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Wales v Slovakia match preview – Arsenal’s Ramsey in upbeat mood

Aaron Ramsey is looking forward to getting going in his first ever international tournament today, as his side set to take on Slovakia in Bordeaux.

The match is set to kick off in around half an hour, with Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale expected to play key roles in what should hopefully be an opening group game win.

Ramsey revealed this week that Arsene Wenger had confidence in his side being dangerous in France, and he is proud to be able to represent his country in the competition’s finals.

“It’s such a good achievement for us [to reach the Euros],” he told Arsenal Player. “We’ve got a population of 3.5 million and we haven’t done it for 58 years, so for us to achieve that is quite special. The players should definitely be proud of that and we just can’t wait to get started.

“It’s important for us to take it all in, enjoy every minute of it, but we also need to be serious. We don’t just want to go there to make up the numbers.

“We’ve done well, we’re quite a dangerous team and we want to get out of the group. Who knows what can happen from there?

“It’s going to be strange but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I hear all the stories from the World Cup and things like that, and it’s something that I’ve wanted to experience myself. I’m going to be able to tell a few of my stories now.”

I think Wales will be able to win today, despite the recent form of Slovakia, but I don’t expect it to come easy. Should Bale and Ramsey be in top form however, the Eastern European side will struggle to contain them.

Am I alone in expecting a Welsh win today?

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16 thoughts on “Wales v Slovakia match preview – Arsenal’s Ramsey in upbeat mood

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    England doesn’t have any WC players
    Wales has 1 WC player and they also have a good player in Bale

    1. BUR

      For me he don’t look like a player who will set the premiership on fire.

      Ramsey continuing where he finished at Arsenal ……poorly

  2. Redeye

    I would trade this guy to Leicester and get kante in return. Reached the end of my rope with wilshere too who’s massively overrated. Ben sheaf from our Academy is already better than both.

  3. Redeye

    Admin, i find it extremely frustrating that we aren’t linked with Javier Hernandez, the least risky and realistic striker out there. Guy is a natural goalscorer

    1. RSH

      Agree. Watching him in Copa America too, it just all comes so natural to him. That was such a great header he scored against Jamaica. He wouldn’t cost a crazy amount either.

  4. dwon

    Yeah, happy to sell Ramsey. Hopefully his blond ambitions are intended as a shop window enhancement; maybe it’ll distract from his on-field wackness.

  5. rkw

    Shaka wasn’t great for the swiss but watching Ramsey am just thankful we have someone halfway decent in the middle … Ramsey is a thoroughly mediocre footballer .. We need to sell ASAP to add to kitty

  6. RSH

    Arsenal players all picking up wins so far in this competition, glad for all of them 🙂

  7. Ramterta

    ramsey walcott and the ox were excellent youngsters when they arrived.
    Now they have totally regeessed.
    They need to leave arsenal and find a better place for them to reach the heights they were meant to reach.

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