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VIDEO SPECIAL – Nigel Winterburn discusses WengerOut and who we should buy….

Nigel Winterburn joins comedian Maff Brown for the second episode of AskFans TV. The legendary fullback gives his thoughts on the never-ending #WengerOut debate, his suggestions on how to shore up the Arsenal back line and discusses his ideal summer signing for Arsenal.

We also hear some great stories from his time as a player, including anecdotes from the legendary Tuesday Club.

Plus, how much does Nigel think he would be worth in today’s transfer market, and he chooses between Martin Keown or Steve Bould as his ideal defensive partner?

Nigel Winterburn played for Arsenal between 1987 and 2000, and was at the heart of one of the best Premier League defences of all time. During his time at the club he helped the Gunners win the league title in 1989, 1991 and 1998 and 2 FA cups.’

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15 thoughts on “VIDEO SPECIAL – Nigel Winterburn discusses WengerOut and who we should buy….

  1. Muff d

    Only few days left of the window , our key players contracts running down, players we can’t sell and huge holes in our first team.

    Ivan dick law an wenger like every year have let us down
    Embarrassment of a club.
    What was the quote about why we were moving to the emirates…lies . Lies .lies

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  2. John Ibrahim

    We need strengthening in our attack not our defence

    We are not going for 0-0 draw

    We need to score goals

    Welbeck spurn 4 chances

    If we had a better finisher, we would have won 4-1

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    1. Arsenal_Girl

      I would be fine with Lemar or Draxler
      Can’t wait till Alexis is fully fit

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      1. John Ibrahim

        would love both but lemar deal is off

        Draxler will only be signed if Sanchez leaves

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    2. Napersie

      One funny thing is how the ex English players and their media criticize Ozil but fail to mention poor Welbeck who keeps on missing chances and Walcott who is shiiit.

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  3. ozil10

    Hello Ladies & gentlemen! We are “ARSEnal JOKE FC”
    Alexis might leave for Man City & the LEMAR deal is off.. Mustafi might also leave… Holy s**t! No worries.. Let them sell our entire first team!
    objective for this season👉 Let’s get 40 points!!!
    40 points plz.. Nothing more , nothing less & I’ll be happy 😉

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  4. J c walker

    As it stands , at the end of the season the gunners will lose Alexis Ozil and Chamberlain. We have transferred Gabriel. Mertesacker is retiring. Debuchy Gibbs Jenkinson Akpom likely sold. Cazorla contract may not be renewed. Campbell loaned out or sold. Question mark over Mustafi now. Doubts on Koscielny and Wilshere fitness. Perez sold if not already. Ospina may want to leave. Will Cech still be good enough ? Iwobi will want a pay rise. Who said we can’t win the league with youngers.!

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  5. Chekwube Kwentua

    We are heading for a fourth place finish and probably another FA cup trophy at the end of the season! that is the best we should expect from this bunch of Arsenal players and coaching crew! Chekwube says so!

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  6. jon fox

    It is abundantly clear to me and many tens of thousands of us too that Wenger just will NEVER do the things to put our holes right. His whole philosophy of football is to play the beautiful game at all costs and if that leads to a win, then that is a bonus, if not, well we can try again next week and in the meantime blame the ref, injuries, missed chances, bad luck etc. In fact, anything but HIMSELF. Real, hungry , motivated, 21st century tactics managers – like all our main rivals have – think first about how to win games and understand that teams MUST have balance and shape; that defence MUST be sound, you must have fiercely committed players across the team and squad and you cannot carry injury prone players year after year after long frustrating year. That you cannot make sustitutions always in the 70th minute and sometimes must react to how the game is going , not just the clock. In fact, THEY are in touch with reality but Wenger never is. He must leave and until he does, we have zero hope of any positive change. This is unpleasant to even think, let alone write but it must be said.

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  7. Victor victory

    After reading Wenger’s latest briefing on arsenal transfer, I am so angry. I desperately need something to calm me down. A win against Liverpool could be a quick fix. COYG.

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  8. gooner4life

    Wengers’ comments are disgraceful about the quality of our squad,how many of our first team would get into any of our rivals squads never mind the team.surely it’s time he was sacked along with Bould,and a new manager with a passion to win takes over.

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