Vermaelen confident Arsenal can get a result against Bayern

The Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen, who rarely speaks out publicly nowadays, has been assessing Arsenal’s chances of getting through the first knockout stage of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, and the Belgian says that Arsenal only need a bit of luck and “a good day” to beat the Germans.

“It’s a tough one but we knew before that it doesn’t matter who we drew, it will always be a tough one, especially in the Champions League,” Vermaelen said.

“You play against the best teams in Europe. I think it will be a nice game. Bayern Munich are doing well in the German league. They are in first spot so it won’t be easy but I’m looking forward to the game.

“There’s less than two months to go until the first game so a lot of things can happen with the team, positively and negatively. We’ll see at that time how it goes. I’m confident we can get the result if we have a good day.

“Most of the time in the Premier League, the one that’s the most consistent wins the league. The Champions League is a tournament. Anything can happen.

“It’s only about two games, one an away game. You need a bit of luck in the tournament as well so we’ll see how far we can get.”

There are more than two months to go before the first leg, and we all know that Arsenal can easily turn from easy pushovers to world-beaters at any time of a season. Let’s just hope that Wenger can work his miracles once again!

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37 thoughts on “Vermaelen confident Arsenal can get a result against Bayern

  1. Mowember

    @leo have you heard anything about luis gustavo? We really need a player like him. Plus el sharaawy or pato would be a dream to strengthen out attack. We don’t need quantity we need 2 players of quality at least.

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  2. Kobi

    I really think we need (additional to a striker)a true DM. Our defense is terrible and it has been for a while.
    If Spurs get M’Vila Im gonna puke!!!!!

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  3. topcat

    honestly we can beat them but only if we play a decent formation and the rite set of players in the rite position. and also if we a new forward and a DM in place then i say we will for sure win this game. but only with these things first. to stand a chance

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  4. leo

    @mowember i doubt now bayern will sell him after the cl pairing but still who knows but i hope that usmanov take over arsenal if that can happen then we can spend big he is 29 shares short of 30 mark then he can atleast challenge stan or maybe offer him good value for sahre it can happen in days months heard idiot piers morgan has 10 shares in arsenal hope he sells it
    in usmanov we trust

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  5. kas

    Everyone saying ‘we need more signings to stand a chance’; shame on you! While strengthening is required as a long term solution, the current team has the quality to slay any team on this planet. No use calling yourselves gooners if you don’t trust the gunners

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  6. leo

    So world didn’t end, makes no difference Spuds have still only won 2 league titles in this world in 125 Years

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  7. T!to

    Bayern won’t be easy at home and away that’s for sure, but as the Skipper says anything can happen in a tournament like the CL.
    On our day we do have the potential and the players to out Gun any club in europe, however we must start playing that fluid passing and attacking game teams once feared.
    We have the players to play that attacking brand, they just need to believe and make it happen. No more tentative slow erratic passing please Gunners, just play the way we know and believe u can play!!

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  8. sinero

    vermaelen should do us a favour and play like he is our captain. if he raises his game and begin to lead by example, then we would have a big chance against bayern cos it means others in the team would be inspired to play better. IN GOD WE TRUST , ARSENAL FOREVER.

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  9. bashman

    i think its an opportunity for arsenal to show the world. forget the hype, on paper bayern have the stronger team unfortunately for them football matches are not won on paper.

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  10. joer22

    Lay off vermaelen he’s been out best defender for the last 2 years and he had still saved us countless goals this season

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  11. Gunner

    The last 2 comments are on the mark!Firstly, TV needs to up his level some, he just has not shown up in the big games, he was the same in Milan last year. I am still annoyed at what he did at Old Trafford, and the 2 stupid free kicks he conceded against Chelsea?? Everyone remembers what they resulted in??? Wake up TV for the big games, or else sit down?

    Tito’s comment is bang on. As soon as Arsenal slow down the tempo of the passing they get into trouble? When they do that they start passing back, and then across the back 4?? That is when errors creep in. Some examples of mistakes where the root cause was just that, as follows:

    Jenkinson against Swansea?????
    Sagna at Everton????????????
    Arteta against Fulham??????
    The first Reading goal on Monday night???????????

    And these are not the worst ones either??? Message is simple, GET FORWARD!!! Passing in your own half should only be as a last resort. Movement off the ball into space to allow the passer that option of an early pass has to pick up noticeably.

    If this does not happen then Bayern will have an easy day at the office! If Arsenal do increase the attacking tempo, then they have at least some chance to score in both matches.
    After that Bayern must be clear favorites because they have much more experience and quality too.

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  12. Liam-Jenko

    If we keep good form for the next few games and then come the transfer window we sign quality players i dont see why we cant get a result at bayern, Chelsea got a result at Bayern in the final so why cant Arsenal!

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  13. 7

    Benteke is a must have for Arsenal. I do not want to see him firing United or city to more titles in a couple of years knowing that he would of done it for us. This guy is top draw

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  14. mohamedaziz

    wenger says bayern leap foward yes its because asnl gone down due to lack of investing and board greed

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  15. caribbean

    Very true ….As a matter of fact…can someone tell me a goal that Arsenal has concided this season that was as a result of brilliance from the opposition….
    not saying it hasnt happened but all i seem to recall are lucky goals and bad mistakes from Arsenal…
    Have you realize that Arsenal seem to slow down their gme alot immediately after they have scored?
    I dont know why?

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  16. wallay

    Wender should get two strong dms

    Mert. Tv5
    Sagna. Gibbs

    Fellaini. Diame

    Rosicky. Santi


    To me I don’t think Bayern have any mid-fielder better than wilshere,just that there is too much burden on wilshere. Get dms and let wilshere play freely without worrying about the defense line…I think rosicky,wilshere,santi can all be rotating.
    With this we’ll have our messi in wilshere

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  17. Sank

    Man utd have gone crazy. they have signed lewondoski just for 14 million. on

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  18. szezza

    i do beleive we can deliver a good blow on a good day nd am sure aw wil sign two player come jan nd if we can maintain a gud run of form then al i cn say is bayern thankx for entertaning us so far so good now we av our mojo bk we gunners bid u farewell come nxt season.

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  19. Ndindase

    Arsenal just needs confidence in themselves. I have all the faith in our team. Enjoy the festive season, all of you.

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  20. Rick Rocket

    So we need a little bit of luck AND a good day?

    Inspirational word from the gunners captain.

    What else do we need?

    6 new signings, 10 injuries for Bayern and a five goal head start??? haha

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  21. Rick Rocket

    So according to the Arsenal captain we need luck AND a good day!!

    What else I wonder…… maybe 6 new players, 10 Bayern injuries and a five goal head start!!! haha

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  22. leo

    wow malaga banned by uefa
    The club is excluded from participating in the next UEFA club competition for which it would otherwise qualify in the next four seasons (i.e. 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17). In addition, Málaga will be excluded from a subsequent UEFA competition for which it would otherwise qualify (in the next four seasons) if it does not prove, by 31 March 2013, that it has no overdue payables towards football clubs or towards employees and/or social/tax authorities, in accordance with the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations.

    Málaga has also been fined €300,000. The prize money withheld on 11 September 2012 (as a conservatory measure) will be released

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  23. caribbean

    Man u buys lewandoski..not buying that crap…Why is it that and ESPN always try to up the anics for United

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  24. khaesar

    Arsenal were lucky to be the underdogs, so do not be overly burdened arsenal match against bayern. precisely the pressure is on the bayern because they favored in the match. come on arsenal you can. Never Give Up!!!

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  25. ST

    They have conceded just 7 league goals this season and had the best defensive record last season conceding 22 despite finishing runners up.

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  26. Gundam

    Most of you are so retarded… Arsenal can beat any team with any players on their day. How many times do we see the underdogs come up trumps when player play well as a team. Bayern can have all the champ players in the world, but doesn’t mean they will be the best team on the day. I have faith that we will not only beat them, but thump like munchkins underneath a Giant’s Warhammer.

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  27. mohawk35

    Of course Arsenal can beat Bayern. Almost any top team can beat another top team on the right day. This has been proven over and over.

    It will depend upon player availability. Unlike the past 2 seasons, Bayern’s biggest advantage right now is their great depth.

    If the Arsenal squad is hurt by injuries etc. they may be in trouble. But if all the key players are available for Arsenal, the squad who plays well for that contest will win.

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  28. Wendel

    Firstly, I’m a gunner through and through and through. With that being said I don’t think we can beat Bayern. I really was hoping we would draw a team other than Barcelona so that when we do lose it would show how far behind the other European teams we have fallen. The worst thing that can happen to Arsenal is if we progress in the UCL…it will be like finishing fourth and paper over the cracks, masking the real issues.

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