our players guilty of that, it was the entire team on another disappointing day that felt like deja vu to us Arsenal fans.


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40 thoughts on “Unlucky yes but Arsenal were also pretty awful

  1. rkw

    Thats right .. and this will be the pattern until Wenger leaves … hapless tactically, cant motivate, cant spot weaknesses in players … ozil for lacazette made no sense, and the fact that deeney made a difference to them while giroud contributed absolutely nothing for us says it all for another very average player who should have been offloaded in the summer … can someone give the board louis enrique’s phne numebr asap

    1. Anko

      Am just sad we have to experience this again. We didn’t play well at all and Wenger doesn’t seems to have a new plan.

      1. bran99

        New plan is too far mate, just plan B if A doesn’t work, our genius doesn’t have that, never had that in his entire life

      2. Alex

        Wenger was stubborn AF with his formation. He needs to be more flexible to changes, more adventurous to switch formations when things aren’t working. This stubbornness is causing us our wins.

        1. Alex

          Wenger: “When I wanted to bring Jack on for Iwobi, it was our last sub and Koscielny could not go on, so I had to change Koscielny and bring a centre back on.”
          What?! This is rubbish. That’s inflexibility. Why can’t he play with 4 at the back? A centre back must be substituted by a centre back? I call this old-fashioned and stubborn mindset really. Off you go old man. You need your sleep and you need to retire. Stop wasting everyone’s time.

      1. Dalinho

        The prem is corrupt!!! Welbeck didn’t get penalty then little old Watford get a penalty for exactly the same challenge and the ref is the hero again!!
        Arsenal are rubbish that’s just a fact after missing 2 one on ones in a row but with the ref organised match fixing its even more difficult bcoz arsenal ain’t on the top of the fashion list atm so they get the bad end of the corruption! When the refs match fixing organisers decide we can win, we have and it’s so obvious that the refs agreed on it before the game! My friend has been saying the prem is corrupt for years and I noticed about 2 years ago! The prem is just another word for refs organised match fixing

    1. RSH

      Our attack did look better, but as usual Arsenal can’t get it right in final 3rd. Poor finishing, and bad decision making. And Ozil, as usual, fails to produce and finish the game in the end. This guy is asking for absurd amounts of money and I can name a good amount of CAM’s I’d take over him right now in EPL. At the end of the day Ozil doesn’t cut it. It’s ridiculous that every time he messes up we have to do damage control. No other player get’s this amount of coddling from fans.

      1. RSH

        nobody has any problem calling out Giroud, Iwobi, Welbeck for being crap today, but ALWAYS when it’s Ozil, we have to have a long debate. It’s tiring, he hasn’t lived up to his potential at Arsenal, and it’s not all down to him, but he does have to take some of that responsibility.

  2. waal2waal

    since when did arsenal rely on being lucky? we are a mega club who’re meant to rely on cause and effect not luck. buy decent ballers, strikers and defenders and lure the best managers if we are to compete with the footballing elites and the end result will be european football competition and domestic trophies. we don’t need luck we need revolutionary change from top to toe at our club.

  3. RAA1395

    We must focus on the competitions we can win….league cup, fa cup, Europa….leave the pl to those who paid its fee.

    1. RSH

      oh yeah, Leicester paid absurd amounts of money… That excuse died a while ago my friend. Arsenal is just a poorly managed club.

      1. uk

        I want tobelieve he means “paid their dues”. The guys who want it show their ambitions even before season starts

  4. Mash~Euro

    Losing to Watford is a real kick in the teeth
    Lady Luck was wearing Watford colours
    Need to bounce back quickly
    One club one Arsenal

  5. Col

    When i saw the team selection i thought we won’t win this, i know we have injuries but come on our squad needs to be better than this. Also if Alexis and Ozil don’t start at least start Wilshere there was zero spark in that team.

  6. Ray

    Here we go again..

    Same of the usual “soft under-belly” of Arsenal when the going gets tough!

    More of the same then, again and again. Missed opportunities (Ozil).

    At least we made a nice profit during the summer though!!!!

  7. Ian wrights bruva

    The dodgy pen swung the game but we showed little fight to pull the game back around. Ozil and Giroud did nothing to influence the game, can’t believe Ozil didn’t finish off a good move when we were 1 nil up, if he had scored the game was won.


  8. Sue

    Every team is turning into a bogey team for us now. Some sorry most of the players need to step up big time, they were s**t today. Not sure if I’m looking forward to Thursday can’t stomach another performance like today.
    One thing I did notice is Deeney’s still fat

  9. Avenger

    victim of their own mistakes ARSENAL blue it again
    Players and Wenger mistakes keep piling day by day
    another playing to nothing performance

  10. Ronny

    More to the point to anyone hear Troy Deeney interviewed on bt sport afterwards?
    He spelt out the exact formula for beating arsenal get at them, in their faces and work harder…..
    Not rocket science.
    Bellerin just accepted the penalty call, ozil laughed when he missed. Yep weak underbelly again.
    God how we need some warriors, sol Campbell or Lauren or viera etc etc the team was once full of them.

    1. Harcourt Gill

      I call them the SEXY bunch, pure fluff no more warriors. But who are we fooling a few wins and we figure what, that we were on our way BS. Not until Wenger is out of there will Arsenal ever be serious contenders for the premiership let alone in Europe….

  11. Franklin

    I’m just so gutted. This is a movie we’ve watch far too many times and am sick of it. We shouldn’t be dropping points like this, not after Pool and United both drop points. These are things a good coach capitalises on. And don’t give me that unlucky sh**t we souls have been far ahead before the equalizer. Its unfortunate that we are sticking to a manager who is long past his prime and is too stubborn to acknowledge it. I was having a nice day but Arsenal just had to ruin it.

    1. Yossarian

      Great pass to set-up Iwobi though. Shame he didn’t score due to a good save from the keeper. True Ozil should have done better in front of goal with his shot though. And a few others should have done better in front of goal too.

  12. Yossarian

    Watford were rubbish in the first half, but clearly got a b*llocking at half-time and came out much better, whilst Arsenal tried to cruise home on a slender lead.

    When we were 0-1 up we should have been trying even harder to get the 2nd goal, and then the 3rd goal to finish them off. The team is so complacent and relaxed it’s shocking. No killer instinct what-so-ever, and that must come from the manager.

    1. Spectrum

      “…Carlo ancelotti anyone?…”

      Yes please ! Anyone would be better than our Mr. McGoo. Three games ( 9 points ) adrift of the leaders Manchester City already, and we’re only seven games in. If the gap goes to twelve points, it’s all over, as we can’t expect them to lose four and us to make up the ground already lost through Wenger’s predictable ineptitude.

      Aren’t you delighted that Gazidis’s statement that “Arsene is the best man to take us forward” is working out so well ?

      1. Okoro E Alaebi

        Sorry to blow your bubbles if Wenger n Kroenke are still in d hem of affairs, we Arsenal fans should kiss EPL Champions good bye for d next three to four years

  13. Marty

    Same old Arsenal, go 1 goal up and then sit back being all complacent thinking the game is won. Where is the fight and determination to get that important second goal. As others have said they are not ruthless enough and don’t have that killer instinct and I think that attitude comes down from the manager.

  14. Izzy

    I think bellerin needs a serious competition, he was totally useless all through d match, is there a rule dat says Giroud n lacazette can’t play together? Immediately lacazette n welbeck went off, our attack became porous, unless wenger leaves, arsenal will never get a shot at d Epl… We already getting set for another Europa next season. Shame

  15. ThirdManJW

    So no win in four away from home, and now three defeats, but let me guess, Wenger’s the man to lead us forward? Haha. Even worse than that…Ozil! People keep defending this guy, why? He could have sealed the game at 2-0 with an easy chance, and yet he hits it straight at the keeper. For the Ozil lovers out there, go and watch De Bruyne, because that’s what a REAL playmaker looks like!!!

  16. Shinoda_Kc

    I watched man city once again against stoke & I don’t care if it’s the 8th match but they are on another level. All their goals came from open play & De Bruyne was simply a joy to watch. Their goal difference after 8 games speaks for itself. On the other hand, our match today was pathetic & I can’t even remember the last time we put in a decent performance apart from Chelsea. 3 games lost already, no away win & showing no sign of progress. Brace yourselves Gunners for one hell of a season. Only God can save us now.

    1. Spectrum

      Only a NEW MANAGER can save us now. Though this season is looking too late to salvage. Who’d have thought ? The board assured us that “…Wenger can be the catalyst for change…”. The change we knew they were talking about was us going from bad to worse. Well they’re on track to achieve that.

  17. Okoro E Alaebi

    Well we d fans should not be delusional d earlier we wake up from our dreams d better for us I v woken up but do not know about d rest of u. Until Wenger n Kroenke leaves d hem of affairs nothing good will ever come to d club,I might sound like a broken record but it’s d truth. When a player thinks he is indispensable let him go it’s only Wenger I see that waits till d 99th minute before he renews a player’s contract. Why hold on to Ozil n Sanchez let them go because it will always affect the flow of play or even cost d club big its happened yesterday by Ozil lacadestical behavior. Most Arsenal fans r double standard if u take a decision, stick to it don’t be suede by a few winings.

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