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Wenger – Abou Diaby is ‘like a new signing’ (and Wilshere!)

You can’t help but feel sorry for Abou Diaby, but from an Arsenal fans point of view he has been nothing but a drain on the team’s wages since his arrival seven years ago. Every summer Arsene Wenger proclaims that his new-found fitness will be a great asset to the team, then within a month he is back on the treatment table.

This year is lining up to be no different, as Wenger has said that the recovery of both Diaby and Wilshere (although Jack is not due back for another three months at least) will be the usual LANS (like a new signing!).

Wenger said last night: “Hopefully, we will get Wilshere back playing for October.”

“With Abou Diaby returning, it will be like signing two new players. This season, the squad will be strong and competitive.”

To be honest I really think that Diaby is a very skillful player that has been extremely lucky with injuries, but I really can’t see him playing more than a few games before he returns to the medical department for another few months off. Perhaps I’m wrong, and I really hope I am……

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48 thoughts on “Wenger – Abou Diaby is ‘like a new signing’ (and Wilshere!)

  1. soroosh

    No doubt he is really good but unreliable !!!
    I scare from his injury and if I were AW, I look him as a substitute player not a fixed one !
    pls buy some more play AW

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  2. Mwita,A.C

    You are very right that’s why we are asking WENGER to bring in M’vila.Let Diaby be sharing his salary with Wenger.He burden to the team now

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  3. Paul

    Mvilla will be announced as soon as RVP goes trust me!!

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  4. Jeo

    He’ll be a great player, if (big if) he keeps fit, he’s looked good in the past couple of games, I’ve also been impressed with eisfield, be good to see players like him breaking through to the first team
    Next season

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  5. ArsenalToTheMarrows

    Injury or no injury, I don’t believe diaby is effective! Honestly! I won’t deny he’s taleÑted and technically gifted, but that’s just about it! He tries impossible things and gets dispossessed, he holds unto the ball too long even when the nearest arsenal player is 3metres away(I dislike ramsey for this reason too).. What I’m basically saying is that arsenal is about fluid football. Any player that holds the ball too long, disrupts this fluidity!

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  6. Pat Rice

    Diaby is a player we need to be more defensive than he already is, but he isn’t, plus he’s injury prone, lacks a lot of match fitness and let’s face it he isn’t Viera and isn’t going to be like him so let’s stop this wishful thinking and cut our losses n sell him, we have wilshere, arteta, lansbury, aneke or even ramsey who can play his supposed role.

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  7. GBboomboom

    sahin loan and a deal on permanent, Carzola, singing contract of song, walcott, van pussy, and the emerging of players such as ox,aneke, thomas es, bartley, miquel, coquelin… and the come back of injured players such as diaby, whilshere, ramsey, per met, sagna, and the new signings we have podi+ giroud, and geting rid of the players such as squalici, djouroue, arsavin,.. next thing is


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  8. Stuart

    People said it about RvP but he went uninjured. Why not put it behind him now?! Looking forward to seeing more from Eisfeld.

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  9. craig2500

    I don’t think we can risk not having cover for Diaby and Wilshire, theres no guarantee Wilshire will just jump into being an amazing player in October. I think we need more additions just in case

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  10. COYG Malaysia

    Wenger is again going through his old tricks again on excuses that he doesn’t want to buy anyone again. Arsenal board continues to be greedy. When will this change?? We need a new board. I know you all hate the board too. Let’s all fight against the club board who is destroying the Historical football club.

    If this goes on. Next summer, we will lose Sagna, Vermaelen, Wilshere, Oxlade(could be like Walcott), Ramsey, Diaby, Koscienly, Song and possibly Coquelin!

    Come on guys. Wake up and smell the coffee. The board is changing the club to a business company. Not a winning football club.

    I really pity those who dont disagree with me on this. Because you are blind.

    I’m just saying this as an Arsenal fan for many years now. And I deserve to give my opinion.

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  11. Lifeasagooner

    He has had plenty of game time pre season to show how effective he can be, but to my eyes it looks like the same ol’Diaby. He’s just a bit too slow to react most of the time & too often gives away the ball. Comparisons with Viera are rediculous.

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  12. superhawk29

    Van Persie was the same, n so was rosicky, give him some time cz he is still young. i hope he won’t grow 2 big for the club once he’s had 1 fyn season.

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  13. COYG Malaysia

    Thumbs up = Reinforcements

    Thumbs down = Believe in this injury proned youngsters

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  14. Lifeasagooner

    @ COYGmalaysia,

    If you ‘pity those who dont disagree with’ your views then it implies you pity those who agree with you?

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  15. yooyoo

    diaby shd not be relied on hes not good enough after watching todays game chamakh djourou dont cut it we need better players this team cant win trophies

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  16. Lifeasagooner

    M’vila is the one we need. He’s the epitomy of a defensive midfielder. He takes charge of his part of the pitch and just bosses it all game long by stopping the opponents and distributing the ball out to the wingers. I just hope the deal can happen before another team snare him from under Arsenals nose as usual.

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  17. ergs

    wilshere is crock till maybe even Xmas and diaby is a worse sick note then darren anderton!
    our midfield is strong centrally,our wingers are hit & miss and our front line although stronger with our new arrivals is weaken by the probable loss of RVP.
    Our defense looks dodgy at left back and one sagna injury away from a dodgy left back to.

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  18. ABK

    Lets face it if he doesnt get injured and plays brilliantly every other club will want him, we will sell, an then he will say hes been loyal to the club…funny how they are loyal when they are injured and want to leave when they do well….fuuuuuu***kers lol

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  19. Amol

    yes,diaby is looking good n wilshere,this kid is classy.

    with these two coming outta injuries

    I don’t see cazorla n sahin both joining arsenal.

    I even doubt any of these joining…

    maybe one of the two may join.

    its cazorla..or sahin.

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  20. young Alhaji

    Can you guys (wenger n co.) Tell us what exactly is happening to jack?

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  21. GUNNER-SOMIASIS the new arsenal disease

    “is like” and “is” are different.
    just sign one or two QUALITY players and ofload the deadwood. if you do this then we can chanllenge for the trophies next season!!!
    or else,
    then i think wenger should be FRIMPONGED!!!

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    Even if he does stay fit, what do you get from him? He’s like the kid at school who’s always looking out of the window and not concentrating on whats going on around him.Think own goal at Man Utd a couple of seasons ago, get rid of him.

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  23. gary


    like a new signing — or just the same old surgery fodder

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  24. AA23 IS BACK

    @Paul, everytime you say something it makes me believe you less and less…..

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  25. max power

    Here we go again every year Mr Wenger feeds us bull like this. Two injury pron players, one or two matches and they will be gone again for the rest of the season end of so called new signing’s.The sad thing about all of this is the fan’s swallow his bull hook, line and sinker every time.Mr Wenger are you blind our defence is leaking like a cullender we are full of holes wake up and do something about it, because RVP won’t be around to get us out of trouble this time.

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  26. AA23 IS BACK

    Diaby is good, but wenger over hypes him up… is it because diaby is french?

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  27. jk

    diaby is good no doubt but a good squad player not good enough to start for a title winning side.

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  28. john 3:16

    SELL: Fabianski, Mannone, Jenkinson, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Diaby, Ramsey, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and Van Persie (unless he signs a new contract!)

    BUY: Lloris, Debuchy, Baines, Jagielka, M’Vila, Belhanda, Carzola and Huntelaar (if Van Persie leaves!)

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  29. PetePaff

    Hopefully he’ll be fit for one full season – because I’ve seen the line “Diaby is like a new signing” last year too…he didn’t play more than two games last season.

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  30. ptah

    I see Diaby as the kind of player to introduce in the 70th minute when protecting a lead. He is good at holding up play to allow others to get into position. It is this same aspect that makes one want to tear their hair out when we are a goal down in the 80th minute but poor Diaby wont release any attacker. In my opinion, this will protect him a bit, both from fans booing and from injury. When fully fit, he can be a midfield great.

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  31. DCC

    Really !!!

    I predicted 5 months ago that Wenger would utter these words about Wilsheres return but Diaby…

    No it’s not like a new signing … Far from it ….. The season hasn’t started and already feel an easy feeling…. We will undoubtedly lose RVP and most probably Walcott…

    So Giroud and Podolski were replacements and not squad improvement ….

    So how the hell are we to expect us to compete with the Manchester clubs ….

    If it wasn’t so upsetting it would be a joke… I have been a loyal Gooner for 40 years and I feel depressed when I should be excited about the new season

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  32. Amien

    I’m liking the new gervinho he looks more confident on the ball and actually beating players scoring assisting cant wait to see him in the EPL and the Ox through the middle looks promising. Here’s to our new additions Podolski and Giroud and our promoted youngsters and the possibility of Carzola,M’villa and maybe, a huge maybe Sahin on loan. im being optimistic as well as realistic and say we can at least win something this squad maybe not immediately the EPL or CL but why not start with the FA and Carling cup and grow from there

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  33. vipul

    Diaby should be given a final chance this season. who knows he may end being a Rosicky this season

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  34. Donsam

    Left with me Diaby should offload as well. When ever he’s on pitch i always had a heartbeats either by long holding and romancing ball or will make a costly xpensive own goal. The coach has started considering him without looking a replacement for him, a season that he’ll play beyond his xpectation he then be given condition to the club that harboured him while nursing injury. Lyk RVP

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  35. Alfred

    Diaby is too slow in passing ball, that is not at all good for arsenal. He disrupts the play suddenly. Sell him and free his wages.

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  36. allan

    Diaby could be a good player. He usually does play well when he plays but I dont think ive ever seen him play more than around 3 or 4 matches before going off again for months. I think this has to be his last season to prove himself capable of playing professionally.

    Personally I have my doubts he will ever be fit.

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  37. Yk

    I hope after all these years of disappointment Diaby will not come back and say he wants to go another club that match his ambition….. I just hope so…

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  38. Mwita,A.C

    Let us be realistic,we can’t compete for titles by relying to the current squad.Diaby whether he is fit or not fit will not be the quality player we need.And you saw our friendly game yesterday poor defending.I cant see the reason to why WENGER didnot sign Hoilett.We need Lewandowski,M’vila,Debuchy and Cazorla

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  39. Gary

    I’m sure I’ve heard this somewhere before, I have a vague memory that this is the same line arsene has been bringing out for about the last 5 seasons.

    Anyone who plans for a season with diaby must be an idiot. It would be great if he could stay fit but anyone with an ounce of sense knows this is unlikely and he should be player 25 out of 25 in our squad for that reason until he proves his fitness

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  40. EastAfrican Gooner

    1st we keep Diaby then Arshavin..?????
    Let’s buckle up..we are about to take a ride to another trophyless season.
    And the way I know the manager, nobody else is gonna be signed. He’s done

    We are usually 3 world class players away from glory which we don’t bother
    to bring I understand what RVP was talking about in that open letter
    and why he is leaving..One last chance?? Arsenal is becoming a ‘Liverpool’

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