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Wenger and Arsenal starting to enjoy life

There were times this season when Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal players were under serious pressure from the fans and the media, and you could tell by their interviews and body language that they were not happy. The Frenchman lost his rag a few times with reporters, whereas he had always previously conducted himself with calmness and dignity in the face of pressure.

There is still plenty of pressure on the Gunners. Having crashed out of the FA and Capital One cups to lower league opposition, along with another first leg disaster seeing us exit Europe, the need to finish the season in the top four is more important than ever. Ever since the defeat by Tottenham and the build up to the second leg against Bayern Munich, however, the mood in the camp seems more relaxed.

Wenger has made some tough decisions, benching the captain Thomas Vermaelen and the regular keeper Wojciech Szczesny, but he is just getting on with it, and that confidence and attitude has been transmitted to the players. Even Gervinho is playing with the shackles off and proving plenty of people wrong, including myself, in the process.

Wenger could even bring himself to joke about the referee’s appalling decision not to award a penalty for Taylor almost cutting Giroud in half. The manager’s tongue in cheek remark was also poking fun at his own previous reaction to officials.

“I though it was a penalty, but the referee did not,” remarked the boss. “And I have learned from my long experience that the referee is always right.”

The ability to perform under pressure is vital at the top level of any sport, and the fact that Arsenal are doing that now is the reason the bookmakers have slashed the odds of us finishing in the top four. In fact, after Chelsea’s loss, it now looks like third place is ours for the taking again.

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30 thoughts on “Wenger and Arsenal starting to enjoy life

  1. Katri

    Only because Forehead had a one good game scoring one goal and providing 2 assists doesn´t mean, that he IS making us all wrong…he has been inconsistent for two seasons and I personally still think that he should be sold…

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  2. lion

    Am not too excited…. we can still claim 3rd though but wenger we deserve more. Summer transfer will be an eye opener. coyg

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  3. FrankinTas

    If only the Gerv could finish. It’s no good performing magic tricks if it all comes to nothing.

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  4. lion

    Forehead is a criminal and should be arrested. People like hom will play well now only to start the rubbish again at rhe begining of the season. forehead will only prevent us from selling him in the summer then start all over again.

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  5. Gunner

    everyone is looking at tottenham and chelsea now. but people are forgetting everton who are on fire as well. one loss for us and one everton win they go above us. so we should take them into consideration as well

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  6. PatLloyd

    Keep it up boys, 3rd is ours and then with a busy transfer window and Jack gelling with Santi we can boss Utd and that rvp (SCORED 1 IN LAST 12 MATCHES) back up North

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  7. Keith

    Need to keep this run going. Sh*te in white and Chel$ki are so close. We are the form team and have the best run in. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!

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  8. DCC

    Fellow Gooners..

    Is it not obvious why we are starting to turn things round and put a run together ?

    Two main reasons.

    (1) We have an easier run in, as we have played nearly all though’s around us – so we are now into the lesser teams, who are struggling with relegation or havie nothing to play…. Lets hope united beat Chelsea in the cup, so they still have a wembley date to think about when we play them …

    And more importantly

    (2) Because we are out of everything, we are playing one game a week, so the players are rested and are a lot sharper..

    This proves that our strength of squad is not strong enough to compete on the four fronts as we try to do each year….

    So when fans call for us to sell the likes of Ramsey and Gervinho before we buy …. The answer is no… We need to buy quality, so these players are our squad players and not first choice… Then next season when we play the likes of Reading, we play them, take three points and rest our first teamers …

    Simples !!!!

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  9. caribgooner

    RVP cannot score when he wants…Personally i dont think he will ever score with the freedom that he use to.

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  10. PatLloyd


    You’re an idiot, the starting XI has also been much different in recent weeks along with the tactics used, two far more significant contributing factors to our current success than lack of fatigue

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  11. ban10

    problem with gervihno is inconsistency
    in the start of the season he was our best player bt out of no where he lost his form so i ll be a bit careful with gervinho

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  12. GERTY

    i aint getting the balloons out , everton finish strongly always, they are right behind us, bale looks like ronaldo and chelsea are chelsea, these are worrying times

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  13. alaka edward

    How the mighty have fallen… Now we’re been fed with garbage.

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  14. MrJ

    @ PatLloyd

    As soon as you begin a post with “you’re an idiot” you lose all credibility, I may agree with your main point but there’s still no reason to insult a fellow gooner

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  15. Kosio

    Arsenal played a Bayern side that totally thought they were 1/4 finalists, a swansea side playing for nothing and a dead and buried reading side. The 3 wins were nice but the real test comes next weekend @ west brom. Arsenal will mathematically finish in the top 4 if we win all our games thanks to spuds playing chavs and not winning a game from now on will be all on us. Reading scored a goal without playing anything yesterday, so don’t get overconfident, there is still a lot of work to be done. We are in the run because other teams are as unpredictable as we are. Still credit to Wenger for sacking tommy V and Scez because they were simply playing not good enough, and the fact that competition will eat your place if you don’t perform is something that should be well aware to all players in a top club and selling those who don’t perform could actually motivate some players like Gervinho to start showing something or get the boot through the emirates door!

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  16. Ergs

    Get a grip bob we beat the worst team in the league!
    Long 8 games to go.
    Gervinho is a must sell in the summer along with about another 10 players at least.
    Looking like a 4 way tussle for the top 4 very exciting

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  17. Machiavelli

    Funny how fotball fans change opinions like clothes. A couple of weeks ago evryone hated gervinho and Giroud now they love them.

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  18. vyash

    now we r linked with lewendowski,gotze and lars bender

    also media r saying the scout were in germany

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  19. Moses

    Lot of work left to put in this season. At times it has just felt like it’s all gone wrong for us, and we’ve had some rough patches this season.

    But, in spite of all that negativity that has surrounded us, here we are, game in hand, win it and go only a point behind Spurs, with the easier run in and a realistic chance of finishing 3rd.

    If someone had said to me at the start of the season – take 3rd in the league, a champions league spot for the following season, and a substantial transfer kitty for the summer, I’d have took it. We have some good players, we just have to handle our business, get a champs league spot, then try to build on that with a solid summer of adding depth and more quality.

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  20. Uche Edochie

    Great game. A lot of fun to watch. Yes this team can be very frustrating but with the exception of man u, which team hasnt been frustrating to their fans? Let us enjoy these wins while we can. That is the fun of football. Your team wins and you are happy. We cannot predict the future but a win is worthy of celebration.

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  21. Mr ARSENAL

    I think that Van pussy is coming to the end of his goal scoring career if you look at his goals currently.

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  22. alaka edward

    @Mr Arsenal: RVP has scored 4 goals in 3 matches. 3 for holland and 1 for Man Utd(tho it was awarded to bramble as OG). He’s class enough of the beef! We traded our luck with the Red Devils for £24m period!

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  23. DCC

    @Pat Lloyd

    Thanks for questioning my intellect .. But read the caveat again !!!

    I qualify my comments with “two main reasons” why we are improving…. At no stage do I state they are they are the only reasons….

    So I would not argue that we are taking a more balanced approach, BUT the main point off my post was we need to keep this squad together and then add some extra quality…. Not as I keep reading on this site, sell Ramsey or Vermalen etc….

    Ramsey and co are more than capable of beating the Readings of this world, but strength in depth will allow us to compete for the whole season and not just at the beginning or the end….

    If this concept is to difficult to grasp …. The maybe it’s not my IQ of 155 that needs a long hard looking at…..

    As for @MrJ … Thank you for your understanding even if you don’t wholly support my opinion

    Happy days !!

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  24. Matty

    We must go all out in the summer and spend, realistically though, do you really think Gotze and Lewandowski and Bender will come to us from Dortmund? I hope so but seriously? Giroud is not good enough and is a sqaud player at best, he needs to be replaced.

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  25. Arsenal1Again

    Yeah, another top 4 finish going down to the wire.

    Man, I’m so gonna feel like we’ve won a trophy if we finish in the top 4 cos Le Professeur said I should.

    Come August, we can all get excited about the next 9 month battle to win nothing besides our top 4 trophy, I mean top 4 finish.

    Passer by: Hey, you’re that Arsenal Supporter, aren’t you? When was the last time you guys won something?

    Me: We finished in the top 4 last May on the last day. 3rd place too, don’t you know.

    Passer by: Um, okaaaay.

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  26. Gunner

    The title makes me ask the question! Does this team prefer to be out of everything and have absolutely nothing to lose for them to enjoy playing football?

    Year after year they rescue a CL spot by playing well during the run in after another wildly inconsistent season has come and gone?

    I disagree with the article when it says they are still under pressure!! They have already been written off and are under no pressure now! That is why they are responding? Exact same as the Bayern tie, out of it after game one, so game two there is no pressure on the team and thus it goes on to win comfortably??????

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