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Welbeck, Ozil or Sanchez – Who would you bench for Chelsea v Arsenal clash?

Three Into Two Doesn’t Go!

If Wenger reverts to type and uses the 3 – 4 – 2 – 1 formation, we as fans could practically predict who Wenger would choose apart from the two behind the striker (Lacazette). The candidates for this position of the two behind the striker are Ozil, Welbeck and Sanchez.

A case could justifiably be made for any pairing of the prime candidates considering recent form.

Most, after Sanchez’s wonder goal, want him to start against Chelsea. I, on the other hand, am not so sure. These people who speak glowingly about Sanchez’s wonder goal, strangely omit any description of Sanchez’s first half performance against Köln, in which he consistently gave the ball away. Another positive for Sanchez is that he has 90 minutes under his belt however he will have had very little recuperation time.

Another consideration is, will Welbecks’ consistent endeavour and two goals against Bournemouth be rewarded by a place on the bench?

Finally, Ozil recently has been at best been described as a flat track bully due to his evident ability to impose himself on the “lesser” teams but at worst he is described as lazy and a luxury player that has no place in the team against the “bigger” teams.

So which pairing (and why) should it be for the up and coming Chelsea game?

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25 thoughts on “Welbeck, Ozil or Sanchez – Who would you bench for Chelsea v Arsenal clash?

  1. John Legend

    I would prefer the energy of Danny and Alexis. Moreover, Alex and Danny seem to be forming a good partnership. We can use two strikers with Alexis behind them or one striker with Alexis and Danny behind him.

  2. ThirdManJW

    That’s really easy to answer, bench Ozil! People keep talking about his qualities, but we rarely see them in tough games, so after a while, surely it’s a sensible idea to try someone else? We need to press Chelsea aggressively, and Ozil doesn’t do that.

  3. gotanidea

    I know Wenger will not bench Ozil, but I wish he has the guts to do so. So ideally it would be Welbeck, Sanchez and Lacazette in the front.

    Arsenal should put Ozil on the bench in the Chelsea match, because he very rarely shows up when Arsenal face top teams like Chelsea. Arsenal also require all players to work hard to retrieve the ball under ten seconds, something that Ozil rarely does.

    There is no room for misplaced passes, weak players and predictable “chances”. All players need to work together when attacking and defending.

    1. JJPawn

      “So ideally it would be Welbeck, Sanchez and Lacazette in the front.”
      So, who is going to pull the trigger behind them?

      Ah, the it must be the real number 10!

  4. Gabo

    Alexis ran himself into the ground on Thursday night while the Chelsea lads were resting up. He’s not a superman.
    Play Welbeck & Ozil behind Lava for some 60mins b4 going to the bench. To ignore Alexis lack of freshness will be reckless.

  5. Krish

    If we win tomorrow then our season is back on track with only the manchester clubs ahead of us by 4 and chelsea and nufc on the same points. It would be one of the most important win tomorrow.

  6. JJPawn

    How to use Lacazette, Sanchez, Ozil and Welbeck.

    It means controlling the middle of the pitch with Sead. The Tank in the Middle with a spine (Kos, Sead and Lacazette) to break up Chlesea’s attack, then free fast wings with Welbeck and Bellerin. That stops Chelsea from flowing side to side with Kante and Hazard.

    I know the formation below will never happen! Ha! Ha!
    ..Mustafi…..Koscielny…..Monreal.. [Max ball control at the back…]
    Bellerin…..Kolasinac…..Welbeck [with help of the MF. Allows wing backs]
    ……………..Ozil…………………. [to attack and take focus of Ozil ]
    ..Ramsey..Lacazette..Sanchez.. so Ozil can supply more to the front three. ]

    Ramsay and Sanchez can have the freedom to attack where they choose.
    Lacazette is a threat from any angle. Okay Welbeck is not where he is normally, but it is better with him behind Sanchez; Welbeck can use his space to dribble through down the line or cut in for a shot.

    Also, Giroud can come in for Ramsay for a change and play ahead of Lacazette in a 442 in the last 30 min, hopefully after the other side subs are in.

  7. waal2waal

    i would think again before benching a striker that’s found a rich vein of league form sorry sanchez starts from the bench im afraid he needs to see how well we perform without him. id start those who play for the shirt over those who want to be a maverick and are wishing to play for them self.

    and so – ill start welbeck/ the lava fella (smile) / ozil. my thinking is that once ozil regains his form then all our strikers can expect endless supplies of quality service, i just cant give up on mesut and anything good we do tomorrow i expect the lava fella will be involved. alexis enters only if needed.

    1. Kays

      The last thing we need right now are people like you who put your ego ahead of team performance. Metro reported today that ozil trained alone, possibly he has a knock.
      Mustafi kos monreal
      Bellerin Ramsey xhaka Kolasinac
      Lacazette welbeck

      1. waal2waal

        ..ooops – maybe i should consult you before choosing to exercise a right of expression, huh? nobody warned me that yours is the only opinion that counts.

    1. Segun

      This is more like what we’ll see; a 4-3-2-1, seeing as Ozil isn’t likely to play. He’s reportedly injured and has not recovered enough to train today.

      So, I guess the prayers of most may have been answered fortuitously. However, never underestimate the influence of Ozil in a derby. Most forget his role when we beat the chavs 3-0 last season; or how his interplay with Ozil bamboozled United the season we beat them 3-0. It’s about form. He can play in any game, big or small.

  8. Arseneout

    ozil has no place in a 3421 he can perform in a 3412 where he play behind the two strikers
    so i will go with ozil behin both danny and lacazette sanchez and giroud can be used as a supersubs
    but i will tell u this, i hope we win but i am sure we will loose arsene wenger is blinded against top teams and he will play ramsey and xhaka again in the middle and we will be dominated by chelsea midfielders

  9. Willy007

    Wenger was unable to bench the Ox, playing every game so he could sign a new deal same with özil, I just saw Ox swimming on Liverpool bench.

    1. Ajay i

      Another 6months on bench for OX will make him realise that fault lies with him for being in his comfort zone.
      I wish Wenger could have been ruthless instead of being too good and loyal to his players. He would have had dressing room in control and players on their toes. His love for his players has become a weakness which players have started exploiting and getting away with delivering less than 100% on pitch.

    2. Segun

      Nothing wrong with that. Every manager plays that game, either to get the player to sign, or to put the player in the shop window for better value (usually, while insisting to the media that the club ain’t selling). Take your pick.

    3. GunnerJack

      No idea why they bought him or where they will play him but as I said at the time we had to find some way to weaken the opposition. Selling them the Ox fits that perfectly.

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