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Wenger admits he will be judged on Arsenal’s results

Arsene Wenger has been speaking to Bein Sports about the constant speculation about whether he is going to be replaced as Arsenal manager in the near future, and he thinks he is being targeted because of his age and length of time but he also agrees that he will judged on the results, which admittedly haven’t been too good this season. In fact right now the betting on Thomas Tuchel replacing Wenger is now down to Even Money, and if you use this Bet365 Bonus Code you can even get 100 GBP to put the bet on. If you read my previous report on Tuchel that seems like a great bet!

“Look, when you age, you focus on doing well for your club and ignore all the rest,” Wenger was quoted as saying. “The older you get, the more it becomes age discrimination. I accept if the results are not good enough then you have to take the consequences.

“But overall that perpetual thing – how long you been at a club, how old you are, I find that a bit difficult to take. But all the rest I have to accept because I am in a public job and have to make results and I accept I will be judged on results.”

He also hopes that whatever happens at the end of this season, the fans will appreciate what he has achieved in the last 22 years working to take Arsenal forward. “I am maybe naive enough to believe that with the time going on, with perspective and context what will stand out is what I have done for my club,” he said, “and not so much the result of the last game or how much I will be applauded when I stop one day.”

So I wonder if the result of Arsenal’s season is us winning the Europa League, will that be enough for him to remain for one last season? And what happens if we end up with nothing at all?

Darren N

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32 thoughts on “Wenger admits he will be judged on Arsenal’s results

  1. Nayr

    I am wenger out but i respect the man alot.
    he is a gentleman.
    has done great things for arsenal.

    class interview he gave.

    thomas tuchel prefers bayern to arsenal

    am glad i don’t like thomas tuchel..too attack minded.same as rodgers.

    we need a simeone,allegri type.
    if it’s an attack minded coach jardim is okay.

    1. gotanidea

      Attacking-minded managers like Klopp and Guardiola can bring entertaining football back into Arsenal

      I want Arsenal to score more open play goals to win, not just chasing 1-0 wins or set-piece goals like Mourinho’s style

  2. gotanidea

    He is not targeted because of his age, but because he cannot meet Arsenal fans’ expectation

    Most of us are so used to Arsenal’s domination against Tottenham, Liverpool, City and Chelsea in the past. It is sad to see that Wenger and other Arsenal people cannot bring that domination back

    Whether he wins the Europa League or not, he has to leave to bring a big change into Arsenal

        1. Phil

          Me and the other 81% I take it?Ha ha ha
          Oh dear pal you just still won’t have it will you?Let me ask you a simple question if I may?DID YOU VOTE?Let me repeat that so the question is not misinterpreted in any way.DID YOU VOTE IN SUNDAYS POLL?Yes or No?Of course you did and I will tell you why you did.Firstly,if you were against this Poll that was Posted be Admin you would have written to him on this site telling him how pointless the whole thing was.Do not say otherwise.Yes you would have.BUT YOU DIDNT.It was only at the end that you wrote your posts telling anyone who would listen ( trust me that would not have been too many-let’s day around 19% of The readers ) that the whole thing was a complete waste of everyone’s time and these Polls were a pointless exercise.YOUR words were along the lines of “Millions and Millions of the Clubs Fans around the world would not agree with the result”.Im not Ken 1945 who would have dissected each word and replied with your exact words and sentiments carefully documented leaving you with absolutely NO EXCUSE other than to HIDE AWAY FROM THE TRUE RESULT.Instead you have reverted to your very One Dimensional and Totally Blinkered reasoning.I And 81% of The voters on the Poll will continue to Mock you for your continued ignorance of THE FACTS.
          The Second reason you would MOST DEFINATELY have voted is because like everyone it needed to be done.You like everyone else were waiting for this and we all got this opportunity(Arise and take your bow SIR JON FOX).
          You would be respected so much more if you would only start to be rational in your thinking.You are in the 19% of Posters from that Poll who have been outvoted by the majority.Accept this as FACT.

          1. John0711

            Phil dont waste your time on people like pires he/she doesnt have a mind to make up their own decisions and want standards they live in the past

          2. PIRES

            I writted to Admin. To JON FOX ,also,about his “majority”rubbish, before him(the poor JON has surrendred since then).You seems ,buddy ,to be happy to be with the 81 per cent,and you mock me to be in the 19 per cent.I will impart you this: the BOARD is in the 19 per cent as is the BEST manager in the history of your club….thats matters the most ,you and me are not that important

  3. AndersS

    Sad he hasn’t been able to call it quits in time. I have lost a lot of my respect for him, because he clearly hasn’t had the best interest of Arsenal in mind over the last few years.
    He could have stepped down, admitting we need new blood. Then he would have been a legend. Now, it is a mixed picture.

  4. xhaka16

    OT:reiss Nelson nd Eddie nkietah are gems we cant afford to lose at any price at all….scoring for club is something but regularly performing at the country level is something that we can all agree is a bit difficult and this two guys seem to do that every now and then………i Wonder yy they have limited opportunities even when our season seems ova particularly in the premier league😴

  5. Innit

    I bloddy well hope so LMAO
    6th place and no trophy (maybe..but hopefully we can win Europa) should do it at the top 5 clubs. That’s a really bad season. Even Sir Alex would have been sacked with a season or two like that.

    Seriously if the board doesn’t sack him (assuming we don’t win Europa) then the Board is bonkers and have very little interest in winning trophies

    If we win Europa then Wenger is unlikely to be sacked Because we will have won a trophy and got back into Champions League.

    Personally, Wenger should get the sack even if we win Europa. We can’t afford any more damage to the team or overspending on average players (ie Xhaka, Mustafi, Chambers)

  6. John0711

    I want to respect him due to what he did for the club, but this excuse making method he portrays makes it very difficult. Ageism ??? win the league and we would all support him, Top 4 and most support him. This shower of **** and 19% support him

  7. Robin Vanpayslip V3 (V3 keeps Chuck Norris level cojones and adds new knee for Wilshere)

    You are targeted because you are wack.

    You boss is wack too because he doesn’t hold you to account and does not hold himself to account by not answering why under his stewardship a trophy winning club is now scrounging for a EL trophy when it used to win major domestic honours in the past.

  8. Break-on-through

    I don’t think it was wise for him to bring up age discrimination. We have some younger fans that do discriminate but he should have just ignored them, they see 40 year old’s as ancient, some even younger they will see in life as being an old man. Now he is opening it up and getting people to decide if age does come into it. Only old people complain about this stuff, not wise Wenger.

  9. GB

    Wenger has got a bloody cheek mentioning age discrimination when he’s the one who was pensioning players off when they got to 30, now he’s saying he’s being discriminated against because of his age !

  10. Ozziegunner

    Arsene Wenger probably believes it is the Arsenal fans singing “Arsene Wenger we want you to stay”.
    West Ham fans have been made similar promises to Arsenal fans with regard to investment in the club and improved performance of the team with the move to a new larger stadium. We all know how they have reacted and their move has been more recent than Arsenal’s.
    Then again its more difficult to hit Stan Kroenke with a coin, given he rarely attends matches!

  11. Kenny Rolfe

    Phil, do not bother arguing with Pires, he’s young, has no experience of Arsenal Football Club, has only ever known one manager, and gets all he’s information off the computer. Pires, you say that Wenger is Arsenal’s greatest ever manager with 3 titles in 22 years. Well let me educate you, Chapman, 3 titles in 9 years ( ‘31,33, 34) and would have had more if he hadn’t died prematurely in Jan ’34. Allison, who took over Chapman’s team, 2 titles in 5 years (35 and 38) and Graham, 2 titles in 9 years (89 and 91) and a European trophy, something your man Wenger has failed to deliver. So you see Pires, this may surprise you but Arsenal had a life before the Emirates and let me tell you, were quite a big club, according to some historians during the ’30’s the biggest and best club side in the whole of world football.

    1. Phil

      Kenny you are correct of course.Someonevthat is obviously in total love of Arsenal Football Club But also ridiculously blinkered when it comes to Wenger.You and I together with many thousands upon thousands of,shall we say,more mature fans,(in other words old codgers) will of course recall much much darker periods in this clubs history than what we are going through now.But today is the present and not yesterday.Wenger is yesterday’s man (as agreed by 81%of this sites members).
      Pires is I believe living in his own little world where there is no life without Wenger.We know different and you would hope that one day he will come to realise this too.
      Can I finish with your sentiments of the Great Herbert Chapman.I have it on the most reliable of sources that SIR JON FOX was a regular spectator at Highbiry in those Halcyon days of the Thirties while in the later part of his teenage years.Its remarkable the old fella is still alive giving very serious Kick Arse to whomever and whenever.Long may that continue

      1. jon fox

        From my armchair in the Od Folks Care Home, I accept your compiment about my age. You are wrong though; my teenage years were spent at the Invicta ground! I was at School with The Duke of Wellington but we fell out . THEN HE GAVE ME THE BOOT!

  12. Jan

    “I am maybe naive enough to believe that with the time going on, with perspective and context what will stand out is what I have done for my club,” he said, “and not so much the result of the last game or how much I will be applauded when I stop one day.

    Oh, I’m pretty sure we all know what you have done for ”your” club…in fact I think you’ve done it more than enough…NOW JUST STOP TFU, please!

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