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Wenger a summer target to replace Mourinho at Real Madrid

Arsenal are having a tough season, there is no doubt about it, but the Spanish champions Real Madrid seem to be in meltdown, with rumours of cliques and warring factions in the dressing room, indiscipline on the pitch and injuries decimating the team. They are 15 points behind their great rivals Barcelona, who they also face in the semi-final of the Spanish cup.

Jose Mourinho is the man responsible for this state of affairs and the fans are letting him know it. The special one hardly ventures out of his dugout at home games now because of the whistles and jeers of the home fans when he does. Spanish newspaper Marca, usually the Madrid supporting newspaper, has waded in this week with a story the Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos, the two captains of the side, had a meeting with the president Perez and let him know that the players wanted Mourinho out.

Perez and the players have denied the story, but Marca have produced text messages they claim to be from a Madrid player that prove their side of the story. The upshot is that Mourinho is almost guaranteed to leave the club in summer, and the Mirror reports that Wenger is the man lined up to replace him.

Presidents of Spanish clubs have to stand for election and Madrid’s is in the summer. Perez has told friends, apparently, that he is confident of luring the Frenchman to the Bernabeu. Madrid have tried to sign Wenger before, as they see him as able to rebuild the club and get it producing young talent in the same way as Barcelona do. Madrid fans are upset with Mourinho for his attitude to reporters as well as his brand of football. They see themselves as a well behave and respected club and feel that Mourinho has damaged that, but Wenger could repair the damage.

Le Prof has always said that he would not walk out on his contract which lasts until 2014, but it could be done with the blessing of the board. If it happens, who would you like to be the new head of the Gunners?

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139 thoughts on “Wenger a summer target to replace Mourinho at Real Madrid

  1. GP

    @G-Force….well said that man.
    What ever his belivers say, the truth is spreading and the blinkers are slowly coming off more and more eyes every day.

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  2. cumouttadreamland

    @ martin saville….n if u think ur boys being in afghanistan makes u some sort of untouchable,whenever they get back feel free 2 tell bout him,cos I promise you…army or no army they would get dealt with 2 I promise u,don’t give a rats ass about all dat bullcrap,no M16’s or glocks out here my friend

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  3. Richard

    He won’t go to Real as they are in the results business and he’d be expected to perform now not in 5,6,7, or even eight years. The board will not put profits before results, so were stuck with him because our Board do, and leave him alone knowing that he won’t spend any of Stans profits!!!!

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  4. philthompsonsnose

    The problem with signing a top top player is not just the transfer fee but the wages..we probably could sign Messi but the implications after signing him would be massive (debt wise) the bigger the name the bigger the wages!
    I guess its all about living within your means..and I guess it’s why the financial crisis began in 2008 (people living beyond their means)
    An example I’d like to show people is Man U…
    The gap in Commercial revenue between Man U and Arsenal is huge £100m+ Man U £50m + Arsenal..this illustrates why Arsenal Can’t compete with United in the transfer market..the task Arsenal face is to close this gap!
    When Arsenal go on their pre season tours to places such as malaysia and the far east & Nigeria etc this is an aggressive push to make Arsenal a better known brand globally,which in turn will yield more revenue for the club…
    a study estimated that United generated 4.2 billion tv viewers in the years prior to 2008 which roughly equates to a NFL superbowl worth of viewing figures every 7 days and means more people watch United globally than the whole sport of formula 1..
    Although the Glazers are milking United dry, they are eager to push the United brand even bigger..In sum, everywhere you turn Manure are simply in a different league financially than Arsenal..!
    Kronke wants to emulate United by doing things fiscally while developing the commercial aspect of the business..This is what he said when he took over the club
    “We want to do things with class and be very brave. Courage is a quality I admire, because itis highly needed in the modern world”

    We are trying to build a future Barca here and unlike Chelsea and City we are trying to have a structure that will compete for decades with the so called big teams of do that, firstly we had to build the stadium and also brand ourselves around the Man U, Barca Real, Ac, Bayern etc..
    The old word temperance, captures what arsenal must continue to do to enter the promise land of financial freedom and dominance. When this is attained, Arsenal would be able to afford any player she desires and would be able to say no to any club that comes knocking for her players.
    At present, Arsenal cannot afford exorbitant salaries.
    That’s the reality, And that’s why AW is not buying-because you have to pay the salaries of players you buy. Again, you may have the £15 or £30million to make a signing, but what do you do with the wages thereafter?Instant gratification is our only enemy….

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  5. pembrokian

    I wonder who those AKBs will support once wenger leaves or retires? wherever they go, the sooner the better.

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  6. G-Force

    @ Martin

    Quit trying to use the ‘fear’ effect like those bloody politicians and Gazidi$ by mentioning leeds or rangers or whoever. If you are an educated person, you would know what I am talking about.

    In case you are lost, nobody is asking Ar$ene to sign Messi. FACT: I am sure you are not that foolish to deny that Ar$ene had money to spend, which he used on the transfer and wages of mediocre players like squillacci, park, gervinho, chamakh (wages) etc. Why didn’t he combine the resources and use the money more wisely to buy ONE QUALITY player who might actually play instead of wasting it on TWO mediocre players?!

    In addition, he has admitted that the wages are decided in consultation with him and the board and they have a socialist model. I don’t think I need to elaborate further on the mess this has caused.

    Here was man who felt the squad was good enough and refused to buy when fabregas, clichy and nasri left. It took a record 2-8 trashing to open his eyes and panic-buy! Delusional? Definitely!!

    @ GP

    Thanks mate – the truth is out there. Whether people want to open their eyes to see it is entirely another matter.

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  7. Martin

    @g force

    Why when you try to validate your point do you put forward the players that haven’t been a success, why would you not even that up with the players that have been hugely successful.

    I can remember fans screaming last year about the purchase of Carl Jenkinson £1m from Charlton, now those same fans screaming about the purchase, want him to replace Sagna at RB.

    Only 5 games into the season, the same groans were targeted toward Giroud, now listen to the plaudits……

    a year ago on this site, scores of fans wanted Theo out….now them same fans were calling for him to SignDa Ting….what a shame our young now speak like this!!!

    So yes I would agree with you, there have been some awful buys, but if you add them all up none come to the cost of Torres, or Andy Caroll, you see we can all use extremes, when trying to get a point over….

    If you ask 100 fans at the beginning of any season. champions League or the Carling Cup I would estimate 80% would go for Chaampions League, so if you look at what AW says, we have had a trophy each year, ok you can’t see it and you don’t go to Wembely…but surely you see the value.

    If you ask me do I want a super rich owner to,come in and buy every player out there, would have to say yes, but it don’t guarantee success with longevity and have ast sums has its own problems?

    My argument is based on two things loyalty, which in my mind has no end either stick together or you get wiped out and secondly business integrity, we have to cut our cloth accordingly and if we don’t have AW’s business accument within our club we could end up in real danger…that’s not me using the fear factor, it’s simple economics.

    I also struggle with putting forward such strong arguments, without the full facts, so in would rather continue to be supportive of my club, team and manager rather than join the (in my view) moronic get Wenger out approach…..

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  8. Martin

    Sorry G force I forgot to add…..apart from Cesc which was understandable and we miss, I do not think we miss players such as Clichy…Gibbs for me is as good and will be better Nasri?? He had six good months and what has he done at City….

    Further more before you mention RVP….yes he is world class and yes I would have sold him if I were in charge of Arsenal because it would have been business negligence to not have sold him, does it hurt that he’s at Man U yes, but player power dictates unfortunately…,we can’t blame AW for that…

    I look at Arsenal future and I feel really optimistic, I see the young stars we have coming through and feel we are going in the right direction….

    And for those who say AW has to go eventually, I have gathered that, I just hope he chooses the next manager and not some of the donkeys on here!,

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  9. jp


    seriously dude, just reading through your comments and I think you need to see a doctor.

    You can’t be that angry over this, so is it because mummy and daddy didn’t buy you a new toy?…. (lol)

    Also no adult I know or have ever met disrespects the army, unless they have a mental problem.

    My guess is that you are either a jobless loser with no qualifications and haven’t got anything better to do with your life, so you go on blogs insulting people all day. (comments since this morning!!!!)
    Or you’re a spoilt child who always gets his (or her) own way and always think they are correct no matter what.

    Either way you are a to$$er and after your last comments are not worth listening to. Pathetic.

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  10. cumouttadreamland

    U nugget…far from,all I’m sayin is..our boys deserve better treatment than they get,y shud army lads dat risk their lives get paid less than MP’s who don’t do much,claim all expenses back off the tax payer n still get their salaries,while our boys risk their lives n get paid peanuts…n the point being…until the government pay those boys what they really deserve then no parent Should stand by n watch their kids goin the army…why do u think they try n get em in at 15 or 16 b4 they have had the life experiances 2 make informed decisions?and the u think david cameron would let his son join the army??iv always scremed 4 justice 4 those boyz so please JP use ur damm brain…sending our lads in2 harms way n not rewarding em 4 their sacrifies is unnacceptable..n every strong willed parent should be telling their kids the same

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  11. jimbo

    surely any manager in the world can do wengers job win nothing for 8 years ,i think even i could do that

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  12. G-Force

    @ Martin

    So basically you want me to say “Santos, Squillacci, Chamakh, Park, Djourou, Denilson, Bendtner etc etc are all mediocre but it’s ok. We can overlook the issues with them because of the ‘success’ of jenkinson, giroud etc??” That sounds utterly ridiculous. In a REAL LIFE business setting, if an employee is not performing are we supposed to ignore it as we have another high-performing employee!?!?!

    Talking about ‘business neglience’ the signing of Park was an utter disaster, which has back-fired tremendously. I read that many Koreans resent Ar$ene for the way Park has been treated and this has adversely affected their global brand in that region as opposed to Man Utd and their Park Ji Sung! Several fans were prepared to boycott Arsenal if they came on tour, which is in sharp contrast to United’s two SOLD OUT tours there! So much potential revenue lost there.

    If you choose to defend Ar$ene, that is fine by me. I want him out no matter what. Fair play to us both.

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  13. Martin

    G force I could say for every bad buy there has been 4 quality buys? With every single year earning more in transfers than we spend is in the modern game a remarkable achievement…yes Park was a bad business decision,but I also read we made his transfer cost X3 in shirt sales world wide!

    As for employees achieving, the Board of Arsenal make millions on his achievements, so I think in their eyes he is doing a great job, but in your eyes not winning a trophy he should be sacked, who is right, well I believe the board are right and you as a none owner and a supporter of the club have a view but it doesn’t have to be listened to by the people who put their money into the club.
    Look niether of us are going to agree, but please when we do win a trophy either this season or next give AW some credit for that and I’ll await your acknowledgement that I was right all long lol

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  14. cumouttadreamland

    Funny how some people on here feel its ok 2 “step” on the little guy n take em 4 granted cos u know u can get away with it,funny how we champion 4 the “peoples” I.e arsenal fans,seriously under-paid army lads(who get less than coppers) and JP n martin come on here n basically thumbs down posts dat no normal person would,but its ok JP…at least the real fans can now see why u support the gazidis’s n the wengers n the financial bankers off this world wen all they do is try 2 step on the little guyz 2 get ahead,not on!!!

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  15. cumouttadreamland

    @ JP
    Yhyh u f****t…its a f**king sunday u f**kwit n funny enuff I’m still in my work clothes lol,funny how all these AKB’s use the same sound bites “ur childish” “little boy””spoilt child” blah blah f**kin blah,seriously dat the best uz lot can do?lol…well I’ll be more than glad u show u what a spoilt child can do 2 ur backward thinkin,inbred mentalitied,weak as f**k,again part of the culture that thinks its ok 2 send kids in2 war zones…u my friend have been “conditioned” by the state to the point where u 2 should consider slitting ur wrists n ending it all,u think how ur told 2 think period…and I can’t see ur type making any valuable contributions 2 anything other than being part of “I’m a pisshead” culture…that do nothing other than drink,get wasted,chat shit n then have ur MRS run off with ur brother cos she 2 can be botherd with all the backwardness n knows that in reality u might as well have a virgina…get the f**k outta here

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  16. G-Force

    @ Martin

    As you might expect, I disagree. Over the last two seasons – Chamakh, Squillacci, Park, Gervinho, Mertesacker, Arteta, Santos, Poldoski, Cazorla, Giroud. Out of 10, only Arteta, Cazorla and Poldoski are good buys in my books. Then you FORGET the most important part of the equation – for every good buys, there is an equally good player leaving the club!!!!!

    Then you say “you as a none owner and a supporter of the club have a view but it doesn’t have to be listened to by the people who put their money into the club”? Who put their money into the club – Ar$ene, Gazidi$ or perhaps $tan!? The fans are the ones putting the money into the club amongst other revenue streams.

    Lastly, I am sorry to dissappoint you but I will not give Ar$ene any credit if he wins a trophy this year or the next. For one, it has taken way way too long to achieve this but more importantly, since Arsenal wants to run like a business (which you have acknowledged), Ar$ene is just another employee there in my eyes. Paid an obscene amount of money to do a JOB!!!

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  17. GunnerG

    one of the many things I adore about AW is his loyalty to our club. we live in a world where most people don’t gives a toss about anything any more. especially in entertainment and business – it’s all about the money. no values, no shame, nothing. loyalty is not even a word.
    Now some of you will tell me he’s only staying because of the freedom he gets at the club, but that’s BS.
    The truth is he’d be most welcome at every top FC in the world. he could’ve gone to Real Madrid, Manshity, PSG etc. doubling his paycheck and getting every WC player he can dream of, winning trophies and retiring as a legend. but instead, he chooses to stay here, stay loyal, deal with our tight budgets, tight ass board and the sht he gets from us the fans and the media, putting his legacy, reputation and career – everything he build – on the line and do it the hard way, with the club he’s devoted to.
    I think we’re lucky to have him. people like him are a dying species, in a better world he should be appreciated and not ridiculed.
    Thumb me down if u will boo boys but how many of u would have the balls to do what he does? how many of u would not chose the easy way of big money and the trophies in the bag like RVP and Na$ri? not many I’m sure.
    I don’t mean to insult you but I think some of u forgot (or too young to remember) what we are and what this club stands for. we are no manshity and thank god for that. when these Tyrants and mobsters will get bored eventually and pull the plugs, these clubs will crush and burn, but The Arsenal will stand proud.

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  18. cumouttadreamland

    @ JP
    N I’m angry cos I unlike u LOVE this club n real passion can make u do dat…look at vieira n keane..they got angry n passionate 2 cos they LOVED their clubs,sumthin u still can’t seem 2 understand…and I’m angry cos unlike u I don’t use drink n sniff 2 piss away my brain cells n my common sense 2 the point where I’m forgettin stuff people told me only 10years ago,I’m angry cos this hasn’t “just happened” its been happening 4 a very long time,and I’m angry cos we r at a point where half of the only people that can’t change things are literally “asleep behind the wheel”….n while u think that’s wrong I PROMISE U any1 with a shread of common sense would see clear as day..that I am more passionate about this club than u can ever be

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  19. saras


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  20. paladim1886

    I’ve got a nice example for u lads to prove that aw and the board are going the right way. Look at Panathinaikos, a club with great history but no silverware for the past decade. Well they’ve spent a lot of money 2 years ago in an attempt to hit their rivals Olympiakos, they didnt make it and now economically they are struggling to survive with the future lookin dark ahead. To all these consider panathinaikos with a much easier task comparing to arsenal cause there literally were just 2 teams to claim the league in Greece. Arsenal sure are going step by step to build something magnificent for the years to come and I’m proud of it. After all I would trade a million messis for a stadium like emirates without a second thought.

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  21. Richard

    I hope your right because if your not it will take a decade or more to repair the damage if it can ever be completly repaired.

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  22. mighty

    @ Martin
    Could right all your rubbish comment elsewhere we sick of all you f…cking bull sh….t.

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  23. LoCkAy

    He is not going to go to Real Madrid…

    In order to go to Spain , he will have to become a coach and ONLY A COACH again… It is just impossible…

    He will have no “real” control of the transfer market at the club and he will have a technical director breathing down his neck 24/7…

    Can you see Wenger doing that when at Arsenal he is basically the unquestioned “king”…

    Yeah right, I don’t think so…

    Even Mourinho seems not able to handle the pressure…

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  24. LoCkAy

    If he leaves, he will head to Paris St Germain as he will have almost a similar role as at Arsenal…

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  25. Aussie Gooner Dave

    He is not going anywhere unless the board remove him and what’s the chances of Stan & Ivan sacking someone that is lining their pockets with cash. There’s more chances of my wife removing my testicles than Arsene getting the sack.

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  26. philthompsonsnose

    There seems to be alot of anger on this particular topic and previous posts..people on here need to calm down and realise that it is a free world and everyone is entitled to their opinion…this is what makes our game and country so good (passionate opinions) And I can see both sides..
    All of you are Fu*ked up and All of you are right…?
    Part of me wants Kroenke out and part of me wants to believe in his vision….
    Part of me wants AW out..and part of me wants him to stay and create another invincible team..better the Devil you know…
    We need to be rationale and not judge before the horse has bolted so to speak..
    We all have an 80% agreement on who is shite playing in the current squad and we all have an 80% agreement where we need to strengthen.. There are players that are quite literally playing out of position and players that are literally not capable of playing either in position or not!
    Whether AW realises this is another matter..AW has a job to do and he is currently not doing it…but until we know the facts about Money and if there is any and on transfer funds and transfer wages etc we can’t really judge..because WE DON’T KNOW (nobody really knows)it’s just what you read or hear others say..the only thing you can believe in a newspaper is the price!
    I agree with G force that AW has bought absolute garbage over the past 3 or 4 years Gervinho, Squillaci Park santos etc..but he equally bought garbage when we were invincible.. Aliadiere,Cygan and Reyes to a dgree etc.. so it probably evens itself out over the years..and all managers buy duds it’s just highlighted more when you aren’t successful
    I agree we need to strengthen in most areas if we are to compete and 8 years without a trophy is outrageous for a team of our stature..but it will come back.. it will trust me..
    Ask most fans out there off the top of their head, who won the FA cup in 1996,97,2004,2006,2007,08..or who won the carling cup in 1999,02,04 or 05 2008 who won any cup actually..and it is quite difficult if it wasn’t your team in the final..AW said players don’t ask if you won the FA cup or League cup before they sign..they want to know if you are playing in Europe..
    But ask yourself who qualified for the CL since 1997 and you know WE did EVERY season..playing some of the best if not THE best football this country has ever seen..
    Don’t get me wrong..those days have passed and it now seems profit comes before passion and mediocrity comes before memories in which I mean mediocre performances are remembered rather than sublime pleasing on the eye performances..
    Listen, Kroenke’s agenda is far bigger than any of us can imagine..and whether he is taking us fans for a ride is something that will play out in the course of time..His Nuggets are failing in America..and over here OUR Arsenal will only take so much…We aren’t as naive as the Yanks and we understand when we are being hoodwinked…so don’t despair just yet and see what comes of the season..either top 4 or 8th the writing will be on the wall..
    Have patience and faith… but not neccessarily in AW…

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  27. One AW

    Do u not listen to wengers news confrences he said last week he has a contract until 201 he will respect it he doesnt want to leave and that he loves the club. Cant see him going back on that to be honest.

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  28. Big Gun

    I like Wenger and I think he is one of the few gentlemen left in this industry…but it must be said that teams managed by more ruthless/no nonsense managers get the job done. Ferguson is a typical example of this. The gum toting, red faced Scott seriously lacks any sort of warmth towards players and fellow colleagues. I remember watching an interview with Mrs Beckham and she remarked that not once did Ferguson ever greet her when she was at the grounds with David. Regardless, his players respected him and he made it known that none of them were bigger than the club. He put Rooney in his place a few times. I wish Wenger would be more ruthless at times because I feel his Mr Nice Guy act does the worst for our team. Imagine if Santos had played for United that say and he asked for Rooney’s shirt at half time (if Rooney had left United for us). Ferguson would have whipped his latino butt back to Brazil before the game was over. There is a fine line that should be drawn between being manager/coach and a sugrogate dad. I feel the players have it far too easy, even Fabregas, Clichy and a few others have stated that training etc at Arsenal was a breeze.

    Arsene needs to be tougher on our boys. They are all earning over 50k a week. I mean BLIMEY that is a lot of money for kicking a ball around. This is why I get so irritated with players that are lazy and stand around. For 60k a week I would play my backside off!

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  29. NickChinaski

    cumouttadreamland…you sir, are a moron. My favourite quote of yours: ‘u might as well have a virgina’

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  30. jay

    Are some of you really that silly to not know the kind of team Aw could build at a club like Real and the player’s that he would already have there to use, yes his not had a good few here with us but can we please remember what the man is capable of doing when he has the true backing of the board members that give him the money to buy the players he wants and needs to keep not to forget that some how this man has kept us a big four team playing Cl football while losing are best players for the past Six years on the bounce , Real would give him all the money he needs to buy the players he wants and also would make him spend it too,,,,,JM went to Real and in his 1st season lost 5-0 to braca with all the star quality he had there, and apart from there very 1st game barca was not beat at all that season till they came to the gunners and lost to us,,,, the point I’m making with this is look at the team we had compared to Real,,, most of the players Wenger has tried to get in the past is at Real already so I highly doubt that Wenger would suffer at Real like he is doing here with a team mostly full of no names,,, ,,,,,,, so Wenger haters give it a rest you know dam well arsene would do a great job at Real and the support he needs upstairs to get stars and not worry bout being priced out… Rant over

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  31. karish

    i think its not loyalty that is keeping aw at arsenal but the way he is being treated. yeah madrid wants him or psg but he refuses to go and you all say his loyal but i think its not because at arsenal he does not have that pressure from the board to win any trophy so long as he make it to top four and he has been given alot of powers at arsenal where he can do whatever he like unlike team like real you have to work hard and make sure the team perform as expected which for wenger he doesn’t want that pressure

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