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Wenger – Arsenal should only play second halves this season!

Arsene Wenger is preparing his Arsenal side to face Stoke City this weekend and is hoping that the Gunners can start playing just as well in the first half of the game as they usually do in the second half! In too many matches this term Arsenal have given away soft goals early on in the games and have had to fight back valiantly to get a result.

Wenger believes that this is due to a psychological problem with the team at the beginning of games. He said: “Somebody told me that we are second in the league on our second half of games, but 13th in the first half,”

“That can only be psychological because you do not become a good football player in the second half and bad in the first half.

“The team has certainly been deeply affected by all the negativity and also by the fact they are highly focused to do well.

“They have fantastic focus and they want to do well, but sometimes that can be a bit inhibitive. I think it’s mainly down to that.

“I believe it’s important that you just purely focus on the technical side of your game and forget about who you play. Just enjoy playing.”

I doubt very much that playing Stoke could ever be considered as fun! But it is definitely about time that the team (especially the defence) relaxed a bit more at the beginning of the game and took control earlier. The best solution is for the attack to go straight on the offence so the defenders have nothing to do for the first 45 minutes!

Good plan…..????

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40 thoughts on “Wenger – Arsenal should only play second halves this season!

  1. The Dom

    I am sooo glad this dictator didnt spend in the January transfer window,because we now have an even GREATER excuse to have him sacked.

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  2. Gunner 8

    It’s baffling to see some gunners out here thinking that Monreal is gonna go up against Robben/Ribery!!

    Let me tell, HE IS NOT!!

    He played for Malaga, a team in the Champions League, so it makes him cup tied!!!

    With Gibbs possibly out for 8 weeks, Santos MIGHT play against Bayern or its gonna be a makeshift defence!!

    Fingers Crossed, DONT EVER WANNA SEE SANTOS PLAY!!!! 🙁

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  3. L

    I don’t understand some of you gunners !! Why do you all repeat yourselves ? We all know he cup tied so stop repeating it !!!!!!!

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  4. johnverdal

    mertesaker is too slow, sagna is making mistake every game and santos (is he really a defender?). play koscielny,
    monreal and jenkinson ahead of them.

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  5. johnverdal

    centre half and centre defensive mid filder is the top priority next season.

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  6. Non locust

    Easy fix . Play 1 – 10 – 0 in first half , don’t go forward in 45 min ; full attack in next 45

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  7. A Goonersville Citizen

    The negativity Arsène is talking about is why players are paid as much as they get… to deal with the pressure to perform & to deliver consistently every week. That’s why we talk of the pay in terms of pounds per week, unlike the rest of us. The pressure comes with the territory. What I don’t understand is how long Wenger can be tolerant of the players’ mistakes (I bet you Fergie wouldn’t allow Santos to see a blade of Old Trafford’s’ grass for a long time, if ever). He’s dealing with grown men who must understand that their job is to focus for just… I mean, JUST, 90-some minutes at a time. He just needs a firmer grip on things, and bring in people who can actually put pressure on the current starters. I mean, if I were Vermaelen, I wouldn’t worry too much about my bad performance if Squillaci is the one putting pressure in me!

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  8. Jego

    @A Goonersville Citizen – well put mate, I agree 100%. I can’t see a single reason for keeping the deadwood players. I’d rather have Ignasi Miquel as the 4-th choice CB right now then Squilacci, at least Miquel has potential to learn from others, grow and become good, obviously that’s not going to happen to Squilacci

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  9. artillery1

    Guys, we have good team that need time, next season will b awsome for Arsenal for sure….. 🙂

    Look at team, we are improving n just lacking final passes n touches!

    We will b BEAST in future!

    it always took time to make a new team!

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  10. artillery1

    against stoke:




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  11. Mayor

    Damn its frustrating to be an Arsenal fans.Seriously this guy wenger shld go on Rehab.

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  12. Wenger Not Indispensable

    He waited until the last day to make a move. He should have identified his targets in December and brought in from Jan. 1. We may win some games and finish but that’s exactly the limit to Wenger’s ambition. This guy has become dangerously powerful in the club but also a liability. The sooner he goes the better for all sides involved in this marriage.

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  13. artillery1

    Give me thumb down but,


    Y no ARTICLE for him……….

    How make us Great in beginning of SEASON, ARTETA OR DIABY????

    Whose Injury put Us on Decline, ARTETA or DIABY????

    DIABY made US TITLE CONTENDER, he just need time to become fully match fit again… Y dont we SUPPOPRT him??????

    I Love Him, He is Much much better than Arteta…..

    No disrespect for ARTETA but DIABY deserves credit n much much support n attention that we are not paying to him!

    Come on Diaby, I LOVE U 🙂

    plz ADMIN post ARTICLE for Him, give him credit that he deserves….. He need US!

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  14. Chief keef

    You guys are pathetic calling for his head because he didnt spend during the f*cking january transfer window. Who the h*ll was he supposed to get? Villa isnt moving barca made that clear SO THATS NOT WENGERS FAULT. There was mvila who has a big head and quite frankly we dont need a dm at the moment because itll ruin the whole team chemistry. BIG REPLACEMENTS HAPPEN IN THE SUMMER you all know nothing about professional football except for some of you.

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  15. TrueGunner82

    our strongest team is






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  16. Hafiz Rahman

    Monreal does look like Crouch and Phil neville…

    its time to get real…Stoke rugby team with basketball players…

    i will only watch the 2nd half from now on…lol

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  17. stephen187

    Of course the team panics…we have deep phsycological problem as the team hasn’t won anything…winning is a mentality that you learn..that why when we get close to winning something mistakes creep in…this year wenger has set 4th as a win so the team is panicing early

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  18. artillery1



    U r BEAST 😛

    A bright future n CL SPOT for sure!

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  19. Neil

    Imagine if Vermaelen and Koscielny picked up knocks.

    Back four of

    Sagna Merterscaker Squillaci Santos vs Bayern. I would be watching that game through my fingers.

    I say we don’t even play Vermaelen for now. We just can’t afford him to get injured for the Bayern game.

    Santos against Robben will be the biggest humiliation in the history of the Champion’s League. Imagine if it was Ronaldo or Messi lol.

    If we get destroyed against Bayern it will set us back years. We must keep Vermy fit (even though he isn’t playing too great himself)…Santos MUST NOT GET ON THAT PITCH AGAINST BAYERN!

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  20. Simon K Williams

    Guys – Im scared-
    Don’t we need to rest Jack?

    He’s our best player, most energy, most consistent, most resilient, and perhaps our most effective – but played every single game and I fear the worst happening (again).

    Be brave Wenger let him have day off

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  21. Simon K Williams

    Id also rest Sagna, not because he needs the rest, but needs to know Jenkinson is a significant challenge to his position, he hasn’t played great this season-

    Jenkinson – Koscielny – Verminator – New Guy:)
    Oxlade – Artetta – Cazorla – Rosicky
    Walcott – Giroud

    Do you agree – give Sagna kick up the arse?

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  22. artillery1

    Liverpool 1st goal, terrible mistake!

    Liverpool second goal SANTOS mistake, Ramsey cleared n Santos put back in way of henderson!

    Kosielny is BEAST just afraid of unlucky touches, Vermaelen also BEAST but CAPTAINCY load, MERTESACKER we know he is great too but i think he is tired or dont have more energy to concentrate, just need rest!

    Gibbs n Monreal, Sagna n Jenki….. Defense is quite soild but just lack some concentration n very unlucky, thy will come good again!

    DM spot, frimmer n le Coq are there, again need time!


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  23. baze

    People saying Wenger should’ve should get real. It was the blood January transfer window. Spending sprees are not for January and every club in Europe knows it.

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  24. ripple

    Does anyone know when LeCoq is due back?

    Do you think Wenger would dare bring up Meade? He certainly must be better than Santos.

    At this point I am in full behind Wenger simply because we know Wenger will be the coach for the rest of the season – no use fighting it at this point

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  25. snakeoil


    You are absolutely right about the fragile defensive situtation. Wenger apparently does not think so.

    Normally I would say that Arsenal can dig in and beat Bayern but Bayern did what Wenger refuses to do. In the summer they shored up there defense and fortified to create a nice deep bench – exactly what Wenger should have done.

    I just hope that Arsenal’s defense does not get embarrassed by Bayern or perhaps the Gunners attack can put in about 6 goals. Arsenal-6 Bayern-5

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  26. snakeoil

    @Simon K

    I like Jenkinson and I am a huge Rosicky fan but Podolski is one the Gunners best performers and one of the few guys that has been able to provide assists from the left wing.

    It seems a bit too far off the track to go with Ox, Arteta, and Rosicky but not have room for Poldi.

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  27. dilla

    agree that Jack needs a rest. We need him at his best for the Bayern game. I say rest him. Stoke players are going to tackle hard and we don’t want anyone injured let alone jack. Play rosicky instead.

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  28. lecoq

    if you hav santos, metersuker and ramsey in the first 11, you are pushing your luck to think you can win. we have talent and match winners on the sideline and you all know them. whenever these guys get a chance to play, the game changes in our favour and is much exciting…is diaby, rocisky and coquelin and the latter can replace both santos, sanya and wenger’s favorite ramsey, this boy has luck.CYG!

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  29. papercutz

    Knowing wenger the line up is gonna be like this:

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  30. Sureli

    Thumb down all you want but some of you are door knobs. All you do is scream Wenger out. There are a few that back it up with explanation.
    The rest of you are just mad at your lives and looking at a person to blame for it. Any manager would gladly come to arsenal because of all the hard work done by Wenger so far.
    Who made half of you fans of the Arsenal, Wenger!
    Now even Martin O’neal is a better manager huh?

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  31. Sen

    those who think Santos will be playing against Bayern because Monreal is cup tied are simply blind. I mean Wenger is no fool, he knows Santos will be ripped apart by Robben/Ribery. I’m sure Wenger will shift his defence with either Vermalean in the left with Per and Koscienly in the centre, or he might put Sagna in the left with Jenkinson in the right with Per and Vermalean in the centre. But I think it will be the 1st case Arsene will choose.

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  32. Superkurt

    Koscielny is over rated all he does is concede penaltys and score own goals, use are all blind we dnt have a gd CB FACT!!! and we Havnt for years y do u think we loose so many goals every season because we are crap at the back, I think merts is our best defender but he’s too bloody slow, should hav signed Cahill and samba last yr wen we had chance

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  33. Itanimulli

    Of course Santos won’t play you deluded fish. He will have TV5 at left-back, and Mert + Kosc at CB. Wenger isn’t that thick.

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