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Watch out Watford – Arsenal´s assist king is on fire

The Arsenal and Germany star has already started to silence his doubters in the football media and if he carries on the way he has been doing so far this season, Mesut Ozil will soon have the likes of Michael Owen and Paul Scholes eating their words.

There was a certain stat about Ozil´s creative influence doing the rounds the other day, as reported by Metro, suggesting that he was the most influential creative player from the the top five leagues in Europe when going by how often he produces a key pass.

The German play maker is also building a great understanding with Arsenal´s current first choice centre forward Theo Walcott and although Man City´s David Silva and Norwich City´s Wes Hollahan are just edging him in Premier League assists this season, I would not be surprised to see Ozil regain his status as the king of the assists pretty soon.

Next up for Arsenal are Watford and they should be very worried about what Ozil might do to them, especially after he put in another star performance for Germany last night, winning a penalty and setting up Kruse for the second and winning goal against Georgia last night.

Ozil was in fine form and produced a few sublime moments of magic to show that he really is in full flow right now. Watch out Watford and the Premier League, because Ozil is back.

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17 thoughts on “Watch out Watford – Arsenal´s assist king is on fire

  1. joe from kenya

    off topic guys today is arsene wenger 19th annivesary since employment at arsenal

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  2. Gunner

    Well he and the rest of the team will have to work hard since Watford have just conceded 1 goal in 4 home games thus far…

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  3. kelchi25

    Don’t like it when you praise them and at the end they flop up….lets just watch how consistent they are before praising our stars….happy 19th anniversary to wenger

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  4. actor4gunners

    The work is not done yet! We still have bayern munich in the champions league, but first let’s handle watford maturedly. All hail Ozil!!

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  5. Eddy Hoyte

    I never doubted Ozil for once so am not’ll take more than Ozil to ruin Watford,hopefully the players can and should put up a sublime performance else the media will attack immediately , saying we are one day off one day on..inconsistent..we gotta play that beautiful football against Watford so we can pur fear in others. but lets not underestimate them, play them like its a cup final..shouldnt drop points..
    thumbs up to the players who performed well for their country and whoever didnt perform well, your time will come. I miss matchday *puss in boots sad eyes*

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  6. dragunov762mm

    I’ve said it many times that Ozil problem was base on his physical fitness not on his vision. Now, with his current work rate we all knew why Real Madrid recruited him. The European assist king is on his way back. Owen and Scholes, you can eat **NO SWEARING**

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    1. angryblackman3

      Havn’t heard anybody complain about his vision. Bit stupid seeing as he clearly has some of the best in europe. His vision lol

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  7. muda

    I prefer facing teams with a such a record so that we won’t take them lightly, which is our greatest weakness I believe.

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  8. Roe-hahn

    Speaking of Watford, must say been mighty impressed with Ighalo. His dribbling,his pace and trickery..swear to God, he reminds me of the King more than that Martial kid..

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    1. Gunner

      And they also have Troy Deeney who hasn’t had his scoring boots on as yet – will be eager to get his 1st goal…
      I would also be wary of most of their players had 2 weeks rest while most of our players were busy on international duty…But glad to see our guys managed to get some goals – esp Carzola..

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  9. Kotte

    Bt hates özil and arsenal playrz at large…they wud rather praise Martial than Giroud though he scored two important goals i cnt imagin wat wud hv hapened if Martial had scored and Giroud flop…i dnt lyk Giroud bt that site likes putting our playrz down the other week it ws özil!

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    1. GoonerLad

      Dude what do you expect ? none of them are real journalists, most of their writers jump on bandwagons to get a lot of readers 😛

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  10. Classygunner

    @kotte… Bro you are not far from the truth. In as much as I like the site, I hate the way the jump on our club and players back the moment we have a bad game

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    1. Kotte

      I ges the best way to respond them is thru the pitch n am glad our playrs r doin so….this must b the best international break 4 our playrs in a long while…no injuries n they r performing well in their respectiv countries COYG

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  11. arsenalkid1970

    Only thing is he might go in the summer because he is far from happy at the moment. A player like him don’t want to finish 4th or go out the champions leage at the first step. I think he will go to BM and why no

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