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Welbeck more suited to new Arsenal than Giroud

After Arsene Wenger gave the latest Arsenal injury update ahead of the Premier League home game with Middlesborough this weekend, the topic of Danny Welbeck has come up again, as the Arsenal website reported that the boss was asked about the England international striker and when he might be due to appear again after his very long spell on the sidelines.

The manager replied, “He could be back in January. After that let’s not forget he was already out for a year, so we might have to be patient. To get him back to a really competitive level… it will certainly take two months of competition to get back to his best.

“No [he is not out running yet], he will be starting to run in two weeks.”

So it will still be some time before we see the former Manchester United star back in action for the Gunners and with Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Alex Iwobi doing so well, Lucas Perez joining the club and with Giroud set to return next week, it is inevitable that people are wondering how Welbeck will get back into the team.

I can understand but if I was Danny I would not worry, because with Alexis through the middle we are seeing a different Arsenal this season and I reckon that Welbeck is the player best suited to replacing the Chilean when he is rested or replaced, with his pace, strength and energy.

The England forward also has the versatility to play on either flank so for me he is more likely to play than Giroud when he does regain fitness, don’t you think?


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8 thoughts on “Welbeck more suited to new Arsenal than Giroud

  1. Big Gun

    Is it any coincidence that Ramsey and Giroud have been absent and Arsenal have been playing so well?

    1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

      No, it’s not.

      That don’t mean they are bad players, though. Just means they probably aren’t suited to “the way we want to play” now.

      And “the way we want to play”… makes us win games, now.

      1. Break-on-through

        Ramsey could play in this side with us still looking good and still winning games. The Giroud one is the one where our game changes, we might still have won the games and according to many that is all that matters. We have options, Depth!!!!! so rejoice in it. Nobody’s second string is as good as it’s first string, with Arsenal fans you’d think they want or expect it to be better than the first string.

    2. sAMa

      It’s no coincidence, the fact is that the are the ones holding our team back. My worry is if Wenger will bring back Ramsey into the starting line-up as usual ?

    1. Break-on-through

      That had nothing to do with it. We gave our defence the best midfield cover we had available. We scored two goals when Ramsey was playing no10, we had Coq and Ellneny making a wall in front of the defence. It wasn’t enough to stop liv getting at our very young CB’s. If we had options at the back I think people would be saying …can Arsenal go a season unbeaten …again. Since that game we’ve been still getting some trouble from Monreal’s side.

      1. sAMa

        It’s surprising how you fail to recognize the fact that Ramsey and Giroud are the ones holding us back but you wanna put the blame on Monreal knowing he has not been getting any support from the left. Mind you Monreal has been our most consistent player for almost two seasons now,his poor performance this season didn’t just come from no way, just like that from 100%-0% really quick,Iwobi is not giving him any support on the left.

        1. Break-on-through

          If you had of read comments I made last week and the week before that you would see that I am fully aware of Monreals situation. I also highlighted that Gibbs and Ox done well in neutralising Lodogrets down that wing, two more players who are not first string.

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