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Walcott shows Wenger why Arsenal would be mad to swap him with Sterling.

I think Raheem Sterling has done very well this season and seems to have a bright future ahead of him, but Arsenal have somebody better, Theo Walcott. When I saw reports today suggesting that Arsene Wenger was going to offer Walcott and £8 million to Liverpool for their 17-year old winger, I nearly spat lager all over my laptop.

The story was in The Sun, so there may be nothing in it, I hope not. Wenger did say that he would get a big name player in if Walcott did leave, but he also said that he wants to keep him. Another brilliant display from Walcott today adds weight to his side of the contract negotiations, and Wenger knows that. The manager did say that his performance proved that he does want to remain at Arsenal.

So give him what he wants. Theo has been frustrating over the years, but he is better now than he has ever been. He proved today that he can win matches, he can cross good balls from the wing and he can finish. Walcott is only 23 and will just keep getting better. Why on earth would Arsenal even consider losing him? If it is over wages, pay him. If he leaves for nothing it will cost millions to replace him, and they might not have the same understanding with Cazorla, Giroud and Sagna that Walcott obviously has. Ask Giroud if he wants Walcott to stay. Surely even his doubters must now be changing their minds. Am I right, Gooners?

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85 thoughts on “Walcott shows Wenger why Arsenal would be mad to swap him with Sterling.

  1. leo

    BREAKING: Andre Santos asked for Emmanuel Adebayor ‘s shirt at half-time. Another addition to his Arsenal-traitors wall

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  2. Craig Taylor

    Everton lost which is good, West Brom are insane atm. They beat chelsea. But tbh im not too worried about West Brom. They have 3 difficult fictures next. We have Aston villa away which we should win. Hopefully we can beat Everton away as well. We can still make top 3.

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  3. leo

    BREAKING: Emmanuel Adebayor Statistics: Goals: 1 Assists: 5

    BREAKING: Richard Branson planning on sponsoring Spurs. But it would be weird if it said Virgin on a teams shirt who got Fu*ked today

    Arsene Wenger has now won 1110 Premier League points at Arsenal. Tottenham Hotspur have 1103.

    i tried to change my facebook password to “tottenham’s defense” but it keep saying password is too weak!

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  4. Aldo

    They could still give him a bigger resign bonus to compensate the 75k salary instead of “greedy” 100k.

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  5. leo

    Edinson Cavani’s agent Claudio Annellucci confirm Arsenal and lfc are talking with the 25 year old striker

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  6. jamaican goonerr

    Bar maybe cazorla theo has been our best player this season …..and if history is anything to go by I wish him well wherever he goes ,I’m at the same time hoping thaat for once we will be able to keep hold of one off our best players if we are unable to do so I think our status as a big club will really come into question

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  7. ams

    spurs still the better team b4 ADEbyor was sent off…
    we still need to strengthen our defensive side…

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  8. YounGooner

    Cant believe this has even crossed his mind. Give Theo the 100k he wants, he’s proved he is worth it. What are you waiting for?!

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  9. Wuhan Gunner

    I have said it over and over again, this boy has proved himself time without number. At just 23 Walcott has a very bright future. I have some few questions for AFC Board;
    1. Are footballers signed to Arsenal FC slaves?
    2. Cant they make demands?
    3. Is it wrong for a player to ask for wage increase considering his improved performance?
    Please sign Theo, the time is now!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. imran

    Wallcot should stay, Pay him what he want, He deserves, he is building Good Understanding Wid GIROUD too!
    I vl Kick Wenger if He says we let Walcot go cox we Have Gervinho :/
    Let Gervinho go, he dont deserve place in Team!
    Pay Walcot what He want!
    N yes thts Spirit n Management WE want, ofeense offense offense, WE have very good Runners who Run Exceptionally WELL between opposition defensive lines, so 1st time pass, n thy did n scored 5 goals could score 10 even, plenty of chances!
    I Believe, nw Whn u are 2 goals Up, Arsenal must not take it light n missed many Chances 🙁
    Arsenal was getting little Slopy, n give SPURS some good OPPORTUNITIES, this thing is killing Us, 2 goals Up n thn become slopy, loose concetration n get equaliser :/
    Well, this time very very positive Display, but Defence must not loose concentration even thy r 10 goals Up!

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  11. k

    That was a good result for us, 3 points closer. I’m not saying we will win the title but if we can drag one more team into the fight for champions league and open up another sport, that massively increases our chances. Might even get 3rd and a piece of silverware (Capital One Cup).

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    5 goals thanks to adebayor send off..if not its tottenham controlling the game. I think walcott should not be swap for sterling..he deserve to start for Arsenal. And MOTM/credit should go to Cazorla for his determination and work rate as always.

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  13. 9jagun

    why is it difficult for the board to understand that waloctt has gelled with this team and he makes them tick. give him his 100 bucks. what is the assurance that the new player u wanna bring in wont ask for more money some day? besides it will only disorganize team that is already starting to gel.

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  14. k

    Walcott’s stats this year:
    9 Goals and 7 Assists in 744 minutes
    1 Goal every 82 minutes
    1 Assist every 106 minutes
    Involved in a goal every 46.5 minutes

    He has been mainly used a sub which just shows the effect he can have coming off the bench or starting a game. He is finally starting to show his class.

    Sterling has 1 goal and 2 assists in 17 games. Yes he is 17 but I would prefer to have Walcott.

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  15. mo

    Dnt up his wages, if he wants to sign then let him if not sell him way you inconsistent wen he puts performances in week in week out then he can try calling the shots. Ppl are getting carried away with his stats this season he has scored4 or 4 of his goals against coventry and a 2nd string reading team So plz calm down. Chamberlain is way better

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  16. stephen187

    No point in selling players once they start to realise there potenial to sign another player that’s going to fustrate us for 2 years while they develop.

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  17. BPAix

    1st of all a player can’t demand a certain position. Coach plays him wherever and whenever he thinks is most efficient. From my view he made a bad decision expressing public his opinion and that maybe made wenger furious.
    And wenger trained him since 17. I think he knows better than anyone where he is most efficient at the moment.
    Secondly you can;t demand to be the second highest paid player in a team on age 23. He is not irreplacable to arsenal while a bad decision can cost him his carreer. Prove yourself that you can be consistent enough for the next 3 years and i am sure a megadeal will come.

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  18. vyash

    thx to henry and cambell who boost the team 🙂
    great result
    wallcot and sagna must stay AND MIYACHI MUST COME

    buy fernandhyno(attck and def miel) (less than 12 m) and sell diaby(sorry for him)
    if we can get cuentro ,il will be great in defence and he can replace podolski in wide
    and get cavani or huntellar
    it will be creat with goroud
    giroud u r the best
    we lust target his Head;)



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  19. Sank

    lots of positives –
    1. schesney calm and composed. little guilty for 1st goal but truly our no.1 for future. happy for his return.
    2. mert, kosc, verm, sagna showed improvement but adebayor helped them a lot but still gibbs is needed and mertesacker what a header pure class.
    3. arteta not his usual dominance but still controlled the game. wilshere, i love his fightfor team and surprised to see him take freekicks.
    4. CAZORLA, we need 1 more of him, had hand in all goals and realy well taken goal and great anticipation. just stay injury free whole season.
    5. podolski had a great game offencively and defensively with assit and goal.
    6. walcott please sign. he too had a great game and got deserving goal and could have scored 2 more.
    7. giroud i think is the best header in epl and has good 1st touch and control. i am loving him and with this pace he could have atleast 20 goals.
    8. ox was looking great and he was realy generous to pass to walcott. ramsey played but needs improvement, lost ball twice and looks slow. santos nearly got assist for vermalean but nothing noticable and no defencive duty.

    a much needed win and a boost of confidence. happy to see henry.

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  20. Joshua

    We need to sign walcott, jetro willems, ettiene capoue and edison cavani/stephan jovetic if we want to be title contenders. But this january ill be happy if we buy jetro willems and a strikier or ben arfa then just convert walcott to a striker.

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  21. Bob Dylan

    Walcott should have been givin a new 6 year contract before 2011-12 season, cant blame anyone else apart from whoever is responsible for contract extentions and negotiations

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  22. vickie

    Lets celebrate this victory but lets not get carried away by it. It’d have been a different ball game had adebayo stayed on the pitch.

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  23. Kezzy

    Now they know what it means to play against a great team like Arsenal. If repeat results like this one then we will have good end to the season.

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  24. Roughchops

    Bacari Sagna should get a new contract BEFORE end of THIS season! Should not be left until this time NEXT year!

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  25. Bouba

    We all know that the obvious is not Wenger quality…

    OBVIOUSLY, it would silly to even consider selling or swapping Walcott…!!

    Remember that we are in the trade an policy of selling our best players… Which is sad and detrimental to the club every time we do it…!!!


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  26. leo

    AVB: We were control from first min to d last; AW: If our opponents are in control from first to last & we win 5-2 then I dont mind too much #epic

    & guys check out the video of sagna ignoring adebayor before the match #legend

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  27. AremaniaGooners

    sign jetro willems and ben arfa .. they will give more depth and option on the squad.
    And please, dont let walcott walk away. He still 23 and have a bright future in front of him !!

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  28. kieran

    i would rather pay walcott wat he wants nd see him become a flop dan 4 us 2 sell him nd see him develop into a world class player

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  29. Bouba


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  30. bob

    I Want Walcott to say but if he wants to go to Liverpool…this sounds like a good deal to me better than to sell him out right and you know the club will not spend money on a replacement …having said that, this will never happen as Liverpool are in control of this deal, with Walcott in the last year of his contract.

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  31. Bouba

    @ JStarr


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  32. Arsenal Is Life!

    Simply can’t afford to let this superSTAR go. Go gετ him Wenger!!

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  33. Pius G.

    Walcott is ok. But he is still not worth 100k. At least not yet. The Ox has bee great in the short spells he’s been having since his debut in the first team and I know that next season, he will be awesome. Now tell me, if that happens and Giroud dusts RVP’s one-season record. How much then should we pay them if we are ready to pay Walcott 100k today, considering his continued eratic performances? He’s done well today, yes. But can we trust him to consistently maintain those level? Yes, he is still young at 23. And yes, he still has a lot of room and time to improve (note that many of his contemporaries have gone far past his level – not just in the La Liga but even those in the EPL). That’s why Wenger is still giving him time to prove himself. Unless and until he does that, he can’t just get what he wants. No sentiments!

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  34. palmer17

    Gota stay no matter what… just pay him what he wants and for once show some ambition

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  35. ks-gunner

    i was never a big fan of walcott…but boy he proved his doubters and me included that they were wrong …common wenger….he deserve the pay rise….

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  36. seagoon

    Wrong. Don’t get me wrong. Theo had his best 1st half for ages and on such a performance i’d love to sse him stay but if it means getting Sterling as a swap then we should bite their hands off as he is already ahead of Theo in ball control (unless Theo can build on today’s performance).

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  37. Derek Papworth

    Theo must stay!!Can you hear us Board and Arsene. Giroud and Theo,a match made in heaven.They will give us some big results,just wait and see.??

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  38. GO


    you’re a typical arsenal fan.

    Will soon give an update on Arsenal’s performance in the last 15 games. for now lets celebrate the victory. But a lot of work needs to be done

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  39. Uche Edochie

    What do you guys think of ramsey? The guy is shit. He should not even be on the arsenal bench. It is decisions like the fielding of ramsey that makes you think that arsenal is crazy enough to sell walcot in january. That is how stupid the club is. They do a lot things that don’t make sense. Ramsey gets games and arshavin does not even get a look in. Eisfield does not play and neither does gnabry. But ramsey gets games and yet he adds nothing to our game. He loses balls, cannot make a decisive pass, has bad judgement and cannot score a goal if you took away the goal keeper. If wenger can field ramsey, he will sell walcot.

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  40. Rasta

    if you believed Wenger would sell a 23 year old who he has waited to overcome his injury prone tag and develop his finishing and give liverpool 8 million on top of that then you do not know the club you support. and for a 17 yr old. He will be essentially starting again. which goes against the grain of his last 2 transfer windows where he has onlysigned experience.

    Are you all so mentally weak that any rumour unsettles you? Cant you guys think for yourself and see that its just the media trying to hype up sterling after making his England Debut. Remember all that zaha talk? whereas it gone now? replaced with all the Ibra is a God talk.

    Theo isn’t going anywhere. Plain and simple. forget what you read.

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  41. Rasta

    @ Bob Dylan

    “Walcott should have been givin a new 6 year contract before 2011-12 season, cant blame anyone else apart from whoever is responsible for contract extentions and negotiations”

    really? before that season walcott hadn’t played up to 40 games in a season for arsenal. In fact he had less than 100 premier league games. he had been there for 5 years before that season. The club should give an injury prone, slightly overhyped and overwhelmingly under performing 21 year old a 6 year deal because they just should?

    Theo still hasn’t completed a full season at Arsenal. This is why I’m guessing Wenger won’t offer him the money he wants. he is injury prone and it would be a significant risk. he is in the same boat as RVP was in 2009/2010 season. he just signed a new deal not worth 100k but close because Wenger believed in him. gave him the number 10 jersey and made him captain.

    Would you offer Diaby a 6 year deal today on the off chance that in 2 years he becomes the best in his position in the world? Didn’t think so

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  42. Wilshere

    We shud riot if walcot got sold cuz if we dnt make move..d board will continue sellin how best player..a banner like ‘give theo wat he want’ in our nxt home game wud be gud

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  43. Rasta

    @ Uche.
    believe me you can do worst than Ramsey as an option off the bench.As you described how every other midfielder in arsenal is playing at the moment i can assume you just irrationally hate Ramsey for a few less than stellar performances. if that is true that would be small minded.

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  44. Rasta

    @ wilshere
    Shut up please. Shut up. you have suggested banners on diff articles for weeks now. if you want a banner buy a ticket make one a nd hold it up at the emirates. other than that please shut up

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  45. thea

    @ Jstarr.
    do you know why liverpool have sterling. Because they played him when they had no one else. Why would they sell one of the few bright spots they have. sterling would have left liverpool and would have never been this popular if Kenny had stayed on there. he had no intentions of playing him even when liverpool fans were damn near begging him too when downing was useless.

    For every sterling there is a Gnabry or an Eisfeld who is hoping his coach takes a chance on him. Like Tom Ince who if he was in liverpool now would be a starter. kenny decided he wasn’t good enough and now they want him back for 5 million. my point is.sterling is a 17 year old kid. why spend money on a 17 year old kid when you have one who is better more technically gifted and actually knows how to play like a winger in Gnabry. And he doesn’t see game time. Its bad thinking bad business shoes desperation and underlines that there is no ambition if you have to start outsourcing where you end your youngsters instead of putting that money into signing experienced players.

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  47. Barood

    in my honest opinion sterling’s abilities and potential are ahead of walcott’s i agree that the later is developing very well but sterling is more dynamic….but who am i kidding we will end up getting someone within our pocket range like thomas ince ..

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  48. ran

    Ramsey out! I don’t care even if we release him for free, he is absolute shit on the ball. He was promising before his injury, but now he just can’t cut it. He’s giving me heart attacks when he gets the ball. He crosses when he is supposed to dribble, and holds on to the ball when he can pass to a free teammate. Bad decision making, acceptable passing (though all of them went to the back or side). Santos was better in an attacking position, should try him at left wing when we are couple goals up with a few minutes left. We need to play every week like we did against spuds, pressuring the opposition on a high tempo and make quick, precise passes and whip in the crosses when the ball is out wide. This worked for us against spuds, with most of our goals coming from accurate crossing, and dominating possession in the game. Coyg!

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  49. Jim A

    Pay Walcott what the other top teams pay their starting wing players of comparable talent. If we can’t do that then he should go. I wouldn’t blame him one bit. A players career could be over tomorrow or maybe last 10 years. If we have billionaires on the board and we do we should pay what players are worth plain and simple.

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  50. S.H

    Walcott for Sterling? Anyday!!!!!!!!!!

    Walcott is always saved by the English media and hyped by the fans. I still think he could have easily got another 2 goals for Arsenal when he had those open chances which he completely fluffed. Poor decision-making again! He played an ok game but nothing to rave about. Do people not watch the same games? I think someone in here once said that “Walcott has a touch of an elephant”. LOL so true!

    Walcott was never as good as Sterling at 17. Technically Sterling is much more gifted. He can take players one on one and turn quickly when he has his back to goal. I also believe Sterling has better vision and a true natural winger/scorer. What a great investment that would be to acquire Sterling. Theo at 24, hasn’t shown me that he will improve much more. He’s had 6-7 years and I still don’t see a significant improvement for a 9M investment!

    Sterling is very much in the same class as the Ox. Both are currently more technically talented than Theo and they’re much younger! Go figure!

    Bob – Did you ever play competitive sports at a high level to understand the technical differences between a good player and a great player!? 7 yrs without a trophy and you want to keep waiting on players to improve. Please tell me you’re not a Ramsey supporter too. If you say yes, then I can completely understand why you regard Walcott as a superhero! You’re the perfect example of the HYPE generated around Walcott.

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  51. kyaw myo thu

    Walcott has shown his quality. we don’t want theo leaving the club, instead GAZIDIS U Must LEAVE, foolish, stupid, self-fish , ugly, Guy…

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  52. madaboutthegoons

    buy Fernandinho from shaktar…solid CDM and can play a bit. perfect replacement for sicknote diaby

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  53. Always a gooner

    lets give him a 2year extension worth 75k …if he wins us some trophies …we can give him 6 year contract worth 150k

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  54. hesbie

    Yes you are right, I don’t see why wenger cannot cough out 10000 in addition to all he his asking. Let forget the past and accept the fact that walcot is a better player now, all he wants is 90000k. That’s all, after all ashavin earns 8000k weekly on bench why can’t wenger cough out 90000k for a player who has given a huge contribution so far the team. Infact this is an automatum to walcot what he is asking for cause we cannot affort to lose a player of his calibre who is ready to give all for arsenal.

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  55. Hafiz Rahman

    Chelsea and RVP United both lost…

    they should have spend another 200million…

    someone should shout them to sign Mvilla, Baines, Falcao, Llorente and every strikers that is available…


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  56. Hafiz Rahman

    @ S.H

    totally agree…

    theres big difference between Bale and Walcott..

    if you look at the game yesterday…Walcott performance was average…

    no run no goal or assist…

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  57. Simon Kibera Kinywa

    Walcott is improving at a very fast rate at Arsenal and his future is Arsenal. I wish he does not give his employer too many conditions e.g MUST play as central striker, MUST pay 75K. Walcott can become a superstar as a winger just like Ronaldo. if Giroud is injured wenger can play him as a striker but he should be now be contented as a winger for the sake of the club.

    Wenger likes him and what he saying is that in case he has to go his plan B is Sterling.

    Arsenal needs additional top notch right footed striker, defensive midfielder (by January) and left back (End of Season or January) and we are done.

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  58. mohawk35

    Walcott: When you ask other top European players and coaches who they fear on Arsenal – the answer is Walcott. Who is producing for Arsenal – the answer is Walcott. Proven entity – stats prove it – no brainer to keep him.

    @Rasta: Please stop trying to defend the disaster that Ramsey has become. You say that Arsenal could do worse than Ramsey in the midfield. Wrong. Almost any EPL midfielder would be better. It is no surprise that Arsenal have failed to win nearly every game Ramsey has started since Jan 2012.

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  59. S.H


    Bale is younger than Walcott and look how often he produces good results for spuds. That goal was with his weaker foot. So many in here praise Walcott because all they see is flash, but I’m a substance guy. Walcott messed up 2 open opportunities and a couple of passes which could have gotten us a few more goals. Balance that out with his goal and assist, then u still get a negative. Man Utd would run rampant on a team with one man down. In other words we need to be more clinical. I won’t take any credit away from the team, they did a fantastic job. The scoreline could have easily read 7-2 as a final result. Henry watching would have thought to himself, “If I was as open as Walcott on those 2 occasions, I would have buried it”. That’s the difference between a good player and an Arsenal Legend! Finish it off, kill it off! Like a BOSS!!!!

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  60. arshavin

    Sorry but it will be insane,Raheem Sterling for all his pace and hype hasn’t shown anything like what we already have in Wallcot and Ox,and most importantly he can’t score goals like Wallcott.I don’t know why we would swap gold for bronze and spend another 4 years trying to turn him to gold.

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  61. arshavin

    Wallcott when asked by sportsTalk host on whether he wants to play as a CF,after the rottenham game said that he has always seen himself as a striker,but at the same time he praised Giroud especially and admitted that when the team is winning it’s not good to tamper with positions,so he is happy to play out wide,and that he will be patient and wait for his chance.So,it seems that the contract situation is basically stuck at wages rather than his position.

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  62. arshavin

    It’s shamefull from some people commenting here to still cast doubt over Wallcot’s consistency,the guy is basically running our forward line at the moment,most of the goals we score are coming from his foot either in the form of goals or assist still people are so caustic to him.If we can spare Wenger for all the mistakes he makes in his decisions,then why can’t we bear a Wallcot.

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  63. S.H


    So they don’t fear Cazorla? Is that why various teams double-team Cazorla or try to play higher up the pitch to push him back from making his passes? Walcott feared by the powers of Europe in Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and Man utd? hahaha. STOP HYPING HIM UP! He still can’t take on a player one on one. Don’t you ever see that if a defender gets close to him, he frequently loses the ball? You need technical ability to dribble pass a player which he never had, doesn’t have and never will have. At 24, he’s not young anymore. He should already be the finished product. Zaha please!

    I agree with you about Ramsey though. The boy is useless! I always switch to panic mode when he’s on. He’s another player that can’t keep possession. He constantly slows the forward movement and runs like he’s on his last legs. I much prefer Coquelin.

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  64. arshavin

    To the delusional fans,there is no such thing as Wallcot hype,but there is indeed a Sterling hype.Media has always been critical of Theo.

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  65. mohawk35

    Walcott is producing and his play and his presence on the field make other players better.

    But can anyone explain why Walcott is taking corner kicks when Cazorla and Arteta are in the game? Is Wenger trying to win over Walcott (Contract Issue) with favors? Makes no sense to me.

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  66. mohawk35

    @SH. Think just a little before you write. I never said others were not concerned about Cazorla. I know for a fact, however, that many top players, coaches (Messi for example) have listed Walcott ahead of RVP as the Arsenal players they worry most about in a game. I am not making this up. I have heard and read the interviews that support what I am saying.

    The point is… Walcott is immediately dangerous with his pace and his much improved finishing – he has proven it over and over and other teams know it. If you don’t want to see it then we cannot help you.

    Of course Walcott is not the only player to be concerned with – no one said that. You are aruging against a point that no one made. cmon, think just a little before you write nonsense!

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  67. bandbaja

    We must keep Theo at all costs. Get CAZORLA to sign a new contract asap. Would not be surprised if a Spanish team comes in for him the ltitle man is quality. Sell gervinho squid bender park djiouro. Keep chamakh in case Giroud gets injured. We need to keep our best players.

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  68. o_0

    Yay! Mobile website is back! Anyway, I think if we keep selling and rebuilding, we’re never going to win any trophies, so keep him!

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  69. Namo

    I’m one of those who frowned at Walcott and his wage demands. I’ve always seen him as being inconsistent. But his performance this season is certainly worthy of the wage he is asking for. His fonishing has improved, likewise his assists, overall composure and level of Commitment. He is 23 and can only get better. Interestingly, he is a Gunner at heart and is willing to give his all for the club. When you have such a player, you do all it takes to keep such a player. AW, plz DON’T SELL WALCOTT.

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