Walcott, Sagna and other Arsenal contract talks in progress…..

What will become of Theo Walcott? by AH

With the calendar year coming to a close, so does Theo Walcott’s contract as the Englishman is set to come out of Christmas with just 6 months remaining on his Arsenal contract.

The winger who wants to turn into a striker is still reportedly holding out for around £90,000 a week, putting him on par with fellow regular England internationals and top players at regular big clubs across Europe. The situation is unclear at the moment. Wenger, Walcott’s representatives and Walcott himself, all insist that talks are still on-going and it’s a known fact Walcott’s priority is to stay at Arsenal, however if a deal isn’t secured soon then his wish may soon be put in danger.

Arsené Wenger insists that he will not sell Walcott in January if no agreement has been made. Wenger said; “I am frustrated, honestly. If you ask me will we sell Theo in January, no. I have always been hopeful he will sign.”

However Wenger also made similar comments about Samir Nasri and Robin Van Persie, when they entered the last years of their respective contracts, however the business branded Arsenal board forced the transfers through despite the Frenchman’s disagreement.

Walcott has said on several occasions that the club and his representatives are still negotiating but I fear that if not pre-agreement is made before 1st January then the club will be looking to sell him.

There are several other players in the same situation at the moment, with Andrei Arshavin, Bacary Sagna and Lukas Fabianski’s contracts all ending this summer. I will be disappointed to lose any of these players on a free transfer as I firmly believe that we could still get a decent price (£2 million) for Fabianski and a very reasonable price for Arshavin. I think we should definitely be looking to re-sign Arshavin or sell him on in January because we cannot afford to lose a player we paid £15 million for almost 4 years ago on a free transfer. Fabianski I expect to leave, and Sagna I expect to re-sign, however the fact that any of these players can afford a pre-contract with a foreign club come 1st January is worrying especially as you know that if that is the case, then they wouldn’t put in their full performance for the club from then on.

Let’s hope that all of these players have their situations sorted out soon and that Arsenal’s Christmas present to us can be the announcement that Walcott and Sagna have signed new contracts. On the bright side Arsenal are reportedly close to agreeing a new contract with Jack Wilshere.

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36 thoughts on “Walcott, Sagna and other Arsenal contract talks in progress…..

  1. goonar

    We should keep walcott!!! Only suitable replacements are el sharaawy and callejon i believe

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  2. mrinal

    he should sign the contract .. he’s our top player this season .. and we need a good replacement

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  3. Sank

    When walcott was substituted, he and wenger shake hands and had a naughty smile. he was given strikers role, take free kicks, corners and looked happy so might be some hidden mystery going on.

    sagna needs to be given a 3 yrs extension. he has arsenal dna and no doubt about his commitment.

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  4. Ban10

    the fact that wenger wants him to stay is evident through yesterday’s match when walcott played as CF
    the problem is if walcott doesnt sign before january and if liverpool put a crazy bid then stan kroenke himself is gonna pack walcott’s thing and drive him to anfield

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  5. jarsenal

    Im not really sure how many times Walcott has to prove he’s worth the contract. We give him crap before every match and he responds by scoring goals. How many more goals does he have to score, man?

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  6. Gunned

    Not sure abt Arshavin nd Fabianski, they must b sold along with Squid,Chamakh,Djourou,Diaby etc. To free some wages dat cn be helpd in increament of Walcott’s nd Sagna’s wages along with 2-3 good signings. Hope Is On.

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  7. malish stephen

    Wenger, bring in Lorente, Eriksen, Yannes, Gomes,

    Malish in Yei South Sudan

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  8. jon

    Just as a fun discussion. If you guys were our manager and have lets say 25 mil available to spend in January. Who would you buy?

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    Sorry, but I did not see a class-A striker in Walcott. Instead of trying to force him into a role HE thinks he should fulfill, e should buy a proven striker that isn’t so fragile . . . also, how many open chances did he shoot the ball to the keeper. He’s a very good player, but I wouldn’t even rate him in the top 5 on the squad.

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  10. always a gooner

    in case if walcott goes ..we should sign either callejon or el sharawy

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  11. notme

    When will the board learn, we have lost cashorla, van purse strings, na$ri, cashley cole, monebayor because of greed

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  12. NAVEEN

    sagna has a contract running till 2014….. you have got to do your research well… trivial stuff….

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  13. Pat Rice

    I think the team that played should be our main starting line-up, rosicky, eisfeld, and giroud should start some games and play more often and Ramsey, Gnabry, and Ryo(when he comes back) should be eased into games, like the Reading’s game when we were winning comfortably

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  14. ST The Gooner

    “I believe we have a good core of young English players. We couldn’t keep the good core of young foreign players. We hope we will be capable of building a team around the young English players and achieve something together.”
    Its clear Wenger is hurt by the players he thought would lead the club to success as they left one by one. He’s trying to rebuild a team based on loyalty now with an English core. Walcott has a huge role to play. With Wenger appreciating that and playing him at his preferred position, we should see Walcott sign the ting sooner than later!
    Come On You Gooners!!!

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  15. Thala

    Problem with arsenal fans is that after one win we start to float in the air. Feet on the ground guys. i wish we r in top 4 by Christmas. I feel Theo cant play as a Solo Striker . so we should change our formation to Either 4-4-2 or 3-5-2.

    I feel we r wasting money by paying players like Squid , Fabianski, Djourou , Arshavin, Chamack. These players r not playing and not used in rotation of players. So better sell than and improve contracts of Theo and Sagna !!!

    we just require 2 quality players in every position. so rotation is possible .If we r sticking to 4-3-3. then theo is best suited for wings . If we r sticking to 4-3-3, then we need a striker,Dm[Gustavo],LB .

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  16. Nevidimka

    I hope this is a PROOF to all Wenger doubters and those who calls Wenger to be out. He has repeatedly said he wants Walcot in his squad and even plays him at a striker even though Walcot is not Ready. IT IS THE BOARD who is crippling the team by holding out on the wages and getting the players frustrated and leaving. the Same thing is happening again. The Board is playing hardball by holding out for 10k? WTF? and is running down Theo’s enthusiasm in playing for Arsenal. If Walcott leaves it would be becoz of the F**king BOARD and F**king Kroenke refusing to budge form their position when they really dont have the luxury of doing so in the current situation. The same thing they did with Clichy,Nasri,Cesc, RVP. The BOARD effectively sold out our entire World Class team and everyone is blaming Wenger for it. Open your eyes and look at whats happening with Walcot, and stop blaming the guy who appears in front of the tv just because you only see him.
    If really the board is giving its full support to Wenger and is backing Wenger, they should come out form this difficult negotiation, and say to Wenger, ” Look we support you and we will pay the God DAMM 90k that Theo wants to keep him at Arsenal becoz that is what you want and what you belive firmly ans crucial for the team’s ambition!” Not hide behind the curtain, and then come out in press and keep saying that Wenger has all the support he wants and money he needs from them. BOLLOCKS!!!! Geth the F*** Out Board and Kroenke and leave my Beloved Arsenal alone! We can become Great, not just your personal selfish piggy bank!

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  17. Robbo

    Am I the only one here that thinks Walcott is average, he is not good enough to take the mighty arsenal freekicks, he is a toe draging lazy player who thinks he is better than he is. He has no heart and I do not think he has got the balls to leave arsenal, where he has it easy. He is not got enough to wear arsenals number 9. He should be ripping arsenals hand off.

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  18. s is the name

    not sighing walcott will be a grave mistake.his finishing hav been superb tis season.he is scoring goals at will.he is starting to form into that world class player we hoped he would for so long.selling him now will be devastating.

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  19. Big Gun

    I don’t doubt Arshavins talent, but ffs every time he comes on the pitch it looks like he is at a funeral. He is so lazy, I mean you’d think a guy wanting to prove his worth in the first team would make an effort, but not him. Sell him along with Diaby who also, I don’t doubt his talent, but the guy has been injured for like 4 seasons!! Fabianski can also take a hike. There are at least 10 players at AFC chewing up the wage bill that need to be shot of. With those resources freed up, buy 4 TOP CLASS players and keep Walcott and our Dark Knight Sagna.

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  20. JustJoy

    ‘by XMAS TW and SAGNA WILL SAY WE HAVE SIGNED The contract’ thats good news then AW should offload DEADWOODS, CHECK THE WAGE BILL WELL AND ADD 3-5players in CONCERN POSITIONS. Eg Begovic(gk), Gustavo(dm/cd/lb), or Diame(dm), Hulk(striker). I think we are up. But beat Wigan too Guys.

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  21. usmaNOW

    Pay the man & sell Gervinho to balance the board’s beloved accounting books!

    In 2 yrs time Theo will be at his peak & banging in 25+ goals a season!

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  22. Simon Kinywa

    Walcott will do well in other teams but will be better in Arsenal. How I wish Walcott can flex his demands a little bit but as give and take Wenger should do the same.

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  23. Simon Kinywa

    Good football against Reading. The players were very strong mentally.

    My observation were:

    -The players should practice a lot how to pass a fast ball to Walcott (striker) while he is making a fast move-Lucky enough Carzola took care of that.

    -Wilshere somehow looked injured and was struggling in the last 20min-To protect him I wish he had been substituted with Rosicky.

    -We still require a DM.

    -We still require an attacking, fearless and a play maker midfielder to assist Carzola for more goals to come.I panick when Carzola is fouled-what will happen when he is injured?

    -Good football but we still need more beautiful fast accurate passing accurate football because that is what Arsenal is.

    -For consistency am waiting to see how the next 3 games will be which we should not lose or draw as we wait for quality January signings.

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  24. jibber

    I don’t think Wenger would want to sell Walcott. Nor did he want to sell Van persie or Cesc back them. he didn’t want to sell Nasri even, but i don’t know about Song.
    Think, what good does selling these players do to Wenger?
    cashing in doesn’t help Wenger with his own wage. It only fills the owner’s pocket.

    Even though we might have been saying that the wage structure is messed up, at the end of the day who’s paying the wage? Kroenke isn’t it.
    whatever the structure might be, if we don’t have the money, its because we don’t have the money. And that either means we’re poor compare to the Manu’s and Citehs , or that we actually have dough but someone doesn’t want to spend it. It couldn’t be Wenger, as not spending the dough doesn’t do him any good in anyway. He’s an employee as well and earns a wage. Just because the company has $$ doesn’t mean their employees will get rich.
    but it does mean the owner of the company does.
    And why would Stan be silent even with how things are going? Cuz 1) he doesn’t care, 2) he’s getting what he wants. It’s only when u don’t get something that u would raise your voice…
    And Wenger, who truly loves the club is stuck with very little $$. Couple that with his stubbornness and tendency to throw all eggs in 1 basket(e.g. Diaby), I think we can paint the picture well enough what’s wrong finally.
    So if anything, we need a new owner to stop this contract nonsense from happening.

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  25. Samson clam

    Dont get your hopes up guys walcott is gone but thank goodness we have the ox its only a matter of time before he becames 2 times the player walcott is as gunners we have survived big storms i dont think a lil wind wil kill us anywy we have wilshere who is certain to stay at the emirates and is aguably one of the most commited player at the arsenal camp, ope wenger plays coquelin in his dm position if arteta is tired n plz swap walcott for sterling or suarez.

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    Player power at whatever club is a joke.

    1. Even if a player signs then wants to leave he can sulk and he is usually sold (RVP, ces)
    2. A player can also run down his contract knowing he will get a big pay rise when he joins a new club as a free (Walcott)
    3. If a player signs for 50k / week and sits on the bench as he cant perform, the club are stuck paying his wage (chamakah)
    4. Likewise if he gets injured…(diaby)
    5.likewise if he is not used and we can’t sell him as we pay him too much (Bentdner)

    Gone are the days of loyalty…kiss the badge…kiss my ass…it’s all fake…The only one loyal are the fans..

    Managers come and go…The board want money…Players want money …money money money…

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  27. dude

    I believe wenger with his enormous ego and who is a control freak is the one who has the last say on contract negotatiations – just take a look at ramsey’s nonsensical contract extension
    So if walcott doesn’t sign I blame wenger the miserly t*wat

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  28. cicero@gunner

    Is it kronke that is playing players out of position,or is he the one giving bad players game times while some better ones sit and warm the bench? Wenger Is just too stubborn and never have plan b. We will be better in a 442 formation with Walcott and giroud upfront. Wenger will never agree.

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  29. jibber

    @ cicero@gunner:

    you are correct, wenger is stubborn and loves to play players out of position, thinking that will get them to learn things.
    he also likes to have faith in fringe players, throw eggs into 1 basket, etc.

    I’m not pointing fingers only at the owner, wenger has his faults too. But if we want sth to change, we have to break this vicious cycle from the root of it. Of course the only person that could change things is the one holding all the money. That would effect even Wenger as well. Only Wenger’s boss can boss him to do other wise.

    What we need is a passionate owner, to influence the manager to work harder for the club instead of holding grudges and be stubborn.
    that being said, i’m not saying Usmanov is the man. I’m just saying we need to change things from the top down.

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  30. scott

    @Nevidimka… you are shameless to say Wenger replied critics by beating Reading, a team almost everyone had beaten this season. It was not even without a struggle as the scored twice against us. It is unacceptable that we are begining to celebrate anytime we beat Reading and Southampton. Please tell me how many times Fergie comes to say he silenced his critics by beating a relegation threatened team. It just shows there’s something wrong with us Arsenal fans. We are the problem not the board and manager doing rubbish, the fans that accept it are the real enemies of Arsenal.

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  31. huss

    sorry but I don’t see walcott as a world class striker, he missed a lot of open chances and his finish is less than average, he is an excellent winger and if he leaves the club needs to buy a decent winger, and rotate lukas podolski and Giroud in front

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