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Watch out Watford! Arsenal are hungry for revenge!

It was a major disappointment to all Arsenal fans when Watford inflicted our first FA Cup defeat in three years just a few weeks ago, but Nacho Monreal reckons that it will be a different kettle of fish this weekend as the Gunners have got bigger fish to fry this time around.

The Spanish defender thinks that Arsenal have finally got their form back on track with our victory at Everton and are now prepared to finish the season in style as they try to catch Leicester at the top of the table. “We have some quality players so the basis of our play is to keep the ball, maintain possession for long periods and get into the opposition half by playing the ball around – that’s what we try to do,” Nacho said on

“That said, you need to be a complete team across the board and when we don’t have the ball we have to put the hard work in, defend as a team and stick together because then when we recover possession, we have players capable of bringing out the magic inside them and making us a really dangerous side.

“In that regard the match [against Everton] was perfect. The first half was fantastic in every sense – we performed very well both with and without the ball. We barely gave them any chances, as soon as we lost the ball we were able to win it back straight away because our positioning was good and we were pressing really well.

“We study our opposition closely throughout the week to identify where we think we can hurt them. Aside from keeping possession and taking the easy option, you have to try to target the opposition’s weaknesses to work a scoring opportunity and score the goal that makes the difference and secures you the three points.

Monreal is aware that we are going to need other teams to drop points, but he says we just have to concentrate on our own games and see what happens. “We’re aware that we don’t just depend on ourselves – that’s obvious.” he continued. “Right now we’re in third place so I think the only objective we need to set for ourselves is winning the eight matches we have left and then what will be will be. It’s not just down to us. Even if we do win all eight games that doesn’t mean we’ll be champions, but what does depend on us is winning those eight games.

“We’re coming off the back of two really good performances, the most recent of which we won. We know it’s going to be difficult against Watford because we only played them recently and they knocked us out of the FA Cup, but we’re hungry for revenge.

“It’s a completely different competition. They’re not fighting for big things so we need to show that we are. We need to show we’re the home side and that we want to keep fighting for the league title. That’s what we’re going to do.”

It’s about time Arsenal got their confidence back, and judging by Nacho’s excellent little speech it would seem they are determined to see this through. Week by week, three points by three points, we can put ourselves back into contention. So let’s put a marker down this weekend and show our rivals that we really mean business from now on.

Onwards and Upwards!

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9 thoughts on “Watch out Watford! Arsenal are hungry for revenge!

  1. damochy

    I hate all these international friendlies, as important as they are in the scheme of things…..but I must confess the last round of international friendlies came just at the right time..the interlude gave players a break away from the pressure cooker environs of the EPL, the managers few days to reassess the positions of their clubs on the table and take stock of what has been a topsy turvy season and it also gave fans a few days to really look at things from a different angle…we still have a slim chance of winning the title, so Watford are in for a beating tomorrow no doubt…..we have seen the banners, we have had our rants, nothing is going to change player and manager wise in the few weeks left of the season so let us all be on the same page and leave all the protests and anger until end of the season, we need to get behind the manager, players as much as we possibly can and maybe,just maybe we will be pleasantly surprised..coyg

    1. 1997Gooner

      You are very ture about that and I agree that this break was needed. However, in case of where you said “managers reassess the positions of their club”, I think regarding Wenger it won’t work.

  2. Dee@ease

    Arsenal are the ones who should watch out for Watford,we must up the ante we can’t afford another embarrassing result like the FA Cup especially as we are playing before Spurs and Leicester this weekend

  3. HA559

    We need payback for the cup exit. Lets see if this time we can take revenge on them. We need a big heavy win here.

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Arsenal will surely beat Odion Ighalo’s & Troy Deeney’s Watford led attack team at the Ems on Saturday afternoon. And go ahead to win the title to make Sir. Alex regret his saying that only Leicester or Spurs can win the title this season. And no Jupiter of any Watford team can stop Arsenal on Saturday from collecting all the 3 points which are going to be played for collection in that game.

    Watford are coming with the intention of playing to get a point from the game against Arsenal. They will park the bus and counter attack Arsenal on the break by using their 2 main attacking force of Igalo and Deeney to attempt to wrought another havoc at the Ems again in the way they did in the FA Cup.

    But this time around, Watford will not get away with such a murder the 2nd time. But will pay for the sins they committed against Arsenal as the Gunners have learn from their past errors & mistakes in their last outings against the Hornets. And at no point in this game will the Gunners allow the Hornets to catch them napping on the break again to sting them. Because the once beaten twice shy ploy will be put into force by the Gunners against the Hornets as they put on anti Hornets stinging masks & veils on themselves during the match to render any Hornet stinging ineffective. What the Gunners have to do is to study how the Egyptian Pharaohs were able to curtail the attacking threats of Igalo as they contained him with close markings which rendered his attacking threats obsolete in the 2 legged Afcon qualifier games in Kaduna & Alexandria. Let the Gunners apply the same close markings against Igalo & Deeney to curtail a repeat of their damaging excesses against Arsenal on Saturday.
    Final score-line: AFC 4-0 WFC @ full-time plus the added time.

  5. SoOpa AeoN

    Yes……………. That’s the Arsenal way
    get beat woefully, come back for Revenge in 10 foLds


    cept oh wait… We haven’t Really had one on Moanino EPL-wise *winks*

    Talk of Revenge

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