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Wenger confident that Arsenal will be ready for League opening games

Last season, Arsenal were far from ready for our first League game which we duly lost to Liverpool with a makeshift defensive set up, but this time around Wenger is much more confident that he will have a strong squad ready when we take on Leicester. “I am sure that we will have done the needed work.” Le Prof said on “Last year we went into the season with some players having a deficit in minutes played because there were only two or three players with the number of games after the European Championship. I think we have more players ready going into the competition. We have tougher games as well, we should be ready yes.”

Although we won the Emirates Cup, we still lost the second game against Sevilla, but Wenger was asked if he thought that his team were not quite ready. “No not really, because today I played the team who came in a bit later. They have less preparation and we work very hard and it was a bit, you cannot say it was not planned, but it was explainable.”

One positive was that Lacazette got another goal, despite not looking to be at his best. Wenger was happy with his new signing’s game. “When he was involved, he was intelligent, he protected the ball well and he got his goal and I think it was an encouraging performance. He suffered a bit from the fact that we were a bit flat and that we were not dominating enough to get their service, but I think for him he was one of the few who had a positive game today.”

And does Wenger think that the Frenchman may need some time to settle into the Premier League? “I don’t know, it’s very difficult, because sometimes it takes a few months, sometimes very little time. The only thing I must say with Lacazette, week after week he looks to adapt quickly but overall I think it will take him one or two months.”

We hope he doesn’t take that long, but he has ample backup with Welbeck, Giroud, Alexis (and maybe Lucas Perez? But I doubt it!). We know danny and Oli are fit after being heavily involved in pre-season, so we should have enough firepower to carry Lacazette until he is comfortable enough to shine….


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16 thoughts on “Wenger confident that Arsenal will be ready for League opening games

  1. Quantic Dream

    Well I hope we win our first few games…and mount a serious title challenge this time around with the new 3-4-3 really worked towards the end of last season.

    1. ZA_Gunner

      We are ready for the league but we are not for the title challenge, not even need to mention on all fronts. Just lower expectations and you won’t be disappointed. I believe we are ready for top 4.

  2. Sukhjot Gunner

    We better be in mid-season shape and form come 12 august coz this season is going to be one of the toughest in decades.Last season we suffered a bit in some games and that trend may continue until someone this season steps up and gives the player who is not giving his 200% a slap on his back side and tells him to work his socks up a lot more.

  3. Henrytl

    He always confident before opening games. He think he can win premier league cup this season. He think his team is stronger than man city, man u, chelsea . End of season he will have a thousand of reasons for failure . Same old years !!!

  4. Imran

    I think Arsene has tried his best to get possible 11 players and he ticked two boxes which were void after Ashley Cole and RVP. But he missed one box which I feel is powerful holding midfielder like William Carvalho or gueye or any other available option. He also brought in jens Lehmann to give the boys sticks and confidence to up their level under pressure. I don’t think we can go for EPL as we have three powerful teams man city, man utd and Chelsea. I think we will compete again for forth place with Liverpool ,spurs and everton. Cech I feel is not at peak. Donno why Wenger stucks with BFG and cech. He should have given sczesny one more chance and buy one CB and release BFG.
    Any ways I still feel we need holding midfield player. Hope this season has something to cheer about. This season it’s Chelsea vs Manchester city for title as they were very smart in transfer window and knew what they required.

    1. AUGooner

      Disagree Chelsea hasn’t really done that much, Rudiger is good, the midfield will be stronger but morata hasn’t been that good, so will be relying a lot on batshuayi aswell, who may very well explode this season but yet to be seen
      City and Utd are both looking very good, along with Liverpool provided they don’t lose coutinho

  5. Arsenal_Girl

    If we get no more players, I honestly don’t see us mounting a serious challenge for the title.

    Kolsanic and Lacazette are excellent additions but we need more.

    1. Raj

      Forget title challenge, Top 4 is difficult for us. Man city , Man U and Chelsea will be title contenders and we will fight the likes of spurs , Liverpool and Everton for top 4.

  6. wekesa francis

    Same Wenger same reasons of defending his ideas. A very nave coach. from all games played since the last and previous seasons, the problem is the midfield wen Santi is absent. He can’t see that.

  7. Waal2waal

    Not entirely sure whether the transfer window close is within 2 or is it 4 weeks. But once again it seems that wenger’s hype over lemar serves only to leaves fans unneccesarily angry, anxious and dejected. He needn’t have stated lemar as the primary target and shown equal interest ina player more easy to secure i mean without the “emotional rollercoaster” media spin on this securing this player. Reminds me of the time i waited for sol to choose us when everybody wanted him i was anxious for weeks and then filled with joy when eventually sol was announced and in the end he proved to be worth the wait. My hope is that despite all the waiting that lemar shows also to be worth all the wait.

  8. mikki

    Some times I mourn arsenal fc,Wenger must leave for arsenal to move to the next level,I can,t wait to see Wenger finally decides to leave arsenal fc,arsenal lacks ambition all the time and you expect sanzex to stay….

    1. Dashing Rino

      To be sincere i really do not see us mounting a serious title challenge evn if we r able to secure our top signings so lng as wenger is still in arsenal would still a stagnant nd mediocre club. Wenger nd kronke are d 2 big problems untill they leave we would alwayz be seen as pretenders and not contenders. Sometimes it hurts to be an arsenal fan.

  9. amb98

    Don’t see us mounting a serious title challenge unless we sign a quality CM, CB and drastically improve our defensive organisation and pressing.

  10. Abel

    Off topic, sky sports just announced that Monaco has just signed Diakhabi. Does that mean an announcement is imminent regarding one of their players.

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