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Wenger – Adebayor red card changed game but Arsenal still lack confidence

Arsene Wenger knew that his team had to end a disastrous run of bad performances in yesterday’s North London derby, but nothing went according to plan early on when the ex-Arsenal Emmanuel Adebayor put Tottenham 1-0 up after just ten minutes.

Spurs were seemingly still in control of the game until a vey rash challenge by Adebayor on Santi Cazorla ten minutes later resulted in a straight red card for the Togo striker. Wenger admitted that this was the catalyst for Arsenal to go on and win the game.

Wenger said after the game: “Tottenham had a good start, we were a bit nervous and scored one goal when we made an adjustment mistake at the back, and a chance for a second goal. It looked like last season’s game, but then there was the turning point with the sending off of Adebayor.

“It certainly changed the game because Adebayor had a good start, he was lively. What I made of it was: it was not rose, it was not yellow, it was a red. I didn’t think at all when he was sent off that the game was won.

“We came back into the game and got what we wanted, which was to win the game. It is not always easy against 10 – we have won games with 10 men. I thought it could become even more difficult because they could have dropped back and waited for us, but we had the quality and movement to play through their lines and create chances. There were some outstanding individual offensive performances. In the second half you could see that the confidence was not completely still there, I hope that this result will help us.”

So the Gunners finally get their first win in November and as Arsenal have another crucial home game on Wednesday against Montpellier, and then a couple of dodgy away games against Villa and Everton, we can only hope that they regain their full confidence to win all three games….

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20 thoughts on “Wenger – Adebayor red card changed game but Arsenal still lack confidence

  1. leo

    Claudio Annelluci (Edinson Cavani’s agent) : “ARSENAL & lfc are the first clubs Cavani have agreed to open talks with”

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  2. leo

    sell chammakh,bendtner (sick of him),denilson,squallaci,diaby,arshavin,park,djorou,fabianski in llorente/cavani/huntelaar fellaini,holtby,zaha & alb in summer sign zaha,will hughes,luke shaw for suture coyg

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  3. leo

    Emmanuel Adebayor Statistics: Goals: 1 Assists: 5

    Richard Branson planning on sponsoring Spurs. But it would be weird if it said Virgin on a teams shirt who got Fu*ked today

    Arsene Wenger has now won 1110 Premier League points at Arsenal. Tottenham Hotspur have 1103.

    i tried to change my facebook password to “tottenham’s defense” but it keep saying password is too weak!

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  4. leo

    Who said time travel isn’t possible? 5pur2

    BREAKING: Andre Santos asked for Emmanuel Adebayor ‘s shirt at half-time. Another addition to his Arsenal-traitors wall
    What’s the time? It’s 5 past Lloris

    AVB: We were control from first min to d last; AW: If our opponents are in control from first to last & we win 5-2 then I dont mind too much #epic

    & guys check out the video of sagna ignoring adebayor before the match on youtube #legend

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  5. Onyeka

    no doubt we weren’t at our best, but we were good and i was proud of us. my main highlight was Giroud’s performance of late, that guy with the right guidance maybe as good as henry or v.p just needs a little more speed and skill.
    yesterday was the day i really realized how unimproved ramsey was, one would hoped that jack will need alot of time to adapt, but he is still way better than ramsey despite just coming back and not yet hitting top form yet.
    i personally have got no problem with arsenal or the board on their business strategies except for the fact that it seems they no longer value trophies, seeing henry and sol yesterday applauding made me remember when we played for trophies and the fans and not just for money.
    i just hope my arsenal will be born again, and maybe we can have another go at trying another invincible season once more.
    long live arsenal f.c

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  6. jk

    The squad needs investment diaby should never have been relied on as a replacement for song, A defensive midfielder is needed arsenal should buy wanyama and offer ramsey to celtic for a season on loan aswell!

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  7. Gunnerineverylife

    @jk yeah that deal would be good,would test Ramsey as well,if he wont play well for celtic then he wont deserve to play for arsenal.

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  8. greg

    we need a lb,so that santos does play there(we should use him as a winger)
    we need a dm a powerful one(dm is a very underrated position they do a lot in a game)
    and a winger(so we can move pod and walcott into center)

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  9. leo

    @jamaican gooner yeah but the spuds trashing just can’t get enough of it & @jk spot on dude diaby must be sold along with other high earning players the first 18 mins showed we need a quality cdm like fellaini or m’vila/waynama/strootman anybody diaby has to be sold or even loaned clear the squad of it’s wage arsenal wage is close to manure yet you look at squad it doesn’t look good

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  10. leo

    we also need a striker hear city want huntelaar llorente to juve looking likely we are running out of options cavani is valued at 30m but heard they tried to sign djorou by offering 8m lol so maybe wenger should try bu putting 20m + djourou looks unlikely but hope it happens cavani’s agent confirmed that we are in talks with the player

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  11. ahmad

    wenger said before the spurs game…theo walcott exit is sad,but if really he is to go….then i hope nicolas gaitan is the replacement.
    but it will begreat to keep our current squad in the summer,plus few additions(lb-2nd choice keeper,another striker)

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  12. Twig

    Guys, what do you think of Samaras of Celtic? He might not be a big name but he has a strength and presence that we lack in our team. We have too many small players in our team like Cazorla, Wilshere and Walcott. Against Spurs, I thought our diminutive midfielders suffered against Adebayor. What do you think?

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  13. Twig

    Before giving me the thumbs down, I think you should watch one of his videos. He has impressed me whenever I watched him play. He’s one of the most complete forwards in the game. Even though he’s very tall (he’s same height as Giroud) he’s very quick, has fantastic movement and he’s very good with his feet. He can dribble; can head the ball and is very strong. And he’s just 27 and I guarantee he’s better than both Podolski and Giroud. That’s for sure. Since Wenger is unwilling to go for some of the more popular players like: Cavani, Falcao or Messi (just kidding :-p), I don’t think he’ll go wrong my moving for this guy.

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  14. Salman

    just a crazy idea but why can we shift vermaelen into the holding midfield role! he can pass, is physical and pacy and has a wicked left foot

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  15. johnny Wanna

    I Wenger’s quote ” You want to play well and go in thinking that if you play well you will win the game”
    This approach is wrong, rather you go to every game thinking I MUST WIN.

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