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Van Persie – Trust me, Theo Walcott will score 20 goals a season!

Robin Van Persie may be the man in form at Arsenal right now, and Theo Walcott has been considered to be ‘the one that hasn’t fulfilled his promise’, but the Dutch hitman believes that the criticism of his strike partner is totally unfounded and Theo is growing into a top-class striker.

In 31 games this season, Van Persie has scored 28 goals, but although Walcott has only scored six from the same tally of matches, Robin thinks that he will be a 20 goal a season man.

“I love Theo, I honestly love him,” said Van Persie. “I don’t understand the criticism he gets.”

“He was sharp, he was playing fantastically and, like anyone, he misses chances. But I miss chances, Cristiano Ronaldo misses chances and Lionel Messi misses chances. It’s life. If you look at his assist rate, it is unbelievable. And trust me, he will score. He will get 20 goals at least every season. Have faith in him. I do.”

Yes Robin we know that even you miss chances sometimes, but I would love to see the stats on how many Walcott misses in comparison. The English winger clearly wants to play in Van Persie’s position and he may get more chances if he does, but will he put them away?

I think comparing him with Messi and Ronaldo is a bit far-fetched, but maybe we should reserve judgement until he is actually playing in his preferred position…..

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36 thoughts on “Van Persie – Trust me, Theo Walcott will score 20 goals a season!

  1. mabus

    i believe u rvp… But i dont believe if u said ramsey will assist at least 10 this season..

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  2. the 10 shirt

    Walcott is inconsistent. A good central striker makes most of what he’s given. Wright, Henry and RVP were/are all consistent performers. We need someone of this quality if RVP is to leave. Walcott does not fit the bill. He’s still a young tiger with teething problems.

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  3. paulligar Akuom

    Walcott should believe more in himself and make use of his brain in front of goal.otherwise he may fail even if he is played as a central striker

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  4. rocky

    Walcotts got a great finish on him, we’ve seen some fantastic finishes in the past. I agree with RVP, people need to get off his back and let him play.

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  5. Me-Basil

    RVP, its because we know Theo is good, that is why we’re get frustrated.
    However, I do not get frustrated when Alumnai, Bendtnar or Denilson play because we know they don’t have the quality we need. I just get angry.

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  6. afc89

    Same old story with walcott, shows the odd flash of brilliance from time to time but has litte conviction in front of goal and panics when presented with more than 1 decision. I like him but if truth be told, if walcott became a striker we would have another heskey on our hands..

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  7. toby

    coquilen has been a real star for me, this guy can play anywhere and some of his touches and linkup with theo this weekend were absolute class.

    i no vp and allot of the fans have been so frustrated in recent years abd results this season have been really inconcistent, but all of a sudden it looks like a real team is emerging. shezeny is a class keeper, tv5 and kosh will be the best cb pairing in the league when the finally get to play together, wilshere is potentially the best midfielder in the world, players like yennaris, miquel, frimpong, coquilen and oxo are all on the verge of greatness. throw in sagna arteta song walcott gervinho and a few others and there is real potential to go back to the top where we belong.

    many players in vps situation would head for the door, but i really hope the pull of this young squad inspires vp to stay, yes he could go to barca and win trophies but vp is captain and these kids are ready to play and die for him and i just hope and pray players like oxo and coquilen can persaude him to stay.

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    theo has no choice now but raise the game….
    ox will push him to limits

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  9. Dan T

    You’re right about consistency. We know he has the talent, he just needs to show it more often. I hope next season we get a bit of relief on the injury front, I genuinely believe we have the best 1st team in the league, we just always have 3-4 of them out, usually more.

    We must keep RVP though. He is a real leader.

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  10. Nick

    I think Theo has what he needs to be a great player but he also needs to accept the criticism he has placed on him and use it to get better. People wouldn’t be critical of him if they didn’t have high expectations. Would he be happy being squad player without any hope of being a star? At the same time I think the over-hyped future betting on him has harmed his development. He bought into the glamour and superstar lifestyle a bit too much and I think it hampered his development and at times he’s more concerned about being famous than being famous for a good reason.

    My hopes are that the Ox doesn’t get thrown into it all too quickly as is the way of todays society and lose his head. I think Ox has far more in terms of being a complete footballer and future England star than Theo did but it would be a shame to heap all the hopes on him at this stage in his career.

    Jack as well. Everyone wants him back and he is a special player but I think the true expectations don’t need to be placed on both Ox and Jack till at least it gets closer to WC2014+.

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  11. hope

    last speech by Rvp to keep faith in walcott when he leaves for Barca this summer ?? >,<

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  12. Twig

    I’m not convinced that Theo would make a good target-man:

    1. He’s not tall enough to head crosses
    2. His hold up play is poor
    3. He is too lightweight. Imagine Theo battling it out with Vidic, Kompany or Samba.

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  13. theMan

    Even thierry made a lot of mistakes in front of the goal remember CL final against Barca? When he started as a winger he wasn’t so prolific and during the transition we were worried then suddenly we begun saying AW has done it so I dont see why Theo cant do it so I side with RVP lets give the guy some room AND PLEASE NEVER COMPARE HIM TO ROBOTS! EMILY WHO???

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  14. bilzo

    i love how rvp compares himself with messi and ronaldo haha, cos he is better!

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  15. SoyuzBot

    so next season’s goalscoring responsibility will fall into Walcott’s hands because Van Persie is leaving. Is that why he came out with this statement?

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  16. toby

    vp is no mercinary but hes desperate to win things, its upto the players around him to persaude him i dont think money or us the fans can do it.

    if he trully believes this squad can challenge next season im sure his preference will always be us even over barca, even fab said it would of meant more to win the league with us than with barca. but that top four is essential also how we perform for the rest of the season too! we are guilty of finishing badly in recent years, come un gunners for once finish strongly!

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  17. Bolly

    Just seen Frimpong on way home to us from Wolves. Assume he’s out for at least the season with ruptured ligaments. Poor lad.

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  18. mfour

    I looked it up awhile back when he had only 2 goals and it was something like 39 shots and 2 goals at that time.

    Oh for the days a . Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva midfield.So we could play 2 upfront

    Funny thing Goal tallies they seldom tell a complete story of a teams game if you look at the 03/04 gunner’s season just goals they are as follows:

    Thierry Henry-39, Robert Pir

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  19. French fries

    Big difference was that rosicky understand the runs of theo better than ramsey ,ramsey holds the ball too long ,then walcott comes back to the midfield gets the ball then and then he cant use his speed, rosicky spots the run and then gives it the ,walcot must get in that gap behind the full back ,from there he can acclerate and use his strongst power speed and then chances will come

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  20. ceezee

    Theo is not a born footballer…he’s just giftd wit pace..v.poor as a footballer…easily way approch to attack..low football artistery..after 6yrs of drillin.. he plays like shit…is football education is damn 2 low…I can bet it wit any1..he’s nofin special 2 offer…another young guner will take over soonest…nobody in fooballing world as been given a big chance like theo..makin 1st team shirt & givin out shit result.

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  21. NigerianGun

    RVP Praised the Ox, and now Walcot. My fear is that, he may be telling us that there are enough talent for Arsenal even if he decided to leave at the end of the season.

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  22. John 3:16

    ARSENAL’S 15 seasons pre-Wenger:

    5th, 10th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 4th, 6th, 1st, 4th, 1st, 4th, 10th. 4th, 12th, 5th. Part season with Wenger: 3rd.

    14 full seasons with Wenger:

    1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 4th, 3rd, 4th, 3rd, 4th.


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  23. samu

    I agree, stick him up front either alone or with a.n. Other & yeah he’ll bang in 20+ goals a season. But having the likes of the OX, RVP, goetze, hazard, Wilshire & even song behind him, I would expect even more goals….

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  24. James

    Personally I don’t see why Walcott should be pressured in this striker role.. When he’s on top form he plays extremely well in the wing making some good runs and nifty passes in front of goal. Last match, THREE assists from Walcott.

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  25. Blind Love

    Theo has it in him. I have always said he has what it takes to be exceptional. But he’s not been showing that potential enough to be played as a striker yet. He may never reach his full potential but I hope he does.

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  26. ArsenaLova

    John 3:16

    as the season by we bcoming lower n lower. n drop. so this time around 5th or 6th?haha. first around first n scond. then third n fourth. so now fifth n sixth??

    aww, rvp speech.salute to rvp. last yr for robin. so he wil do evrythng like what henry n fabregas did in their last yr. they wil gve their evrythng till they cnt gve anymre. we should respect rvp dcision. what he meant is he wnna go. u guys shud ndrstnd. truth hurt guys. we dvelop a lot of superstar. n get 30m+ for arsenal made superstar that we gt around young age cost below 3m. we gt huge profit right?? we’re an economic club. we hv our own ambition. profit is what more important than titles.right guys??The legend like dennis bergkamp who wnt to retire with us is bcause we are a huge succes at that era.a big club such as what barca now. bt nw wud there b any chance of our current squad wil retire with us anymre?? hope so with the likes of wilshere,frimponged,gibbs,tv5,kos,sagna,jenkinson,szczesny,chambo,afobe(hope cn turn to be as demba ba)bt even good.. walcrap maybe. ramshit dnt knw about him. cus wenger seems dnt hv any plan with him in the future. he doesnt suits into our play. n i dnt knw what ramshit position. he useles as an attacking mid. worst as a central midfield such as against swansea.

    n wenger gt eisfield an attacking mid. nw targetting nick powell an attacking mid n ready to mke a bid for the young player of the year in the championship. eisfield exciting talent similar to goetze. so ramshit sell him to intermilan for that 20m???he is very direct. he is poor on one touch passing. or perhaps we cn swap him with ben arfa. ramsey is direct n newcastle suits him. ben arfa like short passing. n play thru the middle. so that a good deal perhaps??n since ben arfa a french??

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  27. H

    If you all love Walcott so much why do so many want Hazard?
    Clear in my mind. They are leagues apart in football talent. Walcott is the footballing Forest Gump.

    He runs and that’s it.

    @TWIG hit the nail on the head. He wouldn’t survive as a target man. He has only 1 attribute. Pace. I like him as a person but not as a player.

    Owen is small and quick and played well as a main striker but it worked as he was far more intelligent footballer.

    However, Wenger should give Theo the benefit of the doubt, play him up front when RVP gets a rest and see if he can deliver. I don’t think he will and maybe Theo will realise he is not cut out to be a main striker.

    Perhaps he should also play the lazy Arshavin in his deep striker role and maybe we wouldn’t be scratching for 4th.

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  28. Abu

    I agree with captain more from Walcot is yet to come.Once he will get pressure from Gerv, Arsh and Ox that will make him over work in the pitch. Currently he provides most assist and helping defenders when they are under pressure he leads into that catagory. Lets appreciate good work in defending. Shooting is the problem, he needs to work on it . Areteta can assist him. Any player who wish to leave its up to him. Gunners we have lost many tallented but still we are on top gear. No one doesnt need medals in his room but comfort is the best. Wishing captain best of luck. Two draws for tot/liv, man u/char were blessing to Us. Lets capitalise.

    Mombasa, Kenya

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  29. the 10 shirt

    Let’s just give Walcott a benchmark of 10 goals and work from there. 20 goals is too ambitious for a player of his inconsistent value. AOC would probably have a better chance of reaching 20 goals than Walcott and he’s only 18-19.

    If anything Walcott should be focussed on, instead of goals, is to work on his game overall. The boy still makes ill decisions and he will never have the same impact, effect or class as Wright, Henry or RVP.

    In a perfect world, if fans had a choice to sell Walcott to generate funds for Hazard, who would complain?

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  30. samuel

    Less talk from Arsenal,s captain van Persie and more goals
    from him would suffice,having missed a sitter vs Trash United in both away and home matches this season and other
    sitters in other matches costing Arsenal big time but maybe
    Robin is trying to use pyschology to get Walcott to wake up
    and get his share of Arsenal goals per season after all Th
    eo has been at the club long enough to stop making petty excuses and just get goals ?

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  31. blackeyedpea

    Even at the beginning of this season, I was confident that RVP would extend his contract with us and finish his career here ala DB10.

    However, with the way the season has unfolded, he seems to have reconciled himself to the fact that the current squad will not be able to match his own ambitions (Perhaps rightly so..what more can the guy do?!)

    Recently, with him bigging up Theo and Ox in several of his interviews, makes me wonder whether he has already made up his mind that his future lies away from the Emirates.

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