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Wanyama hints at Arsenal transfer – Do we want him?

Arsenal and Wanyama by Stefan

Victor Wanyama has admitted that he is in talks with several clubs over a possible transfer in the coming weeks. This news will come as a good and positive sign to the Arsenal fans who have been calling for the club to sign him up immediately, although Wanyama refused to reveal which clubs were talking to him, meaning that it could be several totally unexpected foreign clubs.

The Celtic and Kenya midfielder has been wanted by Arsenal because of the lack of defensive midfield options since the departure of Alex Song a year ago and the injury problems of Abou Diaby. Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey have been playing deep to try and protect the back four recently but they are not as effective as a physically strong midfielder.

Manchester United were also thought to be interested in Wanyama which could put a dent in Arsenal’s plans to sign him. United are also low on defensive midfield options and Wanyama is one of their biggest targets which could mean Arsenal may have to pay more than they intended for him.

Both clubs are also locked in a secret war for Cesc Fabregas, who Manchester United are intent on bringing in as a long term replacement to Paul Scholes. Arsenal would want to bring him back rather than let United have him though but any deals for Fabregas rely on the player himself and whatever Barcelona decide to do in the end.

Manchester United and Arsenal could be the clubs who are in talks with him at the moment but it remains to be seen if any actual bids have been submitted to Celtic. Neither Arsenal or United will want to splash too much cash on Wanyama as both clubs have a wealth of other targets in mind for their teams. Is the big Kenyan international the man to bring steel to the heart of the Gunners?

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55 thoughts on “Wanyama hints at Arsenal transfer – Do we want him?

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    Need someone experience not another inexperience chap..

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  2. Stefanthegooner

    There was a quote from his father something along the lines of: ‘RVP played for arsenal and then went to man utd, wanyama can do the same’. i personally do not wanyama as he will leave us with any opportunity he has to join man utd, he is a die hard man utd fan. I want signings who will remain loyal and aspire to become arsenal legends!

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  3. Stefanthegooner

    here is the exact quote: “Van Persie went to Arsenal then moved on later to Manchester United. Victor can do the same if he goes to Arsenal. And I believe that is what he wants. He wants to go to Arsenal.” (Sky sports)

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  4. danny boy

    Maybe it is us in for him as I dont believe for 1 min that we will buy Fellani or any player for 24 million.If he is avalible for around 10 or 12 million we mite just go for it as that seems to be our limit in terms of how much we will spend on players which i said on previous debate not long ago ie Giroud Poldolski gervinho.thats why we will also get Grenier for 10 million.For me 10 million dont get you world class players with no dissrepect to those I named we need the player like Fellani Jetovic Isco who will cost maybe 24 million each but I no we wont pay that for any of them guys.Anyway I really like Yanyama so im up for it and hope we get him even dow I would rather Fellani

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  5. Papyjay

    Just another transfer speculation. Aren’t we all tired of these?

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  6. seb

    Meh, Wanyama, Meh!! Squad player at best if we truly intend to steal the league next season. I expect one or two big signings this summer, but undoubtedly I feel we will see a couple of risky acquisitions. Players such as wanyama and benteke I cant see leading us to a beautiful 4-1 demolition of barcelona in the champions league final next season. I’ve seen it lads, it’s gonna be sensational!! Higuain, Mario Gomes or dzeko with somebody like tiote or pirlo bossing CDM! Getting carried away with pirlo, so we’ll make do with fellaini for now. Off topic and a little more seriously I would just like to address the current situation at arsenal in regards to consistency(last 2 seasons). The media are forever slandering arsenal due to inconsistent performances and lackluster players! The last 2 seasons we have seen many players come and go, the players who come are thrown into a morbid world of intense scrutiny, high expectations and chronic pressure. Arsene has always tried to gel his teams together over time and with such pressure he has had to slightly warp his policies. The major impact on the team is that they can’t consistently play football the classic arsenal way of 4 or 5 years ago. It’s obviously gonna take time to mould a full flowing machine of a team, thats the team we want, thats the team wenger wants. Even with a couple big signings this season, it will still be a great task to succeed in our endeavors, if we sign two top players then we are gonna be reliant on two unfamiliar faces which could harm our current form. I obviously want to take that risk, but we need to act now and secure all top players for the future!!!! Peace gooners

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  7. Aussiearsenal

    Im sick of all this BS rumors were linked with every single player on earth. Wont believe until i see it on

    ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

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  8. kiko357

    Call me crazy but I have a liking for Gundogan, even though most are calling for Fellaini. I guess I’ll leave that decision to the ones who get paid to make it…

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  9. Emmanuel Eboue

    He has the ability and potential to be a star. Watched him play for Kenya against Nigeria.. Absolutely BOSSED Jon Obi Mikel.. I would love us to get him even ahead of Wanyama. I think Wanyama can be moulded into the player Wenger wants him to be whereas Fellaini is Fellaini.

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  10. Greg

    He will be a great midfield โ€beastโ€ for us to add some steel, if this signing ever takes place!

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  11. Arsenal19

    I would love Fellaini but Bender, Wanyama, and Pogba would still be great signings

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  12. Neil

    Too much talk and not enough action!

    Fellaini. Higuain. Now.

    We’ve suffered enough losing our best players season in, season out.

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  13. ifnot

    the AM is open to fresh up only with cesc. And for DM ,if fellaini bid fails or lost by any means, wanyama will sign. For sure! (insider)

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  14. Goonsquad8

    Hes my 3rd choice CDM. Id prefer fellaini, then l. bender, then wanyama. But beggers cant be choosers so ya id say we want him.

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  15. Bomber

    Where in this article does Wanyama hint at an ‘Arsenal transfer’? Where is the direct quote linking Arsenal? This site is complete BS now – seriously…people should be taken to task for lying. The rep of this site is laughable now…really bad.

    This articles tittle is a lie…

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  16. Bomber

    Like if you believe the tittle of this article is a complete lie and Stefan should be banned…

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  17. henrychan

    No problem if he want to go to MU after us..
    We can give him 4 years contract.. and for that 4 years to go.. We can make a better DM.. If We bring him for 10 millions and sell him 25 millions after 4 years to MU.. I don’t think that will be bad idea.. hahaha..

    Felaini is great.. but Moyes and Martinez will do their best to get / keep him.. so 22 millions won’t be enough.. I’m sure his price will go to 30 millions or above..
    But Wanyama is not bad either.. with the same money We can get Wanyama and Capoue both.. hehe..
    So would you think one Felaini is better than wanyama + Capoue..??

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  18. Kwasi

    I think the whole thing about him using us as a bridge for Man United is actually quite improbable because it’s slightly different. It’s different being a fan of a club as a player and a fan of a club as a regular guy watching games on your couch. As a player you’re loyal to the club that made your career, as a normal person you’re a fan of a club because many different factors.If he’s successful with Arsenal, which I think he will be, he’ll be fan and stay loyal to us. Theo is a liverpool fan, Ashley Young is an Arsenal fan, Raul is an Athletico Madrid fan and ex player, Michael Essien is a Man United fan and ex player, so on and so forth. The point is once you become a footballer that attachment no longer happens in the same as it is before because not you need to push the current team you’re player for forward.

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  19. ALI-KING

    zidane said that real will have to be prepared to spend more than they did on ronaldo to land the bale. knowing spuds and avb, they will spend nearly 100m pounds on top targets. (avb has good connections with portugal specially porto)

    ivan is saying that we have 70m and that if wenger sees right we will spend. maybe they are pressuring wenger to use the minimum possible out of it.

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  20. dilla

    Ancelotti, hurry up and become the Real Madrid manager so we can sign Higuain

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  21. Gigi

    Hey since we re dreaming a little dream, why not:

    – Lets get Makelele as DM
    – lets get Maldini as left back
    – let get Eusebio for the goals missing
    – Beckenbauer as a libero
    – and Lev Yashin to warm Wojiech up

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  22. AFCF

    fellaini,higuain and isco are in a club without a manager!!!I will pick felliani over wanyama any day.

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  23. tamergooner

    there is no suggestion hes coming to us or anything! whats the hint??

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  24. Wily

    Dรถnt slate a player because of what his father said.wanyama has been respectful to celtic and that is the kind of guy he is.the father wants him in a united jersey but ultimately if we show interest then its down to him to make a decision.kenya and east africa wil explode if wanyama signs coz that is the biggest club this part of the world.

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  25. Seamonkey uk

    Fellini is better and he won’t be going to the African nations cup each year. I don’t want Wenger to buy any African players due to the African Nations cup. They come back tired and injured usually. They never come back stronger than when they left.

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  26. Nrml

    ah the transfer window! the time for wannabe journalists to hog the limelight by writing “news” based on their own whims… and it has not even begun officially…

    i read in the DM about interest shown privately by fabregas and lewandowski in manure…

    the exact quote…

    “It is understood that both players have expressed an interest in joining the Barclays Premier League champions and that United feel they can do the deals.”


    rumours are good… but this is going a bit too far…

    as for wanyama… fellaini any day!

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  27. el gooneraldo

    another one bites the dust…Greniers old man reckons he is staying at Lyon for at least 1 year further, slowly but surely all our targets will either sign for someone else or stay at their respective clubs, and then Wenger and Gazidis will come out with the usual rubbish about we only sign top top players who are available.

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  28. a small fan

    Warning to arsenal’s board, we could sell stars easily but it is so for us to sign a GOOD player. We r not happy n disappointed.

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  29. iddy Mwacha

    I dont like that guy talk rubish about African player even those invisble season 60% made by african player you cant avoid it, how many player do we have from africa now and what do we archive by excluding them,the mportant is to balance the team physicaly and technicaly.

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  30. OLA NOAH

    If you believe anything as regards rumous,gossip and speculation b4 the real signing is done then u r sick n tired of all this

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  31. vims

    @Seamonkey uk. Kenya rarely goes to the cup of nations. I dont quite remember the last time they featured.

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  32. Uche

    Of course arsenal is in talks with him. Arsenal is in talks with everybody! They are even in talks with me, to renew season tickets! There is nothing here boys. Another day, another story.

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  33. Lawrence gf

    Fabregas will not be at the emirates next season.

    Afc never buy players back.

    Profit comes first.

    Wanyama will not be there neither.

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  34. sweeper

    Fellaini is good but will he really fit in with everyone else? will we even spend that amount of money for wages on that position? I think its a position where we have quite a few options on the market…
    Maybe we tabled the bid for fellaini to kinda sting moyes so he actually bids for fabregas.
    Fabregas coming back to arsenal hinges on the scum making a really good offer for him and tempt barca into selling him, this triggers our first option clause and barca already owe us money so we’d get that amount off whatever scum bid.
    We cant go in with the first bid cause barca would take the outstanding balance into consideration in negotiations. we need another team to negotiate a value “on our behalf”
    its probably the only reason why scum havent yet bid for fabregas

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  35. John

    I would love Fellani to be wearing an Arsenal shirt in August, but if it were Wanamaya I would not be disappointed.

    Realistically, Wanamaya is more of a typical Arsenal signings- young, cheaper and mouldable.

    So in answer to the original question – YES and NOW !

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  36. Kemp hater

    Wanyama would prove to be the most influenial signing in midfield since viera and keane 4 utd

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  37. carl

    yeah i think he could be a good player for arsenal and if he fitted in really well n felt loved by the fans i could see him staying and bossing the midfield for ages. but imo i would love to see strootman for 15m from psv or fellini the problem with him is he dont play yhe beautiful game we all love. trophys r on the way aslong as we keep are starting 11 n dissant subs add strootman, williams, cesc n higini or villa n we are laughing Def for wen we get injurys n if tv5 leaves dm as well needed n will sort the team out the most cesc coz he belongs with us and is a true gooner at heart n wi take us up a notch again n a striker to finish off the balls cesc, cazorla willshere n co put in the area. after a season there get board of scoring we supple so many chances. if only 2 bought srootman n cesc as i can see giroud having a better season most french players we sign take a season or two to adjust n to be fair for a 1st season he didnt finish off to sad would of been alot higher if the tap ins were put away but thats a 1st season for ya. sorry about the spelling. arsenal boys have a good holiday coz when u get back u got shit to put straight (v persie take that smile off his face n let him no he f@ked up. have a good day people:-D

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  38. Mr Worldwide

    For God sake. Why are all these people spreading these rumours?? Arsenal have been linked with every players since the beginning of the transfer window and no deal is confirmed yet. Five days ago it was rooney, 3days ago it was fellaini and yesterday it was higuain. To be candid any transfer speculation that isn’t on official website of AFC is an utter false

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  39. Bob2

    Wanyama would be useful. Especially during the winter dip that we regulatly get. A bit more strength when the pitches soften up.

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  40. festo

    hey arsenal board just style up and do serious signings cos we need 2 c the club is going a step ahead.fabregas,higuain,fellain,rooney are all the best we need,mek a smile on our faces once in atleast 8 year cos that is all we need

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  41. Letting

    Wanyama is a fighter with passion, loyal and disciplined player. Above all he is an arsenal fan. Dont slate him for reasons not from his mouth.

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  42. yoso

    ok, some of player pretend to be arsenal fan but are use Arsenal as step stone.

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  43. TRM

    A Player who almost single handedly destroyed Barcelona,
    anyone who can do that should be considered

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  44. Ethiopia

    He is Good Player But he is NEW FOR THE LEAGE and the best option is Maroun Fellani with a long time EPL expriance with a Best Tecnical Ablity HE IS BEST SOLUTION For us and also we have abu diaby,ramasy please Fellani is BEST DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it

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