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Vermaelen – Things can change quickly in the Premier League

The Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen is aware that the last two results have made the Gunners look like a useless team, but is happy that we can quickly turn things around by beating the bottom club QPR at the Emirates this weekend.

He also thinks that now Bacary Sagna, Jack Wilshere and all the other injured players are coming back, Arsenal can only get better in the forseeable future. “Things can turn around really quickly and in these times you have to stick together as a group and as a Club,” Vermaelen said. “I’m really positive this group has the quality to win games again.

“At the moment a lot of players are coming back. We’ve never had so many fit players in the past as at the moment. I think our squad is strong enough.

“It’s a little bit negative at the moment because we had two disappointing results. But in football it can turn really quickly and on Saturday against QPR it can be different again.

“That’s the positive about England. You play so many games, sometimes three times a week, so you have another chance really quickly to get a good result again.”

Well Thomas you have just another 24 hours to get your team feeling positive again because without any confidence they are in danger of dropping even further behind the League leaders. Start working your magic Mr. Captain!


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24 thoughts on “Vermaelen – Things can change quickly in the Premier League

  1. Steve

    Lets hit the back of the net Thomas lets give our net a break!!!!!!!!

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  2. Gunnerineverylife

    Vermaelen/Sagna will be the next player our board will sell after selling Walcott in January.

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  3. leo

    great news today for arsenal arsenal set to sign a kit deal with adidas worth 25m year starting 2014 i hated the new arsenal nike kit adidas shirts are much cooler

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  4. leo

    acc to an arsenal share holder arsenal have 70m transfer warchest wonder if stan & ivan will allow arsene wenger to use them wenger wants to bring some players in

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  5. The Dom

    His right things can change,like moving from 9th to 15th haahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!

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  6. Malik

    well i like ur attitude verma BUT ur a bit deluded

    “We’ve never had so many fit players in the past as at the moment.”

    rosisky, diaby, ox, walcott, gibbs, szczensy, fabianski r injured for god knows how long. add that wilshere+ sagna r not able to start thats NINE QUALITY players injured so where all these “fit players” that r gonna help us on saturday?

    jenk mert kos verm
    arteta coquelin
    Gnarby arshavin carzola

    bring on: wilshere for carzola, podolski for any attacker and ramsey/gervinho as impact subs

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  7. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo We have been hearing the same thing for past 4-5 transfer windows,if money was available I think he would have bought hazard.

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  8. The Dom

    “Alot of players are coming back”

    Ya right like,we havnt heard that joke in the last 6-7 years.
    A wise manager would have realized that the medical staff is’nt cut out for it.But since he is more concerned about saving money…oh sorry I meant saving HIS and the BOARDS money,we will continue to suffer with injuries.

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  9. Malik

    FACT: Arsene wanted sahin, cabaye and m’vila through out the window to replace song but because the board didn’t back him he couldn’t get any of them

    FACT: arsene tried to loan Dzeko to adequately replace RVP

    FACT: Since David Dien has left arsenal countless big players have left arsenal because of wages

    FACT: Since David dein has left arsenal has missed out on countless players because of a couple million in transfer price or a few thousand in wages


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  10. SoftJunk

    Even we are loosing the games that we should have won quite easily, I am still very hopeful with the team. Just some tweak in our current starting line up and we start to win again.

    For QPR on Saturday, I love to see this experiment

    Lucas —- Oliver

    Gervhino —- Jack/Ramsey —- Santi

    Coquilin —- Arteta

    Vermalean — Kosieliny — Per — Carl


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  11. AdamKempHater 12345

    @Softjunk HAHA there are 12 players in your formation bro.. 😛

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  12. leo

    actually the news that arsenal has 70m was said a share holder not by the board members as far as wenger goes he has done a terrific job with the limited resources he has been given he wanted to sign a striker & cdm blame ivan gazdis for going on a vaccation to US & he went to spain in the middle of the transfer window for what i don’t know

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    THOMAS i do really like you as a player but with this team and mangement good thing will never happen at Arsenal, There must be a big change soon before it is to late and our better player’s get offers from better clubs

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  14. Aussie Jack

    Get the feeling if Wenger and Bould had the understanding that is needed, with or without communication, this performance would never have happened.

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  15. Phanuel Odari

    Hi Captain TV,I agree with you completely that things can turn around so quickly in the Premier league.Nevertheless, please note that you should implore the players to give their 100% every minute they are on the pitch because from my own observation, the latest defeats we have suffered emanates from moments of a few players having concentration lapses.Play for the shirt and not for self gains because the automatic thing is that as Arsenal wins,individual players score points for themselves too.Score first to boost team morale and you will win all the matches since the team has already proven credentials.We the funs in Africa believe you are going to make it ig you pun in deligence.Enjoy the game tomorrow.Up up Gunners.

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  16. VonMich

    My nightmare AFC formation would include:
    Gervinho (i’m pretty sure that he lost his brain somewhere)
    Santos (my old mother would defend better)
    Mannone alias butterfinger (i bet he will made a mistake tomorrow)

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  17. Paul

    think for a tick, do you believe tv would continue with this script after another five seasons of winning nothing? He’ll be off just like the others.

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  18. Bradster

    I’d prefer Sagna on our left if Gibbs can’t make it. Surely a right footed class player is better than Santos?
    The captaincy is also a problem, Verm can’t be dropped even when he’s playing poorly.

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  19. cw

    Honestly, there is tactical problem with Arsenal. There is nothing particularly wrong with the players. It is simply a tactical issue that lacked plan B should the original plan fail. We couldnt beat sunderland and Stoke bcos we did not have the important tactice to break a defensive minded teams like sunderland and stoke.All we kept doing was to impress the fans by walking the ball in front of the defense line of these 2 clubs without any idea on how to penetrate. Our inconsistency is becoming panickingly obvious. For instance, we started the season by playing Gervihno as a striker and he scored some goals and was doing so well untill the match against Coventry when Giroud scored his first goal and there and then, we felt he has suddenly regained his confidence and we pushed back Gervihno to the wings and started with Giroud as the striker and again, he scored which was very ok for him and aagain, he scored in Madrid for france. what happened next? In the match against Norwich, he was replaced in the 70th minutes bcos he has not scored forgetting that he scored in the 93rd minutes for france. Then against Schalker, he lost his starting place again to Gervinho. This is killing the little confidence these guys try to build up. It is the same with Ramsey, Coquelin, Podolski etc. The team is not blending bcos severally they are distorted. The manager is lacking confidence himself.Same also goes to the defenders.

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  20. cw

    The worst tactical blunder against schalker was pulling out the best player (Carl) in the pitch that day to replace him with an attacking midfielder. What was chamakh doing on the bench when he cannot play. why not reduce the midfield instead and throw in a striker rather than a midfielder? maybe chamakh would have made the difference. Or better still pulling out santos who was not in the team that day.

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  21. Somtee

    I totally agree with our captain but we need some reshuffling at the back Squillaci,Djourou and Santos must go and bring in Baines and Jagielka from Everton as replacements

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