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Arsenal fans should expect Alexis to join Man City

The Sky pundit Richard Keys has admitted that he expects Alexis Sanchez to join Manchester City from Arsenal this summer, disregarding the claims of Arsene Wenger.

The French boss has remained adamant on a number of occasions that the Chilean forward will not be leaving the club, and that he will most certainly not be joining a Premier League rival.

Bookmakers have also somewhat disregarded Wenger’s comments also, with Man City having been the favourites to sign him from the Emirates Club throughout the summer.

Alexis is claimed to be keen on a reunion with Pep Guardiola at the Etihad, and has so far been unable to feature in North-London, due to a supposed injury, not that any injury would ever keep him from playing for Chile…

Richard Keys remains of the belief that he will still get his desired move to the Sky Blues, and will believe that until the window closes to prove otherwise.

He replied to a tweet which asked if he still expected Alexis to join Man City this window, to which Keys replied: ‘until the windows slams shut – yes’

It wouldn’t be the first time that AW has reiterated his stance on ruling a player’s exit out, only for the move to go through in the window regardless.

His latest comment however insisted that the financial implications of the deal were more important to the board then himself, which sounds as if the board are considering his sale.

Do we still believe Sanchez is staying? Could we really allow him to join City? Are we just waiting for the right price?

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30 thoughts on “Arsenal fans should expect Alexis to join Man City

  1. Danny_bliss

    If Sanchez want to go please we should allow him go no player is bigger than a club we have lost more important players in the past! The problem with AW is he don’t always buy a better replacement!

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    It’s not impossible
    Wenger could be lying to us so that he can drop the bombshell on the last day. He can always make an excuse

    Also it’s hard to believe that Wenger and Kroenke are willing to lose potentially over £100 million by letting Alexis, Ozil and OX leave on free transfer.

    I guess the only thing that we can do is to take Wenger’s word for it that Alexis, Ozil and ox will stay.

    It doesn’t seem possible for Wenger to get like for like replacements in just over 7 days time.

    Procrastination and dithering has cost us a chance of winning unless Wenger pulls off a miracle or 2 next week. I think if Wenger does sign anyone he will be average to just appease the fans. I hope and pray that I am wrong

    1. gotanidea

      I think Arsenal will do another panic buy on the last day of this transfer window. If Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain do not want to extend, they should be sold immediately, so Arsenal could purchase better players as soon as possible.

      1. Shark

        I think all the players in their last year of contract should be sold to avoid losing them for free next summer. And with this, we already have a part of Wenger’s next year excuse.

      1. andydale

        He may well go, But you can only blame Wenger for not showing the ambition to Sanchez that we want to win the league, He is probably looking at Wenger then the team and thinking if i stay here may get well paid But no chance are we going to challenge for the league.
        Everyone tie yourself down this may get worse than last season with team and fans.

  3. John0711

    I have been saying this for a while
    Que last week of the window
    Que excuse to sell
    Que bid from city
    Last two days que acceptance of offer
    Que panic buy or no time to buy quality replacement
    Cherching ££££££££

  4. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    I get the “no player is bigger than the club issh”. but if we have kept some of the players we sold along the way maybe we could have been better off. I mean we still here some 13 years later hoping for the next viera. am pretty if anyone here was in his position they will do the same, just ask coutinho or dembele how much they want to play for a club competing..this summer should have been the opportunity to convince sanchez and co to stay but again the man in chair is doing what he does best.
    at least now we no what to expect for the reminder of the season..

    1. Mobella

      Some guy was asked a question that the answer is yes or no and he said until window close and somehow that worth writing an article on an arsenal blog. You guys will kill us with this sort of article before Wenger does. The guy probably doesn’t a know anything about Sanchez and man city and try not loss his credibility among his followers.

  5. John Ibrahim

    Prior to 2007, Dein always take care of the transfers and negotiation

    After he left……seems like no one is able to negotiate and bring in the appropriate players

    It appears that we have Wenger everywhere, sales, purchase, negotiation, finances, administration, legal, etc…..

    1. shark

      He is so busy that he forgets about games. If he loses the Liverpool game he’ll probably say that he was working day and night on transfers.

  6. Nothing changed

    Keeping Alexis beyond him wanting to sign a new contract is a massive mistake we the fans will pay a hefty price for next summer when he is gone and we discover we have no money or ability to attract a Lemar of Draxler.

    If Alexis doesn’t want to sign a new contract don’t be stupid, sell and “replace” him with a Draxler or Lemar or other attacking player of quality.

    1. Mikejavea

      Wait a minute Knonke as not spent a tanner since he been here on the team, so be worried about losing a few quid , we certainly not going to spend 100mill to bug new players so why not lose the same and have a small small chance to improve

      1. Jibs

        But our chance to improve isn’t dependent on what Sanchez does. He was unplayable last season, carried the team. The only one who looked like he had some damn fight in him.
        He doesn’t want anything to do with this team and I don’t blame him.
        Will we have that same player with that fight and drive playing for us this season? Undoubtedly no.
        If he doesn’t play well it doesn’t hurt his chances with the national team or any of the big clubs, because his quality is without doubt.
        Our chances of improvement aren’t dependent on having Sanchez, we had the absolute best from him last season and finished 5th.
        Wenger needs to bring more quality in or the team needs to improve drastically for us to improve. I don’t see either happening.
        I’d rather finish 6th with a quality replacement who wants to be here, than finish 5th with a world class player who doesn’t and watch him leave on a free next summer.

  7. Shortboygooner

    Let Sanchez go to PSG for 60mil. Buy draxler for 30-40mil buy lemar 55mil-65mil. Sell ozil and get a dmf. Sick and tired of ozil and Sanchez and ox too.

    Only Sanchez has a right to want to leave and has behaved professionally. Ozil very good at one aspect of attacking which is creating goals. Doesn’t provide much else so sell him this is why Madrid sold him. I would prefer for another player who isn’t as good at assisting but close but also scored goals. Thomas lemar please. Ox is average if you ask me dribbles alot can put alot of pressure on the opposition but again no scoring or assisting actually. Not bothered if he goes. If he stays sign da ting and shut up.

    Sanchez perfect player. Attacks defends assists scores would love him to stay but hey. If he really wants to go and we can bring in other class who will work hard. Bye

    1. Anko

      And am tired of Arsene Wenger! He is becoming so complacent he doesn’t know what to do with the team. He has lost the touch of winning trophies and has become an accounting manager. I have made up my mind this season isn’t going to be good for us either! I was angry with every pundit that says we are not good enough but not anymore after stoke. We should all get ready for a bumpy ride.

  8. john

    I think 70m is ok if a bigger club come in for him and no player bigger than the club, obviously he is doesn’t want to play for the club anymore cos he wants champions league football, it a shame but Wenger must go fot lemar or draxler or both to soften the blow, but not to a rival league club

  9. Ronny

    I’ve said it many times before. He will go and not be an arsenal player this season. If he stays I’ll be amazed!

    Quality player + cash rich club + Sanchez/guardiola love = sale.

  10. Ronny

    You said it’s a shame he wants to go because if cl football, do you really believe that?
    A good excuse he can fall back on but I’d say ‘he wants to go as he deems us S*it! He feels dupes by Wenger into thinking more of the club when he signed. He also wants to go as the Bayern cl double mauling massively scarred him’

    Basically he believes he’s better than everyone by a long way and to be honest it’s hard to argue.
    Sell quickly but please have someone lined up to buy before you sell. Can’t afford prices to be hiked as we have Sanchez cash in hand.

  11. Chuks

    Wenger: no quality players out there in d market to upgrade on what we have.we have quality players.
    so hw do u expect him to buys more players.
    d man is a joke.

  12. John

    I’d keep Alexis till January and if we are not challenging for any thing……I will sell him…….meanwhile use the time from now till then looking for a capable replacement……..I don’t think we need to buy more……..unless we find someone exceptional……….time to promote more youngsters………

  13. Turbo

    I would REALLY hate to see him playing for City this year, I mean REALLY hate it, but pragmatically if he stays we’re missing out on big money that could be used to land 1-2 quality players (in theory at least, we same incapable of actually closing deals lately), he’s going to wind up at City almost for sure next year, and the likely and eventual clear knowledge of this is going to make it hard for the fans to support him (to put it mildly) and be a major distraction to the team and chemistry. The abroad options seem gone, if reports are to be believed because he asks for crazy salary he knows he won’t get because his is locked onto City, so let’s send him out now and settle the matter.

  14. Uber4Wenger to France

    Do you see any big club being held hostage by their star player..and plz dont tell me arsenal we have really fallen down the pecking order in terms of competing with the elite, thats why sanchez is acting out the way he is..even going to the extent of feigning injury just to get out of Arsenal..what a pity for such an illustrious club..I really miss the old glory days

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