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Was Wenger’s job under-pressure after Liverpool defeat?

Stuart Pearce believes that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger ‘learned’ from the defeat at the hands of Liverpool, but that he would have ‘interchangeable’ had he not so swiftly turned it around.

The Gunners lost 4-0 to the Anfield club in the back end of August, but have since won six of their seven outings in all competitions, and have shot up the table into fifth place at present.

The form may well have coincided with the closing of the transfer window which would have been a definite distraction for a number players, especially those with limited time remaining on their contracts, but the team most certainly appears to be playing much more of a unit in recent weeks.

Stuart Pearce now claims that the Gunners boss has learned from the defeat, as have the players.

“Arsene Wenger is an intelligent manager and he has learned the lessons, as have the players who went to Liverpool and played so expansively that they got ripped apart by a team who are not unlike themselves,” Pearce said.

“They proved that with a 0-0 at Chelsea. The exposure on managers is very high at the moment and they are the one person that is interchangeable at the club: Chairman are not going to fire themselves and players are not going to step down and say they haven’t earned their money this week.

“The manager is the one who, I wouldn’t say the weak link, but he is the one who is interchangeable at the club and that’s the way the profession has gone, I’m afraid.”

Are these statements true of all clubs, or every club but Arsenal? Is Wenger unsackable? Does the Arsenal boss deserve all the plaudits for our upturn in fortune?

Pat J

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13 thoughts on “Was Wenger’s job under-pressure after Liverpool defeat?

  1. Tony

    wenger’s job is life long guranteed.
    4-0 to liverpool is nothing compared to 11yrs without trophy

  2. Me

    Win or lose.
    Play well or badly.
    It does not matter to the owners – money is what matters to them.
    So no, Wenger is never under threat until he starts losing them money.
    Arsenal are not about success on the pitch – its about success on the stocks markets.
    That is not Wenger’s fault by the way..

  3. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Anfield was a one off. It was a freak result never to have happened before or to be repeated.

    The club is in great shape. We will comfortably finish above LFC this season as champions while they struggle to finish 6th

    1. Pablo Picasso

      @ Gunner4Life

      I guess its slow news day.

      Anyone with updates from the “Big 6” meeting?

  4. Sandeep

    Haha joke. Pressure is what ancelotti faced at Bayern Munich.after 10-2 defeat last season Wenger should be sacked.

    1. Quantic Dream

      He should have gone after the 8-2 mauling at Old Trafford…or maybe the 6-0 drubbing at Stamford bridge..or maybe the 6-3 demolition at Man City?No I know, the 4-0 champions league destruction at the hands of AC Milan…thats when he should have gone!

  5. the barrel

    Ask Wenger, not us. No one knows besides Wenger. On the contrary, Wenger has absorbed the pressure for all these years, so Liverpool loss is nothing.
    Anyone makes business to make profit. If you were Arsenal share holder, would you fire someone who makes profit for you? I doubt it. Thats the reason Wenger is still Arsenal manager. I dont think this concept needs a rocket scientist to unerstand

  6. Clive

    Arsene is never under pressure for what’s so ever reason.
    Arsene to Arsenal is what is called job security.

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