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Welcome back to Arsenal Bacary Sagna

Bacary Sagna had spoken about his poor form at Arsenal this season before the game against Sunderland yesterday. He was as disappointed with his form as the Arsenal fans have been, and could not put his finger on what was wrong, but felt he was lacking in confidence and just needed to get going. After being drafted into central defence at the last minute yesterday, he produced his best performance of the season by a long way.

The twinge in Laurent Koscielny’s calf could turn out to be a real blessing for Arsenal and Sagna. Perhaps it was the fact that he was playing out of position and was not expected to do as well. Perhaps he was more focused on his new position and just tried to get the basics right. Perhaps he just realised that Arsenal were in a hole and he was determined to dig us out. Whatever the reason, the Frenchman was immense at the back against the Black Cats.

He was tough, quick and simply would not be beaten. He read the attacks by Sunderland and put his head and body on the line to make sure we won the game. Sagna will be feeling good about himself today, and I am confident that will translate to his next game, which should be back in his preferred position of right back.

With Monreal looking assured on the left, Arsenal seem to have got the defence working just in time for the Champions league game against Bayern Munich.

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41 thoughts on “Welcome back to Arsenal Bacary Sagna

  1. Craig Taylor

    Gibbs and Ver wont be back to Bayern I think. We have a LB problem, we might even put Meade there since Jenkinson has been bad.

    Maybe Sagna can play CB and Kos LB? I dont know, but its going to be one of the hardest games for us…..
    Bayern are on fire, and are currently the best team in the world I think…
    Get well soon Wilshere.

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  2. sagna

    Wenger must keep using him in that position.he is now a cb not a rb anymore. Afc just to need sign a worldclass rb.

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  3. landi

    Next season we could use sagna as a cb? After a pre season with him getting used to it, i believe that he would be better at it because he still have the brain but not the fitness to play a rb anymore.

    And we should look to buy a rb (experienced one) , a dcm and jovetic.

    Hopefully all our ”deadwood” shall leave in the summer. Is it just me that can feel the good time comming ?

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  4. Gunner

    Welcome back Bac. His best game this season was at CB lol. I really don’t want him to leave I’d be more sad with him leaving than the ones before. WE WANT U TO STAY. WE WANT YOU TO STAAYYY. BACARY SAGNA WE WANT YOU TO STAY ;). Cmooonnn Yooouuu Guuunneeerrsss

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  5. Kosio

    I’m disappointed that Wenger never learns from his mistakes and we are once again very short on options. We are always short of one or two quality players for a title fight, now we are again short of players, and we had a bad run and still we did nothing to fix this. We may have beaten sunderland with a good defensive display ( which to be honest i just did not expect ) but Bayern will exploit every weakness and there will be no excuses for the lack of signings if we fail to be a challenge for Bayern and most worryingly miss the CL spots..

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  6. kron

    i’ve been ripping sanga since he came back from injury. But he actually went in to beast mode yesterday! i hope for his sake he keeps that up!

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  7. ram

    I agree with you mate.. may be sagna is lacking the fitness to run back n forth the pitch..
    Jenks will come good.. he just lacks game time.. this is the same guy who was steel at the right side for Arsenal during Sagna’s absence.. remember..? good days ahead..:)

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  8. Big Gun

    I think playing CB yesterday was a breathe of fresh air for Sagna and for us. He was very disciplined in that role and I would love to see him play their more often. I just worry about the right back position…I like Jenks but he has a tough time against tricky wingers. Our marking on the far posts also needs to improve.

    I would play Yennaris RB, Sagan and Merts/Vermalaen CB and Monreal LB. Yennaris is so underrated, I think he is more composed and solid than Jenks is. Wenger should give him more chances.

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  9. Badfan

    Sagna won’t be used as a center back again because wenger is such a stubborn manager.

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  10. Arsenal1Again

    lmao at all the Santos haters now they realise we have no left back for CL.

    It’s now a recurring pattern with Bob writing off players like Sagna and then a a few days later singing their praises like nothing was said before. Note how Walcott can do no wrong though, even when he was stalling for months the signing of a new deal.

    Jenkinson can play left back btw.

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  11. sa

    A good 3 point and it is pleasing that the team showed that fighting spirit that we often miss this season. Jenks was over eager to impress last night, but he will learn from it. And finally, I agree that Sagna played well last night at CB…

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  12. Gunner

    The Bayern game is very dependent on which Arsenal shows up!!
    Is it the ‘give goals a way for fun’ team? Or will it be more in line with yesterday??
    The defense is an issue,LB is definitely a hole right now, it maybe that Jenks comes in at RB and Sagna moves over to LB. Although with Phil Lamm attacking in to the Arsenal right I hope Sagna stays at RB.
    The right mental preparation for the Bayern match is to beat Blackburn, no replays please!
    I am not sure why but I get the feeling Arsenal are in with a chance against Bayern?? That should not really be the case when you look at the season long form of both teams.Bayern are like MU! Running away with their Championship, and they seldom lose. Arsenal have been all over the place.

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  13. samuelj

    Maybe a back 3 could be an option for the bayern game.

    Sagna mertesacker vermaelen

    Flood the midfield with ramsey diaby and arteta, cazorla and wilshire infront of them, 2 of walcott/podolski/giroud up top

    Bench wise we still have rosiky ox gervinho and a striker

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  14. Ban10

    carl jenkinson lacks game time so stop slating him
    you lose sharpness when you dont play much And thats 1 bad game!!!! he needs to play against blackburn to get his sharpness back against bayern. and remember he played in every preseason game he had rhythm thats why he was so good at start of the season. just dont do a ramsey on him. he is the future of arsenal have confidence in him and i am confident he will play well against bayern and he will handle lahm.

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  15. Doc

    I feel we have played players in the past with more of a view to financially improve some of our deadwoods value rather than play the best players to win the game.

    Now when we need the points we’re not messing around the same way with players to improve but playing with a focus on points.

    It appears to me our focus has not always been on getting as high up the league as possible but settling for a Champions league spot and trying nurture some bad purchases into value again.

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  16. Doc

    This above comment particularly annoys me as it smothers the likes of Eisfield, Gnabry and even Yennaris who I agree can make it.

    These are the guys who should be getting turns in the last ten to fifteen minutes of some matches we have won and grooming them in.

    Get rid of deadwood and take what we get we do not realize how much it is damaging us, the above guys shoul be getting on the bench ahead of deadwood where possible.

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  17. Carlos

    le coq is fit, no? and he can play a rb, lb, dm and cm so i’d assume he’d go to lb..

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  18. Teamblazer

    Arsenal need to work on defense. How come RVP can defend then attack so well against Everton? Never saw him back to defend b4. Steve bould – do ur job, train them to have solid back line & strikers back to defend, work on set pieces. We have lost the control, skills of our glory days. Bring them back. Wilshere, Santi & Walcott excellent work. Best wishes Sagna, Verminator & Arteta, come back to the best..maybe what we need is direction & strong leadership. AW, bring it on, set ur stds higher than fans as before. Admit mistakes.

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  19. georgie b

    Carl J. should get put right back in the saddle. He has Quality and fire.

    Thank you Bacary for yesterday and that wonderful, beautiful header v. spuds. 5-2 gunners!

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  20. Twig

    Miquel has played LB very well before. If Vermalaen is fit, he’s also an option. Let’s hope Gibbs makes a miracle comeback in time to face Bayern.

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  21. patrik

    Wow sagna finally finding his preffered position after so many years at arsenal……hmmmmm and av always thought scesney would make a good Center forward…Wenger should tell this guys to secretly write down their secret fantasy football playing position.. And then play them in that position 4 one match like Bayern..

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  22. gunner4life

    How fickle fans forget that Coquelin played lb for some time last season. Remember the fulham game? This is why Le Coq is important for us he can play in numerous positions for us.

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  23. Vlad

    His best game of the season by a mile. Between him, and Szczesny, they won the game for us. Keep him, sign him to a 2 year extension, and play him at CB position from now on – he seems to be brilliant at it. Oh yeah, Welcome Back Sagna!

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  24. Doc

    Thank you for that comment on Coquelyn now could someone tell me why we did not use the man when we had a near crisis when Kieran Gibbs was injured.

    He is ideal cover both full back positions as well as midfield that makes him very valuable.

    How come fans can see this and the club doesn’t do these things it gets back to my issue money before points unless we are outside champions league positions.

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  25. shawnzn

    personally i think Jenkinson is useless, he cant cross , only passes back, gets caught in a hole cos can only use his right leg,mistimes his tackles, cant believe ppl think that he is good….if they think he is the future ,we have huge problems ahead…..well done Gunners on a hard fought victory..

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  26. Doc

    Jenkins is weak on the left foot no doubt but you have to admire the guys loyalty and commitment to the club, he has improved a lot this year.

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  27. azi

    sagna at lb would be good, because robben always cuts in of the right, so with a right footed left back robben would cut in onto sagna’s stronger foot

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  28. Dani

    When many said Sagna is declining, I always kept in mind he was coming off TWO leg fractures. I think his form will rise as he recovers mentally in addition to physically. We believe in you Sagna!

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  29. John

    Look at u all my god so the man has a good game last week u all wanted him gone? He is not good enough for arsenal and players like him asking for more cash are just dreaming. RB is a hard spot in the uk and i think Johnson from pool might just do a job for a few seasons. CL when we are done and we will be big time it will be just the same on here again

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  30. SlengTeng

    Sagna has played his whole career at RB. He is not a CB after one game, chosen ahead of Vermaelen and Koscielny

    I hope they extend his contract, he is an absolute beast, Knocks people out when going for headers!

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  31. Goonertron

    I have never been so entertained by great defending as what Sagna was doing against Sunderland, a points when I thought we had be beaten he would pull off miracle clearances and intercepts. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

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  32. mohawk35

    Sagna was Amazing and has proven his quality at CB. But I am not prepared to just accept that he is now a better CB than FB. Could be – need to see a more.

    But this sure gives Wenger many more options in selecting defensive lineups – and that is exactly what Arsenal need right now.

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  33. Sen

    I may be wrong on this one, but personally I don’t rate Jenkinson. I still think he is too raw and not Arsenal material. Hope I am wrong because he signed a 5 year deal with us recently. The reason I don’t like him is firstly he can’t pass accurately, his passing is awefull and in Arsenal you need to know how to pass. Even when he was playing earlier in the season he did put us in dangerous situations with his passing. He would suit those teams who goes down line and whips in crosses. He is one of the best crossers of the ball in that Arsenal team. But we don’t play that way. And I think against Bayern we shouldn’t risk him. Hopefully Koscienly and Coquelin would be fit by the next week. And may be even Vermalean. But unless and until Jenkinson improves his weaker foot and passing ability he would always give the opponent a chance in a match with erratic passing.

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  34. Thomas

    This season a lot of comments moaned and complained about Wenger playing players out of position and them being out of form as a result. Examples of Arshavin on the left, Ramsey on the right and Pod should be a striker. Our first choice RB plays one good game against a team in the bottom half of the league who have the 5th worst goal scoring rate in the league and now you guys want him to be converted into a CB? Short memory it seems, lets see how his forms goes into the next few games first

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