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Vermaelen – Arsenal can beat anybody (but obviously not the Top Four!)

Club Captain Thomas Vermaelen comments by AH

Thomas Vermaelen has today told that he has never doubted what this Gunners team are capable of.
Vermaelen told Arsenal player; “You could see it from the start of the season; this team has a lot of potential. It’s a case of everybody staying fit. We have enough quality in this team to beat anybody. I think you could see that in the games we played against top teams. We didn’t get the results but I think in some parts of the games we played well.”

So Vermaelen clearly has the fighting spirit and still believes in the team, something you want to hear from your captain! But does he really mean it? What worries me is the fact he fails to address the problems of why “We didn’t get the results”. He said we play well but don’t always get the results. I think the way Arsenal play is fantastic and even non Arsenal fans admit our style of play is very fluent, attractive and wonderful to watch, but if it doesn’t get you results then why continue it. We need to address the problems. You don’t get awards and trophies for playing fancy football and the most attractive style of play, you get awards for a mixture of reasons, including hard work, determination and a strong mentality.

Vermaelen said it can be seen in the games against top teams, not to mention the fact that in 6 games against the current Top 4, we have won just 1 game and drawn another. Giving us 4 points out of a possible 18. Not impressive at all for a team that is confident we can continue to compete on the squad and style we play.

I do agree in some ways that on our day and injury free we can compete with the highest teams because of the quality we hold in our squad. But football isn’t an individual sport, it’s a team game. Of course the individuals on the pitch matter and they all make a difference in their own way, but its vitally important we play as a team and that’s something I think we fail to do quite often – especially against the top teams.

Take Vermaelen’s quotes as you will but in my opinion although I am positive he has come out and said that he still believes in this squad (in some sense), I am disappointed that it seems one of the many on-going problems at the club had failed to be addressed and it has just gone unnoticed once again.

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24 thoughts on “Vermaelen – Arsenal can beat anybody (but obviously not the Top Four!)

  1. Sank

    new arsenal site cant understand and not working properly on mobile.

    got any ideas???

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  2. budgie

    Great going forward, rubbish at the back, its not rocket science, if you cant keep clean sheets you are going to win nothing, the Liverpool game was a prime example where we are the better team and spend the whole time chasing the game!

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  3. horliquegold

    I believe what vermelen says if arsenal work as a team they can beat any team in the world. Nigeria is now in afcon cos they work harder as a team. Up gunnerz

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  4. TrueGunner82

    off topic, but we need a Defensive mid and a midfeild player. Why dont we go for “the biggest flops in la liga” Song and modric… their having a horrid time in sunny spain and things arent going to plan, so why don’t we go for them, plus their both experienced prem players. might get some hate for this comment… but F*ck it hahahaha!!!!!!

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  5. Gunners

    The problem is either fitness or mentality. We don’t give our all for 90 minutes every match. Either we start well score and become complacent. Or we start bad and have to pay catch up. Only game we focused whole 90 minutes was against spurs

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  6. SD

    Of course, given full health of this team for long enough to really gel, I would put us up against anyone except perhaps Barca.

    Unfortunately we have too many players that are either injury prone or raw talents that need to develop. Diaby is not worth the risk. Putting so much hope on a player that can’t stay on the field for more than a couple games at a time is just not good planning. We need a viable backup plan for every injury-prone player that is on this team, especially for Diaby.

    As I have said many times, and others have also stated, the thing this team needs most is a better mentality. There is no real on-the-field leader. I think that is partly to plan because Wenger likes to have complete control, but while he is over there trying to zip up his jacket for an entire half, there needs to be someone that can reorganize a team when something bad happens, or to motivate players to keep fighting even after we get a lead.

    Now, how there is no leadership between Vermaelen, Per, Arteta, Podolski, Wilshere, Rosicky, Arshavin, Ramsey, Walcott, etc. is beyond me. All of those guys (with the exception of Wilshere and Walcott) have either spent a long time captaining their country or previous teams. It is mind boggling to me that there seems to be no leadership on a team with that many supposedly good leaders.

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  7. green gunner

    Because of who you are TV5, you deserve more than abuse here but…..

    Our defense is shocking! You are our captain. Our main man at the back. Up to last year one of our best and committed players.

    Sort it out!

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  8. green gunner

    @ SD

    Agreed mate. No leaders on the team, Wilshire aside.
    Think of Roy Keane under Ferguson. He was out there tearing strips off anyone who wasn’t playing well or indeed training well. With a manager and captain both ready to kill you for a poor display, you are going to perform.

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  9. Wronger

    Attractive football? Really? Ala Henry-pires-vieira? With the defenders clearing the ball anywhere and passing into dead spaces? Are we watching the same game?

    Last I watched, arsenal were struggling against Liverpool and stoke… And annihilated by Chelsea and man city.

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  10. Arsenger

    The team has gelled better recently and we must continue to build winning mentality. We’re top 3 for goal scoring; Man U conceded more goals than us. But during important games, we couldn’t break opponents, lacked creativity and couldn’t hold nerve for defense. I’m optimistic that remaining games will be better.
    Hope no more injury and no more Santos. With Kos & TV5 injured, who’ll be our CB with Per tomorrow? Hope Kos/TV5 can make it. Squid and Miguel won’t be convincing.

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  11. Dave Highbury You are not positive. So you think we are not capable of beating a top four team huh? WE are a top four team and have been for 15 years you fool! So you think that our problem is what… a lack of ‘hard work determination and a strong mentality’ ? And that it has gone unnoticed? So Pod Santi and Giroud our new signings ‘don’t work hard’ ?
    pffft your argument is tosh especially when you check our current form. Hasn’t been addressed? Have you not noticed what we’ve bought since the start of last season?
    Jenkinson didn’t go did he?
    Diaby is playing well isn’t he? You just keep getting it WRONG. ARSENAL IS TOO SMART FOR YOU.

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  12. Nacho cheeeeeeeeeeeeze

    Now THIS is off topic but with all this talk of match fixing do u guys ever wonder if RVP sending off against barcelona that time in CL was fixed??

    Im almost sure of it

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  13. ram

    yeah the team lacks leadership.. its Wenger’s fault that he has put in a wrong person to that role.. Vermaelen is a very good player.. but never really stepped up in his captain’s role.. Arteta was phenomenol when he lead the team during vermaelen’s absence.. i have played RB/RW.. our team captain plays next to me in CB.. he will just tear me up into pieces if i ever let a wing man shoot into the box/if am out of position..

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  14. ams

    Spuds were unlucky that time because of the injury and red card…but much stronger…looked how they played against man u…

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  15. Zulu

    We beat Tottenham. Our defence is not as bad as last season. Its amazing to me how all the talk is how woeful we are, Tottneham and chelsea are woeful! they should be out of sight!

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  16. sollygunner

    ,,, @ wronger ,,, get real yes arsenal need slating sometimes but no way were we anihilated by chelsea and city they let them selfs down by not putting in the first halfs and making stupid mistakes but played as well if not better in the second half we wernt good enough but not completly outplayed

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  17. Jeff

    Didnt we smash totenham 5-2 already? Aren’t they in the top four??

    Our season does not depend on beating Chelsea, man u or city…we need to beat the teams below us.

    Just the same as man u last year..they didn’t lose title because they lost to city twice. They lost the title cuz they didn’t beat everton when they were up 2-0 with 2 games left to play

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  18. Wronger

    I’m surprised at the fact that some of you still believe in arsenal’s pretty football.
    Last I saw, The current Swansea team plays a more beautiful game. Credit to Rogers and he’s trying his best to transform this with Liverpool.

    I’m not from Europe so this analogy fits the current situation. During the beginning of Wenger era, people here supported various clubs. Including spurs. However, every single one of them would give arsenal some respect and acknowledge the good football they play. They even watch an arsenal game simply because of the fluid passing and almost telepathic communication on field between players (beautiful football). Fast forward 10+ years and nobody has the same opinion. Like I said earlier, many of us think Swansea play great passing football and are not afraid to attack the best teams. I don’t see them parking the bus. they lose sometimes but I respect the guts and gamble from a small team.

    Arsenal seem so lost and deep in problems that a growing number of people believe only a rich tycoon or a miracle can save them, not motivation or the proverbial kick in their rear. I’ve never seen so many empty seats in emirates. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen empty seats for over 10 years in highbury. But I see them now.

    The number of people who are becoming more disillusioned is increasing.

    Where has our attractive football gone to?
    Why after all these years, no Plan B (think of a Mourinho or ferguson sub during a game at 1-0 down)?
    Who is the actual problem sitting on the board?
    Why are almost everyone being played out of position (including arshavin all these years? Walcott, podolski?)
    Many more questions… but I’m too tired to type. Need some tissue to wipe the tears from my eyes.

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