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Wenger on why Arsenal deserve Premier League title

Arsene Wenger JustArsenalArsene Wenger was delighted and relieved that his Arsenal team were able to beat Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday, and not just because the performance deserved to see all three points come back to north London. The Frenchman admitted that the race for the Premier League title would have been over otherwise.

And the boss reckons that would have been really harsh on this group of players as he has seen how much hard work and dedication they have been putting in since last summer. So even more than he wants to win the EPL trophy in May for the Arsenal fans and for himself, Wenger believes that the efforts of the players deserve to be rewarded.

And that is why the boss was reported on the Arsenal website as saying that he had taken a big gamble on the fitness of our England international forward Danny Welbeck, and Arsene must have felt like he had won the jackpot on the Double Bubble Slot when Danny scored the opening goal! Wenger admitted that the striker was still struggling with the knee problem that saw him miss the end of last season and most of this one. But because of what Welbeck offers the team and the way he has played since his return, Wenger thought he had to risk him from the start against the Toffees.

He said, “He can play on the flanks and through the middle, so I can play him with Giroud or [instead of] Giroud – that gives so many options. You cannot say you don’t miss a player of that stature for nine months.

“I believe [he can make a difference]. I had many hesitations to play him before the game because he is still not completely over his knee problem.

“We have to be cautious but I pushed it because I knew this was now or never [for the Premier League title bid].

“I know this team has put in a lot of work since the start of the season, I know how much dedication this team has had over the last eight months and I want them to be rewarded.

“We have gone through a difficult period and it is a good test to see how a team survives after getting so much stick. When I see their response every day, this team deserves credit.”

Do you agree or do they deserve the stick they have been getting?

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18 thoughts on “Wenger on why Arsenal deserve Premier League title

    1. almostawinner

      seeing walcott’s attitude, seeing ox dancing in the tunnel: no, they have not put in the effort required. i’m sorry.
      but life is not fair: i’d like arsenal to win it.

      and in the end, it wasnt ox dancing, or walcott jogging lightly about the field: it was pure and simple wenger’s delusion in which he didnt strengthen us in summer. thats why its extremely unlikely we’re going to win PL. sadly for us fans. and wenger will blame it on the injuries (oh, those unexpected injuries!)

      1. almostawinner

        i really felt let down. mainly by walcott, bec i know what he can do when his contract is up for signing.

        giroud & ox: i know they try hard. but i’m sorry but they just dont have an extra gear. they’ve peaked (giroud especially) and if giroud is the limit of our ambition, then we’ll keep coming 4th.

        ramsey is an enigma to me. seems really good sometimes, and awful other times. all these 4 should be let go.
        in any case, our “squad” players are already better replacements.
        welbeck > giroud
        welbeck > walcott,
        elneny > ramsey
        iwobi > ox
        campbell > ox
        its good to see hard working players such as welbeck,elneny,iwobi and campbell.
        its good to see strong players such as coq (> flamini) and gabriel (> mert).
        mert is just too mild for me.

  1. Greg

    Wenger needs to look at himself in the mirror deeply, do some soul searching and ask himself why?

    1. davidnz

      Wenger refuses to look
      in the mirror because
      there is an old grouchy
      man looking back at him.
      Can’t say I blame him 🙂

  2. sevenitti

    Maybe wenger should have rewarded the team by adding a couple of world class outfield players, and not only čech and elneny – thus not having them work this hard for a current 3rd and exits in all cups?

  3. Davros

    Whoever gets the most points deserves to be winner

    We would have got more points if Wenger had signed outfielders last summer

    Coquelin and Cazorla’s injuries were massive blows to us
    Wallcott and Giroud failed to shine
    Welbeck was injured from the start and for most of the season

    It was ridculous to start the season without new outfielders
    A DM like Krychowiak would have been amazing while Coquelin was injured. No offense To Arteta and Flamini
    We could of at the very least kept Afobe with Welbeck injured

    Wenger committed too many WTF? decisions this season

    1. jermaineBryan

      we had to many players on the wage bill that lack contribution. it is better to have someone who is more battle hardened than just technique .
      rosicky,Wilshire, arteta- allways injured
      Welbeck/debuchy – bad luck with injury this season

      there are also a group of players who are extremely inconsistent and should be considered bench players or disposable if we sign quality in their position.
      att= Walcott/ox/sanogoo*
      def= gibbs/Jenkinson*

      hard working and determine members of the squad should get more exposure;
      att= Campbell, akpom*, iwobi
      mid= elneny, maitland-neils
      def= gabriel

  4. WOS

    Yes we could say that wenger is a moron and a stubborn old man.
    I totally agree but i wish that wenger out banners wait till the title hopes totally disappear.
    I still have a hope that we can do it.
    Leicester still have sotons,westham,swanse,united,everton and chelsea
    Spurs have liverpool,united,stoke away,chelsea and southampton
    Arsenal will have two difficult matches in westham and city
    So we have the easiest fixtures out there so if we win all the easy matches and win one and draw one in the two hard matches we can do it!!
    Spurs will drop more than 5 points and leicester will drop the 10 points.

    1. almostawinner

      i think its ok to bring out the banners , but only after the game has ended.

      wenger is so risably stubborn that unless we place huge pressure on him, he will not change .

      its fascinating to see a psychological case such as wenger: living in his own alternate universe where the facts are different. where giroud is world-class, injuries are a surprise, flam/arteta offer good replacements for coq.

  5. gmv8

    I wish people would think about this. Why would Wenger want such huge cash reserves? Yes he wants to balance the books, but who does having such large reserves actually benefit? Answer Kroenke.

    Can Arsenal get a better manager than Wenger? Under Kroenke probably not, as any decent manager would want a certain amount of money to spend, which they wouldn’t get under Kroenke, and also Kroenke is more than happy about the status quo. He has already stated that he doesn’t want to win anything, and purely wants to make lots of money. Wenger is fulfilling these two criteria admirably ATM.

    So fellow gunners, the only way we can progress our endeared team, is to get rid of Kroenke. Only then will it be possible to evaluate if a better manager will improve our position.

    1. almostawinner

      maybe if we can convince kroenke the BRAND is broken, he’ll sell. that would be one of my happiest days.

  6. TR7

    AFC deserve EPL trophy but LCFC deserve it more..they have shown more passion and fight for it than our lads.

  7. El Blaze

    Wenger you say the team has worked so hard and shown a lot of dedication and we find ourselves behind Leicester and Spurs? Well, that further proves that you have nothing more to offer the team and it’s about time you quit. And FYI we don’t deserve the EPL title, Leicester does because they have the mental strength, grit and consistency required to win the EPL. Right now what this team deserves is a minimum of three world class players, six will be more ideal if we want to challenge for the UCL.

  8. ceezee

    As far as i’m concerned because of Arsenal’s intricate attacking football philosophy, i’m always glad that there are only two types of manager that will never manage Arsenal

    1. A mourinho.
    2. A British manager.

  9. mark

    Wenger needs to take a bit more responsibility and not use his players as a buffer or try and guilt trip fans. I’m sick of reading all this guff about ‘getting behind the team’, as if they are above criticism.

    Wenger’s choices have made this team pretty good but not great or world class. If that doesn’t deserve criticism then nothing ever will.

    A team only wins titles if the manager does his job well enough, and frankly, he isn’t.

    Ranieri on the other hand…

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