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We are The Arsenal and we want our club back!

Time for the Gooners to take action by Micheal Baker

Reading the latest reports of Silent Stan’s attempts to buy out Usmanov’s shares has prompted me to add my thoughts to the endless debate regarding the state of our club. The fans may be divided over the merits of Arsene Wenger’s management (personally I think he should have gone after winning the FA Cup), however I cannot believe that many Gooners are content with our clubs owner and his faceless board.

So with the support of supporter groups fans could boycott the next home game, and every other home game, until Silent Stan sells up! The effect of a boycott should not be dismissed, not only is there a massive loss of match day revenue but more importantly even our disinterested owner cannot ignore a near empty stadium for long. It would be a massive statement of no confidence and a blow to his ego.

I don’t think it would take long to oust the unwanted Yank and a short term sacrifice by our season ticket holders. Fans of other clubs will applaud our efforts at bringing power back to the fans.

We are The Arsenal and we want our club back. !!


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35 thoughts on “We are The Arsenal and we want our club back!

  1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Can’t believe all this hate for Stan. Look at the facts – a team full of world class players like Mustafi, Xhaka and Laca and all this with the books being balanced and the club being in excellent shape. A world class academy that has produced Wilshere, Iwobi, Nelson, Maitland-Niles for the first team. A world class scouting network picking up excellent talent like Chambers and Holdings. And all this without putting the club’s future in jeopardy.

    He convinced the best manager in the world to stay even though PSG were desperate to take him. Be careful what you wish for. He might be silent to you but under his stewardship the club continues to go from strength to strength.

        1. arsenal4life

          True very true.
          All verified by Alfie Gazump
          well know Arsenal historian
          currently manager at Pentonville FC
          on Caledonian road where he mentors the
          young up and coming Arsenal Historians.

      1. arsenal4life

        Arsenal fans Boycott?
        Your having a laugh.
        5th place in the league
        and the fans did not turn a hair.
        Besides the management simply ignores criticism.
        Make top 4 again and the fans will be euphoric
        and begging Wenger to extend his contract through till 2037.
        The only Boycott you’ll see any where near the Emirates will be
        Geoff Boycott passing by the Stadium on his way to Heathrow
        prior to flying out on the Ashes tour as a commentator
        although it won’t hurt to take his bat, probably get three tests 🙂

        1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

          Why would Arsenal fans boycott?

          It’s a priveledge to watch world class players like Mustafi, Ozil and Xhaka

          1. gmv8

            We’re losing all our world class players, because both Ozil and Sanchez were told we were going to strengthen, when we ended being the only club in the EPL not to buy any outfield players that summer. You can carry on as much as you like saying it’s Wenger being stingy, but if Kroenke cared about the club, and it is Wenger who is the problem, he would tell Wenger, that we have this amount of cash in the reserves, and if you don’t spend it on strengthening, you’re fired. Liverpool and Tottenham are both self sustaining as well, yet they have managed to successfully transition to the 21st century.

  2. Babatunde Babajide

    Strength to strength…are you kidding me ? Arsenal has fallen way behind the Manchester clubs and Chelsea and even Tottenham. We get scared anytime we play them. Its good to have a business model based on accountability but we are not spending enough money in order to compete with our rivals. That is Kreonkes fault because he won’t step up and make Arsenal a force to be reckoned with. We need someone that has ambition. He has none. We need him to go!

    1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

      Were we scared when we played Chelsea? Remember beating them twice at Wembley and draw at Stamford Bridge. All recent results.

      No need to rewrite history. Stick to facts.

  3. Frank

    Stan won’t sell. The fans could take banners and sing songs about how they want him out and he will still be the owner our great club and a moustache fit for a gay country music festival.
    I blame Danny Fiszman and Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith for selling the American toss bag their shares. (No offence to Americans just that Stan Kroenke is a toss bag that doesn’t go to any home games and is raping money from the club).

        1. gmv8

          Why do people vote this down? Yes he did take out 3 million a year for two years, until Usmanov stepped in and, given no explanation as to why the money was paid out to Kroenke, asking for a full clarification of how the money was spent, at which point, surprise, surprise, the payments were stopped. Unless you are a Spud or an Everton supporter, who undoubtedly benefit from Kroenke, I cannot see how you can back Kroenke, When the sponsorships come up for renewal and we’re still not in the CL, we will start to lose serious money… maybe, hopefully Kroenke may sell up before that point.

    1. jon fox

      Though I liked your comment, esp the second half, I think we CAN force this money mad, people dissing, creature to sell our club. But it will need a consistent effort of self will by regular mass boycotting of club and merchandise. That would be effective but the real question is will fans bite that bullet, the ONE magic bullet that would in time , force Kroenke to selll his financially falling asset. That is the real world. Whether fans will care enough to take such drastic action is the real question upon which our future as a top club may , or rather will, depend.

  4. Jeremy

    We are weak after years of inept so-called Kroenke style management.

    I can’t believe someone just called some many of our current world class? We were crushed by Munich, Liverpool…. Are you telling me a joke?

    There had been no mutiny against club owner for quite a while. And I say if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen at Arsenal.

    Kroenke is only keen in getting money from the fans. I don’t believe he can keep his ass here if he starts losing money for sure.

    Get out now! Before we move you out.

  5. AY75

    It’s bad enough that he owns majority of the shares…… owning everything will be too much to bear

  6. Ray

    What will it take to get Kroenke out?

    For sure it will take more than a few empty seats on match day!

    The only way he will leave (by free will) is when the club start losing money and the club makes a negative profit over a longer term.

    The only way he will leave (by the fans will) is when the fans “finally” unite together and stand united in protest. Unfortunately, our protests are about as effective as a fly swat against a swarm of killer bees!!

  7. Arsenal_Girl

    Just look at the state of Kroenke’s other teams. We are actually the best, which isn’t saying much. He doesn’t care about winning, just making a profit and the value of his shares increasing

    And I hate to be pessimistic but I’m just being realistic. Kroenke won’t sell his shares, no matter how hard or loud we protest. He has no heart. A man committed suicide because he lost his home because of Kroenke’s business decisions. He hunts animals

    I want Kroenke out but I don’t see it happening anytime soon

  8. Redmau5

    Think we need a post about mesut ozil
    The timing of his ‘injuries’
    The amazing way his pr team Have kept him clean for not signing contract just like Sanchez yet Sanchez is getting the stick

    He has downed tools angling for a free an we are still cheering his name

    1. jon fox

      SOME of us have seen through this sham player ages ago and have been regularly saying so, though I agree with you that many still cheer him far more than he deserves. His character is thre polar opposite from Sanchez, who oozes courage and work ethic, even though he too clearly wants out.

  9. GB

    Hi @Michael, you mention a boycott with support from supporter groups fans but is anyone coordinating the various groups? So we have: Just Arsenal, Le Grove, Arseblog, Untold and many more but how do we all get together? Whilst many empty seats will not only make a statement of intent to Stan, also the media and sponsors will pick up on it but we have to realise that it is perhaps only 10-15% of the fans who go on any of these fan sites. 5000 empty seats will not make a difference and 10 protesters on the roundabout near the Armoury and a march of 20 in the streets has proved embarrassing in the past so any ideas?

    1. jon fox

      GB, A good question and I would like to answer it like this: All Arsenal fans everywhere must bombard mainstream football progs on radio and TV and newspapers/ football magazines with forceful emails/ phone calls demanding change and suggesting dates when mass boycotts will be organised. You are right that it desperately needs a central organising committeee or hugely energetic , determined person/ persons. It can be done BUT only if there is a real will to do so. The dilemma is that to engage enough fans to take action we desperately need far worse results , like the Liverpool game, but regularly. While we still lodge around 5th place, in touch (theoretically) with the leaders, there is not a taste for the (metaphorical) bloodshed we need to force change. We badly need to force our heads to overcome our hearts but his goes against the natural instinct of all fans every where. This instinct is why we definitely need a run of disastrous defeats by embarrasssing scores, to engage the heads to win over the hearts. When we were 3-0 down at Liverpool, I was desperately hoping or a huge 8-0, 10-0 type defeat. But sadly, the humiliation stopped at 4-0, which though shocking , is still well within the normal run of results in any given week in the Prem or FL. The worst thing that has happened to us since is our apparent recovery and better results. This still leaves us in the worst of two worlds; miles from seriously challenging for the title but just good enough to fool the “we are always the best team/club the world has ever seen” brigade. They are the problem but we need them onside too if we are to have the numbers together to boycott. So , to conclude, enormous social media and direct phone in pressure at a level and regularity never seen before. Boycotting all money we give to Kroenke in every way and keep at it as long as it takes. LASTLY CONSTANT COMPLAINTS DIRECT TO THE CLUB AND DEMANDS FOR CHANGE, OR ELSE WE WILL NOT ATTEND AGAIN. iT WOULD WORK, EVENTUALLY, IF WE COLLECTIVELY HAVE THE WILL TO CARRY IT THROUGH. PS. We also have to try on social media sites, like this and myriad others, to persuade the “we see no wrong” brigade how foolish they are.

    2. gmv8

      I feel a walkout is far more effective, than simply having empty seats. Liverpool fans did it to great effect, and all the TV cameras focused on them, and it was headline news. It shows fan discontent, and cannot be bypassed as not being able to turn up for whatever reason. 67 minutes – Kroenke’s proportion of the club, walk out.

  10. the barrel

    We, as supporters dont have a team. The team belongs to shareholders. You expect anyone in this world including to pour multi millions then not make a profit? Its really unrealistic. Everyone makes business to make profit. Are metals going to put food on the table for your kids. Dont let people brainwash you, even Sanchez and Ozil are looking for more money. They need their kids to have a better life. Medals are just a bonus.
    How many of you work for companies that they have never seen the owner? At least you’ve seen Kronke on newspapers. I work for a company that I’ve never seen the owner, let alone his name. But I get paid every month end. I support Arsenal because its part of entertainment.

    1. gmv8

      That’s why we should follow the German model, and have 51% of the club belong to fans. However, it is perfectly possible to run a club successfully on a self sustaining model – Liverpool and Sp*ds, come to mind. The structure of the club is wrong, and it is structured to make maximum profit for Kroenke, rather than like Sp*ds and Liverpool, who have invested in their back room staff, so they may not make as much profit, but every penny they spend is well spent.

  11. the barrel

    Guys please dont stress yourself. Dont worry too much about Arsenal, just watch the game for entertainment. Kronke has got lots of businesses to worry about. If you want to control Arsenal, you should be a shareholder. Its like spending money to watch movies. No one forced you to be a supporter. You volunteered, so you can support another team

    1. Ivan

      Being a true supporter is not like that. I take it you are from USA where swapping your allegancies are done quite easily.

  12. Turbo

    The only way I see Kroenke leaving, unfortunately, is for some mega-rich person or persons to offer him ridiculously silly money. It doesn’t seem that he gives a rat’s ass what supporters think, unless maybe attendance takes a serious dive and hurts his cash flow, but I’m afraid fan boycotts might just have neutrals or casually interested parties buying most of the tickets back.

    1. Jeremy

      I don’t think neutrals will be keen to buy the tickets. High tickets prices which Kroenke uses to rape supporters, will prove to his own undoing when supporters aren’t coming.

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