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Was Wenger bluffing as Pires declares Mbappe to Arsenal transfer ON?

It was hardly surprising to hear Arsene Wenger admit recently that Arsenal were keeping an eye on the young Monaco and France international star Kylian Mbappe, as the 18-year old is one of the most pacy and prolific forwards in the football world right now.

Neither was it a surprise to hear our manager suggest that the Gunners would not be the club to sign him this summer because a lot of other clubs in the Premier League and around Europe would also want to seal this transfer and we would struggle to compete financially.

However, Wenger’s suggestion that Arsenal would not be a serious contender for Mbappe may just have been revealed to be a bit of a bluff by his former player and current member of the Arsenal coaching team, none other than the great Rober Pires.

Our former star was interviewed recently by BWIN and asked about the young French forward and unlike his boss Pires claimed that there is a strong chance that Arsenal will be the side to sign him, although he also said that the comparisons between the Monaco star and his former teammate Thierry Henry were a bit premature.

The Gunners coach said, “The comparison is unnecessary, he’s not ready to be compared to Thierry. Mbappe is a very similar player but to compare the two players would be unfair. I hope that Kylian can follow in the footsteps of Thierry Henry, he has the same profile as Thierry – quick, strong and a great finisher – but he’s very young so I would hold off on comparisons just yet.

“I do think Arsenal will sign him. The problem is how much. Mbappe has the potential to play for Arsenal and Wenger is the right manager to manage him. Monaco and Arsenal are very similar in clubs, so it won’t be much of a transition.”

I originally thought that Arsenal have little or no chance of this transfer but Pires does have a point about the Monaco, Henry and Mbappe connection and you could understand why this very promising young striker might feel that Arsenal under Le Prof would be a good move for him. Could it really happen?


25 thoughts on “Was Wenger bluffing as Pires declares Mbappe to Arsenal transfer ON?

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    I would love to see Mbpape doing the business at Arsenal BUT there’s no way that Arsenal will splash the cash that’s needed to bring him here.
    It seems as if Pires’s comments have been blown out of context, it’s made out to sound as if Arsenal will sign him but at what cost he doesn’t know. We are more than likely to see the 18 year old remain at Monaco for another season at least and even so, if he did end up at Arsenal in the near future, it would only be as a stepping stone towards the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      And why not?
      when our very own One Season Wonder, Wenger’s blue-eyed-boy, the brown tongue king… The one and only??Ahhh me hamstrings Ramsey is still living the delusional dream of playing for the mighty Barcelona, one day.

    2. Twig

      Is this really Fatboy Gooney? Why sounding so thoughtful and serious? Where are all the tongue out smileys and !!!!. Weird.

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Lol ?? yeah, You were right Twig, it wasn’t me ??I let my 3 year old nephew play games on my iPad… He must have got bored and logged on to my JustArsenal account ??

  2. Goonerboy

    Pires usually talks like he has some inside knowledge about Arsenal..remember he even said Wenger will stay..
    Concerning Mbappe, Wenger has literally said we can’t afford him, but do you really think Wenger will come out and say…..”We will sign Mbappe” no he won’t!

    That said, I really don’t care if we sign Mbappe however exciting that might be and that’s because it doesn’t guarantee any further success so far Wenger is in charge…
    But if you say we wanna add Monaco’s coach alongside Mbappe, I would feel happier

  3. John Ibrahim

    no way we can afford Mbappe unless we are directly under the pay roll of our 3 billionaires owners…

    Fans need to do something about it

  4. Red Dawn

    I’ve been keeping my eye on the new Bugatti Chiron
    Does not mean I have a hope in hell of buying one.
    Lets leave the world class players to the top teams and be satisfied with the last minute over priced signing of dregs like Mustafi, Xhaka et al that we all know that demented moron will bid for on the last day of the transfer window.
    You know it will be like that
    I know it will be like that.
    So where is the point in hoping…

  5. Arsenal_Girl

    If I could have a team of combined Arsenal/Spurs players

    Bellerin….Koscielny…Alderweireld….Vertonghen (can play left)

    Subs: Cech, Ospina, Mustafi, Walker, Monreal, Cazorla, Xhaka, Walcott, Alli, , Giroud

    1. ThirdManJW

      No Rose at all? Bellerin over Walker? Ozil ahead of Alli? Cazorla not starting? Not so sure on the lineup.

      1. Break-on-through

        I saw Kane in one once. I think I saw Sissoko in one too, and Wanyama. I saw Janssen copy pasted with one on when he dreamed about joining. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hugo Lloris wore one to match his bed covers. So either many of that team see Tott as a stepping stone or else I’m living in a parallel universe.

  6. JPS_AFC1

    Red Dawn leave the world class players to top teams are you serious. What’s the use off supporting the club if you have no hope, we can, we have and we will sign world class players. Who in the last transfer window was over priced in the current market. If Pogba is worth £125,000,000 euro i think we did ok with what we paid for the player we bought. Pogba has not had the greatest off seasons either and has not done much better than the players we bought. Viera was no better than Xhaka has been in his 1st season and we all know how that turned out. If we had a tactically astute manager with a great game plan we would have won the league this year and last year. If Conte was our manager we would be where Chelski is this season with the same squad. Man U and Man City are full off world class players and they have not been much better than us. Why support the club if you have no hope and don’t believe in the club.

  7. Twig

    Keown says Kanu’s goal at WHL against Spurs in 1999 is his favourite moment in the NLD. Really miss Kanu. We could do a bit with his genius and outrageous flicks these days.

  8. Break-on-through

    I don’t see anyone breaking the world record to sign a youngster who only got promoted to the first team this season. Martial was a similar situation and Mbappe looks much better than him. I didn’t think that much of Martial at the time and I thought Arsenal fans went way overboard about it. That was only thirty odd million, this fella they are saying 70 80 even 90 or more.

    Pires doesn’t sound like he knows anything, unless he knows we will never pay whats needed so he is using Mbappe as a decoy. If we were really interested, and willing to go to 65m or 70+ after add-ons, well then it would’ve been best for Pires to stay quiet and see how it would play out, 65 is allot for a kid that has 13 league goals only whilst the more experienced Lacazette has something like twenty four. Mbappe is playing in a more attacking team than Lacazette too, I think eventually one day Mbappe will be a class all on his own compared to Lacazette, but at this stage it is still promise that you’ll be paying for.

    Does promise deserve to break record transfer fees. I think he will be at Monaco for one more season, I also think if we offered 65 for him and nobody else offers more than that well then that is an extremely good price. Two or three seasons ago I think 45 to 50m would have been his number, that is Suarez price. Arsenal is a good place for a player like this to develop, though I see him at R Madrid after next season or eventually that’ll be his destination.

    Monaco really have got some jewels in that side. All this talk of a director of football, the answer could be staring us in the face.

    1. Midkemma

      Upfront of around £35mil and leading up to around £60mil.
      Do we know what the conditions are for UTD to pay that extra money, I haven’t looked to don’t know TBH.

      Now… this is hypothetical but what if Arsenal offered £30mil upfront with £30mil on winning the EPL and £40mil on winning the UCL?

      “Monaco really have got some jewels in that side. All this talk of a director of football, the answer could be staring us in the face.”

      This is a good point ^.^
      I wonder if we could talk him into selling us some star players for cheap before jumping ship lol.
      Joking aside, Monaco have not only got some good kids through but bought in some good players who I wouldn’t mind in an Arsenal badge, Fabinho looks a real talent along with Mendy…

      Monaco also seem to get good money for their players and that would put a big fat smile on Silent Stans face.

      I don’t know who it is at Monaco that deals with that but when thinking about it, they do deserve credit as they do appear to do well.

    2. dutchy

      Mbappe 2-3 seasons ago was not even in the first team and too young to buy. Last season Arsenal tried to close a deal and they probably offered around 50 million pounds but now we can never afford him with a owner like Kroenke.

  9. Midkemma

    I do not know if we will get Mbappe, I thought we wouldn’t but when you look at who else might get him and how they are interested in other proven strikers…

    We may get him because everyone else will be competing for players like Griezmann and Lacazette.

    I do also wonder if we might have a bit if an advantage if we go for Fabinho as well which we have been rumored.

    1 big bid for 2 players type of thing, yeah it might be as much as £100mil for them both but they are Wenger type of players and the type of signings we need to show Alexis that we are serious about challenging and not just making up the numbers.

    If we get the LB for free as well then we would have spent around £100mil on 3 players, this then looks like a very real Arsenal budget, we spent nearly £90mil on 3 players last time…

    I admit it is unlikely from my perspective BUT it isn’t impossible and not that outrageous if we get a couple bargains like that free LB…

  10. Nathan

    Well there has never been A “Wenger out protest” this strong. There hasn’t been a time under Wenger where we had genuine doubt’s about making champions league qualification. There hasn’t been a time under him where he was desperate enough to change formation. So its safe to assume the desperation could be enough to make the impossible signings happen. We can’t know how he’ll react cause he’s never been here.

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