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Wenger – Arsenal made “one massive mistake”

Arsene Wenger started off a massive ten days for Arsenal by seeing his side dumped out of the FA Cup by Championship side Blackburn Rovers. As usual the Gunners completely dominated possession without putting the ball in the back of the net, while Blackburn sneaked a freak winning goal towards the end of the game.

Wenger had made seven changes to the side that beat Sunderland last week with an eye on the midweek Champions League tie against Bayern Munich, but he had no regrets over the XI he chose to start the match.” No.” he said when asked. “We had 11 international players on the pitch at the start of the game. When we made the changes we were at 0-0.”

He used the statistics to show that Arsenal had actually played well, but he was obviously not happy about the defending that led to Blackburn’s goal: “We had a lot of the ball and Blackburn defended well. I believe we had 70 per cent of the ball, we had 16 shots at goal, they only had one shot at goal. For us it’s a typical cup game where it’s important not to concede and keep a clean sheet and I think we made a massive mistake on the goal. In a game like that it was down to us to keep a clean sheet and score in the final 15 minutes.”

“I do not want to go too much into detail but I believe we were really guilty on the goal.”

“It is very painful and very disappointing to lose a game like that. What is important now is to focus on the next one.

“Of course it is disappointing. It is very difficult to accept but it happened and we had enough chances to win, but we didn’t. Offensively we lacked ruthlessness and calm in front of goal. We didn’t make enough of our corners, and we were vulnerable on one mistake.”

It is a massive blow going in to the match against Bayern Munich, especially as we had been on such a good run in the weeks before, but Wenger must now try and convince the players that they can beat the German giants despite that miserable performance. It won’t be easy to lift the team after effectively being dumped out of the last domestic competition we had a chance to win, but Wenger thinks he can do it. “It is not difficult at all. It is our job. If we feel sorry for ourselves we would be completely wrong. We have a massive game on Tuesday night and we have to show that we some response in the team.”

“I think it is important to focus on our next game and it is a good opportunity to show that we have character and are men who can fight for each other. That is all you can do. You take a distance in terms of what people say and show how strong and good you are in the next game.

“It is not difficult at all. It is our job. If we feel sorry for ourselves we would be completely wrong. We have a massive game on Tuesday night and we have to show that we some response in the team.”

The only consolation Arsenal fans can take into Tuesday is that it will be a completely different starting XI and our main players have had a good rest. But even at their very best do you think they can beat Bayern Munich?

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58 thoughts on “Wenger – Arsenal made “one massive mistake”

  1. Dave

    Still don’t see how Giroud fits into our play. Makes me upset that Podolski is forced onto the left, he’s a ruthless finisher and we all know how hard he can hit a ball.

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  2. Reddb10

    I honestly don’t understand this resting Rubish.
    How can other teams all over Europe play their best players who might end up playing 60 games by the end of the season?
    Do we have the luxury of not playing our best 11 for the FA cup? NO
    Its not like we are going for the PL or CL is it, the FA cup was our only chance of a trophy so here comes another year of failure.
    Wengers fafing about has cost us again and now he has another record to add to his growing list
    biggest defeat in the PL
    biggest defeat in europe
    biggest defeat in the league cup
    knocked out by lower league teams in both league and FA cup in the same season.
    Time to stand up and be judged Mr Wenger because YOU are the one who picks the team and YOU are the one who picks the formeation and YOU are the one who insists on this zonal marking nonsense.

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  3. mr lean

    we owe wenger one last chance next season,first he needs to spend and only sell the deadwood in the summer,then he needs to stop playing players out of position.last chance salon Arsene

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  5. JONNO

    Wenger got cocky once again. Did bradford teach him nothing?
    Ffs, just play ur best players at all times and take them off if they
    need resting. I can understand wilshire bein rested but other than
    that he shdnt have messed with it.
    Watch how this result kills our season, the doubts&the
    negativity will return without a doubt.

    We need to buy better players, end of. So if he wants
    to rest half the team at once he can, but not with our
    current crop of players.

    Wenger u must change your ways or you will keep
    making enemies amongst the fans. I want him to stay
    but he has to change his mind on spending&wage
    structure.if we are

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  6. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Surely you play your best side from the start, get yourself into a winning position, then take the best players off for a rest. The FA Cup was our best opportunity for a trophy. Thinking we can compete with Real, Barca, Bayern, Man Yoo, Juve or Milan, we’re just kidding ourselves. Arsene is really struggling to keep his position tenable

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  7. Kosio

    Wenger OUT! Its only his fault. I don’t see why people support him. He’s the one that sold all our good players and left us with this misery. We cant beat a side 4 levels below us in football, how can we beat a championship side :X Arsenal is a laughing stock and if you like it, well i don’t. We as the fans should seriously do something to kick the board and manager out if we don’t wanna see such things again. “Africas’ best player” buried us against bradford and against blackburn today… This is unacceptable.

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  8. mr lean

    so barca want tv5 ok what shall we say start the bidding at 100m,f#ck off you spanish c#nts remember david villa !!

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  9. dino

    The balckburn game has proven yet again that we lack in defence. I don’t think zonal marking is the problem, however, if our players showed more comitment in getting back to defend the result would of been different. No player should be allowed that much space for a second shot after a save.
    We have showed the ability to keep the ball, but we need a consistent striker. Possesion means nothing if not converted to goals.
    A good team should be good, even if key players are rested, but Arsenal showed the quality of a second division team. A team that will always need the extra star player to achieve victory.

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  10. mark

    The headline is wrong. Take out one word.

    ‘Wenger made one massive mistake’ (not playing best team)

    Or, if you are feeling bitter take out more words..

    ‘Wenger…one massive mistake’ 😉


    Unusually, it seems Wenger is gambling…. on us doing well in the Champions League. A risky strategy, but one that could pay handsome dividends. I stress the ‘COULD’.

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  11. mr lean

    why is ivan silent today,after the bradford result he said money was available to invest in January just another lie from that manc supporting c#nt

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  12. cin

    Arsenal was not having any match winner. No striker. Wenger super striker even can not control ball, when ever cross comes striker is not in the position. Really Arsenal just played yesterday for just doing passing.

    This is really expected.

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  13. snakeoil

    The blackburn game proved one thing for sure. Rosicky, who started the game with only a few minutes of playing time this season, played far better player than the hapless Ramsey has in any of his 33 appearances this season.

    For important games, there should be no reason that Ramsey ever gets selected over Rosicky – for any position. And yet Wenger lets the proven performer Rosicky rot while his often under-performing love-child plays nearly every game.

    Clearly Wenger is not using merit, capability, or winning as criteria for selecting his squad.

    Arsene Wenger should be ashamed.

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  14. mr lean

    Arsenal’s “one massive mistake”,allowing a yank to take over our club who has no interest in football and only wants to make a profit for himself,we need to protest every day and week and get this yank cancer out as he is slowly killing our great club

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  15. DanO

    Eight yrs without a trophy and it could be another eight because the club is goin backwards,this current squad is not good enuf by a long way and our manager seems happy to make the top 4 every year which is seriously under threat dis year ,how did it get to dis ,we are a joke of a club with no ambition ,god help us against bayern it could be a cricket score…

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  16. ripple

    @mr. lean:

    so how many last chances does Wenger get anyway?

    i remember fans saying that the January window will prove Wenger still has it and THAT would be his last chance.

    this could go on forever.

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  17. mohawk35

    i became an arsenal fan for 1 reason – not primarily for winning or trophies, those were inevitable by products – i simply loved the Arsenal style and quality of play

    sadly, as much joy as wenger has brought to us in the past, he seems more determined than ever to keep it from us now

    his football decision making has become a joke – something other than good football is clearly driving his focus now

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  18. chunners

    They are so unpredictable, I love them! Never a dull moment supporting the Arsenal, win or no win.
    Hoping my favourite arsenal turn up against Bayern though!
    Arsenal FTW

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  19. Nadroj14

    I just hope that this has opened Wengers eyes a little and we spend well in the summer. If not, the board have to look about for a replacement…

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  20. mr lean

    @ripple we need answers from stan and ivan,. for example are they backing wenger with money for not happy with wenger but if we can add some quality in the summer capoue,jovetic,hummells and an experianced gk and sell squid,fabianski,denilson,arshavin,djourau etc that we will compete.if wenger does nothing agree he must go.its all down to the board backing wenger and then wenger spending.

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  21. mukund

    I know Arshavin is going to leave and out of favour but certainly he could have played better than Ox. Also sad to see Podolski grounded and not getting a chance. For sure Wenger will never admit that he needs to rework his stratergy at times of our style of play. Gods sake we are needing a world class forward to make things happen along side Giroud. Just wonder how it will be against Bayern certainly one hard game, with there current form they certainly are hard to overcome.

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  22. mr lean

    we all hurt today and we all are entitled to our views but lets make sure we stick together and get through these dark times together, because you gooners are like a family to me, don’t always agreefrom time to time but are there to show support for each other when needed.

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  23. ripple

    Ask yourselves. Why did Wenger not use Poldi vs. Blackburn and why has he been benching him recently? Does it make sense? Has it worked?

    In the 5 games Wenger has used this tactic of inserting Ramsey at the expense of Podolski in which he pretends to play Cazorla on the left (but he really plays the middle), Arsenal have scored just 4 goals in those 5 games and 1 of those was from Poldi as a substitute when the tactic had been abandoned. (So really 3 goals in 5 using the tactic)

    In the 3 games in between, when Poldi started on the wing and Ramsey sat out, Arsenal scored 10 in 3 games. Poldi himself scored 1 goal and had 3 more assists in those.

    Vs. Blackburn Wenger again tried the 5 times failed tactic of putting Wilshere and Cazorla in the middle this time as subs at the expense of an actual left winger. Again it failed as it just blocked up the middle even further as it always has. Why 2 center mids as subs? Was Arsenal having trouble controlling the midfield anyway? No. Did they need a capable winger, finisher and goal producer(Poldi)? Yes.

    Wenger has a way of stubbornly adhering to failed ideas, tactics and now players (Ramsey et al). And his tactical sense has failed completely.

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  24. Gunners

    I think the team wenger put out should have won that match comfortably. Diaby rosicky arteta ox giroud are all First Team or thereabouts. Only gervinho was the weak link. Do we need wilshere and cazorla for everything?

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  25. ritz

    Wenger does not learn anything. He has become stuck with his methods/ways. JUST DOES NOT ADAPT/CHANGE.
    Just last week there was ManU, about to face RM and they played the everton game with their best players.Only 1/2 were rested.They came out good in both. Arsenal will come out losing both.
    Play you best team at the start, win the game and work overtime to see that the players are rested.

    If he was not stubborn, Arshavin would have unlocked the Blackburn defense along with Rosiscky. Rosiscky was the only player till 70 mts who could have done something. The rest do not have that class in them to break down dogged defense.

    I regret the time i changed my fav team from ManU to Arsenal, some 12 yrs ago.

    Its time for a new manager. I think Swansea manager will be good for arsenal, provided he is willing to come to arsenal!

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  26. mani diz jam

    It pains me wen I see u pepz hailin giroud.even if dat guy scorez in 3gamez strait is jst a mixtake.dat guy aint a striker. He does not fit arsenal at all and even if he will later letz play him 10 or 15 minz wen or normal game plan has fail. He is d somtin else tu try afterall when van p. Came tu arsenal he did nt jst start playin 90minz.giroud gat a lot 2learn let him be the last option.podolski fir perfect on arsenal style.I knw gervinho misses d chances buh doz runz he made can neva com from girioud n datz d real arsenal movement he makez.

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  27. joe

    arsene said we started the match with 1 international players….he is wrong…we had 10 international players…i don’t think arteta has a cap for spain, does he?????

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  28. Collins

    I read about Wenger talking about our attack not being ruthless. How can this be with the formation he put forward against Blackburn? Wenger should stop the crap that he had 11 internationals on the pitch ! Arsenal fans learnt a lesson after the defeat at Bradford but Wenger didn’t.I think ARSENAL has been more ruthless in front of goal with Podoski

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  29. jibber

    wenger got his priorities wrong.

    he should focus on getting winning the FA cup, qualify for nex years CL and that’s it. Why would u rest for the Bayern game when the chances of winning isn’t high? and imagine who u’ll eveutually be going against? Barca? The current arsenal squad can’t beat them now.

    and don’t tell me the money from CL after every stage is more than the FA cup. it’s pointless if you can’t even get through the next stage!

    What wenger needs to do now is to buy someone who has the same pentration in mid who can also play the left wing to rotate with wilshere and cazorla, or else there’s absolutely no tooth down the mid with out him.
    that kind of dribbling quality means big spending on the 20m+ mark.
    IF not that then get a replacement for RVP as the plan B to bail the team out when they can’t play.

    That’s why ManU has Berbatove and Rooney back then, and now Rooney and van persie. It’s to make sure there’s always 1 goal to grab when all fails.

    the defense needs to shape up, start by getting a real defensive mid, even if it’s not of high quality, with the physical presence, he can come on as a sub to keep the lead or tie in order for the attack to get a constant feed of balls.
    I absolutely don’t understand not getting Diame besides not willing to spend. WE have no one like that other than Diaby and he’s rather fickle.
    you can’t play arteta as DM and ask him the pass the ball out to safety and try to play a quick tempo game as well. IT doesn’t work that way.
    He can only at best be a deep lying playmaker with his knowledge, but without a ball winner, it’s asking too much from him.

    and honestly, if the team is constantly playing with a lack of quality, who gains confidence? it’s not just winning matches, it has to be people you can trust on the field around you.

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  30. mani diz jam

    Even if we have whilsh, cazola n so on.y bench rosiky.I se no reason y u play arteta n diaby dey both av lost d attackin mind and letz not forget whilsh has great ball wining ability.d combination of rosicky, whilsh, carzola, arteta or diaby with podolski n walcot in goin 4 d goal with creat a million n 1 chance tu score cuz this midfielderz have great passin ability n sharp runs from this strikers.imagine d movement.dei will alwayz b a moment of briliance.

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  31. 9jagun

    i believe the mistake was from Wenger bringing 3 players in to a game at the same time. he should have gradually made those changes. cos black burn took advantage of the changes and delivered the ball upfront to set up the goal

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  32. Hafiz Rahman

    there may be money…but have u guys seen any big name players or defenders joining any club yet???

    so its either the players do not want to leave or the clubs are not interested in selling….

    has hummels, jovetic, Gotze etc..join any clubs yet ??? NO…

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  33. Collins

    I don’t understand WENGER’S ploy to resting our best players for Blackburn’s game when he believes that was one competion we had a chance to win ! Now he will be praying for Chelsea’ last season’s luck to follow him in CL

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  34. Reddb10

    like i have said many times, with Wenger manager even Ronaldo and Messi would win us nothing.
    TV, Arshavin, rososky, ramsey, have all captainedtheir national teams.
    Very soon so will wilshere and sczesny captain england and poland.
    This means nothing when your manager cannot change tactics, formation, or boost morale.
    GAzidis, wenger, kroenke OUT

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  35. Arsenal 007

    And there goes our final hope for a trophy this season.
    That’s 8years now.

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  36. Eddie

    The fact is AW has run out of ideas.
    Just look at Arsenal’s record for the past eight years, ” have we ever been in Cup competition by February.? Apart from that horror defeat by another team starting with B?
    Get used,that’s what the board approves of the team.

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  37. Jathusanthegunner

    I gotta be honest Arsenal played really well but played better when Wilshere , Cazorla , and Walcott came on . You can’t blame Wenger for it as he put some of our top Arsenal players on . In the AFCON Gervinho played brilliant but his habit isn’t at England . I think Blackburn were really lucky as their keeper was really fortunate to save our shots but Coquelin’s shot at the end should have went in . Rocisky’s shot after half-time was exceptional but Blackburn were lucky the shot hit the bar . I think we should’ve put Podolski or Walcott at the start of the match . Blackburn are lucky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  38. talib

    gunner get burn hahahaha…..AW mr.sleeping and lost idea. now morden football not like ur time. now we need exchange maurinho to gunner and wenger to real THIS WILL BE LAST OPTION before he get fired

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  39. ritz

    i pity the fans who pay and watch these games at the emirates buying costly tickets…it’s not fair on them.

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  40. Sean

    Wenger don’t realise that where not the team we used to be..if u rest the best 2 or 3 players then we are very ordinary..
    This is a managerial mistake of the highest order

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  41. Sama

    Having read almost all the comments i realized that everyone failed to mention the inconsistecy of our keeper who feels so secure even when so terribly. Wenger should take the blame because he has failed to sign another good goalkeeper to bring in competition. The team played well but Vermelen defensive display especially after the shoot lacks focus and commitment, he could have saved the ball if he had went for it but rather thought that the ball was going wide. At the end of the day Wenger is just responsible because he hasn’t got a team whereby players are punished for poor performance. Overall Vermelen has very poor all season, maybe it’s time for him to move.

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  42. 2gunsUp

    There’s a 101 reasons why we lost and what could been done to get the win.
    Wenger needs truthful to his self, saying he put out 11 internationals is no excuse. He is basically blaming the players. But it is he who built this team. He hand picked every player. And is failing to get the best out of these players. The squad that wengers got aint as bad it looks, I just think the tactics have been very poor all season.(These tactics may of worked wen u had cesc, rvp, nasri and song but not with these players. Get it right or get out!

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  43. Kitsilano

    IF, IF and IF Wenger goes, I want Laudrup to replace him.

    A team with Vermaelen, the Ox, Arteta, Monreal,Koscienly, Rosicky, Giroud, Diaby should win over a Championship side. With or without Wilshere, Podolski, Walcott and Cazorla. The players have a responsibility, too, not only Wenger.

    Ehen you play for a top PL-side, you need to proof you belong there, and are not a League Two player. I am thinking of Gervinho with the two great chances his team mates created for him.

    Rosicky: MOTM-performance. He should play against Bayern with Arteta & Wilshere. Podolski up fron, with Walcott and Cazorla on the wings.

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  44. Reddb10


    totally agree with you and good that you pointed it out.
    both sczesny and wenger feel secure in their jobs and this kills the club.

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  45. KickuPtheArsene

    How is it we had 16 shots at goal and nothing? Blackburn had 1 shot, and won. How does that make any sense? Winning teams are the ones who can win with one opportunity. We are NOT a winning team. We do NOT have the right mentality. There is something fundamentally wrong with our team. It’s not the calibre of the players. It’s not our lack of depth in our squad. I hate to say it, but it isn’t be lead correctly. Our manager just isn’t producing the right mentality in our team. When we are ahead, we often squander our lead. We play great football, but can’t seal the deal. Quite often (this season) we don’t turn up till the second half. We just don’t think like winners. Something needs to change. And as much as I respect Wenger, I wonder whether the best thing for us is to get a manager who can turn our team around. Maybe the Wenger era should now end, and a new one commence.

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  46. Sir G

    It’s you, Prof. Wenger, that made the massive mistake of failing to take the January market window to strengthen your team as the likes of Newcastle did! And her we are again, reaping the results of that massive mistake!

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  47. ganeesha

    Could so easily have won this game by a 4,5,6 goal margin. Diaby’s header, Rosicky’s brilliant effort that hit the bar, Coquelin, Arteta etc, etc, etc. (Le Forehead was useless, agreed.) Their keeper had performance of a life time, something that has cursed Arsenal many a time. For the rest, great yet brutally luckless effort; great sweeping moves, Rosicky was at the centre of it all, incisive, fast, energetic.
    Shame that this undeserved result triggers compulsive outpouring of vile bile by nerds with zero self-esteem, zero footballing and economic knowledge, such as that looser of loosers, Adam Kemp, who should have a crack at managing a team at top four level with comparatively limited resources. A field day for nobodies who know it all. Just what the team need to lift themselves.

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  48. KickuPtheArsene


    The reaction you call vile is not one that comes out of nowhere. It’s our 8th year with no silverware in sight. (and now almost certain no CL next year). It makes no difference how many “missed” opportunities we get, if we simply cannot convert. Call it luck … I just don’t believe we as a team could be so “unlucky” time and time again, while teams like Manure seem to be able to pull a rabbit out of a hats … Time and time again. That’s not luck. There is a distinct difference between that clubs mentality, and ours. So please … Continue to ignore the elephant in the room, or wake up a realise something has to change. EIGHT YEARS AND COUNTING!!! How many more years of this is acceptable?? For me, no more.

    Gooner through and through! (Just no longer Wenger through and through – AFC are two desperate entities, not the same thing).

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  49. gooner2dbone

    I think Giroud should cut-down on his flick passes, he should try to hold on to the ball more often and create space for his teammates, he pulls off one out of ten, depriving us of various chances to test our opponent’s goal. That’s the hallmark of a lazy striker

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