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Welbeck sure he WILL step up and score more with Arsenal

The main reason for some Arsenal fans being somewhat less than thrilled when the club signed Danny Welbeck from Man United on transfer deadline day was his goal tally. The 23-year old has never been prolific at Old Trafford or during his loan spells at Preston and Sunderland, but he believes in himself and thinks that his numbers will soon start to get a lot better with Arsenal.

Welbeck was reported by the Daily Star saying, “I’ve never had the opportunity to get a constant run of games as a number nine.

“But, yes, I have got faith in my ability that I can score goals and, as I have said many times before, I prefer to play as a ­centre-forward.

“It’s up to my manager, though, because I don’t pick the team. I can’t say to him I want to play here or there. They know their players and can pick whoever they want for that job.”

The new Gunner was talking about his role in the England side as well, where an injury to Daniel Sturridge should see him start the game in Switzerland tomorrow in his favoured role as the central striker. And if Welbeck can impress there for England, it is great news for Arsenal.

To be fair to him, his figures of eight goals from 27 international games is not bad at all, especially when you consider that he was played on the left in most of those games. Also, his tally tally of nine from 25 Premier League games last season is not bad and suggests that he might be a better goalscorer than people give him credit for. What do you think?

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27 thoughts on “Welbeck sure he WILL step up and score more with Arsenal

  1. Twig

    Well, we’ll get to find out soon enough 😉 Starting from Sunday next week 😉

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    1. seancali

      Welbeck is our new hitman.hope he starts with a goal against shitty.I have a good feeling about this kid.I was happy we managed to sign him so late in the window.good luck Danny

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  2. Greg

    Good on you mate! You have got the right positive attitude! Will love you to bang in one at least against man city! Coyg!

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  3. ruelando

    I have all confidence he will be quite a success for arsenal, i see 15- 25 goals and he does not seem to be troubled by injuries much, so all the better

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  4. Greg

    Prove your critics wrong welbeck! Show them what you got, and do your talking on the pitch!

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    1. Twig

      If Welbeck can’t score as many goals as Giroud,
      We’ll shift him to left back

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  5. RSH

    if Giroud can score 22 goals last season, Welbeck can better that. I was at first unhappy with the transfer, but i can see it paying off actually.

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    1. seancali

      I was hoping for the transfer to happen.specialy when I found out spuds were in for him too.good and smart signing by Wenger

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  6. Greg

    Man city has offered a 31.5m bid for marco reus to try and lure him to the etihad in january!

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  7. Greg

    Off topic: i just can’t wait to have our “speedster” theo walcott back for the match against spurs! Hope he bangs one in against them, for a certain “mr rose” for injuring him! Coyg!

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  8. Nicky

    I have a good feeling about welbeck. I don’t think he’ll be a Henry for us but he definitely be a wright wright wright

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  9. Mick The Gooner

    I think we should start Alexis or maybe Welbeck up top against Man City. Definitely not Sanogo. Kompany and Demichelis are far more susceptible to clever movements and runs in behind rather than a physical battle – Suarez caused Kompany major problems last season with his turns and flicks, whereas Giroud was bullied. We’re not going to win a physical battle, so why try? Beat them technically, with skill and quick movement. We should actually be able to play football against City – they won’t just sit in their own box and try and counter-attack like Leicester, Palace and even Everton did..

    Genuinely think we can win this game, at home, not too worried about being overrun – Toure hasn’t really played a good game since the end of last season, was ineffective at the World Cup too. Plus we’re at home, we’re much better at home..

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  10. Cartman

    I’m not expecting a lot. Giroud scores over 20 per season on average. If welbeck can score the same, I will be happy. He isn’t Falcao, Costa, Aguero. Maybe one day.

    Of course if he scores more that will awesome, but he has enough pressure on him.

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  11. Cartman

    I hope Sanogo’s 2 goals against khazahstan u21 doesn’t give Wenger any crazy ideas.

    Please Mr Wenger, use either Sanchez or Welbeck up front

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    1. RSH

      lol Welbeck overrated? he was rated too highly ever honestly. You are so against English players and you claim to support an English team… yeah, okay…

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    2. jonestown1

      Are you “No Giroud I’m Happy” back as an alias now your wish has come true?

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  12. Gigi2

    I was one worried about his goal tally until I read he had actually started some and only played the full 90 in some.
    For 25 games, 9 goals isnt bad at all, thx for the info.
    As many have said, I just hope AW can get it right, Danny doesnt seem “stagefrighted” by big teams, but maybe AW doesnt want the big pressure someone mentioned to start being a weight on his shoulders.
    In any case, good luck to Danny! he ‘s got the right attitude

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