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Wenger – Arsenal were unlucky and the ref didn’t help…..

Arsene Wenger watched his Arsenal side lose points to a direct rival at the top of the Premiership for the second week in a row, mostly due to another totally inept first half of the game.

Yet again the Gunners rallied in the second half but the damage had already been done and they had little chance to reverse the deficit. Wenger tried to galvanise the team during the break, and bemoaned the bad startsaid after the game: “Tactically we changed some things.” he said.

“Psychologically I felt we were more on the front foot. We had a similar start to Man City last week – didn’t really go for it, didn’t really defend well and gave too much room to Chelsea. On top of that, I feel we were a bit unlucky because it was a free kick on the first goal and it was not a penalty on the second goal. We were a bit unlucky. We didn’t play well in the first half.

” In the second half we came out with a different spirit, a different attitude and were much more dangerous and dominated the whole second half. Unfortunately, we didn’t come back. We didn’t make enough of our corners and free kicks and didn’t make enough of the chances we created. That’s why we lost the game. It’s very damaging for our position in the league and very difficult to swallow.”

Regarding Juan Mata’s opening goal, Wenger thought the referee should have given Arsenal a free-kick immediately before Chelsea scored: “The referee gave many free kicks today. Some were much less than the Coquelin one. It’s frustrating. It doesn’t mean that we should have conceded the goal, but it’s frustrating because in the big games, these kind of decisions have big importance.”

This defeat to another of the “Big Boys” and Tottenham’s draw with Man United means that Arsenal are now seven points behind Spurs in fourth place. Perhaps a couple of new signings will help the team gain some confidence for another comeback to overtake our great rivals like we did last season…..

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60 thoughts on “Wenger – Arsenal were unlucky and the ref didn’t help…..

  1. Dave

    We were a tad unlucky but that doesn’t excuse our pathetic first half performance.

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  2. mr lean

    transfer window open to 91 league clubs but at AFC it remains closed with wenger in charge.wish the misses would follow wenger and not spend any money in January (sales !)

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  3. MattGooner

    Unfortunately it looks like it’s too late for Arsenal this season…

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  4. Goonergrez

    I think that the last two games show we are missing a real leader on the field, I think we have a good squad of very capable players but we need someone to rallie team, we need a couple of quality signing quick time, at the minuite we are not quite good enough for top four and have Liverpool now breathing down our neck, for the first season for quite a while I am genuinely worried, it’s a lottery where we will land between 3rd and 6th at the moment, we have not got that difference that we really need, and need NOW, Gooner for life

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  5. Arsenal007s

    Excuses…Excuses. It’s obvious we need quality signings to strengthen the team. If we don’t, we might remain trophyless for another 8 years.
    Doesn’t it worry you that Tottenham are playing the game of their lives. At the moment, Tottenham deserves to be in the Champions League than Arsenal.

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  6. henry gunners

    arsenasl sold the epl title to man u and they are now reaping where they did not sow. so sad but Rvp is becoming more andf more good than ever. wenger get out fast before I kill you because you are seriously costing me my happiness

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  7. Q8

    To all of the fans that believe that not qualifying for the champions league would give arsenal the wake up call then you are extremly mistaken.
    If we dont qualify then:
    1. The new deals that we signed would give us less money therefore we will have a smaller treansfer budget in the summer.
    2. The money we lost by not qualifying will be taken away from our transfer budget. This means that we will have significantly less money than the reported 70 million budget.
    3 . No top player will come to us because we are not in the champions league and our club is in decline so its not a positive new destination.
    4. The only way to attract these top players is by paying extremly high wages and knowing arsenal that will never happen.
    5. Our top players will demand a transfer
    6. Basically not qualifying will worsen our transfer activity and it will make holding on to our top players even harder. If we do not qualify then nothing will improve and our decline will accelerate.

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  8. LP

    I think sol campbell described it perfectly by saying that Arsenal FC is basically one 21 year old carrying a whole club……

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  9. Gooner Cape Town

    STRENGTHEN SQUAD! We all know who and what players we need to get in NOW!!

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  10. True Gunner

    Always with the excuses eh? You make your own bed, only you can decide whether it’s pleasant or not. To neglect quality squad depth from a CL team is asking for trouble, to neglect it when you have a month for new transfers, 20 days have gone and you haven’t made a single signing when your team is in 6th and needs CL revenue to survive and that’s just plain ignorance. Deserved outcome and we were lucky the scoreline wasn’t much worse. If I’m honest we were never really in the match, even after the 2nd half, we didn’t really trouble Chelsea let alone threaten them. But you get what you pay for.
    10 days left
    You have seen your current bed Arsene Wegner
    Now decide if you will sleep in it

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  11. Big Gun

    Couldn’t help but notice Abromovich at the game supporting his club. At least he gives a flying f*ck about his team. Where as Kroenke was probably on his ranch shooting duck or playing yatzi. People can say what they like about Abromovich but when he buys players, he doesn’t wait till the dying minutes of the transfer window. He even meets the players personally.

    Wish we had an owner like that.

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  12. kevin cook

    stop makong excuses rasenal wre n unlucky ,they are just not good enough even with a fully fit squad, and u play teh best 11, u don have the strngh in depth on the bench,look at ur bench yesterday, then look what fergie had on his bench no comparison to the players they can call on ,at last u beginning realise w wont reach ur holy grail, 4th place,( and )no its not like winning a trophy ) and for that ur the only one to blame u sell all our best players as soon a a good offer coms in for them , and replace them with under achievers u probbaly have at least 6 players in ur squad good enough to wear the shirt, sell the rest make some money then buy experienced premier league playes, or just leave in the summer and get some one in who cares about the club and bringing players and glory days back

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  13. mouser311

    Mr Wenger you are deluded! This club is sinking faster then the Titanic.If you cant steer her to safety then abandon ship! This is hurting !!!!

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    1. It was the ref
    2. We were unlucky
    3. We sold our best players
    4. We replace world class players with mediocrity
    5. We play players out of position.
    6. We don’t know how to change tactics
    7. We have a socialist wage structure
    8. We can’t off load deadwood
    9. There is no quality in the market
    10. We have money but can’t find a top top player
    11. We have to pay Gazidis a bonus and the manager £7.5m so we don’t have money
    12. We have players coming back from injury that will be like new signings
    13. We have to make a fat profit to pay off the stadium and our investors

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  15. Gunnerforlife

    There were so many games this season when Ref didn’t make any mistake but yet we lost because we couldn’t score or we let in cheap goals. Our attack is so toothless and if there is a chance only Walcott and Podolski in the team can score and may be Arteta. Whenever there is a chance and Giroud has the ball chance is already wasted. Cazorla has got so many chances this season in front of goal but he is a poor finisher. This is where he lags behind Mata.

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  16. misganew

    you idiot Kronkie, the stupid board and the stubborn wenger tell as what really football means?.is that the passion or not. if it is not the passion we are not idiot with the current arsenal squad, keep it up and loss play with some deadwood (i do not forget some exceptional player like the little Mozart(jack), V5, Gibs,Pod,Caz, ciz) no problem. if football is passion , right now without hesitating change wage structure, keep top top players, organized the team plying for trophy, sell the deadwood, sign top players not like chamak, gervino,park…rather like cavani, gotez, suarez….
    after this we are not tolerating u? it is time to decide to continue with as by doing that i mention above or exit.
    the same history. last year and before the manager and the fans are said that we are fighting for trophy we have good enough squad then arsenal started to smashed we were said that we are fighting for champions league qualification .next year we will get worth b/c kronke and the board absolutely doesn’t know the passion of football and understood the feeling of the fans.we are so tired to see the smashed Arsenal.
    we need our old arsenal back. we need trophy.

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  17. wenger jr

    Enough excuses you old twat. Change the formation, change the squad just f**king change something or f*ck off, you sat back and watched the entire first half while we were totally dominated in midfield. Our goal could have been taken back for a foul too, or did you have your head up your arse and miss that part. Wake up to yourself Wenger you stubborn old man. Starting to think you really are loosing it!!

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  18. Arsenal1Again


    Are you having a laugh mate?

    A) After stadium payment made we an average of 40million left over each Summer.

    B) The left over millions from this January will be added to the average 40 million we get in the Summer.

    C) The new deal for the Stadium naming gives Arsenal an extra 20 Million each Summer.

    D) Stadium annual payment is 20million.

    E) We can buy players between Windows like we did Podolski.

    F) We will not need to buy many players in the Summer, especially after the ones we acquire this January.

    G) Peter Hill-Wood announced a couple of seasons ago that non CL qualification would not be a crisis because a contingency plan had been in place for yearsprrparing for the eventuality. Money each year has been reserved for the possibility and the money accumulated already exceeds what CL would generate.

    H) Read G again.

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  19. tinalex

    If some of you would read your comments a year later you will be ashamed of yourselves. Wenger said Arsenal should have been given a free kick on a foul of Coq by Ramires. Are you saying he was not fouled? What does that have to do with signing players? Learn to address issues raised rather than just parroting on tired lines copied from the media as if you are parrots. He says the penalty was not a penalty. Would you mind watch replays and then comment on whether or not Wenger is right in making those allegations. If he is right and the goals were as a direct result of poor officiating then he has a right to make such comments. Buying players will not address the issue of poor officiating will it?

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  20. Gunner 8

    How can Wenger really buy no players when he is just 10 days from the most imp. Jan. Transfer Window of his life.

    You just have to look at our bench and ask that are these the players who would even make the first 11 of the top teams?

    Hell they wont be even considered on the bench for the top sides.

    Few days ago Wenger said that we actually have a better side than most people predict and now he says that we are not sure of qualifying for the Champions League???

    Wake up you fool, you are 22 points, thats right a freaking massive 22 points of the leader and you still say that this side is a better side.

    Buy some quality players NOW or you are gonna turn AFC into the next LFC??

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  21. kano

    wenger will leave Arsenal a disgraced man. wenger sure have mental problems (delusion most probably), he should seek psychiatric help. Mark my words.

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  22. michael jensen

    the team need a leader and a new front player.some time i think maby a neew manager.

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  23. Neil

    Rumours about Gourcuff on loan. He was promising about 5 years ago and has been UTTER SHITE for years.

    Great, that’s just what we need. An under-performing, lazy French primma-donna in our side…and on LOAN!!!

    Wow, if that’s all we end up with…I think he’ll be getting loads of grief from the fans at the first home game in February.

    Message to Wenger..seeing as you don’t seem to know what you’re doing anymore, I’ll walk you through the next few hours of your life.

    1) Go to boardroom. You probably don’t go their often as you never ask for money…ask the cleaning lady. She’s the one with the mop.

    2) Walk in sit down (without being asked) and say ”We are in the Sh##. Give me 100m right now or I’m giveing the fans your home address.”

    3) Kick Gazidis off his chair and tell him to make you a sandwich. Get on the phone. It’s that thing with numbers on it and an earpiece.

    4) Call Napoli. Offer 50m for Cavani. If they say no..offer 30m for Higuain. Don’t take no for an answer. Be positive, polite but brutally honest. If all else fails try the line ‘Name your price’

    5) Get a DM. Offer 15m for Capoue.

    6) Call the deadwood into the office. Tell them that they can get their coats. Their days of hanging around thinking they can just collect money are over. Pay them the compo. We don’t want their lack of ambition rubbing off on the younger players.

    7) Call Barcelona. Tell them you’ve just offered to treble their youth scout’s salaries at their training camp. And that they accepted. And to NEVERtry and call us for a player again. From now, we’ll call you Pedro.

    8) Do a massive fart catch it in your hand and let it go in Kroenke’s face. As you do so say ”Now that’s how you do business.”

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  24. david

    Wenger stop blaming refs and luck. For once accept u got a very very poor squad. U are the f**ken problem here, not anyone else.

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  25. Big Gun

    @tinalex. Yes Coquelin was fouled, and so was Ramirez. If you look closely, his leg was caught by Sczcesny’s. It doesn’t matter though because it has happened and we lost the game. Bickering over whether it was a foul or not ain’t gonna make Fifa change the scoreline or schedule a rematch. That is why we are not talking about it.

    We are talking about transfers because once again every person on the planet knows Arsenal need new players, that is the most important thing for the club at the moment, considering our manager and board etc are not going anywhere. But Wenger AGAIN waits till the last bloody week and we still have no solid news of anything happening!

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    It’s sad that Arsenal fans are being subjected to this situation. Every good analyst has said many times that Arsenal need enforcement in the defence and attack. Wenger is always waiting for disasters before he rushes to buy cheap under performing players. 10 days to go, he has not bought any player that will improve the squad. Wenger needs to leave Arsenal with his philosophy and excuses. As long as he remains, Arsenal will get worse and worse.

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  27. Gooner Cape Town

    Gourcuff….has been shite for years so another mediocre possible loan deal. Cr*p!!
    Yanga M biwa, Capoue (or Fellaini if we can) , Higuain/Benzema.
    All the talk of 30m offer now out window as it never happened……
    Come on wenger get positive and buy my friend.

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  28. Johnno

    Our first half was insipid.

    Sure, it was a foul on Coq, but what the hell was Sagna doing?! Where was he? The ball was first class. Mata’s touch and finish were insane. Strictly speaking it wasn’t a penalty because there was no contact. It did look bad though. The more important thing; what the actual f*ck was happening with the marking?!

    Hopefully this game wakes Wenger up.

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  29. Marko

    Wenger has stated that he will not do business till the last week of the window so just wait and see before you judge him on transfers this January!

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  30. kick the greed out of arsenal

    Wenger talks a lot about Quality, but the real
    Quality players would not dissapoint fans week after week

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  31. Doc

    I was disappointed we didn’t get a free kick for the Cocquelyn incident but we can’t blame the ref for the penalty Ramires was clever in what he done and ref’s don’t have much of a chance with that so unfair to blame ref for this I feel.

    In fairness with what first instinct were and that’s what ref sees and thinks we could of had Schezny sent off.

    I’d rather see Arsene more annoyed about the absence of the players we clearly need and maybe we could win these matches and overcome these issues.

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  32. haqster

    Neil’s post made me laugh harder than just abt anything i’ve read or seen in years. thx buddy, thank u very much. needed that

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  33. OZGooner

    Unlucky? The right word to use is “pathetic”. I have never seen Arsenal play so bad before. Totally disorganised, no commitment. The formation is definitely not correct.

    I have been a die hard supporter since i was a kid and i am starting to get really annoyed. It is clear we are no longer a top tier club. We have the money so spend it and get some experienced players…not future stars. Thats what our opponents do. It is reality.

    Sagna was a useful as tits on a bull. And Gibbs does not know how to defend. Get rid of the deadwood we have and start fresh.

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  34. ytwokay

    Arsenal’s style of play is outdated…and they do not have the players to play ” the Arsenal way”…the problem is with your two wing backs…they can go forward, but loose the ball and your centre backs are pulled out of position…also there is no grit in the midfield. I would like to see Cog? gets more time there as he seems to be the only one chasing after loose balls…WENGER TO SPEND, SPEND, SPEND,,,”F” the stadium and this and that…carry on like this and you see no trophies for the next few years and no Champions league

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  35. LoCkAy

    That’s all he does Wenger, moaning…

    How can the players follow or have confidence for a manager who brings no solutions to the problems and lack of focus…

    What he does best is moaning…

    He seriously gets on my nerves… The lack of tactical skill and awareness is just bluntly shocking…!!!


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  36. mike

    bad first bad off the match? ramires!!!!! if it was suarez he would have been called a cheat

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  37. LoCkAy

    @ Q8
    Spot on mate.
    The other guy who made a silly comment and telling you that you did not know what you were talking about, is just another clueless, idiotic, Wenger lover, deluded fan.

    As you look at the Deloitte broadcast ( yes, we are talking with proofs and facts, not suppositions like some lost souls Wenger lovers fans !! ) you will realise ( well if you know your maths and have a bit of an economy background ) that if we do not qualify for the CL, we will be loosing between £100-120 millions in sponsorships, future deals ( that is why we call it broadcast ) and partnerships resolutions projects…

    Basically not qualifying for the CL will put us in such difficult situation that we will have to consider selling again and NOT BUY.

    On top of that, we have the obvious and LOGICAL consequences of not being amongst the elite: nobody will even think about coming to Arsenal ( it is already the case ) because we will be not competitive and our wage structure is basically made for monkeys.

    Again, the Deloitte management suggested that in order to avoid or reduce the risks, another owner would have to step up and bring financial structures and abilities with him.

    Another hypothesis, is the current owner ( Kroenke, unbelievable… That is where we are now… An invisible chairman !!! ) going into his own pockets ( Abramovich style ) and making a difference right away and taking responsibilities…

    Anyway those are just forecasts, but we should wait until the end of the season.

    On a trip to the US, Usmanov said:

    ” You cannot own a club and be responsible for it if you don’t understand the history and genesis of that club. You are going to marry a woman you don’t know. Right now, Arsenal is a commercial failure. We have 21 partners… Man United has 75 partners… If you want to measure how we are; Dortmund has 62 partners and we should be around that number too. Gazidis and his team are not doing their job.
    I cannot put myself forward because I am not the owner, but there is a mess to be clean and the current chairman should step up and do his job.”

    Wenger and his cronies 🙁

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  38. micheal

    Ave said dis severally,do d board read all dis comments,I wish we can speak 2 wenger himself,he dosent feel anytyn as we d fans do feel,he is not in anyway ashamed of himself,he don’t even care about other managers achievements yet he claims 2 b top class,I think he has run out of ideas and needs 2 rest 4 a while,all d players dat left our club ave won truphies elsewhere,where do I strt ashley cole,fabrigas,nasri,clychy,adebayo,kolo toroe,henry,song and vpersie dat just lleft will soon win ders dis season yet him and d bord dnt even care,even his so called 3rd trophy which is d champions league spot,we won’t even get der next season, so wot exactly is wenger and d board doing 2 us.we’ll soon go dwn d way liverpool went dwn.dats all I want 2 say anybody dat knws wenger should talk som sence into him

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  39. harugongo boy

    I don’t understand. Why doesn’t wenger blame his tactics. Why blame players who play out of position. Carzolla is a complete waste no. I pity u and the board.

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  40. saras


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  41. Smaryll

    Pathetic first half performance, hardly redeemed by a good second half effort against a Chelsea team who knew they could cruise at 2-0 up. Nigel Adkins got a point at Chelsea and got sacked, so what now for Arsene… I think all of the comments about the board being solely responsible for this decline are misplaced. The board may set the budget but Arsene has repeatedly blown it on players who are not good enough. Gervinho, Giroud, Arshavin, Ramsey, Santos, Djourou, Mertesacker… The list is endless. The problem is we have to pay these muppets half decent salaries (arround £50k, 60k+ per week each for those mentioned) so it seriously impairs our ability to pay higher wages to better players, and therefore keep any quality players that deserve £100k+ pw. This stupid wage structure is as much Wenger’s fault as the board’s – Wenger is surely responsible for identifying transfer targets and his opinion of how much they are worth in terms of fee/wages so he needs to be held accountable. His achievements at Arsenal afford him respect, and he will always be remembered for having a huge influence on the English game and building some fantastic teams, but Arsenal fans should really be asking themselves if a man who wasted £10.5m on Gervinho is the person to lead the club forward. P.s. We badly need a centre half who can win the ball in the air, a defensive midfielder, striker and defensive coach but will probably have to make due with the “signing” of Walcott and the “return” of Diaby in this transfer window.

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  42. NickTheYank

    The constant “we were a bit unlucky” excuse makes my brain bleed! If your are going to use that half assed excuse then by the same token we only win when we are lucky. We were completely outplayed in the first half and the second….. Diaby off (who was rubbish the whole game) for Arshavin?!?! Seriously? Is Podolski injured?

    How many examples do we need before we buy new players?

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    No more of your crap Excuses Mr Wenger do your job or get out your bleeding Arsenal FC dry. We need Quality players not the half assed players you buy on the cheap hoping you will get a gem and say my policies are great the fans no nothing. Because that exactly what you think.

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  44. Dude New England

    @Q8 I am sorry but your mentality is far to simplistic and short sighted. Firstly your $70 transfer budget is so laughable under this ownership, I want to know your source. Secondly to say we will not attract any top players makes me ask, what top players? What top players has this manager ever signed? Fab was bought when he was unproven and young, Na$ri when he was still developing, RVP when he was young, Viera, Henry, ect, ect. The only player who comes close to being a star top talent is Arshavin. What we need is greedy Stan to sell his shares to Usmanov, and when do people sell shares? When they foresee a drop in value, or an apex in value and I don’t see an apex coming anytime soon. Meaning if Stan knows he’s gonna loose major money he may just decide to sell to Usmanov, and Usmanov being a richer man than Abromovic may just decide to invest in the club by making the big signings instead of suck the money out of it like a french whore. And with new ambitious ownership players will again want to come and play for the best club in England in the fancy shmancy new Emirates. So to sum it up I disagree, our decline will stop, and our ascendency to where we belong will begin.

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