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Walcott given food for thought at Wigan

Theo Walcott may have thought that his position as centre forward for Arsenal was secure after his performance against Reading. After today, the 23-year old will know that football in England is not that easy for a striker. The conditions and the game were not suited to Walcott’s game and he was hardly involved.

A wet away game at Wigan is almost a cliche in English football, but it was certainly accurate today. That is why Arsene Wenger has tried to introduce big, strong centre forwards, like Bendtner and Chamakh, to the Arsenal team recently. Olivier Giroud’s qualities might have been a great deal more useful against a resolute Wigan today.

Santi Cazorla also had one of his toughest games today, whereas Ramsey, Wilshere and Coquelin seemed happy to scrap and probably kept Arsenal in the lead. The pace of Oxlade-Chamberlain, along with his strength, made him the most effective player in the Arsenal attack. Walcott may also have had a much better game on the right, because there was more room for him to use his talents.

I’m not saying that Theo will not be able to learn and adapt his game to different conditions and opponents, but he will know that it’s not always going to be easy.

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103 thoughts on “Walcott given food for thought at Wigan

  1. synsix

    @CRABBY we do have a decent squad/stop complainin n support ur team/and please do not jugde any1 wit only 2 games to prove for himself/remember the ground was shitty and Wigan played out of their wits/dont forget that it was Theo who created the goal

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  2. Philthompsonsnose

    U actually make some sensible comments.
    However regarding Giroud, it beggars belief how u rate this one legged donkey!?
    I hope I am wrong and u remind me at the end of the season how wrong I was… Likewise ill look for u ..;-)

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