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Was RvP right about Arsenal?

Robin right, Wenger wrong? by Twig

Sometime in 2012, Wenger sat down with his captain to persuade him to extend his contract with Arsenal. It seems that the meeting didn’t go very well, and that there were fundamental issues, over which Wenger and his captain couldn’t agree

RVP’s infamous statement on his website, seemed to show that those differences were on how to move Arsenal forward; how to make Arsenal challenge for trophies. What could those issues be? No one, except a small circle of people know. Whatever the issues, RVP felt strongly enough about them to leave a club in which he was the highest earner and captain.

RVP has since left and joined fierce (erstwhile?) rivals, Manchester United. He’s been seen by most Arsenal fans as a villain and a money-obsessed mercenary, but are those accusations fair? Recent comments by Mancini confirmed that RVP was a primary target for City. Yet, even though joining City was financially more rewarding, RVP opted to join United. Arsenal fans mustn’t forget that in the summer that Fabregas and Nasri left Arsenal, RVP remained with the gunners even though he wasn’t short of admirers. Was he giving Wenger one last chance?

Usually, when players leave Arsenal, gunners are gleeful when they see them suffer in their new clubs. It proves to gunners that the player in question was wrong to leave. There is this story (backed by statistics I must add), that if you dump Arsenal, you go downhill from then on. Arsenal fans now joke about Nasri’s loss of form at City and Song’s recent nomination as the second worst signing of the La Liga.

But Robin is different! He is currently the highest goal-scorer in the EPL; the front-runner for the Player of the Year award and his club have built a healthy lead at the top of the premier league. Indeed some people (like his national team coach), believe that the Manchester United RVP was the better player than the Arsenal RVP. Unless something spectacular happens, it seems Manchester United will finally be able to give RVP a victory he believed was impossible to achieve at Arsenal.

Each goal RVP scores is symbolic. Each man-of-the-match performance by RVP seems to tell Arsenal fans to their faces, “I told you I was right, didn’t I?” He doesn’t seem remorseful at all and he has continued with his life as if Arsenal never existed. I believe there was a time, once, when RVP really loved Arsenal. His move even though more painful, seems to be motivated by different reasons than Nasri for example.

At the moment, apart from the FA cup, Arsenal seems to be out of every competition that they are in, while Manchester United continues to grind out result in a no-nonsense manner. More painful for gunners is the fact that RVP has been instrumental to those victories; United fans are even beginning to compare him to Cantona!

Pending the time Wenger and his former captain come out with their respective biographies, Arsenal fans must be bold enough to consider the alternative view: that Robin was right to leave Arsenal and that there’s something that Wenger and the board are currently doing that is preventing Arsenal from achieving success.

Yeah, I know it hurts.


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169 thoughts on “Was RvP right about Arsenal?

  1. gunnerscott

    I was hoping every day we would keep RvP, but I think he made the proper decision for RvP. He wants to win, he wants to build his legend status, he is now winning, and he carefully chose the right place to win vs the cash (City). Arsenal would not be in first place had he stayed. There are homes for players who want to play, there are homes for players who want to win trophies, finally there are homes for those who can play & win trophies, he is at an age where he chose to play and win trophies (and he will), how can you blame him? Difference is, Cesc & Song is not going to get much playing time just trophies,,

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  2. DesertFox

    Gazidis should be kicked out right now. Pay him and get rid of him. As far as Wenger is concerned, i’d like to know what his contract says! Probably he gets a % of the profit because he always responds to criticism as if he does have a hidden agenda! If Walcott leaves, then for sure that will be the guillotine down on Arsenal for 2012/2013 season.

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  3. Mike

    I hate that RVP left but when you guys go on and on about how crap are signing where after the fact you simply show how easy it is to be a fan and a poster on a blog. It is a lot harder to spot a player in another league that is doing well and doing well at his club. Giroud Was a league leader and won the league title last year. Sure it was not the EPL but if your going to buy a player from france wouldn’t he look like a good signing? Now a closer look at his playing style would show that he is not a RVP replacement if Arsenal’s plans to play the same style as if RVP never left.
    The problem is NOT the just the players brought in but the failure of Wenger to get even close to the performance out of those players as they showed at their previous clubs.
    Wenger should be sacked and at any other club he would have been. Hell couches that WIn get sacked at other big clubs just because they did not win in a style fitting of the club. Or they win the CL but not the League and they fired. In fact the day Arsenal Lost the CL final should have been Wenger’s last day in charge of this club. That lose was a failure that falls squarely on Wenger. Whet happened after was Wenger stays Henry joins the very club we lost to. There is no ambition in the management so why expect the players to have any. They are happy just collecting their 70K a week and those with any real ambition to Win leave. And not because they hate Arsenal FC the fans love no because the hate the Arsenal FC the current management represents.

    To this day my fondest memories of any Arsenal player are of Bergkamp not just because of how he played but because he left us as a hero should he played out his contracts and retired a Arsenal FC player. I loved Henry and I was happy to see him back in Red and white last year but he will never be my hero again because he soiled his memories when he put on the Barca shirt. Same for our beloved captains Vieira.and Cesc. Because the only Arsenal Captain for me was Tony Adams. the rest where interim captains and we have yet to find another true Arsenal FC captain.

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  4. Cryme d shatter


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  5. saras

    agree wenger is nolonger atop top coach he is just exeptional as his players. iam sure he cant even manage bacelona for now since his not awere of positioning players in right position.. rvp was right to leav a sinking titanic bcs thats what we a for now.

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  6. mohawk35

    RVP certainly had a point that Arsenal were not serious about winning trophies.

    However, Arsenal poured many years of patience over RVP and his career and RVP’s true character has since shone through. He used the Arsenal failings merely as an excuse to go find lots of cash and the glory he somehow thinks is his by divine right while claiming that it was really Arsenal’s fault that he must leave. Bovine Excrement.

    RVP was right about Arsenal and we are right when we characterize RVP as a great player who is also a greedy, shallow, ungrateful, , deceitful, self-centered, hollow shell of a human being.

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  7. DrPepper


    We obviously have a different opinion, why attack me for having a different opinion?

    There is no right answer, the question is rhetorical.

    You believe Wenger, I believe RVP.

    Its just a shame our fans are so divided, its already leading to trouble in the stands at games.

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  8. Gunman

    We need reinforcements now not 31.01.13 at 23:59. Many good players are already bought. Wake up Wenger

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  9. Sp14

    Doesn’t it just make you so upset considering for the last 9 seasons we supported him through his injuries and everything, whenever he got injured we still supported him and never dropped him,

    People keep going on saying how man utd chelsea etc would never of kept Ramsey because of how bad he has been after his injury. (which I kinder agree)

    But do you think they would have kept van persie all these seasons where he has barley played. No they would have sold him years. Back to psv or something

    But we kept him and supported him always saying one day he will be good! (which I always use to say to one of my best friends who is a man u fan)

    And he gets one good season to prove us right I was so happy

    Then he does this
    Joins the rivals

    Wtf man

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  10. Geoff

    Stupid article, Arsenal gave everything to Rvp then he just slapped them in the face like it was nothing!

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  11. Jtas

    Say all you want but where RVP is at right now and the results being achieved there only comes to show he is right. Perhaps RVP wants to pass a message to AW and say huh “See you should do it this way like its being done at MU”
    AW talked and talked with RVP before he left “ooh the plans we have here at Arsenal” but RVP is no fool after all he has been there along time and played with great guys who are being played at unfamiliar positions and see the poor fellows suffer and not being able to produce the best for the club and worst of all for the mates as a team. Aw… you know play a striker in wing positions and so forth. Might as well put a back in a forward position.
    Its no wonder the team has many times look so pathetic. Passion lost, games lost, stars lost. One wonders what are
    they are going to loose next???????????
    Well the club sure need someone with football passion to straighten thing out for the sake of football or isn’t what Arsenal is all about and used to be ?????????????

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  12. 7-3 Yes¿

    Too be honest we sold the league to United and gambled on diaby Giroud and podolski and at this point in the season its sort of backfired :{

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  13. Dalulu

    Wenger has lost it!!! RVP was right, the direction Wenger is taking Arsenal is only mediocre!! Cesc, Clichy and Nasri all won trophies while Wenger’s main aim is to finish 4th, now RVP is next to win a trophy and Wenger only plays with the fans feeling saying he wants someone exceptional, how can he when he sold the exceptional players, Wenger is stubborn and reluctant to buy thinking he will beat Bayern Munchen in champs league when he can’t even beat Southampton, RVP was right the direction of this club under Wenger will yield no positive results, It’s time for Wenger to go!!

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  14. VP

    @ DRPepper

    My intention is to understand your comments more then it is to give you a hard time, as i value your opinion, and as you say, because our opinions are so different.

    I agree that its upsetting to see the faithful so divided, but then you go on to say:

    ”This club is joke – I wont even say our club, because half of you here have your chelsea or united shirts ready to pull on.”

    Do you really think that adopting this school of thought helps bring the supporters together ?

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  15. Danny McCary

    well the annoying thing about this really which i think most will agree with is that if he had stayed along with the new signings we would be title contenders, imagine us in attack with him still leading supported but santi, podolski, and walcott, with a fir wilshere behind. thats why i feel if he did leave for the wrong reasons because with him we would be a serious force this year. he went to united the easy option im more let down on the man he turned out o be as a huge fan of his talent

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  16. goonercrouchy

    RVP is cool. That’s COOL with a capital C and an O and an O and an L. He’s now surrounded by CHAMPIONS unlike Podolski at AFC. I’m a Gooner for life but there are so many holes in the AFC first team right now. We’re a selling club and we’re now as big as Everton or Liverpool or Tottenham. In 2003/04 we were INVINCIBLE. In 2012/13 we’re not.

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  17. ken

    A Judas who left the club that gave him everything for eight years.
    Then, after one great season, what does he do?
    Betrays us, the fans that worshipped him.
    Dont forget what the club offered him..£5million signing on fee and £150,000 a week.
    All those who say he made the right decision and blame Arsene for his decision are crazy.
    Do you think the boss spent eight years bringing him to the level he is know, just to let him go for money?
    Arsene planned for our team to have Fabregas, Na$$ri and Pursey as part of our club for this season.
    It was these players who let the club down (not the board (who sanctioned the offer) nor was it Arsene who spent ages trying to get Pursey to give back some of the faith we showed him.
    So get on the backs of these Judases who let every single gooner down and give Pursey what he deserves when he comes back to the Emirates…our absolute disgust at this money grabbing selfish ****!!!

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  18. first lady

    if he had stayed we would have been stronger in attack no doubt but then again he would see song being sold…and then may be sagna…then wilshere….truth is arsenal dont know how to keep hold of their best players and as a rational human being he must have foresaw that the same old sell all the good players and then singlehandedly draggin the team to anoda 4th position is not the stuff of CHAMPIONS!! so he left….

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  19. goonercrouchy

    Was RVP right about Arsenal? Of course he feckin’ was. Look at the table. It doesn’t lie. With him we’d probably get 4th spot (and that would be down to a huge amount of work on his part). At United he’ll easily get 1st spot. He’s surrounded by champions and isn’t carrying half the team like he used to at Arsenal. Good Luck to you RVP. Enjoy yourself!!!

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  20. Gunner

    Sorry but I have to agree with those who support RVP!
    I think it is unfair to criticize the guy at all!!He gave Arsenal 8 yrs to build a team and they failed to do it! He was 29 yrs old! He knew time was running out for him to win a Championship and he also knew he has the ability to play in a Championship winning team!
    Almost everyone who writes on here would have done the same thing and to deny that is simply not being honest!
    Most would have left even sooner than RVP did.
    Guys do not be hypocritical, you would have done the same yourselves!!!!

    RVP was a great player for Arsenal,and fans should remember that.

    I wish him all the best at MU, if he wins a Championship,good luck to him

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  21. jp

    RVP is a traitor and disrespected our club, our manager and us, the fans.

    When are the guys that defend RVP going to wake up and realise that the idiot went to Man Utd.

    If Man Utd didn’t have RVP this season they would be struggling to win games too.
    Which goes on to why he left and it is because he wanted more money.

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  22. WC

    Can’t blame RVP. Every year I imagine he had to sit through a rubbish speech by Wenger saying that he would build a team that can win things but it’s been 8 years and we’re so far from even getting to a final of anything. Hell we can’t even break into the top four regularly this season, much less hope to stay there. We were on a top four ride for years and this year might be the year we hit the end of that ride.

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  23. goonercrouchy

    Gooners, we have a fantastic stadium. We have a fantastic history. We support a fantastic club. We’ve got an okay team but it’s only okay. It’s gonna happen but it may take a year or two (or three, maybe four, etc) …

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  24. shahin

    Great article. I hate it when he left but honestly he made the right choice at the age of 29 you cant wait too much longer to win a trophy. He waited 7years he gave arsenal too much time and he was right about ambitionles arsenal. I personallly dont think we will win any major trophy any time soon with the current board and manager.

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  25. zulhazmiabd

    While the other teams busy buying good players,our manager just busy giving excuses on good bargain that will never happen at arsenal…. France is where his pure option of players…..

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  26. zulhazmiabd

    If you are too good in economics,why don’t you quit managing a club and be an academic staff of any universities?That fits your reputation I think..

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  27. ubatgoonergooner

    Out of all three(RVP,Fab,Song)- maybe Fab will return back to Arsenal one day

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  28. henry gunners

    I feel like crying whenever I see RVP perform great in MAN UNTD shirts. oh Mr Wenger! what have we done??????

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  29. brendamccorry

    he played for Arsenal eight years and he won us not a thing he kicked the ball and let Arsenal fans down and i will never forgive him for joining the scumbag Man United

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  30. Joe

    He made the right decision to leave when he did. If he had stayed we would have deffineitly got into top4 but we still wouldn’t be strong enough to mount a title challange.

    Were so far behind the 2 manchester clubs that its laughable. Our whole first team is ridiculously unpredictable bar 1 or 2 players.

    In terms of quality were not bad at all infact we have one of the most technically gifted teams but were so inconsistant and we have been for a number of years now. There’s never an Arsenal game where you can say before kick off this is 3 points in the bag because we usually dont turn up against the poorer teams.

    Until we sort out this unpredictability of players then were never going to catch the other 3. It must be a mental thing because its been happening for a number of years with many different players, when ever we play weaker teams we play at such a slow tempo and drop points on a regular basis.

    I love Arsene Wenger but he needs to change something in the coaching department, new tactics, new formation, new training programmes. Something needs to change because at the moment we look extreamly poor and a consistant basis and we have been lucky to pick up a lot of points this season that we haven’t deserved.

    I look at Spurs and i think there chances of top4 are so much better then ours. There consistant they attack teams relentlessly. Against Reading they had 34 shots on goal, and we could only must 3 all game against saints. Its a horrible thought but top4 looks increasingly unlikely by the game and with chelsea, city and liverpool in the next few games we could find ourselves very far behind.

    I want to have faith but this is looking like a harder task then last year and we’ve lost a person who scored all our goals and another who assisted a lot.

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  31. shane

    You don’t say that you can’t see yourself in any other shirt than Arsenal’s and then move to Manchester United of all teams, that’s only a bit worse than Spurs in my opinion. If he and Song stayed, you can only imagine where we might have been right now…

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  32. hallucinations

    haha go support Man Utd then, your beloved RvP is doing so well over there. And don’t come and give me something like ” Oh he is different from Cesc and Nasri, he decided to stay and gave Arsenal one more chance”. What a load of crap!

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  33. Huge


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  34. RT

    Why are we sitting back and being taken for a joke of a ride by our board? Why are we not even trying to fight for our beloved club? Every single Gunner here dreams of an invincible team back, yet we fail to really face the reality of the slow decline all due to bank balance. I for one am losing all remaining patience

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  35. DocBrody

    I’d take RVP back in a heart beat, but someone should mention that as a team we’ve scored more goals without him. I think it took ua until February to score thia many last year.

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  36. sansabonsam

    It is sad to see Wenger build a winning team then tear it apart…..whose idea was it to tear all those teams apart?….only Wenger knows…….there was the powerful dominating arsenal team that he tore into pieces……then the team that played sweet beautiful passing football…..which he tore apart……why?….he has not even been using the young talent at his disposal……if the older players are not winning he should be using the younger players…..losing RVP has cost him a lot more than from any individual player…..and he was warned about it too… may cost him his job

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  37. You would do the same

    Hey, if someone offer you a better job, higher rewards, surrounded by Champions, higher pay, help you achieve what u always wanted in life. Would you take the job? Or would you stay with the old company?

    Yeah, answer that!

    However, football is different coz it’s not all about the things above. It’s about love you share to the club and to the fan. Leaving for a rival is unacceptable in football!

    Just like Sol Campbell leaving Spurs for Arsenal, he achieved what he wanted at Arsenal that he couldn’t achieve at Spurs. And everyone (Arsenal Fans) said he made the correct decision! And Spurs fans disagreed!

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  38. JOoooones!!

    Would Thierry have stayed if we were not winning? Viera? Oh wait….they left when we stopped. Henry only left arsenal to win the champions league. He too believed that that was not going to happen at a place he still calls home. Attack me if you want but in all honestly RVP made the decision any footballer would. I also honestly believe that if Barca or Real came for him ahead of united he would have gone there instead. Real Footballers want to win trophies. They are not many great players that would accept mediocrity.

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  39. Ddog

    the more the season has progressed, the more i realized why RVP moved on from a professional footballers perspective. i don’t resent him for it anymore. but it still feels like a little bit of my soul disintegrates every time he scores with a man u shirt on. pffft i need to get out more

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  40. budski

    no. after that ‘little kid in me’ and the ‘glory glory man utd’, I can only see him as a man without loyalty. a true mercenary. who says United can’t make a better deal than City? City’s wage bill should be stacked to the heavens by now perhaps they cannot afford to pay RvP as much as United.

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  41. LOL

    Before RVP had his run without injuries I always loved his game. I even named my dog after him and now watch Manchester United matches to watch him play. Arsenal fan through and through but RVP is just too good and knows what he wants.

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  42. Gooner

    In top clubs, bonus is given to manager and CEO for winning trophies while at Arsenal it is given for maximising profit(by selling players}

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  43. sleekgun

    Great write-up.
    Arsenal has lost ambition and RVP has a right to live his dream; he was patient enough but the board hadn’t shown much ambition and Wenger told him to his face that Poldi and Giroud are his replacement.
    No matter how we feel, even if he struggled to still stay at Arsenal, he would never have been satisfied with such inconsistent, high-blood pressure giving status that we are now branded. Up today;down tommorow and obviously Wenger still shows his stubborness by loaning deadwood and refusing to spend some cash for the needed players. Failure + excuses can never be equal to success and Wenger is in those realms at present; he needs to wake up.
    The question I’ll leave you with is; ” Are you satisfied with Arsenal’s run over the years? If not, why would you expect a player who is almost past his prime to stick to plummeting methodologies? Arsenal is a club like any other, if a player doesn’t make his name somewhere, he’ll make it somewhere else but if we want him to make it here, we have to give him (them) enough reasons to do so cos they are humans like us and we all love fulfillment.

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  44. gunnerscott

    who are we to critisize? if we work in a company, the company gives us thier support, but we see the company is not taking care of thier future, do you stay at that company? have anyone never quit a company on this site, RvP simply quit a company, its hypocritical to say Arsenal were loyal, so he needs to ciontinue to loose with them! the way this works is if you are a team committed to winning, ie: barcelona, you attract the best players, arsenal is committed to profit,,, I luv Arsenal, but they have no right to talent, they have an obligatiion to fans to attract and retain talent. same as a company has obligation to its shareholders to restin and attract talent.

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  45. gunnerscott

    by the way,bad news, a company only focused on profit will only adjust when profit is in jeopardy. but, the adjust will not be to win, but to do enough to restore profit. when the goal is profit, trophies have little motivation,they are simply won by happenstance,,,, teams that are dead set. on winning trophies, win trophies,,,, just look at mid table for proof, these teams have no chance to win the league, so thier existance is staying in the league, so they never build to win the league, they build and spend to stay, big difference, and thier fans understand. our issue is simple, our fans want trophies, our team want profit and financial health, mismatch in objectives and we loose as a result

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  46. duhduh

    HE WAS RIIIIGHTT…f***ingright…

    bad luck for arsenal fans, after he left, everything seems so hard now.

    ooooh tooo beee aa gunnerrrr… foreverrrr

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  47. Shakur

    RVP was right looking at his age,talent,income and then nothing to show for it in terms of trophy.Removing RVP’s goals for ManU and adding it to Arsenal’s doesn’t mean Arsenal can win trophy cos u don’t expect a tree to make a forest.If we had removed RVP’s goals for Arsenal last season where do u think Arsenal would have been?@ATFC,Gerrard chose not to leave Liverpool cos he has won trophies with them.What has RVP won with Arsenal?

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  48. Machine-Gunner

    Stop posting about Rubbish-bin Fat-pursey!!! His a traitor and doesn’t deserve an article that long.

    Its traitor-scumbag-sh**-face players like him that hav put us in the position we’re in. Him, Na$ri, Adebayor, flamini all disloyal Fu**s.

    He lacked loyalty and grew a big head.. He won’t go as far as he thnks he will at United.. Mark my words.

    If u going to write an article, write about transfers, and on the pitch progress, not wether traitors were wrong or ryt. His a traitor and can only ever be wrong!!

    He left for United!! He’ll always b wrong!! Wake up!!

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  49. Dilshad

    We fans love players not for the trophies they brought us but for their dedication and love for the club and towards us the fans….On that sense Van Persie has disappointed us.

    He left the club that stood by his side during all his injuries and left it for trophies.
    He could have moved to juventus but he choosed our rivals.

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  50. Hafiz

    I agree with @Danny McCary. If RVP would have stayed I think we would have been in a good shot to win tittles. Players have got to start looking at themselves to be leaders. To be the catalyst to win something. Not to just walk into a team and gain instant success.

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  51. Lawrence gf

    No complaints.

    Arsenal lack ambition and a footballing focus.

    RVP didnt want to end up a loyal but trophyless loser.

    It will sadly take a few more years for some fans to realise this

    And for arsenal to recover from constant departures of talent.

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  52. davidrusa

    RVP will continue being right until the day Arsenal beat Man U and win a trophy. I am ever an optimist and I wish to predict against everyone’s popular belief that sooner rather than later Robin Van Persie will be long. It is not yet “fait accompli” that Man U will win EPL this year.Besides Arsenal is slowly and steadily building a better team than at any time since 2005! It will not be long before Arsenal changes positions with Man U. I give it just one season at most. Where is my optimism best? (a)Arsenal’s financial position is healthy and getting better (b) Arsenal’s team needs just a few additions, at most three, to be complete (c)Nearly all Arsenal stars will be around for at least three more years (d)Much as Wenger is denigrated, he has ever won cups and the same magic wand will always come back to the one who had it (d) The Arsenal team has always been undone by injuries and this can’t be till eternity. With all those factors in mind I feel like John Kennedy and “dream of things that are yet to happen and say why not?”

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  53. goondocks

    I feel that Wenger let him go too easily. He should have strapped him to a chair and held a sawn-off shotgun to the back of his head and forced RVP to sign a 100 year contract.

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  54. Popeye

    RVP loved Arsenal FC perhaps more than Cesc, Nasri & Song.
    But I support him in his decision to leave. Wenger is getting arrogant day by day. He thinks he is the only 1 doing right things in the world. When clubs like Man Utd & Barca sign top class players for high prices, who does Wenger & Arsenal board think they are. There is clearly 1 solution to it, abandon matches, watch from home, don’t allow them to make money, only then these fools would wake up.

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  55. marcellgooner

    Are you guys even arsenal fans who post negative things about arsenal?if you were real arsenal fans you would defend your team no matter what.just tell me something ‘gooners’if arsenal would get relagated would you stil suppport arsenal?I mean for me win or lose arsenal for life I don’t care if we get relagated.there is no team but arsenal and if you guys really were arsenal fans you would defend your team.thumbs up gooner for life no matter what or thumbs down just stop supporting because you feel we won’t get anywhere

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  56. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Van Perse was right when he said Arsenal had no ambition.

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  57. femi

    Pls dont post anything about that traitor again who cares if he is right or wrong….can he tell fergie the type of players he should sign???????

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  58. saras

    rvp is not atraior but wenger is definatly a traitor bcs he is the reason y our best players leav each and every season. u dnt start to play fotboll bcs u wanna be in 4th team but you play fotboll becouse you want to be in 1st team… yes or no.. wenger is always talking about the top 4 f”k that shit.

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  59. Niel

    We lost more than just a goal machine in RVP – he was a fantastic captain and good ambassador for Arsenal – he was an Arsenal man! Praised the fans and worked with the team – there is no value you can put on that.
    I do agree – we have lost ambition. Sad times

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  60. james

    f*** RVP If it wasnt for Arsene would the man even know he can play up top on his own. Arsenal fans adored him even after 8 completely average years due to injury in which he played 80 games and we happily still paid his wage.He Also stated when he left it was “the littleboy in me telling me to go united” with a big picture of him when he was a teenager with an arsenal top on ?! He is carrying U

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  61. james

    He is carrying uniteds whole team just as he carried ous last year he is just a example of a money grabbing footbvaller in todays world because with him in any team they can challenge for titles no player has ever been bigger than AFC

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  62. modestat

    Embarrassing actually, to reduce the future of our great FC to the exits of RVP, Nasri or Song. Our team not playing well rather has a lot more to do with the coach &/ or the dressing room antics…. PERIOD.

    If there’s an arrangement between AW & the board, it makes sense to have let the fans know, rather than guess, and question even the boards commitment to winning.

    If players aren’t staying, shouldn’t that be the issue than naming players? That is, finding out why? If the board can’t change their approach to players salaries, can’t make the team happy to stay, then thats the problem that needs resolving.

    If AW can be sacked, who do we want ‘them’ to bring in, that won’t have to start all over again? I don’t know what’s going on between the board & AW, but things have got to change. If they can’t sack him, he had better change something in what he’s doing that’s making the players lose their drive, zeal, passion or CONFIDENCE, to win each and every game.

    Therefore, if he’s still building a team that will be sold in time for some extra bucks, what in the world is going on? Telling us that 4th in the EPL table is a trophy, is a great slap to commitment and true professionalism. Also, telling us he didn’t come to watch others come to win trophys, and show obvious lack of control, inability to keep players, show some 2facedness on his I part I didn’t expect. How can you keep great players and rejoice in mediocrity (of 4th place)?

    Finally, to save face the board should tell its teeming fans, its no longer able to run the club efficiently, its not as financially liquid as they’re making the club seem & they’d entered into an agreement of some sort for AW to run things until when they’re out of the financial mess they’ve dug themselves into.

    This way we the fans know where things stand and stop being divided over what’s an issue caused by the board & AW.

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  63. Anfield 89

    I have to agree. It pains me but i still have love for RVP. In 2009 He signed a new contract and said it was nothing to do with money but ambtion how did we show our ambition Fabregas gone Nasri Clichy gone, who comes in Gervino Squllachi Chamak wot did we expect. The fact is any of us would have probably left sooner with the lies Wenger and the board spout. Every year he states with a straight face that we can challenge for the title and then by December its a top 4 place. Out of all the players who have left us RVP had the most class. I would have loved him to join Juve but they wouldnt pay wot our greedy board wanted in fact the only player who was a real mercenary is Adebayor (plays 4 scum after they racially abused him). Fact is we wont win anything with Wenger or the board. His far from perfect but bring Usmonov and Moyes or Pep. Prediction for this season 5th

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